Richard Spencer Disavows White Nationalism After Being Spotted On Bumble

Imagine my shock.

Yahoo News:

“The prominent neo-Nazi Richard Spencer disavowed white nationalism after being spotted on the Bumble dating app as describing himself as politically moderate, Jezebel editor-in-chief Laura Bassett reported.

A dating profile under Spencer’s name, and said he was based in Dallas, Texas, described him as moderate and vaccinated.

Jezebel said it had verified the profile. Insider was unable to independently verify the account.

When contacted by Jezebel and asked about why his political views appeared to have changed, Spencer responded: “If you’re on a path that leads nowhere, you have to rethink things.”

“I’m not a white supremacist leader anymore,” he said. “The entire right generally hates me. The feeling is mutual.”

Spencer was a prominent figure in the American white-nationalist movement, having made a name for himself by speaking provocatively to mainstream news outlets and on college campuses.

He was one of the organizers of the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and also coined the phrase “alt-right.”

But Spencer told Jezebel that he was now “pretty much a liberal” on issues like gun control and abortion.

When asked if he was still a white nationalist, Spencer responded: “The notion of listing my politics as ‘conservative’ makes me cringe. It’s complicated. I’m not a white nationalist.” …”

Keith Woods said it best.

Richard Spencer is a man who has burned a thousand bridges. None of them are his fault. It is conservatives who are the problem. It is the Dissident Right that is the problem. Not Richard’s inability to stick with anything whether it is a friend, a website, an organization, a marriage, etc.

I suppose the news here is that his relationship with Megan has ended. I was unaware of this development. This, of course, hardly comes as a surprise. It seems like every other relationship he has cultivated has ended the same way. The Alt-MSNBC movement is also going nowhere. There is no audience for a movement which is purely about Richard Spencer’s conventional recycled liberal takes.

Note: I never had a falling out with Spencer. I just watched him self destruct and continue traveling down this road to nowhere. He used to be a minor celebrity and he isn’t even that anymore.

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      • Sorry, was traveling and couldn’t write more than one word in disgust. The OPC (or Orthodox Pharisees Club) was, for a looong time, one of the only bastions against liberalism in the Presby/Reformed camp. Started by J. Gresham Machen of Princeton Fame, Westminster Seminary and the OPC graduated a number of first-class intellects, and was the birthing place for authors I still (to this day) consider stellar. So, to read this was nothing short of an ‘Et tu, Brute?’ shock.

        As Johnson has so aptly said, “[As for the ‘sins’ of racism, anti-[sic] semitism, and xenophobia]…”The Orthodox church has never in its history concerned itself with these media-driven issues and fashionable phrases.” – Dr. M.R. Johnson, academic and Orthodox Priest

        He’s more than right. He’s prophetic. THE MAN-MADE ‘sins’ of Racism, and Homophobia, and White Privilege are all variations of the PAPAL INDULGENCES OF THE MODERN ERA. Except now, instead of “buying your way into heaven,” these JUDAIZED MODERN COUNTERFEITS assign you to a predestined place in Hell, more demonic than Milton or Dante ever conceived of! And confessions, churches, popes and prelates who join in this JEWISH DISINFORMATIA CAMPAIGN are the avatars of the GREAT APOSTASY the fundie Dispensationalists lust after… trouble is, we ain’t gonna have the Rapture to escape from it. So, we either fight or lose… everything.

        Now, for those who don’t know Christ (and yes, you are blind, deaf, and dumb) this makes no sense. But for the Trad RC’s, Protestants, and Orthodox who read/comment, THIS HERESY MUST NOT STAND. We can (as Christians) ALL STAND AGAINST THIS JEWISH PSYOP, and remain true to our respective confessions. And we must do so….

        As Johnson continues to note: “In the Book of Deuteronomy, we read: ‘“You shall in anywise set him king over you, whom the Lord your God shall choose: one from among your brethren shall you set king over you; you may not put a foreigner over you, which is not your brother.” It proves the immense importance of ethnicity to the prophets. The faith unifies a people, but there has to be a people to unify first. It so happens that this passage is also cited by St. Jerome where he speaks about the love that racial unity provides. It’s not the ultimate love, but an important one. Like all these prophetic utterances, it is directed at both racial and religious foreigners.” – Ibid

        “Orthodox nationalism, that is, ethnic and religious nationalism, is the ancient idea of community and family refusing to bow to the official ideology of individualism, globalism and Zionism.”

        “Hatred for another race is justified when the leaders of that race declare war on yours with strong popular support. It’s a normal, natural and biological reaction to defend oneself. If your nation is invaded by an alien tribe and you do nothing, then your inaction is implicated in the bloodshed that follows.”

        The Jews and their shabbas goyim are the INCARNATIONAL ENEMY OF CHRIST AND CHRISTENDOM. We must adopt a ‘FINAL SOLUTION’ and conquer our lands back, or endure a Bolshevism at their hands, that would make the 70 years of Soviet Russia, look like a walk in the park. DttJWO.

    • Thus proving my earlier points made about the subversion of even so-called “conservative” churches in Murika. Under the common definition of the word “racist” used today, Christ himself was guilty of the sin of racism.

