TAC: The LGBTsQewing Of America

Editor’s Note: That’s one of the many “blessings of liberty” above that we have covered over the years.

We used to live in a White Christian culture.

In the vast majority of cases (unless your parents were recent immigrants), this is likely why you exist. You exist due to the reproductive choices that your ancestors made.

Those choices were shaped and channeled by the dominant culture. In the South, where evangelical Protestantism shaped our culture for centuries, we had customs like the one drop rule. We had legal segregation and anti-miscegenation laws. Southern culture valued racial purity and sought to maintain racial integrity through strong taboos and legislation. Mixed race people became Colored. Homosexuality was discouraged. Divorce was rare and hard to get. Abortion was illegal. White identity was valued. The White and Black family was strong through the Jim Crow era. The norm used to be that most people got married to someone of the same race and religion and reproduced themselves.

In the early 20th century, this all began to change. Culture used to be overwhelmingly local. The states and local communities made their own laws and largely governed themselves. The rise of the mainstream media (film, radio, television in that order) from the 1910s through the 1960s shifted cultural power away from, say, the segregationist editor of the local newspaper to liberal elites with a modernist sensibility who were on television in New York City, Los Angeles and Washington. Glamorous celebrities who lived rough lifestyles became role models for the ordinary person. Gatekeepers at a handful of corporations in a few metro areas controlled the new national platforms. At the same time, the federal government in Washington was becoming the behemoth that it is today as several generations of progressives from FDR’s time forward concentrated and consolidated political power there. Pretty much every tool at the disposal of our elites was used as a battering ram to dismantle and debase our traditional culture.

Christianity lost its grip on the imagination of the American elite nearly a century ago around the time of Babbitt and the Scopes Monkey Trial. Over the course of a century, Christianity went from being the hegemonic dominant culture to a kind of respected sub-culture to just another lifestyle. The dominant “mainstream” culture for generations now has been secular and modernist. By “modernist,” I mean specifically a sensibility that values cultural liberation and cultural egalitarianism (i.e., social liberalism) and which puts the Self up on a pedestal and values self-absorption and self-expression.

Much like feminism (the “New Woman” was inspired by modernism) and abortion (nothing is owed to future generations because everything is owed to the Self) and gay marriage (any “marriage” is as good as any other and people should be allowed to express themselves), the “trans” craze only makes sense in a deeply modernist culture where people who are so self-absorbed and detached from reality that they have become convinced that their “true self” is different from their biological sex aren’t laughed off as suffering from a mental illness. “Trans” flourishes in a sick culture based on the Self.


“According to a February 2022 Gallup poll that should have been far bigger news than it was, a whopping 20 percent—one in five, that is—of Generation Z American adults (born 1997-2003) now identify as LGBTQ. That trend shows a sharp upward slope with every successive generation. In fact, LGBTQ identification has roughly doubled with each new generation: The respective numbers for millennials (born 1981-1996), Generation X (born 1965-1980), baby boomers (born 1946-1964), and those born before 1946 are 10.5 percent, 4.2 percent, 2.6 percent, and 0.8 percent. Looking at Americans as a whole, 7.1 percent of us now identify as LGBTQ, double the 3.5 percent who so identified in 2012, not so very long ago.

The identitarian advocate’s take on this development will undoubtedly be that it reflects nothing more than growing freedom, the growing openness within a previously repressive society to once-suppressed modes of sexual expression. It was always the case, that narrative would go, that some 20 percent of us, or perhaps even more, had non-traditional sexual preferences, but society used to force all but the boldest and most determined into a single narrow lane. Sexual preference, after all, is biologically determined and not a choice, as we are repeatedly told by advocates. …

Take a few other examples closer to the topic at hand. We know that it was not uncommon for ancient Greek men to engage in the practice of pederasty, i.e., to be both married to their wives and, at the same time, to take on boys in their mid-teen years to enjoy carnal relations while simultaneously providing mentorship to their younger brethren. In Melanesia, among the Etoro people, boys’ drinking of the semen of their elders is a coming-of-age ritual, and homosexuality is the norm, interrupted by brief periods of heterosexuality, which is considered sinful; among the Marind-anim, husbands routinely engage in sexual relations with their sisters’ adolescent sons, while wives engage in ritualized sex in groups. What the existence of these various practices, and more like them throughout the world and throughout history, should be sufficient to show is that human sexual preferences are relatively fluid and largely determined by governing norms rather than innate biology. …

