Joe Biden Responds To $5 Gas: “Outrageous What War In Ukraine Is Causing”

I agree.

Told you so.

It is outrageous.

Seriously, f*** Ukraine.

I’m tired of hearing about it and even more tired of paying for it. Let Ukraine and the European Union worry about Ukraine. We should mind our own business and focus on our own problems.

FOX Business:


    • If it weren’t for Biden and the Neocons, the war in the Ukraine would have been over in three days.

      As I may have mentioned before.

      • Zelensky could have made a deal before it even began. Poor Ukrainians…burned by the jew once again.

  1. The Ukraine thing would only have pushed gas to $3.50 if a sane GOP energy policy was still in effect. Coastal wealthy elites are impoverishing you by basically purchasing the secular 21st century equivalence of Papal Indulgences. They think your winter isn’t cold enough? The reality is the weather is the same as it was when I was a kid 50 years ago and climate change is a media hoax. The crap they are doing won’t work to change the weather, and if it did why would you want colder weather? Leftist crackpots, they’re like Butters standing on the hill with his aerosol can, except they are doing real damage…

    • Sorry, but I’ve worked outside all my life and the weather is not the same as it was 40 years ago. Winters are definitely shorter than they used to be, and storms are stronger. There are too many people on the planet. Oil won’t last forever. Alternative sources need to be found, or their will be a very hard crash at some point.

      • “. Oil won’t last forever”

        No, but there’s over 500 yrs of coal to use.
        Look for a dirtier, choking future.
        Chinese pollution, on a global scale.

      • @Tikkun Olam is coming for You——Sorry kyke, God made the weather and God made everything on this earth for us to use to sustain ourselves. You are such a fzxcking God hating Jew do you know that kyke? Why aren’t you over in Israel with your own kind where you belong anyways?

  2. They are reducing the energy supply and making everyone poorer SO THEY CAN MAKE THE WEATHER COLDER!!! Isn’t that the plot of a Monty Python skit or something?

  3. Trump promised to drain the swamp, and failed. 2017 the Republicans control all three branches that could of achieved the purging of corrupt rulers: Trump, Pence and Paul Ryan. Senile Joe, Kamala ho, and Pelosi hag.Race to the bottom.

  4. ” “Outrageous What War In Ukraine Is Causing”

    Irony of ironies, Russia is selling less oil, but making record profits, because the high prices more than offset the reduced volume. Much of their crude is going to India to be refined, then sold into the global market. Biden is effectively draining the weath ofAmerica and transferring it to oil producing countries.

    Biden has shown the world the West’s vulnerability to crude supplies. The crude producers now have every reason to cut future supplies to maintain outrageously high prices. OPEC nations have bought so many western assets they can live off the dividends and reduce oil production to a trickle.
    (Ruble is now better than 60/$, strongest currency for the past two months.)

    Typical libtard, ignore reality, then conflate the facts to draw false conclusions.

  5. Just like any other European war that ever was…America should have stayed out.

  6. Why are Ukraine’s borders worth defending but our own borders’ are wide open for hordes of military aged men, who are feted in 4 star hotels while we have our own people homeless.

    Thanks to the treasonous politicians, minions of ZOG, all you will ever be to this system is toilet paper.

    Death to ZOG and fuck Ukraine.

    • “Ukraine’s borders worth defending but our own borders”

      The agenda isn’t ours, we’re merely the mules that pull the wagon, whips, blinders , harness and all.

  7. Five USD/gallon? In my neck of the woods, it is $5.99 9/10 for 87 octane, and $6.99 9/10 for 93 octane. Traffic is observationally lower now. I suppose more people are now taking public transportation, but the price on public buses and trains is your safety.

    USA! USA! USA!

    • “uppose more people are now taking public transportation,”

      I doubt that.
      The dangers of public transit are almost universally known. More likely, ppl are cutting out all but essential drives.

      • I agree. Anti-white nonwhites, sick people, dirty people.
        Where I live, very few are cutting back. Some people go out of town every single weekend. People are buying homes, big RVs, going on vacations, eating out, etc. It’s like it doesn’t even affect them. They don’t miss a beat.

        • Yep…I still see good ol’ boys driving their lifted, big-tired pickups at 70 mph on a 55 road. That’s some real nice gas mileage there, BillyBob.

  8. I agree, F Ukraine, but the outrageous gas prices have almost nothing to do with what’s going on in Ukraine

  9. Yesterday evening my family met to celebrate a niece’s graduation from high school with a backyard barbeque, not a cloud in the sky and perfect weather predicted for the rest of the weekend. Unexpectedly, at about 7 pm, a layer of clouds rolled in, opened up and left everyone soaked.

    “Putin’s fault!,” I angrily yelled to my wife.

