Poll Watch: 61% of Trump Voters Believe In The Great Replacement

Look at me.

I’m the normie now.

Yahoo News:

“A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll shows that more than 6 in 10 Donald Trump voters (61%) agree that “a group of people in this country are trying to replace native-born Americans with immigrants and people of color who share their political views” — a core tenet of the false conspiracy theory known as the “great replacement.”

Less than a quarter of Trump voters (22%) disagree with that statement.

The survey of 1,573 U.S. adults — which was conducted from May 19 to 22 — found that relatively few Americans (just 34% overall) believe in the underlying idea behind replacement theory, and more than twice as many Americans strongly disagree (33%) than strongly agree (14%) with it. (An Associated Press-NORC poll conducted before the shooting delivered a similar result after posing similar questions to U.S. adults.) …

As a result, 54% of Republicans and 53% Fox News viewers now also agree that “a group of people in this country are trying to replace native-born Americans with immigrants and people of color who share their political views,” according to the Yahoo News/YouGov poll. In both cases, just a third disagree. The rest are unsure. …

Most Trump voters (73%) and Republicans (64%) also say that “discrimination against white people has become as big a problem as discrimination against Black people in the U.S.,” and roughly the same number — 69% and 66%, respectively — say they’re either very or somewhat concerned that “native-born Americans are losing economic, political, and cultural influence in this country to immigrants.”

In light of these encouraging numbers, we should shake off the Trump era funk and transition into becoming boring political activists and organizers. The lesson of the last six or seven years is that things were rapidly changing, but slower than we wanted. In retrospect, we should have had a little more patience with ordinary people who are slower to come around.


  1. The whole BLM/George Floyd riot fiasco has done more for White Nationalism than anything we could do in a decade.
    Which is why we aren’t having any riots now.

      • An appeal to consensus is a fallacy so you are just in line with the sheep. Racism and divisions are designed and manufactured by the globalist oligarchs to control and rule the world. Anybody with an above average intelligence knows that.

          • The Democrats are becoming the party of the PMCs and everything they keep denying, Trump supporters are finally adopting which is a good thing. We have been saying there is a replacement going on and I remember Steve King saying the same exact thing.

            We are the pioneers and trail blazers. Who had Charlie Kirk saying Whites are being replaced by brown voting Democrats on their bingo cards this year?

          • We don’t give ourselves enough credit. I’m going to being that up in our fundraiser later this summer

    • Wasn’t it Napoleon who said: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake?” The Dementia Joe administration screws up everything they get near, they can’t help themselves. The biggest eye opener for normies will be when the economy really goes down, down, down starting later this year. Blaming Vladimir Putin for $10/gallon gasoline (when available) just won’t work.

      It’s unlikely the dusky hued folk are going to act like Quakers at a meeting when their WIC, EBT, 40 oz. malt beverages etc. are no longer available. Their vigorous public protests will likely make the St. George Floyd rioting look like nothing. Those magic voodoo Black Lives Matter signs will offer no protection from the colored mobs rampaging which will no doubt be a shock to those good, White, Liberals/Conservatives.

      Maybe they can get their money back on those BLM signs after the mobs burn them out and makes them refugees? Perhaps they should change their Twitter handle from a Ukraine flag to a Monkey Pox sore or a picture of their house burned down with the BLM sign out front.

      Halloween will be coming early and often this year with real goblins and monsters too. They will be wearing the same costumes PM Trudeau of Canada and Gov. Northam of Virginia wore only they won’t be costumes this time.

      • “the biggest eye opener for normies will be when the economy really goes down, down, down starting later this year. Blaming Vladimir Putin for $10/gallon gasoline (when available) just won’t work.”

        The huge difference is that Trump, or even George Bush Jr. would react to this by doing everything possible to increase oil production and refining. The inflation wouldn’t be nearly as bad under a republican regime because at least they have some semblance of reality. Biden’s little girls WANT $10 gas! These rich, spoiled, bored upper middle class privileged east coast elites have nothing better to do with their lives than to impoverish YOU in order to buy their “green energy papal indulgences” to get a warm, fuzzy feeling in their hearts they can’t seem to get any other way. Like Marie Antonette “let them eat cake” has morphed into “let them buy an $80,000 electric car.” Of course that won’t even work once the rolling blackouts of the “green” electric grid hit.

  2. 61 per cent Trump supporters seems to be something like 61 million people Similar to Hitler Germany population or more than modern Poland and Hungary together.

    With strenght like this, serious Nazism becomes possible. And it is impossible to put it down replacement therapy like homosexual ice cream labels.

  3. I wish the numbers were higher and I’m sure they are but it’s good news anyway. They always low ball the pct when it’s in our favor.

  4. “a group of people in this country are trying to replace native-born Americans with immigrants and people of color who share their political views”

    The framing of this is dishonest and designed to make it harder for people to agree with the claim that a ‘great replacement’ is ongoing — instead the important questions are 1) is immigration making Whites a minority population in America?, and 2) is this in the interest of Whites? — obviously the answer to 1) is yes, and the only answer for 2) is that it is prima facie bad for Whites.

    Instead they ask about the existence of a conspiracy, intending that the people being questioned immediately try to visualize a conspiratorial cabal behind this, and think about how they may be operating: do they have weekly zoom calls?, etc — so the goal is to put up something akin to a suspension of disbelief barrier that makes it more difficult to answer yes: you have to suspend your disbelief that such an active conspiracy could exist before you can answer yes.