We, as individuals, may not make such choices, but we, as a society, certainly do. As the evidence drawn from other societies across the world and throughout history shows us, the examples we set, the images we project, the information and education we convey, the manner in which we organize our lives and our institutions, all of these will bear upon the prevalence of LGBTQ lifestyles in our midst. We cannot evade our responsibility. It is for us to choose the society in which we want to live. …

In contemplating our options and asking ourselves whether an America in which 20 percent or more of a rising generation identifies as LGBTQ is the America we want, we might consider the following. In a phenomenon characterized by some as “The Mystery of the Declining U.S. Birth Rate,” our birth rate as of 2020 was 55.8 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age, a steep drop of about 15 percent from 2007, when that number was 69.3 per 1,000. Much of this alleged “mystery” is solved when we consider the revolution and exponential increase in LGBTQ acceptance and LGBTQ lifestyles that occurred over roughly the same period …”

Once again, you are the reproductive choices your ancestors made.

Those choices were shaped and channeled by the dominant culture. Ancestry is a lagging indicator. Now that Christianity is no longer the dominant culture and sexuality, religion and reproduction have been severed in the name of self-expression, this is what you get. This is also just the people who were born in this degenerate culture who are far outnumbered by those who were never born.


  1. Homosexuality, in all its various forms, is a weapon in the Anti-White arsenal used to destroy our race.

  2. What to say about?? girls who would be beautiful ruin their face and their bodies. The question is for accomplish what??? for being accepted by crazy and empty modern society? They’re the first who are used to say that we have to accept ourselves as we are, but then in practice they change (for worse) their bodies and also they don’t accept biology, denying that male and female are biological realities which cannot be changed for personal whims. Also they forgot that people are always born from male and female, in practically all species creatures are born from male and female, except in rare cases. If you say these things today, peolple call you racist, discriminator and not think at you as person who tells how biological reality is from what world and world.

  3. Whenever I get down about Christer fundie kooks who visit Noah’s ark theme parks, one look at the woke freak show is enough to remind me which is by far the lesser of two evils.

    • I’m not sure if you were around at the time, but it was getting to know the atheist community at the Richard Dawkins forum and the contrast with my own neighbors who are kindhearted, generous, all around good people – the sort of people you want to live around – that initially changed my mind about Christianity. This had to be between 2006 and 2008

      • I got into atheism in the early 2000s, before Dawkins and co were a big thing. Some “Infidels” forum, I was convinced by the arguments, and I then read George Smith’s “Atheism: The Case Against God,” which clinched it for me. Even then though, I was uneasy about turning my back on my culture, and I never actually announced myself as an atheist anywhere except on the internet and casually to a few strangers irl who I didn’t care about.

        There was a lot of socialist thought among the internet atheists, and some pro-gay but seemingly inoffensive threads too, and this didn’t sit well with me at all. But there was nothing that unnerved me about any of that, probably because I was focused on “rationality” and wasn’t thinking too much about the latent social effects (though I wasn’t completely ignorant of these either). Lately I’ve come to see – thanks in part to your work – that godlessness is one of the root causes behind the cultural sewer we’re steadily sinking into, and I regret every ounce of strength I ever gave that putrid cause.

      • I’ve never denied the existence of God, but I don’t understand God, and I don’t think any humans do. I definitely don’t think that God appears to humans, or speaks through humans. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I I don’t see the evidence for human contact.

    • Silver you mock God and His Son at your own peril.You deny Christ and mock his followers and are an enemy of the Cross and no comrade of mine.I should rather have no allies than one who is in essence the same anti-Christ Satanist filth as the Jews.You are lost.The White race was made in God’s image and our eternal home is with Him in Heaven.You are too brainwashed or too dumb to know what is important.Rot in Hell because you have earned it.You’ll be there with all the stinking ugly Jews that work for Satan and work against the White race.Whites are the enemy of the Satanic Jews because we are the children of God.You write like an autistic,mass-media addicted woman.

  4. Well, if the Oingo-Boingo people of the Newdeadbird Islands engage in ritualized lesbian orgies with their female relatives then I guess we should abolish our traditional concepts of marriage and family. Everything about our sexuality is based on prevailing social norms and personal choices, nothing is determined by genes or biology. That’s what the old white racist patriarchy wanted you to believe. Besides, children and spouses just get in the way of self-fulfillment.

