Axios: Republicans Plot Foreign Intervention Pullback

Obviously, I strongly approve of this, which is why I have endorsed a few candidates ahead of the 2022 midterms. The war in Ukraine and the fact that we have already spent over $50 billion on it highlighted the danger of allowing the Senate to be stuffed with neocons like Lindsey Graham.


“Republican lawmakers — following former President Trump’s lead — are working with a wide range of conservative groups to pull back American support for Ukraine, the Middle East and Europe, officials tell us.

Why it matters: With the GOP poised to retake control of the House and perhaps the Senate next year, this contingent could grow substantially. Trump is backing candidates who’s explicitly broken with Republican foreign policy orthodoxy.

Driving the news: Eleven Senate GOP “no” votes on a $40 billion Ukraine aid package last week was the clearest sign the new coalition’s influence is expanding.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who led the Senate opposition, huddled in his office with several of the coalition’s key players before the House voted on the measure earlier this month. …”

I can either sit here and whine about the situation, wait for perfect candidates, allow Graham & Co. to continue to dominate the Senate, plunge us deeper into this war with Russia (no one knows where that ends) and suck up the cost of paying $4.37 a gallon EVERY SINGLE DAY indefinitely, OR, try to increase the divide in the GOP and shift the balance of power somewhat away from the hawks.


  1. Well, anything that might delay or hinder INEVITABLE (it is necessary for, integral to, the system) imperialist war is better than nothing. In the end, the Republicans are just as imperialistic as Democrats.

    Biden is travelling to Asia now, to rally the Pacific rim satellites to fight harder against Russia, and to prepare for the inevitable escalation to hot war against China:

    They are also talking about bringing back smallpox, and are experimenting (gain of function bio-weapon development) with a weaker strain of monkeypox that is fatal in only about 1% of cases – whereas the deadliest known strain from the Congo kills about 10% and is just as deadly for infants and young people as for the mature and elderly. Monkeypox is popping up all around the world now.

  2. I can see the Republican strategy now. Anybody who doesn’t support the war over Ukraine is a traitor and an agent of Vladimir Putin. Democrats will burst their spleen wrapping themselves in the American flag (for once) calling out pro-Russian traitors like Trump.

  3. Biden went ahead and declared war against China, too, saying he would attack China to defend gay marriage in Taiwan.

    • Yes, but then he went back to sleep, not remembering a thing he said after he woke up later. It was left to the White House staff 10,000 miles away to clean up those remarks and issue statements saying again, for the hundredth time: “He didn’t really mean it.” The guy is a clear and present danger to world peace, risking nuclear war every time he speaks on international issues.

      Wait until Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President though. Dementia Joe will sound like Prince Metternich at the Congress of Vienna by comparison. The Deep State would have removed Dementia Joe by now were it not for the fact that they would then be stuck with Cackling Kamala as Mr. President, at least as the nominal Mr. President.

      Things can always get worse.

  4. Typical Empire collapse.

    Before collapse, always 2 camps emerge. Camp one demands abandon periphery to save heartland. Camp two fights back and argues that any retreat launches snowball effect so every card in the card house must be defended at any cost.

    Actually both solutions are deadly so pure fact that this type of dilemma emerges is sign of inevitable collapse.

  5. Wrong Hunter, you are off topic. The current thing is MONKEYPOX. Forget everything else. This strain will literally turn you into Obama. You will be half monkey. Be scared, very scared.

  6. The latest from president Joe Manchin, who’s now showing his expertise in foreign policy:


    Joe Manchin, speaking today at the World Economic Forum, rejects the idea that the Ukraine war should ever be resolved with “some type of a treaty.” Instead demands fighting “to the end,” until total victory — which includes “getting rid of Putin”

    Recall Manchin opposed Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’, ostensibly because he did not want to extend the child tax credit, which he saw as too expensive — but here he seems to endorse war with Russia, which of course won’t ‘cost’ much at all, and will definitely serve the interests of Americans.

  7. Why in the hell does South Carolina and Kentucky keep electing these absolute frauds?

    Pork, corruption, or the stupidity and ignorance of the voters?

    Like I’ve said before:

    Giving Republicans back power now would not benefit us at all. That would only empower McConnell-McCarthy & Company. They are obsessed with warmongering and war profiteering. The best they’ll do is the Ted Cruz and Jim Jordan hearing distraction theatrics about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Like they always do.

    The Biden Regime policies are causing a lot of pain right now but the current Republican leadership thinks giving $40billion to Ukraine takes precedence.