      • Being the virgin born son of Adam, Christ is the MOST RACIST DEITY in the UNIVERSE.

        Thank God….He’s a celestial Eugenicist…. ‘You alone of all the tribes, etc.”

    • I told you and told you … trying to create an all white CSA II will never work without a Christian foundation. Spencer mocked Christians, at which point I knew he’d fall. GOD wants a restructured America. Wake up. You want a near perfect country and I hope you also want to end up in Heaven?! Well so do a loooooot of whites.

      Create a manifesto … a plan … that most white Christian nationalists can get on board with, and you’ld be surprised HOW many will jump on board NOW!!! Spencer, like so many other bloggers and podcasters, has no direction. No basic plan of action. No topics to discuss amongst fellow secessionist thinkers.

      Want CSA II? Form a coalition. Once some solid ideas are established, set up little headquarters in every southern “community.” Real change will start at the community level.

      And by the way … if Spencer were Christian and followed the above advice … he could’ve started at a county level and worked his way to president.

    • Spenser is only trying to find himself, and finding himself will take time. Spenser will have time in two decades, when he’s retired.

      • Any guy, or woman, who changes their views completely and goes to the other side, for some date or lover, is unstable. How can anyone change their whole world view for one other person? Obviously, they never believed what they professed in the first place.

  1. I’m a Southern nationalist and always will be. But I’m not adverse to having WN friends and allies, nor would I ever throw them under the bus to gain points with the Lugenpress.

  2. Jezebel is vapid femtard trash, so this nonsensical attempt to discredit White Nationalism by publicizing tawdry details of Richard Spencer’s personal life, and getting him to denounce his previous political activity, is about their speed.

    I find the Spencer melodrama boring and irrelevant — as I said before, I’m neutral about him, and since it appears he has nothing more to offer, I would prefer to just leave it at that.

    “I’m not a white supremacist leader anymore,” he said. “The entire right generally hates me. The feeling is mutual.”

    But if the above quote is accurate, then I’m surprised he would sink to giving credibility to the dumb slur ‘white supremacy’ (yeah, we do want to remain ‘supreme’, but only in our own countries, and what exactly is wrong with that?) — I mean, that’s something only a despicable little faggot would do — and it won’t do him personally any good; the likes of Jezebel will still despise him.

    It reminds me that yes, if you have only one bullet left and you’re facing an enemy and a traitor, you should let the traitor have it.

    Anyway, just ignore him.

    • I’m not surprised after that Elle Reeve video that came out around the time of the Charlottesville trial

      • @Hunter Wallace:

        You mean that Elle Reeve video where the spoiled trust fund brat basically admitted that he was “slumming” when he helped organize the Unite the Right rally/protest?

        That malignant narcissist ruined the lives of several protectors who followed him in good faith at that time; several were doxed, one poor young man committed suicide after his own family disowned him, and then we saw what happened to James Fields.

        Not to mention, his “slumming” resulted in the extortion by that Jewess who forced his own mother to sell her property at fire sale rates.

        In saner times, Spencer would meet a violent end at the hands of his miserable followers whose lives he ruined, but I think that attention whore would enjoy the thought of even being posthumously famous too much for me to go with that.

        He’s right where he deserves to be; shunned and ultimately ignored by both sides until he dies in obscurity, confined to withering on the vine -spending the rest of his life in a banal existence. He may not die a martyr, starving to death but there’s definitely cirrhosis of the liver in his future with his penchant for alcohol.

        • Yes, the one in which he said that he was using the people who went to Charlottesville to become famous and treated Elle Reeve like his priest. It was a pivotal moment that changed my view of him

    • Spencer pretty much always was legitimately described as a ‘white supremacist’, with his whacky views about how things like the European Union could be turned into some kind of European Imperium that would dominate colonies in Africa and Eurasia. Much more of a ‘white supremacist’ than most any national socialist (including Hitler).

  3. To me, pretty much everthing boils down that he couldn’t handle the fact Trump hadn’t turned out to be the Mussolini 2.0 or whatever he thought he would be. He has been a catty bitch ever since ca 2017

  4. What a good and obedient little doggie. Now he realizes that self-respect is nothing more than a white male social construct.

  5. We need more engineers/technicians/businesspeople and fewer philosophy majors. Enoch was also a philosophy major.

    • Agree, absolutely. There’s too many whites doing the “you don’t have to go to college” crap, or the “Trades are good enough for you” stuff.
      Whites have always commanded the sciences, which always paid the best, too.
      We need whites to stay on top, and not let them free pass the minorities into those jobs.
      What the heck can anyone do with a “philosophy major”? That’s as bad as a theology major.

      • “…Agree, absolutely. There’s too many whites doing the “you don’t have to go to college” crap, or the “Trades are good enough for you” stuff….”

        Agreed 200%. The trades are full, jam packed with aliens. I’m not saying you can’t make any money but the dimmest bulb can see if almost all the lower positions are jammed and filled with illegal aliens then the positions at the top are very small and with such competition will never make you top wages. At one time a tradesman. A typical electrician, plumber, etc. could get married, buy a small house, have his wife stay home and have a couple kids and over the years maybe have a new car every so often with another used car and even over time afford a boat or some other extras. Not anymore. No you won’t starve but you won’t be buying any new houses or new cars.

