Mehdi Hasan: Religious Extremists Mix Trump Worship With Christian Nationalism

I have mixed feelings about this.

1. First, I am not going to restate my view of Dump as a leader, which I have shared a million times over the years. If he wins the 2024 election, he will be gone in 2028. What’s more interesting to me is the movement that has sprouted up around him which could go a lot further with better leadership. The Trump years were also not a total loss. We at least had much lower gas prices and peace in Europe.

2. Second, I feel vindicated in insisting that American Christianity is malleable back in the day when I was arguing with the First Things crowd. In particular, the idea that evangelical Christianity HAS ALWAYS been antiracist is absurd and ahistorical. At the time, I argued that it had evolved before and would surely do so again. This was before belief in the Great Replacement skyrocketed among White evangelicals.

3. Third, I have returned to my earlier view that Dump was a bulldozer. That’s why I originally supported him in 2015. By knocking down mainstream conservatism, he has allowed our ideas to spread much further. We eventually got a lot of what we wanted out of Trump after he was gone with Joe Biden in the White House. Secession has gone mainstream. Nationalism has gone mainstream. The Great Replacement has gone mainstream. It is mainstream to criticize the ADL now.

4. Fourth, ordinary people have always believed in conspiracies to explain complex events, so that doesn’t really bother me. There was never a time when millions of Americans didn’t believe in conspiracies. Most of these people are motivated by the right sentiments which can and should be channeled in the right direction with better leadership. The problem is the lack of leadership.

5. Pastor Greg Locke should be commended for saying we haven’t seen the real insurrection yet. Locke is correct about the demonic energy that animates the Democratic Party.

6. Finally, Sarah Posner interviewed several of us back in the day in her TNR article on Alt-Right Christians.

“Back in August 2015, when Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions were widely considered a joke, Russell Moore was worried. A prominent leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, Moore knew that some of the faithful were falling for Trump, a philandering, biblically illiterate candidate from New York City whose lifestyle and views embodied everything the religious right professed to abhor. The month before, a Washington Post poll had found that Trump was already being backed by more white evangelicals than any other Republican candidate. …

Until now, the alt-right has presented itself largely as an irreligious movement; Spencer, its outsize figurehead, is an avowed atheist. But with Trump as president, the alt-right sees an opening for its own religious revival. “A new type of Alt Right Christian will become a force in the Religious Right,” Spencer tweeted on the morning after the election, “and we’re going to work with them.”

To alt-right Christians, Trump’s appeal isn’t based on the kind of social-issue litmus tests long favored by the religious right. According to Brad Griffin, a white supremacist activist in Alabama, “the average evangelical, not-too-religious Southerner who’s sort of a populist” was drawn to Trump primarily “because they like the attitude.” Besides, he adds, many on the Christian right don’t necessarily describe themselves as “evangelical” for theological reasons; it’s more “a tribal marker for a lot of these people.”

Before the election, Griffin worried that white evangelicals would find his “Southern nationalist” views problematic. But Trump’s decisive victory over Russell Moore reassured him. “It seems like evangelicals really didn’t follow Moore’s lead at all,” Griffin says. “All these pastors and whatnot went in there and said Trump’s a racist, a bigot, and a fascist and all this, and their followers didn’t listen to them.”

There is no way of knowing how many Americans consider themselves to be alt-right Christians—the term is so new, even those who agree with Spencer and Griffin probably wouldn’t use it to describe themselves. …

For alt-right Christians, Russell Moore is the embodiment of where the religious right went wrong—by refusing to openly embrace racism. Throughout his youth, Griffin says, he felt alienated by Christians like Moore who were intent on “condemning racism.” He was only drawn back into Christianity when he married the daughter of Gordon Baum, a far-right Lutheran leader who co-founded the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “a virulently racist group.” Griffin says he joined the CCC, as well as the white nationalist League of the South, because both groups embody the elements he views as integral to his faith: They are “pro-white, pro-Christian, pro-South.”

Richard Spencer is gone now.

Russell Moore is gone now too.

The Alt-Right fizzled out and collapsed. We have soldiered on.

The train has only just left the station though on the sort of quasi-red pilled White evangelical that we saw coming back in the day. Just a few years ago, I was assured that Christians would never embrace nationalism and that Christianity was incompatible with White identity and racism.

Note: We’ve all seen the polling on support for political violence and secession. It is mixed up with anxiety over the Great Replacement and Christian nationalism and the belief that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president. It is truly amazing how far we have come in like seven or eight years.


  1. Hunter are you a Jew?

    Bernard Shaw: ‘One man with belief is worth fifty men without.’

    Yankeedom and Dixie will never be free and sovereign … Why? Big problem, both Yankee and of Dixie all believe in this ancient political agenda camouflaged as morality/spirituality and have been totally reconstructed contra their ancient ancestors folkways —->

    The alien nation so called “religion” trap: Dixie/Yankeedom:

    “Ask not what your own people can do for you; ask what you can do for the foreign nation of Israel and it’s aspirations for a global messianic communist monarchy.”

    • I think of myself as a normal, well adjusted White Christian Southerner, a thoughtful family man, a populist and a nationalist. I also have no interest in whatever this is that you are promoting, but I don’t really care. It is stupid and ahistorical. The only states in which whiteness has ever mattered are Christian ones.

      • India is white worshipping with a thread of anti-whiteness in the elites but whatever. My question is “ Is there a single Christian denomination that doesn’t support non-white refugee resettlement in the west and gay marriage?” Please post if you know if any. Groveling before Jews and Israel is another reason I am unimpressed with Christians.

      • “The only states in which whiteness has ever mattered are Christian ones”:

        Ethnocentrism is natural, God is real, and Christianity is true. Genuine Christianity (the Sermon on the Mount in practice) makes life on earth the best it can be, especially for the working masses, while anti-Christ infidelity makes life miserable for most and leads to torment beyond the grave.

      • Wrong promotion of “Whiteness” and “White” separatism are not compatible with authentic orthodox Christianity only heretical evangelical sects.

        • The Orthodox Church literally advocates ethnic nationalism.

          “II. 3. Christian patriotism may be expressed at the same time with regard to a nation as an ethnic community and as a community of its citizens. The Orthodox Christian is called to love his fatherland, which has a territorial dimension, and his brothers by blood who live everywhere in the world. This love is one of the ways of fulfilling God’s commandment of love to one’s neighbour which includes love to one’s family, fellow-tribesmen and fellow-citizens”

          “Brothers by blood” and “fellow tribesmen” is very clearly speaking of biological kinship.

          • Unfortunately, it’s not quite so straightforward. Orthodoxy also makes a big deal of the sin of Phyletism.

            The term ethnophyletismos designates the idea that a local autocephalous church should be based not on a local (ecclesial) criterion, but on an ethnophyletist, national or linguistic one. It was used at the local council held in Constantinople on 10 September 1872 to qualify “phyletist (religious) nationalism”, which was condemned as a modern ecclesial heresy: the church should not be confused with the destiny of a single nation or a single race.

            This doesn’t seem like a very big deal. It should be straightforward enough to work around the reasoning employed in the condemnation. Rather than the church being confused with the destiny of a single nation or race, the destiny of a nation or race qua nation or race could simply be identified with adherence to the Christian (or Orthodox) faith. In this sense, national salvation would be akin to individual salvation, both of which are achieved through faith in Christ; and just as disavowing the faith damns the individual, disavowing the faith damns the nation or race.

