Washington Post: With the Buffalo Massacre, White Christian Nationalism Strikes Again

This is lazy.

Washington Post:

“White Christian nationalism can be messy to define, but it’s critical to recognize its three animating impulses: freedom, order and violence — the ideology’s holy trinity. The freedom belongs only to Americans these nationalists see as like them (White men). The order is to be imposed on all those they don’t (everyone else). And righteous violence is to be deployed as necessary to achieve this twisted vision.

Both the racist massacre in Buffalo last weekend and the antiabortion legislation spreading rapidly through the states in anticipation of the overturning of Roe v. Wade next month are linked to white Christian nationalism, despite a pair of glaring paradoxes: The suspect in the Buffalo shooting doesn’t claim to be Christian in a religious sense, and many “pro-life” Christians are pro-death-penalty, pro-guns and pro-police brutality.

It makes sense in context. The ideology’s adherents are committed to instituting an ethno-culture that represents a shrinking minority — a traditionalist Christian social order in which the freedoms of White Christians are privileged. Theirs is a world where race, religion and national belonging have become virtually inseparable and are not necessarily tied to spirituality. And the spread of this kind of thinking is rapid and startling.

Over the last year or so, White Christian nationalism has become intertwined with the “great replacement” theory, which holds that a corrupt elite made up of Jews and Democrats is carrying out a plot to replace “real” Americans by engineering mass immigration from the Third World. Since 2015, that theory has captured the fringes and some in the mainstream on the right, from angry young men bearing tiki torches in Charlottesville; to pundits like Ann CoulterCharlie KirkMatt Walsh and Tucker Carlson; to at least a half-dozen prominent Republican candidates and lawmakers, including Sen. Ron Johnson (Wis.), Reps. Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) and Scott Perry (Pa.), Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers, and J.D. Vance, Ohio’s GOP nominee for the Senate. …”

Payton Gendron answered this question in his manifesto:

Christian nationalism is one thing.

White Nationalism is another thing.

White Christian nationalism is specifically where the two overlap.

A White Christian nationalist is someone who believes that their race and religion are both important and their country should be based on White identity and Christianity. Historical examples of White Christian nationalism include the United States until well into the 20th century. Actually, you could say that American national identity was even narrower that that through the Victorian era. The country was Anglo-Saxon and Protestant until at least the 1930s. Catholics weren’t really accepted into the fold until JFK’s time when the Cold War created a greater sense of Christian solidarity against communism.

For the vast majority of American history, an American was someone who was White or European in ancestry, Anglo-Saxon or an English speaker in culture, Protestant in religion and liberal republican in political principles. This is not something we invented. Liberals began to redefine America’s national identity in the 1930s as they fell under the spell of antiracism, cosmopolitanism and modernism in the 1930s and 1940s. During the Cold War, American national identity was watered down by liberals into the “American Creed” so that it could compete with communism in the Third World.

The idea that the United States is a miniature version of the United Nations with no essential racial, ethnic, religious or cultural foundation is a product of the liberal consensus during the Cold War. It also wasn’t until the 1990s that the Christian and English speaking aspects of American national identity began to be banished by liberals. It wasn’t until a few years ago that liberals felt bold enough to start condemning the republican aspects of the Constitution like the Senate and Electoral College as a cloak for “white supremacy.” They’ve also begun to reject core aspects of liberalism itself like the Bill of Rights.

A few years from now, we can safely predict that liberals will have embraced a bunch of new fads like the “trans” craze and Wokeism which they swallowed in the 2010s when 60,000 new genders were created. They will be condemning the rest of us for not embracing their latest obsessions.

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  1. These journalists never know what they’re talking about. They jump from one weird moral panic to the next depending on whatever buzzword of the week is going around in their little circle jerk community. Fake news, Russian bots, disinformation, “fascism,” isolationists, proud boys, White supremacy, and on and on.

