Mayra Flores Flips Texas House District In Special Election

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“Republican Mayra Flores flipped a Democratic House district in South Texas on Tuesday, a major special election victory building on GOP gains among Latino voters in the region in the 2020 election.

Flores, a respiratory care practitioner, had 51 percent of the vote to Democrat Dan Sanchez’s 43 percent when Sanchez conceded the race in a district where 85 percent of residents are Latino. Flores won the seat outright by taking a majority of the vote, without needing a runoff.

The seat was open after former Democratic Rep. Filemon Vela resigned to work for a lobbying group in March. Flores will be the first Mexican-born congresswoman and the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande Valley area since Reconstruction. However, she will only hold the seat until January. …”

Mayra Flores is the big news of the day.

She flipped a House seat last night in South Texas that the Democrats have held since Reconstruction. You’re probably going to be hearing a lot more about Flores.

We’ve been watching these polls for a year or two which have consistently showed “Latinx” voters turning on Joe Biden. Democrats lost a lot of ground around the border in the Rio Grande Valley in the 2020 election. The trend was already evident before gas prices and inflation skyrocketed. The latest Quinnipiac poll had Joe Biden hovering at just 24% with “Latinx” voters.

A big question of the last thirty years is whether Democrats could hold on to their margins with these “Latinx” voters or whether Mexicans would eventually go the way of other immigrant groups like the Italians before them. Ruy Teixeira’s “Emerging Democratic Majority” thesis, which gradually devolved into the conventional wisdom that “demographics is destiny” in the Obama years, hinged on Democrats holding both their margins with non-White voters and millions of White working class voters which have been lost since the rise of the Tea Party. At some point, Democrats got cocky and began to assume that a “permanent progressive majority” was inevitable due to the Great Replacement. They are generally prone to thinking in far more racialized terms (see BIPOC, “Latinx”) than their opponents.

What if Hispanics deserted the BIPOC coalition and started splitting their votes or leaning Republican though? The polls have been suggesting this was coming for a year now. If that were to happen, it would obviously empower Republicans and make them more competitive in the non-Cuban Hispanic parts of the country like the Southwest. It is not unthinkable. Republicans already win the Cuban vote. They also won a lot of Latin American voters in 2020 from countries like Venezuela by running against socialism.

The upshot of this election is that, yes, it does seem like Democrats are losing their grip on “Latinx” voters. The polls are not wrong. There is also no such thing as “permanent majorities.” In reality, Democrats are approaching their weakest point at nearly all branches of government since the 1920s. The Democratic Party is fracturing, losing its grip on El Norte and seems to be retreating into a regional party of useless, arrogant, overeducated coastal libtards who live in overpriced metros.

Moral of the story: never underestimate the capacity of shitlibs to alienate swing voters and core Democratic base voters. The GOP is only competitive due to their dogmatism.

Note: It will be interesting to see how this trend plays out in California where the experiment in $7 a gallon gas and unaffordable rent is testing working class voters.

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  1. If anyone wants to fight then better have them on our side than on enemy side. Like Putin has his Chechens and Assad men and lot of other allies.

    • Whites are just as stupid about latinos as they are blacks, thinking they’ll be on their side. They aren’t running for offices to help us. It’s about them. They will divert more and more money their way, and bring in more and more of their own kind.

      • Whites are expected to care for every race except our own. Non-Whites are not expected to give a damn about Whites. This kind of GOP “victory” will play out no differently.

  2. Democrats will have to choose between aggressively appealing to only their Black and White middle class libtard base, or actually throwing a bone to their Latinx voters. In a lot of ways, the two are in competition, since Latinx typically value law and order, while Blacks and White libtards want to increase violence and crime (White libtards are only pro-crime in a NIMBY way, as long as they can shelter themselves from it). Latinx are also in zero sum competition with Blacks for grievance gibs, sinecures, and affirmative action spots. There are only so many fake jobs created for brown people and women to go around, so giving to one group necessarily means taking from the others.

  3. I think this is an unalloyed good.

    “The upshot of this election is that, yes, it does seem like Democrats are losing their grip on “Latinx” voters. The polls are not wrong. There is also no such thing as “permanent majorities.” In reality, Democrats are approaching their weakest point at all branches of government since the 1920s. The Democratic Party is fracturing and seems to be retreating into a regional party of useless, overeducated coastal libtards.”