          • Orthodox slumlord,

            First off, “ethno-phyletism” is not about nationalism, race, or ethnic loyalty. It’s very specifically about basing autocephalous church jurisdictions around ethnic distinctions rather than regional ones. It has nothing at all to do with “racism” or nationalism or anything like that. Anyone who says otherwise (like the braindead retard writer of “death to the world”) lacks reading comprehension.

            Secondly, “ethno-phyletism” was not even “condemned as sin and heresy” at any ecumenical council. It was only “condemned as sin and heresy” by the Patriarch of Constantinople, who was a puppet of the Ottoman empire at the time. This “heresy” was rejected by the Churches of Alexandria, Russia, Romania, Serbia, etc., who all stood by the Bulgarians.

            The history of this fake heresy is detailed here (PDF!):

            So no, it is not a heresy. And even if it were, the term “ethno-phyletism” doesn’t even mean what you think it means. If it were a heresy, all of the various Greek, Russian, Serbian, etc. Churches in the USA would be guilty of this heresy for operating outside of their regional jurisdictions.

          • Dart- Bravo in answering that IDIOTIC pseudo-Dox, with his GOA/AOC/OCA NOVUS Ordoxy, and nothing more!

            As St. John put it: “Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must be Eastern. The west was fully Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies.”
            – St. John Maximovitch, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco

            [As for the ‘sins’ of racism, anti-[sic] semitism, and xenophobia]…”The Orthodox church has never in its history concerned itself with these media-driven issues and fashionable phrases.” – Dr. M.R. Johnson, academic and Orthodox Priest

            If you want Orthodoxy in America, then give us our own indigenous, WHITE, ANGLO, WESTERN RITE, and get the heck out of here with your HawaWEENIE Byzantine BIGOTRY.

      • You don’t believe the white civilizations of antiquity (eg, Greece, Rome, Persia) had any sense of racial awareness or identity, HW?

        • There is a book about “proto-racism” in Antiquity. The Greeks and Romans understood race, but there was no such thing as White identity at the time. The Roman Empire created civic nationalism

          • HW argue like a J, “white” has always been understood to mean caucasion european descent race just as the Greeks and Roman’s understood it… and contra the J psyop ruse, it is more than skin color deep!! Hunter go pound sand for your J man-god Caesar…

          • The Greeks and Romans had strong views about the barbarians who lived up north. The Romans invented civic nationalism. North Africa and the Levant were also part of the Roman world, not Ireland or Scandinavia

    • Richardson’s book is just another in a long line propping up the Darby-Scofield heresy. Darby and Scofield were not the first in this respect as there was a marrano cleric in Catholic Spain who spouted the same lie. Evangelical Prots are in at least as much trouble as the wreck of Catholicism in the wake of the Vatican II apostasy. As Vox day notes, Big Evangelical delenda est. Talmudic Judaism (the only kind left – apart from very tiny sect called Karaites who reject the Talmud) post-dates Christianity. Contrary to the lie propagated by the Masons (another Satanic cult), Jews do not worship the same God as Christianity.

      White is not an ethnicity. Welsh, Scottish, English, French, German, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Russian, etc. are ethnicities. Good point by Dart on the origin of the so-called “heresy” pronounced by the Turkish-controlled Patriarch of Istanbul. The so-called “Ecumencial Patriarch” is today responsible for the endorsement of a new Ukrainian Orthodox church which is in line with Globopedo objectives. As I noted in my post at the end of the earlier thread here, Orthodoxy – though obviously subverted to a considerable degree itself – appears to be the last one standing, albeit barely. All of the others are massively converged and heavily subverted by Jews and their PMC step-n-fetchits. In Murika, crypto-Jew LBJ was the author of the section of IRS code creating the 501c(3) designation. Negroid “churches” openly carry on fundraising and campaigns for the D-jerseys in the sanctuary with no enforcement. White churches who cross the line even in the slightest way lose their exemption status. If any type of authentic Christianity is to survive in the west, it will be only in house churches.

  2. “Christian Nationalism” is just another label invented by the Jews – specifically, in this case, it was a Jewish newspaper that first started using the phrase about nine months ago – to smear regular Americans.

    99% of Americans celebrate Christmas. Thus, in every single place on earth, they are considered “Christians.” ONLY in America is it controversial to be a “Christian” that celebrates “Christmas.”

    Dixie has long been a rather conservative culture, and since the War of Yankee Imperialism has been quite Christian, and because white Southerners live next door to the Black Nation, they tend to be more “aware of their whiteness.”

    Of course a bunch of white Southern conservative Christian men talking about how women are too slutty these days are not serious political – nor cultural – actors. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but they are just random Social Media Opinion Posters like everyone else.

    Talk to a random southern white Christian woman about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard and she’ll tell you that Amber is a crazy bitch that never deserved sweet Johnny Depp who has a heart of gold.

    Pro-white can win politically, especially on the only important political issue in the near term – ending all immigration.

    Pro-socially conservative Christian plays pretty well in conservative areas of the country, not so much in other areas. I support both pro-white conservatives and pro-white liberals.

    The only “arguments” and “infighting” happen on blogs because people mistake social media for real life – just like all those Johnny Depp fans.

    • “Pro-white can win politically, especially on the only important political issue in the near term – ending all immigration.”

      While that is probably true in areas that aren’t already majority minority, it ain’t gonna fly anywhere else. It’s probably already too late in about half the US for a solution like that. Since I’m more interested in White survival vs. US survival the answer is self evident, but they WILL NOT let Whites go without a fight. They know who makes the country function (although they’d never admit it) and without Whites it’ll turn into the hellholes they ran away from.

      People need to realize it’s gonna get mighty ugly (you ain’t seen nothing yet) if Whites try to assert political power for their own survival and benefit. The reaction will be extremely violent if people think their gravy train is gonna end. Just steal yourselves for the backlash. It’s gonna come no matter what you do.

      • The first step we really need to focus on is getting control of the media.
        Look at Trump. Julius Caesar couldn’t have survived that media onslaught. A large portion of the public need to be told what to think, & the modern media fills that need. We can control congress, the executive office, the courts, but the power will still be in the hands of Hollywood, ABC, CBS etc. & we all know who controls these outlets.

      • Re: “it’s gonna get mighty ugly (you ain’t seen nothing yet) if Whites try to assert political power for their own survival and benefit. The reaction will be extremely violent if people think their gravy train is gonna end. Just steal yourselves for the backlash”:

        Neither the “asserting of political power” by whites nor the reaction (you used the correct term) to it about “losing the gravy train” will really change anything. No matter how much ugliness or violence is generated by either side, it is still all reactionary, not revolutionary. Both sides want to conserve the system.

    • Bro, Muslims and others in real, non ZOGged countries like Lebanon and Syria ‘celebrate’ Christmas as much as godless Americans do, and in a way much more faithful to the spirit of Christian Christmas than its atheistic capitalistic American replacement. Doesn’t make them Christians.

  3. >I have mixed feelings about this.


    Mehdi Raza Hasan was born in Swindon, Wiltshire, South West England to immigrant Indian Hyderabadi Shia Muslim parents from the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, South India.