    Enjoy your newfound freedom to express who you really are while cutting yourself for attention or trying to overdose on sleeping pills.

  5. Now the homos are back to their old tricks, once again acting as walking petri dishes and spreading monkey pox all over the place.

  6. I’m sure you’re aware, but just in time for the recent attacks on “Christian Nationalism”, the SBC is under attack for allegations of sexual misconduct coverups.

    Funny how those things happen. Totally not coordinated.

      • Hunter,

        Here is the video of that demon you used in the picture accompanying this story. It was filmed in Renton, Washington June, 2019 at the public library at a spectacle called “Drag Queen Story Hour” which was a program to corrupt children. Apparently the mothers were already corrupt if they willingly, knowingly brought their children to see this debauchery.



  7. Strange how this newfound “freedom” of individual expression is not bringing any of the happiness that was promised would come along with it. Perhaps it’s time for a Great Purge of all the antisocial weirdos, perverts and deviants? A restoration of traditional social values, yes? The permanent removal of all unwholesome and hostile Semitic influences? You want????

    • @Spahnranch1970 The man or whatever it is at the end of this article, who call itself Fimingcops, declares that “racists” are mentally ill and that democratically they should be banned from vote and be re-educated. So i think that: first a person like him is mentally ill and second that people like him should be banned from the vote until they’re re-educated to biology and normality.

  8. Why did you used to be an atheist, Hunter? Was it because you wanted to embrace maximal narcissism and self-absorption? Or was it because you realized the Bible was just an ancient culture’s book of fables, unable to help you solve the problems your culture faces?

    “We’re outbreeding you” is one of the few decent arguments the Christfags have. And it would be a better argument if they weren’t trying to immediately sabotage their reproductive advantage by banning abortion, which would only shoot up the birth rates among atheists and nominal Christians. If life is like a strategy game and the “modernists” are those who never think more than one turn ahead. Christfags are like the player who has a few long term strategy ideas that are in principle effective but gets distracted from implementing them by the belief they have to play “morally” and that a magical deity will give them favorable dice rolls if they do so.

    • Years ago, I associated Christianity with Christian Zionists and people like Joel Osteen or Jerry Falwell, but I have always loved European and American history. As I studied the Middle Ages and the Reformation, I became more interested in the history of Christianity and began to see that much of what I disliked was really just my own times like the triumph of antiracism which doesn’t go further back than the 1940s or Dispensationalism which was spread through radio and television

      • Same here. The “church” today would be unrecognizable to someone living in the Middle Ages or even up until the turn of the 20th century. Once I realized that and also discovered KI (Kingdom Identity-see Sheldon Emry on that one), the pieces fell into place.

      • Excellent observation Hunter.I have been a Christian my whole life as well as knowing my race was not only the greatest on Earth but also the one created in God’s image.Jews are behind the mainly online White sites which promote paganism and try to teach Whites that Christianity is a Jew thing.To me that is an easy to see through ploy and apparently only works on those with no brain and no connection to the good Lord.Growing up in the 1970’s I saw that most of my younger(20’s/30’s)female teachers were anti-White Whites.I joined the Moral Majority at 13(Jerry Falwell’ group)for moral issues but never saw any anti-White or Jews are the Chose nonsense in his work.Decades later I did see Falwell was supposed to be one of the big Jew promoters but I only saw the conservative political activism part then.My whole point is that God gives us discernment.No one can make us feel guilty about our race or distort who the true Chosen are(followers of Christ)if we even make a small effort to know the truth.My feeling is that God will not allow us to be so cut off from the truth that we can’t find a way to Him and Him to us.Most people just love being lazy,they love sinning,they love silly entertainments and they can’t be bothered to learn about and love the heritage God has blessed us with.The End Times are here because people have sunk so low.All the things about Modernity and Cosmopolitanism the Jews brought us are part of that all powerful Satanic End Time as well.And I thank you for the great series of articles on them which enriched me greatly.But all these things are destined to occur.Jew power is at its apex and then Christ will return.The Synagogue of Satan as Revelation warns of.We must save ourselves and the one way to do that is through Christ.If He wants the glorious White race to rise on Earth again then it will happen.But our permanent home awaits us in Heaven no matter which way this crazy world goes.The victory is already won.I sincerely thank you for all your important efforts to change hearts and awaken people.

