The Atlantic: Is This The End of the George Floyd Moment

We’re doing good so far on our trip out here in California, but we are also sticking to the beaches in Orange County and Santa Monica and Venice Beach. I don’t want to even bother to go see the sights like Skid Row or Hollywood.

The Atlantic:

“Yet in practice, Democrats are finding it difficult to walk this tightrope, especially at a moment when crime is rising in most major cities. A leading advocate of criminal-justice reform in Congress, Bass has angered some of her traditional allies on the left, particularly in the Black Lives Matter movement, by promising that as mayor she would reassign more Los Angeles Police Department desk officers to patrol and eliminate the city’s widespread homeless encampments. On both fronts, she did not—or could not—go as far as Caruso, who has pledged much tougher action. Caught between divergent constituencies, Bass’s message in the primary often seemed wan and indistinct. …”


  1. The end of the Floyd moment is when they rip down the statues and monuments to the criminal druggie spade.

    • And let Chauvin and his buddies out of prison and compensate him by seizing the assets of the liberal lynch mob in the courts and media who gave us this unholy abomination. As a matter of fact seize all the assets of every one of the 81 million dopes who voted for that idiot usurper and give it to the rest of us to compensate for our savings being eaten up by such mismanagement. I agree with that flag that says “Fuck Joe Biden and Fuck You for Voting for Him!” Nope, there’s no forgiveness for voting for that dope, you did an evil thing and deserve your punishment.

    • Hygienic masks do very little good because the U.S. does not have a real public health system and cannot control a pandemic. The U.sury S.ystem (U.S.) provides maximum liberty, not to people but to DISEASES. It is a sick and dying system.

  2. The sad thing of the BLM and Floyd movement is this: although this is the end of them (good thing), they have sadly already removed and destroyed so many monuments and damage a lot of minds in the schools with their teachers who are more activists than teachers.

  3. Take your kids to the stylized retro hollywood at Disney World Orlando on your next family trip, it’ll be more wholesome, all things considered.

  4. I truly doubt that the trayvon martin, micheal brown, and george floyd blm bowel movement is kaput. There might be a time out, in order to prevent criminal niggers as saints fatigue.

  5. “After yesterday’s primary results, it’s clearer than ever that in order to confront the criminal-justice system’s UNDENIABLE racial inequities, reformers must convince voters that they are equally committed to confronting threats to public safety.”

    Oh, itz deniable, kike scum. More niggers get sent to the Gray Bar Hotel because they commit a wildly-disproportionate percentage of crimes: nothing to do with waycism.

  6. After 60 years of the pendulum swinging further and further to the left will it finally start swinging back in the opposite direction, or will the Empire simply collapse from too much cultural rot?

    • Even if it does swing back right, you’re still getting North Brazil, so it really doesn’t matter.

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