    I have no mixed feelings about the following:

    I resent the fact there are street shitters on TV giving me moralizing lectures about politics in America — I guarantee you there are no Whites on TV in India lecturing them.

    I first started to have these feeling when Blacks began to be show up in significant numbers as TV newsreaders, telling me with a straight face about the day’s black criminal mayhem.

  4. Thank God a similar thing doesn’t happen in Islam whereby Muslim clerics are adamant about the necessity of separation of Chruch and State.

  5. Actually Gerald L.K. Smith was probably the first to use the term Christian Nationalism as his organization was called the Christian Nationalist Crusade. He was around during the GLR era. (Rockwell said he was the beat orator he had ever heard) Smith was considered Christian Identity and is buried at Eureka Springs, Arkansas under the Christ of the Ozarks stature which he erected and can be seen all over Eureka Springs. ES is also where the annual passion play is held. Now Christ must coexist with Satan in ES because the LGBT movement has turned Eureka Springs into a Gay haven with Rainbow flags and antique stores everywhere. Prior to this ES was known as the “Switzerland of Arkansas” due to its being nestled in the Ozark mountains.

  6. Evangelicals are still anti-racist. They just want the old implicitly anti-White race-blind anti-racism back, instead of the new explicitly anti-White Kendi form of anti-racism. Don’t get overexcited that these people are becoming pro-White. It’s clear that they aren’t, since they incorrectly believe that America is “the greatest country in the world,” and something like 40-50% of non-boomer evangelicals are Latinxs. They oppose things like CRT because they see it as racially divisive, preventing the races from blending together into one brown American patriotard race.

    • @Dart – I think you’ve got it exactly right. I’ve never met an older, White conservative and/or Christian person who won’t start a conversation about race with, “Now, I’m not racist/prejudiced against anyone…” They just don’t like the in-your-face Whitey hatred of the so-called intelligentsia, especially the overtly hateful Black ones.

      Seems to me that the younger generations have had any instinct whatsoever of self-preservation that such racial attacks provoke bred — or brainwashed — right out of them. They seem to sincerely believe the anti-White Narrative is justified because of historical, institutional blah, blah, blah…

  7. In my experience, pretty much all Christians I’ve met have been pro every color, and view white nationalism as anti Christian. The only pro whites I ever meet are blue collar workers who are more likely to spend Sunday in a bar, rather than a church. Blue collar workers tend to be a logically minded bunch, with great bullshit detecters built in. Of course, I don’t live in America’s deep South. It could be different there.

  8. Well, Chechen fighters Iran , Hamas Hesbollah, Syrian Army, Chinese, Indians and others are barely Christian.

    I smell fear in judeo communist circles. They desperately try to rationalise energing global anti communist alliance.

    Though global wight beween good and evil is definitely very christian thing.

  9. Does “White Christian Nationalism” have what it takes to put the jews, queers, communists and colored folks in their place? I seriously doubt it but I’ll be the first to admit if I’m mistaken.

    • Spawn- I would say ‘yes’ to your query, but it would mean a massive conversion of Christendom’s peoples to a self-awareness that would be anathema to the Jews. Because it would mean what Limbaugh was prescient enough (alone?) to see, ‘Wars mean people die, and things get broken.’ Precisely. Envision American war like in Ukraine, battles on the streets -guerrilla warfare, a will of steel, the ability to shoot uppitys before expatriation (if need be) and the theological fortitude to demonize the already demonic Jew, without falling back on some variant of pessimillennialism. I’m not advocating violence, I’m merely pointing out what the Jews and the godless Left have forced us to do- because that’s all they know how to do- wrest power unlawfully, then project on their enemies, the evil that is in their heart, and pretend they have a moral imperative, when all they are is blind guides, whitewashed tombs, and enemies of the People.

      There would have to be an uprising of White men willing to kill and maim those who stood in their way, and/or suffer martyrdom in other words, before any change would occur. First off, we would need to restore the testosterone balance in our food and water supply enough to MAKE the men into what our fathers/grands were. Secondly, we’d have to have Christian women strong enough to submit to their Lords and Masters, while raising white children, even in the midst of war. Thirdly, we would need Lebensram in order to do this- which means we coup the Coup, or we take on the mantle of Secession, fully.

      Lastly (and I think this is the hardest part) we would need Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Ministers, and Lay people willing to engage in this RECONQUISTA as a THEOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE. We must return to building the Kingdom ‘ON EARTH as it is in Heaven,’ before any effective change would be visible on the horizon- in short, clergy who don’t give a fig for a phony pope, archbishop, their 401k retirement plans, and/or social ostracism- but whose hearts burn with the identification their race, religion and Right as ONE GOAL. I’m at an age and stage where I am willing to do this- but with the banks, and even FEDGOV willing to freeze my paltry assets off, with Blackrock and Vanguard buying up property to make us ‘homeless and happy,’ with the utter VACUITY of the MODERN Xtian a pale, heretical shadow of ANY of our FOREBEARS (Calvinist, Catholic, or Conciliar Orthodox) I think things will have to enter into another form of 70 years of Bolshevik captivity here on US soil, before the Boobus Americanus is willing to throw off their chains. God help us all.

  10. I think we could get along quite well without any more heathens like Mehdi Hasan in OUR country.

  11. How about all the “religious extremism” perpetrated by the Yankee Empire? Their whole secular religion is based on abolition a concept that cannot be found in the Holy Bible.

    “It is with the greatest reluctance that I write this sketch of my mother’s experience. If those who have urged me so much and so often to write, knew what I have suffered in putting those sad particulars on paper, they would have said, “let them alone.” Those who have undertaken to gather reminiscences of this kind have a hard task on their hands, as one thousandth part of what the women of the South suffered during the war can never be told. It is a duty, however, that the authors of these reminiscences should be aided in every possible way, so that valuable materials of history may not be lost. This is why I send my crude statements, though it is breaking my heart to do so.

    Our home was in a little town on the Arkansas River called Pittsburg, about nine miles from Clarksville. The federal officer in command of Clarksville at the time was Col. Waugh. One federal officer called and said to me : “If my wife or mother had been treated as yours, I would live only to kill federals and when I came to die, I would regret that I could not live longer to kill more.”

    The following are the main particulars : On the night of the 20th of February, 1864, five or six federal soldiers came and demanded money of mother, saying, “I know you have it, every one knows that your husband has plenty of money.” When she refused to give them money, they stripped the right foot and leg and thrust it into a bed of red hot coals lying in a large open fireplace. When they took it out they asked her if she would tell them where the money was, and when she said no, they put it back and told her they would burn her to death if she did not tell. The flesh was cooked until it fell off from the knee to the toe. They then brought in my widowed aunt, Mrs. John W. Willis, who was living with my mother. They had been keeping her outside on the lawn, and had previously told her that my mother had sent her word to tell them where the money was, as they were burning her to death. She said she did not believe them and refused. They then took my mother from the fire and put my aunt in, and burned her in the same way, but not quite so severely. At last when they found they were of the material from which heroines are made and Spartan mothers reared, they released them and locked them in and told them if they came out before sun up, their heads would be shot off.