    The buzzword this week is “Christian nationalism,” apparently. Who these Christian nationalists are, nobody knows. But they’re totally a real thing and they’re out there and they want to create that country from the popular libtard BDSM fetish book series “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

    • WAPO, NYT, CNN etc.
      Lunatic libtards spewing gibberish through the megaphone of (((mass media.)))

    • @Dart Christianity is a global religion, so they don’t care about nationalism. They’d bring the whole world to the US for us to support, if they could.

    • Christian nationalism is a Jew creation and now you are going to see a whole flock of Christian nationalist candidates running for office, all professing Judeo-Christian valve, all Catholic, Irish or Italian and all whoring themselves out to the Christ killers.

      Just google Doug Mastriano and Judeo-Christian.

      Why did the Jews kill Christ and how TF was Christ a Jew?

      Is it the nature of the gentile to prey upon the weak and the innocent or it the nature of the Jew? Racism tells us a lot about a people or a group of people. It highlights the flaws, the sins born in the blood and the imperfections in us all created by God. So why are the Jews so vehement in stamping out all forms of racism? The undesirable characteristics of Jew blood are repulsive to civilized man, that is why.

  2. Impossible! Absurd! How is a MASSACRE of innocents “Christian”? That would be following an entirely different Jesus than the One that preached the Sermon on the Mount, which is the heart of the New Testament and the core of genuine Christianity. Furthermore, Christianity as such is not nationalism or national.

  3. When it comes to Whites the jews love to label us especially if a crime is committed against one of the protected races which is very rare.

    When blacks are committing racial crimes against Whites the media ignores or looks to make excuses as to why it happened. Fortunately, Whites are starting to wake up to this, even the normies can see the double standard.

    • @John,
      When a black shoots up a group of white churchgoers or something…………..’not all blacks are like that. He’s a victim too. We must unite against hate’. Bla bla.
      When a white shoots a black who robbed him……… ‘it’s all whites, we must stop hate and take away guns and other rights’.
      And they wonder why people with our views exist.

    • lol, you may want to brush up on your history…it’s all just a game of feeding low IQ drivel to people to get them to dance on tune. If people knew how to use what’s between their ears, Europe and North America would probably be teaching Aerospace Engineering to our 12 year old sons by now…or at least how to build a home and grow food.

  4. “Christian Nationalism” is just their latest talking point. Six months from now they will drop it and use something else.

    No one reads the Washington Post anymore except for people employed by the Democratic party – it is just a Democrat blog.

    Even fewer people read verbose hysteria like this.

    It is clear “Christian Nationalism” is their new talking point, because they are losing very, very hard on their anti-white thing – people started to push back. “It’s OK To Be White.”

    So now they are trying to revive their upper middle class suburban white voters by ginning up hysteria about the Evangelical Pat Robertson coming to electrocute the gays and ban Hip-Hop rap.

    The Democrats finally moved on from 1968 and now it is forever 1988 and Pat Robertson is about to become President and gas the Jews, etc.

    Remember it is easier to create bullshit than to debunk bullshit.

  5. The Buffalo White shooter sounded pretty intelligent, had some sensible ideas about what was going on. So why did he have to do something really really stupid, counterproductive?

    It’s like all these types are reading from a terrible anti White Hollywood J script of the crazy, hateful, psychotic.

    Why couldn’t he have done something productive, fun targeting enemies and traitors?

    The Scandinavian immigration patriots do lots of productive, fun activism that target traitors – stuff like blasting lout Islamic prayers at 4 AM outside of the homes of Muslim migrant pandering politicians.

    I always wanted to collective illegal alien migrant trash, dirty diapers and dump them on the private golf courses, home towns of traitor Bushes, the McCain family.

    Our side tends to get – yeah, very hateful people doing really hateful stupid, counter productive things like shoot up a shopping mall, invade a Holocaust Hoax Museum and kill a simple minimum wage Black security guard.

    It really is like these people are acting their lives by doing exactly what the anti White J Hollywood script writers want them to do.

