1. The US has officially become Wiemar Republic 2.0. For no reason at all an Austrian painter came to power.

    • No matter how we look at the West Coast for a battle of White, Jew, or Hispanic control! It’s Nature’s battle in the end!

      Drought/Earthquakes rule over Humans!

      God Bless America!

      Stay Safe Fellow Travelers!


    • Move to Vermont, West Virginia, Oregon, or Washington state. They are all 4 “White” states but are completely undesirable to live there in my opinion. Bring in an all “White” or predominantly “White” society doesn’t = utopian paradise. To think so is delusional.

  2. Enjoy the journey, Hunter … A culture war note relevant to the USA:

    Ironically, although Poland is leading EU hostility to Russia, Poland is at the same time being attacked by EU Parliament members, as a ‘mini-Russia’ within the EU, because of its desire to maintain traditional family, gender and cultural life (just like Russia!) and Poland being opposed to migration.

    This attack on Poland is led by a mulatto politician from Sweden, her father from Africa’s Gambia, Alice Bah Kuhnke, notorious as the former Swedish ‘Minister of Culture’ who ordered the melting down of ancient Viking and Nordic artifacts, with their sale to private collectors also forbidden.

    As a Euro-African, Kuhnke despises historical treasures linked to ‘white conquest and colonisation’ and was happy to see such heritage destroyed under her command. And it is part of her agenda, to argue that any white country blocking waves of incoming African migrants, needs to be punished.

    Poland is being suicidal by focusing on its old blood feud – If Poland gets its wish about having Russia ruined, it will have destroyed its strongest ally in trying to preserve traditional styles of life, and will be much more vulnerable to Soros etc ‘globohomo’ attacks.

    Russia is ‘multi-cultural’ and not ethno-nationalist, but it supports national sovereignty on migration as on other issues … and on family, gender LGBT etc, Russian policies are quite ‘trad’, with public LGBT propaganda illegal, although there is no penalty for private activities amongst adults.

  3. I despise everywhere north of San Clemente. It feels like a colony of New York. Suggest taking the southern route back if you can.

    • “I despise everywhere north of San Clemente.”

      I sat my line at Monterey, but that is mostly because I liked the beaches and open spaces of the mid coast. Everything north of Monterey could be nuked, not a tear.

  4. Hey Brad, enjoy Huntington Beach. That and Newport Beach were our go to beaches on many family outings from 2 and a half hours inland. We go to San Diego now, as a few close friends live there. I think Newport Beach has a more enjoyable downtown with a few amusement rides, and you can take the ferry to Balboa Island. The Crab Cooker is a landmark restaurant there, and there is usually a small wait to get in. We’ve always gone in the water unless there is an official warning not to. Sometimes the water may be a little cold for some. The clouds you see are referred to by the locals as “June gloom”. They linger and don’t burn away like they do toward the later part of summer. I personally don’t mind the clouds. It’s always hot and sunny where I live. Try to see the sunset from a place near the water if you can. It’s pretty neat to see this time of year.

    You are in a great place, and I’m glad you and your family are experiencing this.

    • Ha.

      We ran into a local on Huntington Beach last night who explained this to us. We were wondering why it seemed so cloudy. We’re checking out Newport Beach and Laguna Beach before heading back to Arizona and staying in Phoenix tonight.

      • Balboa Pier at Newport Beach has this 1950s style diner where you can sit on the rooftop and enjoy the sun. Worth it if isn’t too hot. Its called Ruby’s, if I recall.

        True story: My dumbass almost died there in the summer 2017 when I swam into the high surf and started drifting towards the pier, where the waves get worse and worse until they eventually overwhelm you. I swallowed my dignity and screamed for a lifeguard. Last time I’ve bothered swimming over my head in the ocean. lol.

  5. You’re not going to venture into the heart of the beast, HW? e.g., Wilshire Blvd, Figueroa, the Sunset Strip?

  6. “…We also saw a lot of homeless people////”

    I have several times done a little searching on what they were spending for the homless” and even with high construction cost they could build very small, say, RV size apartments. They could have stoves, Frig., beds, bathrooms, etc. Now people complain that they would ruin these, and maybe they would. And people complain they would use drugs and i’m sure they would. But living on a tent on the sidewalk is not conducive to getting off drugs. Those that cause trouble can be arrested and put into work camps but those that control themselves can at the least have a roof over their heads. I’m NOT some liberal do-gooder but at the same time It’s absurd all the money we give to various grifters we can’t put a roof over homeless peoples heads. I know the money is there. I added it up.

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