    My poor mother in some way found the linseed oil and together she and my aunt dressed their burns. When mother and aunt learned that the house was on fire, they in some mysterious way with those terribly burned limbs, crawled to the wood pile, where they lay and watched the destruction of a fine old Southern home (the home where brother John and I were reared). When the building was falling into ashes some federal officers came with ambulances to fill them with furnishings from this house. When they saw the sad plight of my loved ones, they were compelled to take them to Clarksville, where they could receive medical attention. A week after this terrible affair Capt. Abbot, commanding a U. S. transport, (but a Southern sympathizer), came down from Clarksville and sent me word, saying, that he had not the courage to bring the message in person. Capt. Abbot held the transport until I could get ready to return with him.

    I left my four fatherless children, (baby being quite ill), with my dear friend, Mrs. Adams, widow of ex-Governor Adams was afterwards with me in

    Little Rock, having been turned out of her home by federal officers. It took the transport three days to reach Spadra Bluff, the nearest point by river to Clarksville. I was told here that mother was dying and that her limb had been amputated, all of which was almost unbearable for me, and the suffering so changed me that some of my loved ones did not recognize me. I must pass over the meeting with my mother ; I can not even at this late day write of it. I stayed until my mother could be moved to Spadra Bluff by ambulance, and by transport to my home in Little Rock. The news soon spread that we had arrived. The first to reach the boat was our old friend, Dr. E. L. Dodge. He dropped on his knees beside mother’s bed and wept aloud. Mother did not die just at this time, but lingered two years. Poor, dear mother, how she suffered!

    “I forgive them for the pain and poverty they have caused me,” were her words. They destroyed what they could not carry away, shooting large numbers of cattle, hogs, etc. Maj. Newsome (a federal), told me at Spadra, that when mother’s house was on fire, he counted fourteen others burning at the same time, and he knew that orders for the fires had been sent out from headquarters.”
    — CONFEDERATE WOMEN OF ARKANSAS 1861-1865,Compiled and published by Arkansas United Confederate Veterans, 1907.

    Hope Putin/Russia obliterates the Yankee Empire and in a sense avenge the South before the West “starves” the Russians to death as the Yankee Empire tortured and starved the South to death 160 years ago.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • @Banned for Life — Honey, that ship sailed a long, long time ago. The Confederacy is dead and turned to dust in its grave. The South is full of people like the above-referenced brown person and other assorted lunatic liberals, carpetbaggers, and opportunists of every stripe. People flock to the South now for real estate and jobs. THEY own much of it. They have created a new empire of wealth and liberalism that they will never relinquish, even over your dead body.

      • It would appear that all is lost, but things can change. I probably will not live to see it but I believe that one day that these “Yankees” (that is the coming survivors of an all out nuke attack (may God spare the South)) will one day be put on slave ships and “sail” out to sea as slaves to foreign destinations to serve the cruelest slave owners the world has to offer. These Yankee shipping companies made a fortune off the slave trade before it was outlawed and then later hypocritically used slavery as an excuse/justification to destroy the South to make us a captive territory forced to keep buying the North’s shoddy overpriced goods and pay into this godless warmongering Empire.

        Slavery is not a sin! God allows it! And this perverted Yankee Empire is about to soon learn that lesson first hand. May God speed that day!

        Secede now!

        May God Save the South!

        PS: When the white Yankee slaves are shipped out, the South needs to round up all these Yankee transplants (who moved in like vultures to destroy the South) and seize their property and wealth and put them on slave ships to join the other Yankee slaves. They deserve it!

          • But they have been “punished” along with the rest of the South for 160 years now for not being Yankees. So now maybe it is time for the godless Yankees to be beaten down, starved, deprived, slandered, reviled, their memorials to their ancestors ripped down and replaced by memorials to Marxist Blacks for the next 160 years. Let’s all hope so.

            “I here declare my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule – to all political, social & business connection with Yankees – & to the Yankee race.

            Would that I could impress these sentiments, in their full force, on every living southerner, & bequeath them to every one yet to be born! May such sentiments be held universally in the outraged & downtrodden South, though in silence & stillness, until the now far-distant day shall arrive for just retribution for Yankee usurpation, oppression, & enslaved Southern States! May the maledictions of every victim to their malignity, press with full weight on the perfidious Yankee people & their perjured rulers – & especially on those of the invading forces who perpetrated, & their leaders & higher authorities who encouraged, directed, or permitted, the unprecedented & generally extended outrages of robbery, rapine & destruction, & house-burning, all committed contrary to the laws of war on non-combatant residents, & still worse on aged men & helpless women!

            And now with my latest writing and utterance, & with what will [be] near to my latest breath, I here repeat, & would willingly proclaim, my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule – to all political, social, & business connection with Yankees, & to the perfidious, malignant, & vile Yankee race.
            Edmund Ruffin sen.
            Redmoor, 10:00 A.M., June 18, 1865
            The End”

  12. Extremist?? A Christian protects and defends the weak and the innocent. How is that extreme? And who stands opposed to such “extremism”?

    The predator that is who. Those who gain sustenance and strength from preying on the weak and the innocent.

    • @Robert Browning – Well, sir, there is a hierarchy in the natural world; and “predators” tend to eat “prey”.

      • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother—–do you live in the jungle with all the other wild animals kyke? It is going to be where you end up if you do not curb your predatory ways. Fair warning Christ killer.

  13. Christian Nationalism is what this country was founded on, now it’s considered taboo since jews do all the labeling and sway the govt into believing it’s public enemy #1.

  14. I find it truly disgusting that any sane person would remain and listen to that crazy “spiritual advisor” at the Jan. 6th Trump rally.

  15. This is the first I’ve heard of this Greg Locke pastor. I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m very impressed with him. There are a thousand logical details I would disagree with him on, but I’m happy to turn a blind eye to those as mere ‘technicalities’; on an emotional level, I’m right with there with him: fuck these leftard scum is exactly the right attitude to adopt.

    If Christian nationalism is what it takes to fight back against globohomo excrement, then Christian nationalism let it be. It’s not WN, obviously, but neither is there any obvious reason why it cannot be anti-anti-white. In fact, if it’s going to fight back against globohomo, it needs to be anti-anti-white.

    • @Silver, sir with all due respect but Racism is a sin in the Orthodox Church bottomline. This is clearly taught, I’ve also spoken to bishops and priests about it too. Read my links in my original post.

      • “Racism is a sin in the Orthodox Church bottomline.”

        “This is clearly taught,”
        Where? I think I missed the anathema against “racism” in the ecumenical councils. Can you link it for me? Maybe some Church fathers talking about this alleged sin of “racism?”

        “I’ve also spoken to bishops and priests about it too”
        Many Orthodox bishops and priests are modernist losers or uneducated morons who don’t know what they’re talking about. Most are, actually.

        • The right question is to ask is when did it become a sin? The answer is always when the church caved to media pressure. In the case of Southern Baptists, racism became a sin in the 1990s.

          • Linking opinion pieces from liberal modernist media sites doesn’t prove your point. Give me some dogma or patristics supporting your opinion.

          • @OS Okay, now you show me from the Holy Scriptures where SLAVERY is a sin. No links. Just plain ol’ fashioned scriptures from the Holy Bible (KJV). I have got to see this.