  10. The first thing Biden did when coming into office was to shut down the pipeline. That’s when gas prices began to rise. The Ukraine war, which our involvement in Biden fully supports, only exacerbated rising fuel costs. “Greedy” oil companies and Putin, not Biden, are getting blamed, of course.

  11. I don’t really know anybody personally who gives a flying fuck about anything involving the Ukraine..
    Anybody pretending that they do care about this shit ,mostly these young people, I bet they couldn’t even point to the Ukraine on a map.

  12. I have a conspiracy theory: What if the high gas prices, caused by the sanctions on Russia and the cancellation of new leases for drilling, are punishment for the resistance to Covid tyranny?

    “Oh yeah, you pasty peasants, you think you can oppose *us* from locking you down, shuttering your businesses, isolating you, and making you miserable! We’ll show you what financial misery looks like!”

    Its White Liberals punishing regular White Americans in flyover country for wanting to have a normal life.

    • I see where you’re coming from as they hate us and want to do us damage. Just like how the various Yugoslav ethnicities hated each other, coastal Yankees hate Southerners and rural whites. But in this case I think this green boondoggle dates back to well before covid. These people have been trying to buy their green indulgences for a long time, I remember them pimping their “cap and trade” joke back in the early 90s. They just had to spook a whole generation through their school system into believing “the eco-doomsday is near” before they could go whole hog with their economy destroying green great leap forward. They’ve always hated suburban and rural whites and target their cars, their foods, their freedom, their guns, it is a targeting of these people, just well before covid came around.

      Covid itself was another excuse to spin events into targetting normal whites, “shut down all churches! etc.” They also don’t want you to eat the normal stuff you eat as well with their weird liberal diets. Notice how they spin the thousand years from now theoretical threat about burning earths hydrocarbons into “it’s here now and it’s catastrophic!” tiny statistical measurements the same as atomic clock clicking a microsecond slower according to relativity when put on a jet airplane justifies Mao level economic devastation and starvation? Notice how they have no interest in “theories” that implicate the liberal media and cultural apparatus for social disintegration, fatherlessness, family breakup, crime, school chaos? Nope, only those that involve the Texas based, Republican, Gentile energy sector that has lifted the average citizen out of a short life of nasty, back breaking labor before dying of pnemonia in a cold 50 degree winter house heated by burning tree branches.

    • I do agree it’s another way to subjugate the working people. If this doesn’t work, they will really go after the food supply. Look at all of the chicken farms burning down.

  13. They are thinking. The wheels are turning. Much much brain power is being deployed at this very second—–how do we blame higher gas prices on the scourge of white supremacy?

    Things would be so much easier for Joe Biden right now if white supremacist/FBI trainees took out a Exxon/Mobil oil refinery way back in late February. We still have Juneteeth coming up though. Lets see if our FBI can get off their big fat lazy Irish rear ends and get something done to ingratiate themselves with the Moshiach.

    That Uncle Ted is really something. The Irish should be very proud.

  14. “don’t really know anybody personally who gives a flying fuck about anything involving the Ukraine..”

    Media driven issue, entirely.

    • Israel is extra upset about Iran’s nuclear program lately and has been increasing the pressure on Dementia Joe’s administration to attack Iran. A few days ago Israel attacked the Damascus airport bringing a sharp rebuke from Russia and crickets from the U.S. Government.

      If Israel attacks Iran, Iran will respond by, among other things, attacking Saudi oil facilities across the Persian Gulf. Oil prices will increase to unprecedented levels wrecking every economy on the planet. The full consequences of such an attack are unknowable but $250/bbl for oil and $15 – $20/U.S. Gallon for gasoline and No. 2 diesel is probable. That is the stuff revolutions are made of.

      The geniuses in Washington are playing with fire and they don’t know and don’t seem to care either. Eventually they will be consumed by the troubles they have caused.

      • “Eventually they will be consumed by the troubles they have caused.”

        They’ll die in their beds, of old age.
        We’re the ones who will suffer the consequences of their actions.

    • The whole globalist cabal should be tried for treason, but in this specific scenario I think you are wrong. I disagree with the US getting so involved in former Soviet Republics as there is no vital interest. But US presidential administrations do have the right to make these bad foreign policy decisions the way Bush started the budget busting national debt spending on his unnecessary Iraq War. I would say the offshoring of the American Industrial Base is a potential death penalty treason case though, but unless a radical change of power takes place, expect these snakes who did this to die a comfortable death in their own mansions’ bedroom surrounded by their 30 pieces of silver opulence.

    • Nothing ever happens to any of them. Just the media and Republicans yelling and scolding, but nothing. It’s all talk. I’d rather they all shut up and really do something.

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