    • Isn’t that interesting? Some lunatic did EXACTLY what would be needed to create ammunition against us…even though he sounded pretty intelligent…c’mon Jaye, you even have “Hollywood script” in your comment. You’re right there

  6. General Beauregard wasn’t accepted into the fold, eh? Southerners extrapolate the former demographics of the South to the rest of the country. While it would be foolish to deny that there was widespread hostility to Catholics (and Germans, and others) in the USA, the notion that Catholics were not considered Americans is pretty silly. Yankee originating “evangelical” (remember people who identify as evangelical are mostly church-goers) sectarianism with its virulent Anti-Catholicism does not seem to have been very dominant in the South in antebellum days.

    • It wasn’t in the South because there were so few Catholics here and race loomed larger, but the Republican Party began to make its first gains here when Al Smith was the Democrat nominee in 1928 and Protestants didn’t want to vote for wet Catholic. The shift from Protestant to Christian in American national identity happened between FDR and JFK.

  7. It doesn’t matter what labels are affixed to it. In its most basic, what we seek is order, as that is the environment in which Whitey is most successful. Hierarchy, tradition, remembrance of ancestors and our history are all aspects of our common culture that preserve order because they help us to orient ourselves to deal with whatever the future holds.

    Critical Theory, of which extensions have been applied to economics (Marxism), sociology (critical race theory) and every other aspect of society aren’t grounded in a pursuit of order, but in the defiance of pre existing order.

    There is an inherent instability in the approach our enemies are taking, in that they intend to maintain power, but insist on undermining the institutions that would allow them to do so.

    Its unsustainable and doomed to failure. Their obsession with defiance of authority, celebration of iconoclasm and transgressivism, are all counter productive to their own goal.

    They are engineering their own failure.

  8. The authors have written a book — the Baptists invited them on their podcast (comments are possible):

    The Flag and The Cross, Philip S. Gorski and Samuel L. Perry

    Gorski is the chair of the sociology department at Yale University, while Perry is an associate professor of sociology at the University of Oklahoma. They have co-authored a new book, “The Flag and The Cross,” an examination of what White Christian Nationalism is and why it is a threat to American Democracy.

    Two men with soft liberal arts degrees.

    Occasionally it seems it might be easier to name the things that aren’t ‘a threat to democracy’.

  9. Aren´t White Christians who are churchgoers a distinct minority in the Northeast? Likely there are a lot of nominal Christains who go to church maybe once or twice a year.

  10. The way you stop mass shootings is make being a Devil Worshiper illegal. Pretty simple just look at 99% of mass shootings. It’s some nut dressed up in black cloths that worships the Devil. On drugs. So on. Ohhh but the Government and the media never talks about that. Deo Vindice !

  11. @Hunter 1. True Christianity is incompatible with Nationalism.
    2. What’s your point about the South being dominated by Evangelicalism? Evangelical churches are heretical cults, and atheist factories.
    3. Evangelicalism is one of the main causes people convert to atheism.
    4. There is no sign of Christianity making a comeback in the West. Evangelical mega churches are a passing gas like the Alt-Right was.
    5. Christianity is growing the most among Eastern Orthodox and non-Western peoples
    6. The West collectively is going to collapse and die


    • 1. From the start, Protestantism has always been compatible with nationalism in the Anglo world. Especially American nationalism and Southern nationalism. England was one of the first modern nation states. English nationalism was inspired by Protestantism and the Old Testament. English colonization of the world was fueled by Protestantism. I’m not an Eastern European so I have no interest in Orthodoxy.

      2. Evangelical Protestantism is our Christian tradition. The American South is the most Christian part of the United States which is the most Christian of all Western countries. American missionaries have been successful in exporting Protestantism to Brazil and other Latin American countries.

      3. Wasn’t it Russia, Ukraine and Belarus that fell under Soviet control and which suppressed Christianity and leveled churches and where atheism and materialism were state doctrines and were aggressively exported atheism around the world? Yeah, Orthodoxy is SO TRAD.