    If you want to reward the Republicans for this then go ahead but it’ll just produce more of the same.

    The Republicans need to go back to a permanent minority party like they were for decades. They don’t represent their base and don’t deserve to hold power.

    • >Pork, corruption, or the stupidity and ignorance of the voters?

      All that plus the political inertia represented by incumbents.


    A blue-ribbon commission has recommended new names for nine Army bases named after Confederate leaders, including Fort Bragg, which will be recommended to be renamed Fort Liberty, according to a U.S. official, ABC News learned exclusively Tuesday.

    Later Tuesday, the commission was expected to formally disclose its recommended names for the bases named after Confederate generals.

    • In Khazarkraine (Nudelmanland) in recent years at least one THOUSAND place names were changed, and not dozens but hundreds of statues and other memorials were destroyed! But now, many of the old place names are coming back – maps are being changed, new road signs are being erected – and many of the lost statues and other memorials may also be restored.

      Someday your Southern place names and memorials may also be restored.

  9. I’m not sure where this comment fits, but since this is the most recent post that mentions the war against Russia, I’ll add it here:

    No Republican including Ayn Rand Paul will ever be “plotting a pullback” from imperialist “intervention” (war) because, as Pepe Escobar explains in his most recent piece (excerpt below), all so-called “intervention” (imperialist war) such as the war in Khazarkraine is essential to capitalism; it is “all about the money”: it is profit for big business; it is of, by and for the elites and bourgeoisie, who the so-called “people’s elected representatves” really represent and serve.

    “(W)ithin the carnival of NATO psyops, aggressive cognitive infiltration, and stunning media sycophancy, much is being made of the new $40 billion US ‘aid’ package to Ukraine, deemed capable of becoming a game-changer in the war. This ‘game-changing’ narrative comes courtesy of the same people who burned though trillions of dollars to secure Afghanistan and Iraq. And we saw how that went down. Ukraine is the Holy Grail of international corruption. That $40 billion can be a game-changer for only two classes of people: First, the US military-industrial complex, and second, a bunch of Ukrainian oligarchs and neo-connish NGOs, that will corner the black market for weapons and humanitarian aid, and then launder the profits in the Cayman Islands. A quick breakdown of the $40b reveals $8.7b will go to replenish the US weapons stockpile, thus not going to Ukraine at all; $3.9b for USEUCOM, the ‘office’ that dictates military tactics to Kiev; $5b for a fuzzy unspecified global food supply chain; $6b for actual weapons and training to Ukraine; $9b in economic assistance, which will disappear into selected pockets; and $0.9b for refugees. US risk agencies have downgraded Kiev to the dumpster of non-reimbursing-loan entities, so large US investment funds are ditching Ukraine, leaving the EU and its member states as the country’s only option. Few of those countries can justify to their own populations sending huge sums of direct aid to a failed state, except for Russophobic entities such as Poland, so it will fall to the Brussels-based EU machine to do just enough to maintain Ukraine in an economic coma, independent from any input from member-states and institutions. These EU loans, mostly in the form of weapons shipments, can always be reimbursed by Kiev’s wheat exports. This is already happening on a small scale via the port of Constanta in Romania, where Ukrainian wheat arrives in barges over the Danube and is loaded into dozens of cargo ships everyday. Or via convoys of trucks rolling with the weapons-for-wheat racket. However, Ukrainian wheat will keep feeding the wealthy west, not impoverished Ukrainians. Moreover, expect NATO this summer to come up with another monster psyop to defend its divine (not legal) right to enter the Black Sea with warships to escort Ukrainian vessels transporting wheat. Pro-NATO media will spin it as the west being ‘saved’ from the global food crisis, which happens to be directly caused by serial, hysterical packages of western sanctions. NATO is indeed massively ramping up its ‘support’ to Ukraine via the western border with Poland. That’s in synch with Washington’s two overarching targets: First, a ‘long war,’ insurgency-style, just like Afghanistan in the 1980s, with jihadis replaced by mercenaries and neo-Nazis. Second, the sanctions instrumentalized to weaken Russia militarily and economically. Other targets remain unchanged but are subordinate to the Top Two: make sure that the Democrats are re-elected in the mid-terms (that’s not going to happen); irrigate the industrial-military complex with funds that are recycled back as kickbacks (already happening); and keep the hegemony of the US dollar by all means (tricky: the multipolar world is getting its act together). A key target being met with astonishing ease is the destruction of the German economy, and consequently that of the EU, with a great deal of the surviving companies to be eventually sold off to American interests…” et cetera:

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