1. See: https://img.jagranjosh.com/images/2022/May/2452022/Monkeypox%20disease-min.png

    I’ve been talking for months about the Monkeypox virus. It is one of the most promising candidates for military application that was being “researched” in the biological “research” labs in Khazarkraine. A very mild strain with less than 1% fatality is now being spread around the world, while the most virulent strain, from the Congo, is fatal in about 10% of cases. Unlike Covid, this virus kills the young as often as the old, but it is not nearly as contagious as Covid. Gain of function studies and mass infection could select for an increased rate of transmission among humans.

    • And if they bring back smallpox itself, don’t expect your childhood vaccination (if you had one) to protect in adulthood. It wears off. Smallpox has immense potential to create both chaos and huge profits for big pharma.

  2. How are gay men supposed to express their anal sexuality during that 21-day quarantine? Are they expected to stop being gay for three weeks? This is homophobia in its purest form!

    • ” 21-day quarantine? Are they expected to stop”:

      Note that Israel was one of the first places and the first place in the Middle East to have the new Monkeypox.

      Spain and Portugal are hot spots with over 100 cases. “Spain confirmed one additional case on Wednesday. The region of Madrid, where nearly all of the country’s infections have been detected and mostly linked to an adult sauna.” Note: “NEARLY all” were traceable to…

      Monkeypox is more deadly in young people, the opposite of Covid that kills the old, and it has a higher fatality rate than Covid.

      This new “global” strain (a wild strain from Nigeria, or released from a lab?) is not very virulent compared to some other strains but it has been fatal in only about 60 out of more than 1,300 diagnosed cases and (it may be assumed) several thousand more, undiagnosed cases. A wild strain in the Congo has been fatal in about 10% of all diagnosed cases. Smallpox itself was fatal in about 20% of cases, and in some ethnic groups, more than 30% of cases.

      Monkeypox is deadly enough but its transmissibility (R number) needs to be increased by genetic engineering to make it an effective bioweapon.

      The surge of Monkeypox in Africa (where it is endemic in wild animals) in recent years is said to be caused by the cessation of Smallpox vaccination that protected against Monkeypox as well as Smallpox. Resumption of universal smallpox vaccination would protect humanity against a future Smallpox or Monkeypox biological weapon attack. This will not happen in capitalism unless there is a great profit to be made from it.

  3. My view is that….

    Right Wing American White Conservatives, NRA, Constitutionalist, Bible Libertarians will….

    Never miss an opportunity to …..

    Miss an opportunity.

    They obvious winning response to monkey pox outbreaks is to use this issue to close down all bad 3rd world, especially Black African immigration.

    Of course monkeypox is real, same as AIDS, Ebola, TB, Malaria, COVID – dirty people in dirty place catch and spread all kinds of terrible diseases.

    In contrast clean, White European or East Asian societies like Singapore and Japan don’t have these plagues – why would anyone want to import them?

    It’s part of the great replacement – don’t be a contrarian , fear of plague, invasion of barbaric invaders that’s always been a winning issue to organize our peoples.

    Just do it.

  4. There are hundreds of cases in Nigeria; and at least four U.S. bioweapons laboratories are operating in Nigeria, which is a loyal, well-controlled neo-colony of the U.S. and Britain. Many suspect the U.S., with its history of biological weapons development and use, is responsible for the sudden appearance (a deliberate release) of Monkeypox virus on every continent (except Antarctica) and Oceania where it has never been seen before. .

    “Citing a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) that monkeypox originally spread from Nigeria, Igor Kirillov, chief of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops, said on Friday that US-deployed biological infrastructure in the African country was responsible for the outbreak. According to the available information, at least four US-controlled biolaboratories operate in Nigeria”:


  5. China certainly has nothing to fear from a strain of Monkeypox that was “researched” at the U.S. biolabs in Nigeria and is spreading, or being spread, around the world.

    Did you know? China has stamped out the most advanced, most contagious strain of Covid, Omicron BA, while the U.S. now chooses to ignore the raging pandemic within its borders except to make sure that the Elites continue to profit from it. China’s brilliant “Zero Covid” public health policy, which includes very thorough, enforced, scientific lockdowns and tracing, and universal testing, has taken Shanghai from thousands of cases recently back to zero cases, in a very short time, and it has saved literally millions of Chinese lives since it was instituted in 2020.

    Life expectancy in China is now higher than U.S. life expectancy and the difference will only increase in the future, as China rises with renewed socialism (Deng’s revisionism is over) and the population of the U.S. becomes sicker and sicker under hyper-capitalism, with its private profit “health” system. U.S. and other Western “news” media now focuses attention on the struggle with Covid in the DPRK (independent Korea), but I am sure the Koreans will succeed in the end just like the Chinese, because they follow science instead of money, and they are not atomized but united as a people.

    “Zero-COVID is effective, even against the most infectious variant of coronavirus to emerge so far. The outbreak in Shanghai apparently had two causes: infections brought from outside China, inevitable given the city’s role in the world economy, and lax enforcement of the zero-COVID policy by officials in the city, which was overturned by Beijing after the number of infections began to skyrocket”: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2022/06/02/udbd-j02.html

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