    • Why did you used to be an atheist, Hunter? Was it because you wanted to embrace maximal narcissism and self-absorption? Or was it because you realized the Bible was just an ancient culture’s book of fables, unable to help you solve the problems your culture faces?

      I wouldn’t use those terms, but I wanted to maximize freedom of action and freedom of thought, certainly. Atheism led me to believe both of those had been unreasonably and unfairly restricted, and I was very glad to liberate myself from those constraints. Personally, I had never had the slightest inclination to use my newfound freedom for self-absorbed, culture-wrecking narcissistic ends (at least not the sort catalogued here) but millions of people do. “By their fruits ye shall know them” – if the Bible gave us that, maybe it’s not entirely useless in solving contemporary problems.

  9. Perhaps interesting in this context:

    Gab/Dr. Ricardo Duchesne

    Rolo Slavskiy says Femen aims to destroy Russian Slavic culture via American perversion. They were “heavily promoted by a network of Jewish academics in the West from the very beginning. The book from which I sourced my claims is called Femen – written by Galia Ackerman, a Russian
    Jew.” … “Pussy Riot – an adjacent group – is a similar story. Marat Gelman, a Russian Jewish art collector, sponsored the group during their anti-Christianity activism phase in Russia. ” … “Femen is a Jewish organization. It receives money from Jewish and Israeli oligarchs. It is promoted by Jewish women. It is vehemently anti-Russia, which is portrayed as being the big bad father-figure against which all women ought to rebel against in the name of Human Rights Freedom Democracy.”

  10. The Democrats are going to get destroyed in November. Anyone putting their name on the ballot has a shot at getting elected. Anyone.

  11. The Left’s generations old fascination with transgressive behavior and iconoclasm has been enabled by Christians unwillingness to pass harsh judgement on queers, and to forcefully isolate and contain these freaks so that they do not influence children like this.

    People like the person pictured at the top of the article are monsters, and should be treated as such.

    Turning the other cheek, or giving your tunic to somebody that steals your cloak is no way to defend your family and community from predators seeking those exact weaknesses.

  12. Homosexuality is a recessive trait.Inbreeding, breeding within your own blood line bring out recessive traits. The Jews and the Irish have a long history of marrying and breeding within their own bloodline. Have you ever seen how many Irish march behind the queer banner at the Saint Patrick Day Parade? Ir is half the parade. And let us not forget the long history of homosexual Irish Catholics priests. How is Uncle Ted doing? Drive sure makes a great walker.

  13. I’m always amused at articles like this. These societies practiced all kinds of things, slavery, female mutilation, child prostitution, etc,etc. That we don’t do. So they want to practice those too? Most societies aren’t that sexually “fluid”. You don’t mess with another man’s wife, or his children sexually. That menagerie of people in the pictures you posted is a zoo of unhappy people. They don’t have children, so like an animal slowly going extinct they will eventually become a group of rare creatures, on an island, getting rarer, and rarer. Then some other horrid lifestyle will become the next fad.

  14. Churches lost control because denominational headquarters embraced liberalism- the people didn’t leave the churches so much as the churches left the people. Just like my father said in the 60’s, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party- the Democratic party left me!

    • > Churches lost control because denominational headquarters embraced liberalism

      Churches lost control because people voted with their feet – they liked fornication, adultery, divorce, remarriage, theft, covetousness, idolatry, and all sin generally. So they stopped showing up for church.

      The denominational headquarters saw the empty offering plates and figured if they turned liberal people would come back and they even started having soft rock concerts to get “the youth” to show up and put money in the plates.

      That is why Joel Osteen is the Tucker Carlson of Pastors, #1 King Of All Christian Media. Osteen is nice and friendly and tells people what they want to hear.

      I’m sure people would like their own Church, that is “White Nationalist” or otherwise fits exactly their own crank interests. American does have freedom of religion, and people start denominations all the time.

      But Christianity exists outside of anyone’s political agenda. White Protestants are a global minority of a global minority, and Southerners are a minority of them.

      But it is our religion, the faith of our forefathers

      As a strict Calvinist I’m not asking anyone to convert because they can’t, they are predestined for Hell and there is nothing they can do about it.

      But I’m a friendly person so I won’t go out of my way to remind them they will burn in Hell for all eternity so they can enjoy themselves while they can.

      In the mean time I think the United States has to stop all immigration, and stop all this Anti-White Critical Race Theory propaganda.