    • Well, I don’t normally like crackpot conspiracy theories and believe losers like Oswald managed to kill JFK all on his own, on this one I do believe general Jewish attitudes wanting an endless Ellis Island ARE responsible for this mass immigration. Every key chokepoint that can stop it I keep seeing some jew step in and keep the gates wide open with “free school lunches” from judges, catch and release, congressional bills, editorials, movies glamorizing Ellis Island as the origin of all of us, or at least those who matter, etc.

      • Well, I don’t normally like crackpot conspiracy theories and believe losers like Oswald managed to kill JFK all on his own, …

        Sorry to break it to you, but if you look into it responsibly (of the modern JFK researchers, I recommend Douglas Horne), it is not at all unreasonable to conclude that believing Oswald killed JFK is itself akin to a ‘crackpot conspiracy theory’ — remember: per the Warren Report, there was not one, but two ‘lone nuts’ involved in that (Jacob Rubenstein was the other).

    • Excellent point. Not only do they suggest a cabal-type conspiracy, they offer a singular motivation: “who share their political views.”
      I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but if you followed up and asked that 61% who this “group of people” is, they would immediately say “The Democrats!!!”

  5. When our White Nationalist views becoming more popular…it’s a good thing. However I guarantee the Republican Party will never stop Illegal Immigration or make this country White again. The GOP gets rich off working Illegal Immigrants for pennies on the dollar, no benefits, and so on. They get rich while the White Race becomes unemployed. So I have no hope in the D or the R. If you wanna do something about it become a White Nationalist and help support Third Party and Independent candidates that will deliver for our people. Deo Vindice !

    • There is no third party. Most independents are Libertarians..besides, those in power aren’t going to let anyone representing whites in.

  6. Everywhere in the West when you look around, it’s rather hard to NOT notice it. How’s it possible to arrive at any other conclusion? There’s an obvious agenda being carried out under the guise of ‘diversity is our stregth’, human rights ‘obligations’ and pretending we need all of India’s doctor’s more than they need them.
    There’s a saying:- ‘the squeakiest wheel gets the oil’.
    The left don’t have the best arguments, but are the noisiest, so often get their way. Notice how ‘progress’ somehow never benefits us?

  7. Who is this group? Who is the group that is trying to do the replacing and why, for what reason?

    To make Moshiach great, is that it?

  8. If the GOP do anything towards our cause i asure you it is purely by incompetence and misshaps from their side
    They are so useless and dirty that it actually aid us

  9. Thirty-nine percent of Trump supporters are retarded. It must be the bourgeoise that are socially liberal and economically koshervative.

  10. @Hunter,

    Why does the Fourth Political Theory reject nationalism?
    The Fourth Political Theory rejects racism and any form of nationalism precisely because it is an anti-traditional bourgeois Western and modernist construct. And operating with the concept and theory of nationalism to explain the political and social processes of non-Western and especially in traditional societies is an act of the same universalist – essentially colonial – strategy. This is where racism and the claim that the West and its political science have the last word in explaining all socio-political processes in any peoples and societies lies. Once we agree to use the three theories (liberalism, communism and nationalism), we are already under the direct ideological control of Western hegemony.
    The Fourth Political Theory strongly disagrees with the basic premises of nationalism –
    with the inevitability of the dismemberment of an organic (whole) society into atoms, that is, with the Western interpretation of “modernity”;
    with capitalism as a necessary stage in the development of mankind,
    with linear and copied from Western history social progress, which consists in more and more individualism, comfort, technical development, fictitious dispersion of power on the atomized masses and a real increase in control from the hidden oligarchic clans and their monopolies.
    · with citizenship in its European modernist interpretation,
    · with mandatory secularity (essentially anti-religious),
    · with the abolition of estates and
    · with the destruction of rural communities in favor of urbanized “lonely crowds” – both bourgeois and proletarian.
    And since these phenomena belong to the history of the West, the Fourth Political Theory considers them a local, regional case. Other civilizations do not necessarily have to go through this stage – Modernity, capitalism, secularism, industrialization and urbanization – may or may not go through. And neither capitalism nor its nationalistic or racist phases represent any universal law of development.
    It is indicative that the Russian Slavophiles and their followers both in the right and in the left spectrum of Russian political life of the 19th and early 20th centuries thought in the same way. The Slavophiles rejected the universality of the West and especially the modern West. The same line was supported, on the one hand, by conservative Orthodox-monarchist circles, and, on the other hand, by Russian populists. The Russian Eurasians rejected even more clearly and radically the claims of the West to universality.

      • That’s not the point of the post. The point of the post is racism and any form of nationalism is an anti-traditional bourgeois Western and modernist construct. That is supported by actual evidence not your opinion. Now unless you have any expertise of anykind that actually study that then you are just a sheep voicing an opinion.

      • Fourth political theory isn’t Russian, either. All of Dugin’s writings are based in Western philosophy, mostly Germans like Husserl and Heidegger. He has almost no Russian influence at all, except for other Russians who only wrote on western philosophy as well. Certainly he has no Orthodox Christian influence, since he is a neoplatonist, which Orthodox theology goes to long lengths to refute.

        He is also not popular at all in Russia. He is only popular in certain circles of the Western European right, like parts of the French nouvelle droite, and with central/south American Hispanic La Raza types.

  11. For most of my life, the public has been spoon fed the idea of tolerance. The ‘gay’ community just wanted tolerance.

    Except it turned out not to be about tolerance, it turned out to be open advocacy of immoral or amoral behavior.

    It was the same thing with racial minority groups, the blacks just wanted fairness. The American people have been given busing, quotas, and affirmative action. The Afro Americans as a group often bring obnoxiousness and violent criminality to the table. They don’t deserve preferential treatment.

    This Godamn idea of fairness has been used to play into a victimhood mindset that seems to play in an endless loop. If any level of sanity can be restored, this sicko never ending guilt trip needs to stop.

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