    However, the Democrat party and its agents and client groups control all the major institutions, corporations and government agencies as well as the military now. The unalloyed good of them being their weakest since the 20’s only amounts to victory for Whitey if they lose power in reality, not just in the fake democratic circle jerk of our political system.

    The only way for this to happen is for those institutions, corporations and govt. agencies to lose legitimacy and be replaced with parallels at the state level.

    This is happening some, but not nearly enough.

  4. On the other hand…

    Nancy Mace (aka, the stupidest white woman in Congress) survived a primary challenge from some guy who is probably an idiot as well, but probably not so much, bc Mace’s level of dumb is truly spectacular.

  5. “There is also no such thing as “permanent majorities.” The black vote seems to be a permanent Democrat voting block. They are the ones the Republicans always slobber over every election (remember idiot Trump’s “Platinum Plan?”) without effect.

    The “Latinx” vote may split in this election favoring the Republicans but everyone will be abandoning the Democrats by Autumn, 2024 at the latest as the country implodes. The natural anti-White tendency of the colored people will reassert itself after President Cackling Kamala is tossed out. It will be back to business as usual with the Republicans uselessly slobbering all over the fundamentally Democrat, anti-White colored vote again.

  6. They utterly fail to see through the Jewish left / right party paradigm with the false opposition Republican party steering them all far away from blaming the Jewish perpetrators of this evil plot. Schmucks like Hannity and Tucker wouldn’t dare to mention the tribe.

  7. In Latino America the political parties have names like Revolutionary, Radical, Peoples party etc. When they wander into the US and find $5 dollar a gallon gasoline, and run away inflation they know enough to vote Republican. This goes for Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans in particular. It will probably last until things get better, and then they will go back to being radical, revolutionaries.

  8. This may not portend a major shift of Latino voting. In the Texas border counties, most of the flow of illegal aliens is no longer Mexican. The Mexican Americans there may not feel so welcoming toward people of other backgrounds.

    • If it was just due to gas prices and inflation, I don’t think we would have seen the shift until 2021-2022. This looks more like the most conservative Democrats cleaving off. Same thing happened with Trump voters in Obama’s second term. A huge swath of White rural America in places like Iowa started voting more Republican.

      But we will see. My attitude has been I will believe it when I see it. This race strongly suggests a big shift is going to happen in the midterms

      • If you are making $8 dollars an hour and gasoline goes up even a dollar a gallon you will notice it. The same for alcohol and recreational drugs which Latrinos are big on.

        Do you remember the story I told you about Red Adair and Jose?

  9. Looks like the civic nationalists were right all along. Ann Coulter, who claimed Hispanics would never vote Republican, looks pretty stupid now.

  10. I have a huge question. Is it ok that Hispanics and Asians replace us as long as they are “conservative”? Is our cause about blood or not?

    • No, it’s not.

      At the same time, the sad truth of the matter is that Hispanics are not as far gone as White libtards. The “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party is overwhelmingly White. The moderates and conservatives that are left in the Democratic Party tend to be non-Whites. The only thing this means is that everyone has their limit.

  11. The spics currently hate niggers & trannyfag freaks more than they hate gringos. I prefer them to those jew/race traitor-enabled enemies, but that’s not saying much. To the extent that they agree that the tidal wave of wetbacks & pedos needs to be stopped (and apparently many do, if only to secure their own wallets), I say OK. But they will remain part of the resentful racial competition.

  12. In retrospect, it shouldn’t be a shock that Latinos are viscerally and negatively reacting to the American left and the Democrat Party becoming nothing more than a white shitlib / black preacher and elderly church lady condominium.

    Look, the two-party outcome of November is not in doubt, and this things in South Texas is just further proof. The only open variable is whether it will be a “mere” landslide wipeout or an actual extinction-level event for the Blue Party.

    What I think we’re all worried about, and we know will happen, is that Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will undeservedly benefit from the pop-nat energy that made it happen, then fly it into the ground on behalf of donors. (Even though the latter, for all his faults, deserves all the credit that history could give him for keeping Attorney General Ratface off the Supreme Court.)

  13. Finally listened to American Nations a few weeks ago. Interesting the coalition-building between the nations throughout the generations.

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