    • Plenty of people left the churches when they bought TVs and started going to the movies. “Hey I wanna live like that. The church is a drag that gets in the way of me living it up.”

      The church had never confronted a problem like that before. Their response was ham-fisted and slow-footed. Mere exhortation and threats of condemnation weren’t cutting but it took them the longest time to come up with anything else.

      The fact that “liberation” hasn’t led to eternal bliss, that it’s in fact helped make people frightfully miserable – see the freaks in this thread – may well lead to something of a Christian revival. Maybe it already is.

    • Blowtorch,
      We need someone to dig up some stats on the attendance rates of libtard churches vs traditional ones.
      Liberals once hated churches. Now they apparently run most of them…..

  15. Regarding those nose rings on females… My paternal uncle, now long deceased, who farmed in my fathers birthplace of Geneva County, Alabama, used to put similar things in the snouts of his hogs to keep them from rooting. Wish I had the guts to tell those sluts that.

    • comment at iSteve:

      “The destabilising politics and self-made ideology of women with septum piercings is something society simply never had to consider before and it’s already brought things to the point of nuclear war with Russia in less than 8 or 9 years.”

  16. The Monkeypox scaredemic they’re pushing now is because of gay sex orgies according to the media but are they telling the fags to stop hitting each other in the ass? No, the are solution is vaccines and more vaccines. I guess everything can be stopped with a shot nowadays

    • The MSM is allowed to report on Gay behavior, but they can’t criticize it, because they are supposed to celebrate homosexuality nowadays. So they will end up reporting it like AIDS was forty years ago… Anyone can get it!

      Andy what’s with the claim that 20% of us have always been LGBT? And how can they claim it’s still genetic? Genetic caused Gayness doesn’t go from 2.6 to 20% in just three generations. It’s all thanks to culture change/degeneracy.

      Even the Gays at my college in the late 1970s, who back then only wanted tolerance, not celebration (they lied!) claimed that only 10% of us were Gay. This was back when 2.6% were open about it. And now it’s double that, 20%? WTF?

  17. @John

    Yes, goyim – it’s time once again to open those wallets to piss away billions more to prevent the LGBTQ-BLTAEIOU+ freak-mob who hate your “cishet” guts from suffering the natural consequences of their abominable filth. So cough it up without a peep, or you’re a “homophobe”.

  18. How satisfying it would be to just slaughter these god damned scum of the earth. Still, disease, ODs & suicide will wipe out most of the filth without the self-sacrifice of fed-up normals. So patience.

  19. The alphabets are attempting to normalise repugnance.
    I find them more revolting than any other victim community. I really just have no words.
    They do everything possible to ensure they’re unattractive to the opposite sex. I wonder how it’s possible that they’re even attractive to each other.

  20. Every social change post WW2 has been designed to lower the White birth rate like pushing deconstruction of the family, Brown V Board of Education, Abortion, Desegregation, LSD binging, homosexuality, weed smoking, and things like rampant sexual promiscuity and degeneracy. Dixie needs to be freed from all of these things imposed on the region by the Yankee Empire. Deo Vindice

  21. I’m not sure I know exactly what these dumbfucking acronyms mean. I guess queer of some kind or other.
    Since the perverts have taken over, there are 43 genders now, supposedly.

  22. “I’m not sure if you were around at the time, but it was getting to know the atheist community at the Richard Dawkins forum and the contrast with my own neighbors who are kindhearted, generous, all around good people – the sort of people you want to live around – that initially changed my mind about Christianity. This had to be between 2006 and 2008“

    This is not an argument for the veracity of religion but rather for its social utilitarianism. I’m as traditional and conservative in worldview as one can be and I arrived at this point by temperament and psychological make-up without being a Bible-believer. But I concede your point, a Christian believer is less likely to have all these mental issues related to wokeism. It’s obvious to any observer that wokeism has replaced Christianity as a belief-system for many lost and destabilized souls. I don’t know what the solution is.

    • I just recall that moment as the start when I began moving away from where Richard Spencer is still today. It was getting to know the online atheist community. I was arguing with them about racecand realized that they were just as dogmatic as Christians, but were by and large worse people. It got me thinking about Christianity so deeply colors my own culture.

    • >This is not an argument for the veracity of religion but rather for its social utilitarianism.

      Religion is a matter of faith, not ‘veracity’.

      And the ‘social utilitarianism’ of Christianity need not be argued — it is readily apparent.

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