            Leviticus 25:
            44 Both thy bondmen, and thy bondmaids, which thou shalt have, shall be of the heathen that are round about you; of them shall ye buy bondmen and bondmaids.
            45 Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession.
            46 And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; THEY SHALL BE YOUR BONDMEN FOR EVER…

            Isaiah 14:1-3
            1 For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.
            2 And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL SHALL POSSESS THEM IN THE LAND OF THE LORD FOR SERVANTS AND HANDMAIDS: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors.
            3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve…

          • From the second link:

            In light of recent tragic acts of racism and brutality — including the heinous execution of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis, the murder of a black man simply for jogging in Georgia, and the weaponizing of the police against a black man in New York City, I humbly offer this blog entry, taken from a speech I presented in October 2019, which highlights racism and the Orthodox Christian Church in the USA today.

            The person who wrote that is either a complete fucking idiot, or trying to get a pat on the head from libtards.

            The essence of the Christian Gospel and the spirit of the Orthodox Tradition are entirely and self-evidently incompatible with ideologies that declare the superiority of any race over another. Our God shows no partiality or favoritism (Deuteronomy 10:17, Romans 2:11)

            God obviously favored the Hebrews all throughout the OT. It’s just laughable to cite Deuteronomy to support God’s alleged impartiality.

            The question of “superiority” is really beside the point. It’s true that hardcore racists love to rant on about it, but fundamentally “racism” is about recognizing and preferring your own kind and defending your own kind’s interests, just as we recognize and prefer our family members to people who are more distant, and attend to the interests of our family before we consider the interests of total outsiders (at least non-libtards do). Preferring your own child doesn’t require you to hate the neighbor’s child or to think of your own child as superior. The same logic should apply to racial, ethnic and cultural belonging. That would be a far better social arrangement than pretending race doesn’t matter. Grow up, please.

          • Slumlord- You’re reading into (eisogesis) both your Pseudo-doxy and the Scriptures, the belief that ‘racism’ is a sin. The Bible …and God is the MOST RACIST tract on the planet. A deity (THE Deity) creates a unique hominid named Adam (who is NOT the father of all hominids- a genetic, racial impossibility) then has his wife’s son expelled (CAIN) who happens to find a wife (not of the Adamic race) and then we have Isaac instead of Ishmael, Jacob instead of Esau, the 12 Tribes instead of all the ‘ites’ – Amor, Peri, etc. and finally- ta-da!.

            We have GOD HIMSELF INCARNATING INTO ONE ADAMIC ETHNOS, thus EXCLUDING ALL THOSE NOT LIKE HIM. Not racist? Sorry, you are a fool. Prov. 26:5

            As far as the ‘Church’ is concerned (Fr. Seraphim Rose wrote well of your ilk- “in the end, ALL the churches will serve Antichrist”) there is no ‘SIN’ of racism. NONE. NOT AT ALL.

            If what you quote was written since 1920, well, it’s been JEWED, and is anathema to True Orthodoxy. OPA!

            [As for the ‘sins’ of racism, anti-[sic] semitism, and xenophobia]…”The Orthodox church has never in its history concerned itself with these media-driven issues and fashionable phrases.” – Dr. M.R. Johnson, academic and Orthodox Priest

  16. @Hey Hunter it didn’t “become” a sin it has ALWAYS been a sin. Read some of the links instead of deflecting. If you think that God sanctions racism then you are not a Christian nor can you go to heaven. If you don’t love God and love your neighbor you cannot be saved. If a black man was dying on the side of the road would you take him to the hospital? If you were dying and a black man stopped, and knew how to save your life would you stop him from saving it? Christ says if somebody comes to you and is hungry and don’t feed them, is cold and doesn’t clothe them, is hurt and doesn’t help them then you don’t belong to God.

    • So, you are saying we can find Orthodox theologians specifically condemning something called “racism” prior to the 20th century? Going all the way back to Byzantine times? Where is “racism” mentioned in the Bible?

      • Nice spin, you spin like the best far left people. The word itself is not in there but neither is the Trinity, neither are many other words in the Bible, but it is clearly showing partiality, hating peoples, suppressing people, and separatism because they are different is explicitly in the Bible, and wrong. Again I’ll ask if you encountered a black man who was hurt or dying would you help him? If you encountered a person of color that was hungry would you give them money or food? Flip it and would you refuse help from a person of color if you were hurt, hungry or dying? Answer that question.

        • It’s not in the Bible because the concept didn’t exist at the time. In fact, it wasn’t worth mentioning or discussing or caring about until the 20th century. The term “racism” was made up in the early 20th century and spread out of communist circles who saw it as an obstacle to class struggle. It was picked up from leftists by liberals in the 1920s and 1930s and went mainstream in the 1940s. Since around that time, “racism” has been a sin as churches have conformed their doctrines to fads in the media. You have to insist it was always implied because European Christians had been utterly oblivious to it for the previous four centuries in which they colonized and dominated the world

          • @Hunter, show me in the Bible where mixing of “races” or ethnic groups is a sin, and condemned? Show me in the Bible where God sanctions segregation/ separation by “race” or ethnicity. Show me where God says to ONLY love people of your tribe, ethnic group, or “race”, and to be indifferent towards other people, oppress, mistreat, and have nothing to do with them. Show me where it is a sin to love everyone you encounter, and help anybody in need. I’ll wait.

      • @Hunter, back years ago when I adheared to a “racist” worldview it was my understanding as well as having been taught that at the Tower of Babel was where God divided mankind. This was what many used to justify racial separatism. But I will refer you to the day of Pentecost because at Pentecost it undone the division that began at Babel, and now humanity is not longer supposed to be divided because of Christ. In the Kingdom of God there is not supposed to be any racial division. Since you are a Lutheran I will refer you to this link.

        • If Martin Luther himself ever mentioned “racism,” I am unaware of it. The term isn’t in the Bible. No one seems to have been aware of the concept until the 1920s. The South certainly wasn’t created by men who thought something called “racism” was a sin. The Southern Baptists didn’t discover that “racism” was a sin until the 1990s

          • The “word” racism is not the point because the word trinity is not in the Bible either but the Bible clearly teaches the Trinity. The Bible clearly talks about the concept of “racism” and or ethnic prejudice, hatred, partiality, and oppression of someone not like you. These things are clearly sinful in the Bible and God is against division, partiality and favoritism based on ethnicity. So I will turn the question around to you and ask you, where in the Bible does God sanction division, separation, partiality and favoritism based on ethnicity and/or race? Here are some links to biblical texts about it.



          • LMAO.

            You’re comparing the obsession with “racism” – a 20th century fad that came out of secular culture – to the Trinty? I think that aspect of Christian doctrine was fairly well established well over 1,500 years ago. The Bible has nothing to say about “racism.” Neither did Luther or generations of Christians before and after him. No one was debating “racism” when the New World was being colonized. Christianity was used to justify the conquest of the Levant, the New World and later Africa. 19th century abolitionists never invoked “racism.” It wasn’t part of the debate. The concept didn’t even exist at the time. That’s why race based chattel slavery became possible in the first place.

            The Bible is full of stories of tribal and ethnic conflict especially the Old Testament. Wasn’t it “racist” of God to kill off the first born of the Egyptians? Weren’t they being targeted on the basis of their ethnicity?

        • Pentecost did not ‘abolish’ racial distinctions. WHAT A PILE OF NOVUS ORDO DUNG!!!!