      4. There are far more atheists in every Orthodox country than here. Russia is one of the most atheist countries in the world. It used to be the world evangelist of atheism. It is great that has changed over the past 20 years.

      5. LMAO coming from a guy who became Orthodox literally because it was a meme among internet racists

      6. Christianity has “grown” in the Orthodox world because it is supported by Putin after being brutally suppressed for nearly a century. It hasn’t grown so much as it is tolerated instead of being discouraged. Russians are still some of the most irreligious people on earth with high abortion rates and low church attendance. Russia also has one the largest Muslim populations and Islam is also encouraged there.

      7. The Orthodox world is set to disappear before the West due to its even lower birth rate. Greece has one of the lowest birthrates in Europe

      • Protestantism is responsible for Modernity and you are wrong per all your statements. Do you live in a cave? The West is post-Christian now. No point in trying to critique it all because you are clearly an idiot.

      • Responses to each point: (1) Before there was Protestantism in Britain and before Papism took hold of Britain via the Norman conquest, there was orthodox Christianity in Britain, or British orthodoxy, which shows itself in certain tendencies in nonconformist churches and movements and never really disappeared throughout the Papist centuries and the Reformation. Mary-worship, saint-worship, mystical, esoteric doctrines, and church hierarchies are not British tendencies. (2) Evangelicalism is traditional in the sense of being familiar and established, but the real, full, ethno-national (Brythoniic) tradition is much older and deeper-rooted than evangelicalism – but it is not manifested in a mixed, divided and atomized “rat race” population that joins churches run as businesses. (3) The unusual success of socialism in Russia was possible due to the strength of Russian Christianity, which already accepted the Christian principle of communal sharing, regardless of whether the existing state-church infrastructure that had served the Tsarist transitional feudal-to-capitalist system was being damaged in the process. (4) The U.S. might have fewer professing atheists but it has just as many or more PRACTICAL atheists, which is evident in its hyper-capitalist socioeconomic system of greed in which even its most religious evangelicals eagerly participate, and the most “successful: churches are run as businesses. (5) It might have become a meme because it is true. Some memes are more true than others, (6) It is not true that Christian revival in Russia is caused by Putin. The presence of Islam (and Buddhism, which is the third largest religion in Russia) is a side issue; it does not cause nor prevent the revival of Christianity in Russia. (7) Russian Christians, especially Old Believers, have higher birth rates than atheists, comparable to Muslims, and history shows that increasing prosperity, peace and security for the working class results in higher birth rates regardless of religion. The height of socialism in Soviet Russia the 1930s and again in the post-war, late 1940s,to early 1950s caused two population booms even greater than the U.S. “baby boom,” whereas hyper-capitalism forced on Russia in the 1990s almost stopped reproduction by the working class. Capitalist Greece has one of the lowest birthrates in Europe not because of Orthodoxy but because the working class is suffering cruel austerity.

  12. I should have added:

    Re: “American missionaries have been successful in exporting Protestantism”:

    Note that Russian Orthodoxy became established among native people of Alaska, and many of the formerly Islamic peoples of the Caucasus and Central and East Asia. This was more of an organic growth than the Roman Catholic and Protestant campaigns to convert the Africans, Indians, Indo-Chinese, China and other nations.

    Re: “some of the most irreligious people on earth with high abortion rates and low church attendance”:

    Abortion was outlawed by Stalin, re-introduced by the traitor revisionists (Khruschev et al), and went wild under capitalism in the 1990s until recently, greatly reducing the population of Russia. I disagree that church attendance is low, It is reported that the thousands of new church buildings are full of people, including young people. Check your sources, Evangelicals are claiming now that “Ukraine is the most Christian country in Europe” and that “Russia persecutes Protestants and prevents Protestant missions, while Ukraine welcomes our missionaries and out churches are growing there.” Try to consider the issue from both sides, to decide what is true.

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