          Who was gathered together at Pentecost? It’s right there in the text! “Now there were dwelling in Jerusalem JEWS, devout men from every nation under heaven…” Acts. 2:5

          THAT was Pentecost. Not some ‘multicultural/multiracial confab.’ And as the outlying ‘nations’ of the Roman Empire, were the only ‘world’ the Apostles and Christ knew, they were most likely the racially pure Adamics, who had been spared the Mischling mindset of the Edomitic propaganda machine going on in Jew-rusalem, in the generations immediately preceding Christ’s Ministry!

          You are so drunk on the wine of the Pseudo-dox’ fornication, you can’t even think straight.

    • “If you don’t love your neighbor?” Puh-leez. 1960’s JEWISH perversion of the WORD OF GOD- and NOTHING more.

      Your neighbor (as a holy Greek Bishop once told me) is ‘one who has the same face=same race.’
      Because ONLY THOSE are your ‘neighbors.’ NONE Other.

      And, in the Vulgate (the RC translation) “…the passage telling us to love our enemies used the word “inimicus” in the Latin translation, which means personal enemy. This word was used as opposed to the word “hostis”, which mean the public, or political enemy. So obviously Christ did not teach us to love the people who want to kill us; we are simply to love our brethren and forgive their petty transgressions.”

      “…as a matter of fact, Jesus did not ask his listeners to “love” their persecutors in the Sermon on the Mount; rather, he urged prayers on their behalf. It is even more important to realize what Jesus meant when asked the audience to love their enemies. In the Greek, he refers specifically and only to “private” enemies (echthros) not to “public” or “alien” enemies (polemoi).27 Unless one keeps such distinctions in mind, a Christian hermeneutics of mission can easily degenerate into pathological altruism.28 The existential distinction between friend and enemy cannot be dissolved by transforming Christianity into a deracinated, cosmopolitan cult of the Other. National Jesus knew better than to mistake historical choice for ontological essence.”- Global Jesus versus National Jesus: The Political Hermeneutics of Resurrection Andrew Fraser

      “For Aristotle, democracy is possibly only within homogenous ethnic groups, while despots have always reigned over tightly fragmented societies.
      A multi-ethnic society is thus necessarily anti-democratic and chaotic, for it lacks philia, this profound, flesh-and-blood fraternity of citizens. Tyrants and despots divide and rule, they want the City divided by ethnic rivalries. The indispensable condition for ensuring a people’s sovereignty accordingly resides in its unity. Ethnic chaos prevents all philia from developing.”

  17. What exactly, does the word “RACISM” mean, at this point and time, also, why is it “sinful”?, Our adversaries, excel at putting our people on the spot, so to speak, with the accusation of racism, the label “racist”, the word and what it implies, has next too no effect on me, at all………the word satan means, ” THE ACCUSER “, our enemies practice their craft, with dedication……what a pity……….all that work for nothing…………..

  18. Christian nationalism is part of White Nationalism – it is not a thing in and of itself. You need the White part first, then you can worry about the Christianity.

    E. Michael Jones and the other Christian nationalists are race-deniers at heart. A nation at its core is racial.

    Without that core, you can’t have all the NAXALT’s, based Southern Black Christians, naturally conservative Hispanics or whatever else you’re trying to appeal to by downplaying the White part. They are ornaments at best, incidental to the nation.

    History is full of examples of White nations that were Christian. But none of them have been express or even de fact theocracies.

    What non-White nations would you call Christian in the sense of being defined and motivated by their faith?

    Christianity will only be protected and allowed to regrow its base within the context of race-first White nationalism.

    Stop playing optics with this – you are a racist, we are all racists, and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

    • Jones is generally spot on about the antics of Schlomo and his various step-n-fetchits, but a true boomertard when it comes to ethno-nationalism. He once made a magic-dirt reductio ad absurdam argument about how it’s perfectly possible for a Bantu to become “Polish” by attending mass in Poland and living there long enough to absorb the culture. Laughable bullshit of course. A Bantu can not become a Pole any more than Jones can will himself to become Han Chinese.

    • EXILE, for the sake of debate, I will throw Ethopia into the mix , surely the Orthodox expert ” orthodox slum Lord, is informed enough, to regale us with story of the legendary ” PRESTER JOHN “…

    • E Michael Jones is a Roman Catholic. His entire doctrine of the Trinity is off, in that he confuses person and substance right at the beginning, because of the filioque.

      Because Rome had to invent a rationale for the concept of ‘Universal Jurisdiction’ in the 1100’s, (after the Schism) when Islam opened up an entirely new group of ‘persons,’ the concept of ‘Universal salvation’ (possible) became a point in the RCC ‘creed.’ That’s why he, and people like Ann Barnhardt hold as normative, the fallacy that ‘God loves everyone.’ It was the first instance of the Sailer Strategy- Invade the world, invite the World. Conquer the world for Christ, and then make them your vassals. IT’s totally unbiblical. The Orthodox at least limit their offer of salvation to the saying “God loveth Mankind.”

      Mankind once meant only the ‘inhabited world’ of the Ecumene. Thus the Ecumenical Councils.
      The Ecumene= Europe.

      The Caesaro-papal paradigm is completely different in philosophical outlook, than the Symphony approach of the Orthodox, though to the untrained eye, they look alike.

      Slumlord, the “Propaganda Broadcasting System” is NOT Orthodoxy. Your article is anathema.

  19. @Hunter, you clearly are a deceived person that is not a real Christian. I tell you what, on judgment day we’ll find out who was right, and who was wrong but it’ll be too late for you by then though.

    • Ok.

      In my view, the churches are corrupt, fallible institutions which have embraced all kinds of modern fads which 1.) aren’t mentioned in Scripture and 2.) didn’t exist a century or so ago and 3.) weren’t part of Christian doctrine, but originated in modern secular culture. This has repeatedly happened throughout history. It is why we had the Reformation. The churches have been poisoned by liberalism like every other institution in our society. There is nothing about “racism” in the Bible. If it was as important as you insist, you would think it would been mentioned at some point in Scripture.

      • @Hunter are you familiar with Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan? Jesus clearly explains who our Neighbor is and it is not people of our “race” or ethnic group but everybody we encounter. The Jews pressed him about who is our Neighbor because they are proud just like you, and so Christ told them clearly it was anybody and everybody you encounter. If you deny that then you are of Satan not Christ. White Supremacy and Jewish Supremacy are two sides of the same coin. To be a true follower of Christ you have to love God with all of your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. Humility leads to eternal life whereas a prideful heart leads to Hell.

        • 1. I’m not Orthodox. I also have no idea why you are arguing with me about it. I was never one of those people who got my religious views from internet memes. The Orthodox world doesn’t strike me as particularly trad. Orthodoxy was nearly snuffed out by communism.

          2. In Lutheran Europe, the system that was established is that were you were a Lutheran or you packed your bags and left for some place like the Netherlands. Loving your neighbor in practice meant living in a homogeneous Lutheran culture with other Lutherans of the same religion and ethnicity. Religious tolerance was introduced centuries later.

          3. As for the South, it was founded by my Anglo-Protestant ancestors. Evangelical Protestantism has dominated the South since the 18th century. The South was created by Protestants who had no awareness that there was something called “racism” which was a sin. This discovery was not made until well into the 20th century when the term was popularized by the media. Even people who opposed slavery didn’t denounce slave owners as racists. If racism is a sin, it is remarkable that no one noticed at the time. This is likely due to the fact that Protestants consulted their Bibles and didn’t find it in there.

          4. Finally, I can’t say if “racism” has always been a sin in the Orthodox world. I don’t have any close connection to eastern Europe. I’m not as familiar with the history of the region. Weren’t Jews forced to live in the Pale though?

          • @Hunter you did not answer this. Are you familiar with Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan? Jesus clearly explains who our Neighbor is and it is not people of our “race” or ethnic group but everybody we encounter. The Jews pressed him about who is our Neighbor because they are proud just like you, and so Christ told them clearly it was anybody and everybody you encounter. If you deny that then you are of Satan not Christ. White Supremacy and Jewish Supremacy are two sides of the same coin. To be a true follower of Christ you have to love God with all of your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. Humility leads to eternal life whereas a prideful heart leads to Hell.


          • You are repeating yourself.

            Lutheran states in Europe banished non-Lutherans under the cuius regio, eius religio (whose realm, his religion) principle. The Lutheran Orders of Creation (Schöpfungsordnungen) also recognized nation, state, race, marriage and economics as divinely created orders independent of revelation.


            Lutheran Europe developed a system of government that integrated church and state in Lutheran territories. Lutheranism was the only religion that was tolerated in Northern Europe. There was only a Lutheran culture. Each Lutheran state had a Lutheran prince or king who was the supreme bishop that had veto power over the church. The prince or king enforced the secular law and a consistory policed the morals of the laity. In such a way, Northern Europe remained ethnically, culturally and religiously homogeneous until the arrival of liberalism.


            Once again, loving your neighbor meant loving other Lutherans who shared your faith and culture under a Lutheran prince or monarch. Lutheranism greatly empowered the state and vast realms of life were left up to the state.

            Luther’s Two Kingdoms doctrine left matters like citizenship up to the state:


    • Your ‘let’s meet at the general judgment’ put-off isn’t fooling anyone, Slumlord. You know neither Orthodoxy, nor conciliar Catholicism. You must be a convert, and your liberal SCOBA-dox propaganda well is running dry. You’re preaching a ‘god-in-general’ rather than THIS God, who chose THIS People, in THIS continent, and told THEM to remember THEIR history. That’s pretty ‘racist’ and ‘specific,’ frankly.

      As Dr. Farrell has noted of this sort of deity, ““I don’t believe in a ‘God-in-general,’ if I can put it that way; I never have, to be quite frank. I think things have to be specific and they have to be local. For instance the adage of Christ—love thy neighbor—well, he doesn’t say ‘love humanity’ [chuckles]. …[T]he grand abstractions become an excuse for passivity rather than helping this particular poor person, or whatever. I think that action has to be local. …[I]t’s out of a collective effort that we are able to change things” (Joseph P. Farrell

      Even the Liturgy has instances of this Adamic election: “The Divine seed descends, and…this seed from on high gives our soul the Food of Immortality. The earth has yielded its corn, wine and oil, and now the ineffable Birth approaches of Him who through his mercy bestows the Bread of Life upon the Sons of God.” —from the Liturgy for the Advent Ember Days

      OUR SOUL, not ALL souls. The Bread of Life is given ONLY to the SONS OF GOD, NOT the Sons of Men, and certainly NOT the ‘sons of hell’ as the Jews are known. What do you think closed communion (which both you and HW practice!) means, anyway?

      • Your Christian Identity heresy chosen Adamite BS is not compatible with authentic Orthodox Christianity so anything you say is hot air.

        • “MY’ Christian Identity heresy? Funny. I quote men who are Orthodox, and you cannot bring yourself to the reality of acknowledging that, but resort to ad hominems.

          So what if CI has a more valid ‘take’ on History? THEY are Westerners, they know the West’s History, far better than you. That’s like saying you won’t sing Bach, because he was a Lutheran…and you are catholic. I was raised in such narrow myopia when a Catholic. We couldn’t sing ‘Ein Feste Burg’ growing up, but I wanted to. Now, of course, Rome threw out the baby with the Baptismal bathwater, and sings all sorts of things, but with no understanding of the hymns’ theology. Such a narrow, provincial view is what you are blathering on about, when any musician worth their salt KNOWS that BACH knew the Lord, AND was a supreme composer.

          The Orthodox don’t do that. They clearly say that they know where the Spirit is, but not where it is not. (Which is a cheap way to avoid saying, We alone have the Truth… until pressed) But you aren’t even doing that!

          That is myopia of a sort that only falls to the ‘convert mentality’ that Fr. Seraphim was at pains to eradicate, when he was alive. You don’t have the ‘savor of Orthodoxy;’ you are merely prating on, regurgitating your BS opinions, as if you actually think they are Orthodox?!?!?

          I bet- just bet, you have a beard longer than the monastics in Athos, and do your metanias deeper and more ‘reverently’ than any cradle Orthodox, and think yourself more holy, because of it, yes? you look in 2022 like some Jeremiah Johnson, and are interiorly PROUD you look like a Russian peasant from 1860. I KNOW YOUR KIND.

          What a hypocrite. THIS IS THE GARBAGE that passes for Pseudo-doxy in America, today.
          And it’s Byzantine bigotry of the first order!

          “Every nation or ethnic group has its own church, and this division of church authority makes preaching effective. Thus, every nation has its own characteristics and its own spirit that is the foundation of each local church. “- St. John Maximovich of San Francisco

          Which is why I am not a fan of Byzantine bigotry. lol Nice try, Guido. stop listening to your own echo chamber, and imbibe the TRUE Spirit of Orthodoxy, not your copycat

        • Ahhh. you take umbrage at my use of the term Adamic. But the Bible calls all the faithful, Adamic. Do not the fathers agree that Adam was the first ‘man’? Are you disagreeing with Scripture and Holy Tradition, Slum? Doth not God love Man/Adam-kind? Funny. That’s what I hear from the bema on Sundays…

          What you find annoying is that I point it out! But the reality of science and Faith have to coincide.
          Adamic man (because the Hebrew word ‘aw-dam’ literally means ‘ruddy, fair, able to [visibly] blush’- clearly point to Caucasoid humanity. What I am I to do with that? Deny it? How is that catholic? How is that Orthodox? How is it SANE?!?!?

          Then, when I look to definitions of Greek, Latin, and English words in ORTHODOX PARLANCE, I find that the Ecumenical Councils were held… in the ECUMENE! And the Ecumene meant ‘the inhabited world’ of Jesus’ day. Which was the Roman Empire. Which just happens to be where modern-day Europe is! Which is where (until England opened up her immigration gates in the early 19060’s) all the WHITE FOLKS ARE!

          …From the tin mines of Cornwall, to the pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) to the Bosporus (Constantinople)- that’s the ‘Ecumene.’ And when I look at the five Patriarchates, lo and behold! They are ALL WITHIN THE ECUMENE!

          So, when the ECUMENICAL COUNCILS were held, I somehow doubt that non-Caucasoids were in any great numerical attendance. We also have the ICONS, remember? St. Peter looks almost CELTIC, with his round head, and fair countenance. St. Nicholas looks…. well, like Santa Claus.
          Only St. Paul looks remotely ‘Jewish’ but that could be artistic license- because even iconographers are not PICTURE PERFECT reproducers.

          Icons of St. John of Kronstadt show him with dark eyes, but PHOTOGRAPHS of the saint, clearly point out that HE HAD BLUE, BLUE EYES!

          Now, who’s being ‘racist’? And are we making false ikons of Christ, because somehow, some apostate talmuddied Mischling race has told us for over a hundred years that ‘they are Jewish’ and so Christ MUST look like ‘them’.. when we now know that DNA evidence clearly points out that JEWS AREN’T EVEN SEMITES!?!?!?!?

          So, don’t come here all high-handed, spewing your lies, and presuming in your youthful naïveté, that we Elders haven’t thought through all the Phanarian CIA Propaganda, and have come to different conclusions…. SON. Prov. 26:5

        • My ‘racist’ assessment is also held by Dart, and a number of other posters on this forum. That’s also ‘conciliar,’ you know. So, you quote a web source.


          Unlike the Roman curia, Orthodoxy has a lot of voices to corroborate her phronema. And we have shown you some voices that would lead in a different direction, but for the COWARDICE of the NOVUS ORDO PSEUDO-DOX, who want to be ‘liked’ by the average American, and have (since Iakovos of unhappy memory) ‘marched with MLK’ then, and now augur for ‘gay rights.’ Yes, I know some in the OCA who are for abortion and faggots on the altar. JUST LIKE APOSTATE ROME.

          THIS PHILOSOPHY YOU CLAIM IS CONCILIAR, is merely being 50 years behind the CURRENT YEAR OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!! Like the Dukakis heretics, you think you can have your prosphora and be ‘trendy,’ too!

          CORNELIUS CODREANU is Orthodox, too, you know!

          THE POINT IS, nowhere before the late 19th Century (indeed, before the 1920’s and the arrival of Jewish Bolsheviks to America, after they had ALREADY butchered and MURDERED the Czar) is the Negro, the Asian, the Mestizo, or the Dravidian considered ‘my neighbor’ …because the countries where Orthodox lived, were (by virtue of geography) WHITE Countries. Missionary efforts to non-Whites by Orthodox, ONLY came about because the HERETIC Peter the (not so) Great, almost destroyed the Russian’s self-awareness of who they were as Orthodox. It’s only AFTER that, that the ‘mission to the Aleuts’ even occurred!

          America was 90% White in 1960, when I was a child. I remember. Apart from Sammy Davis on tv, I never saw an ‘N-word’ before I was ten years old: and even then, he was an object of ridicule, BECAUSE HE DIDN’T BELONG IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, a small tract home development of 1950’s cookie-cutter conformity.

          Yes, I am sure that the heterodox prate on about ‘racism’ and ‘inclusion’- but the numbers of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians in Orthodox Churches prior to 2000 was minuscule… for a reason.
          Orthodoxy has ALWAYS been RACIALLY EXCLUSIONARY. I know. I tried to join a ROCOR parish as a young man in the 1970’s, and was rebuffed by everyone IN THE PARISH from the priest to the sexton, because I was not RUSSIAN, let alone NOT WHITE! Even though I spoke the language. What they were distrustful of, was that I was not of their ETHNOS, even though I look Varangian! Skip ahead at least three decades….

          My wife and I attended a very ‘ethnic’ Antiochian parish for a time, before I finally saw through all the pseudo-dox and their covert ‘racism’ (because we weren’t Ay-rab) when my wife sought to comfort one of the dusky children left in the sanctuary by his mother. The baby took one look at the Grace Kelly-like features of my wife, and broke into screams. The mother said (I KID YOU NOT) ‘Oh, don’t worry. He does that to ALL THE ANGLOS.”

          Yeah, cry me a river. Orthodoxy belongs solely to the Ecumene- the WHITE LANDS OF EUROPE. The remainder of groups that claim ‘Orthodoxy’ are either remnants of once-white people (the Levant) and/or monophysite. Hell, even the COPTS appear WHITE.

          BUT THEY ALL ARE ETHNICALLY ISOLATIONIST. If you can call them, ‘racist’…. as well.
          Fine. I’ll accept the moniker. But you don’t and therefore, you aren’t…. Orthodox at all.


  20. According to today’s definition of “racism” – a term which basically was non-existent before its popularization by Talmudic Satanists in the 20th century – Christ was himself a “racist”, as can be seen in Matthew 15 (bold added for emphasis).

    21. Then Jesus went thence, and departed into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon.

    22. And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.

    23. But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.

    24. But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    25. Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.

    26. But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.

    27. And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.

    28. Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

    Fr. John and HW are correct, the claim that “racism” (a term solely applied to Christians of European ancestry) has always been a sin is nonsense. Thanks for demonstrating to us here that the Woke Demonic Doctrine has infested the Orthodox church – assuming for a minute you’re not just more Hasbara from the Synagogue of Satan.

    Here’s a fine quote from Solzhenitsyn about different nations and peoples, given in a speech to Swedes in the 1970s:

    “The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all men became alike with one nature and one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colors and bears within itself a special facet of God’s design.”

    It’s OK to be white. The most racist folks in Murika are Jews and Blacks, both of whom generally take advocate the extermination of European nations – along with whites who go along with Church of Woke dogma.

  21. @Hunter, Martin Luther was a heretic that rejected core Christian beliefs as well he wanted to exclude several books from the New Testament cannon. The Protestant Reformation was a satanic movement that produced atheism, liberalism, and resulted in the secularization of the West. The American South is the only predominantly Protestant enclave in the West left. The entire whole of Europe and west is Post-Christian, and majority of the US. Your kind are dying out and will be replaced. The only hope for the West is Orthodox Christianity.

    • Interesting.

      How did Protestantism cause the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution?

      • @Hunter just do a Google search of Protestant Reformation and the French Revolution. You can also research Protestant Reformation and atheism/ secularism, and liberalism. A book called Rock and Sand by Josiah Trenham is good. The Protestant origins of the French Revolution is another book just to name a couple, there are several scholars that argue this position.

        • The Huguenots were driven out of France. How did Protestants cause the French Revolution in Catholic France?

    • Slumlord, I give you my TIt. 3:10, and Anathema.

      You are so self-righteous, so filled with PRELEST, you don’t even know it. Are you in your 20’s? Because you talk and quote like some adolescent who has not yet learned humility before his Elders. We’re done.

      1) You aren’t Orthodox, if you are in a Novus Ortho/Pseudo-dox Modernist jurisdiction. Easy checkpoint?
      When do you celebrate Easter/Pascha, and Feast of the Nativity/Christmas?
      2) Your entire rationale leads me to think that you might also be NON-White, in that the ‘sin’ of [sic] ‘racism’ seems to be THE sole (SOLA?!) criterion of your Pseudo-doxy. If you’s a darkie, buddy, sorry, you aren’t even of the Race of the Elect. The Race of Christ. The Race of Adam.
      3) Christ was called a racist, when he noted that ‘I am come ONLY to the lost sheep of the House (Gr. “oikos”- Race, clan, tribe, family) of ISRAEL.” So, even your supposed Lord is on our side, and not yours.

      You’re one of the most prideful, stubborn, bigoted, and self-righteous prigs I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Hunter, you should remove this jackass from the site. HE HAS NOTHING TO SAY.

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