        There are some heavily unionized areas where you can make high wages but generally these are places that suck, have huge government and huge cost to go along with them.

  6. Spencer had no commitment to the Native Born White Working Class the demographic group most harmed by post-1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigration…..Which made his “movement” completely pointless…

    In the beginning there was…endless jibber jabber about IQ test scores-which is completely irrelevant to what the Native White Working Class was and still is up against….

    Quickly followed by Jared Taylor…endless jibber jabber about mind-numbing IQ test score psychometrics…..Which is completely irrelevant to the racial interests of Native Born White Americans…

    The pitch has to be made concisely and directly to the Native Born White Working Class….And the pitch should have been this:Just what are you willing to give up for being voted into a despised White Racial Minority by Hindus…Sihks…Chinese…..Koreans….Pakistani Muslims…Israelis…..within the borders of America…..What else needed to be said-unrelentingly….?

    When Spencer defended Trump’s disgusting behavior towards Working Class White Women on Radix…I got a bad feeling in my gut….

    • Leftists and Liberals have 0 problem with Chinese Race Nationalism in China….And Chinese Race Nationalism in America-which is very much alive and well in America….and encouraged by the Democratic Party…and now by Richard Spencer and the midget Evan McLaren…..The will both have highly paid careers at the SPLC and the ADL promoting Jewish Race Nationalism….

    • >In the beginning there was…

      Given the demographic profile of a big majority of post-1965 immigrants, advocating for immigration restriction is an implicit, prima facie ‘commitment to the Native Born White Working Class the demographic group most harmed by post-1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigration’.

      And the ‘endless jibber jabber about IQ test scores’, which is not ‘completely irrelevant’ to the demographic and competitive economic future of the country generally, was only an occasional and irregular topic, mostly due to the writings of Steve Sailer (HBD) — nor is it really ‘completely irrelevant’ to the ‘Native Born White Working Class’, since immigrants with lower average IQ scores than Whites, e.g. especially Hispanics, compete directly with the ‘Native Born White Working Class’, who are, among Whites, also primarily of average or below average IQ.

      • Moron

        The Native Born White Working Class Americans don’t care about IQ psychometrics jibber jabber. IQ test score psychometric jibber jabber is only of concern to babbling idiots who want to sidetrack a discussion about Hindus and the Han voting the Native Born White Working Class into a white racial minority within the borders of America…

        • The Native Born White Working Class Americans don’t care about IQ psychometrics jibber jabber. …

          I didn’t say they did or necessarily should — but they do, or should, care about economic competition from massive numbers of immigrants with similar levels of intelligence, people who will then compete with the ‘Native Born White Working Class’ for jobs, housing, etc, during a time when the number of good jobs for such people, e.g. in the manufacturing sector, were dwindling.

          I thought I explained that pretty clearly — yet you seem to have completely failed to grasp the point.

          … Hindus and the Han voting the Native Born White Working Class into a white racial minority within the borders of America…


          To state the obvious: the ‘Hindus and the Han’ aren’t ‘voting the ‘Native Born White Working Class into a white racial minority’ — the malevolent policies of the elites here in the US are making all Whites, i.e. not just the ‘Native Born White Working Class’, a racial minority in America — these same malevolent policies, e.g. large numbers of H-1B visas, are also hurting better off, more intelligent Whites.

          Let me be honest: you are the ‘moron’, not me — in fact, your comments here absolutely reek of blank stupidity — you seem like the type of dumb pleb White whom the elites do not give a shit about, so much so that they idly watched as your jobs disappeared by the millions, your communities were flooded with Hispanic migrants (legal and illegal), and you killed yourselves with opioids.

          • The problem with focus on IQ is that higher IQ Whites are typically very low quality in every other respect. They are the core of liberalism (including liberal conservatism), and are the only reason we do not have a “White nation” right now. If White nationalism were to win, it would require culling or excluding at least 80% of high IQ Whites, resulting in a reduction of the average White IQ.

          • @Dart


            IQ is important because it has proven to be a reliable indicator of what is called intelligence or cognitive ability — in particular, it is a very good predictor of positive outcomes in important aspects of modern life, e.g. academic and professional success — to this extent it deserves some ‘focus’, especially regarding the average IQ value measured across an ethnic group.


            One should be careful about using words like ‘typically’.

            Anyway, I don’t find intelligent people to be generally of ‘very low quality in every other respect’.

            I’m aware of some data showing those with higher IQs tend to more liberal — but regarding ‘require culling or excluding at least 80% of high IQ Whites’, a high IQ ‘smart fraction’ has existed in the US throughout its history — so perhaps the problems today that you may be thinking of and associate with ‘liberalism’ may be better explained by what the proprietor here calls modernism — anyway, I usually find intelligent people receptive to a reasonable and rational discussion of racial differences, including in what I call the context of human capital (foto).

          • @Dart Not my experience. Smarter whites seem to be more logically on the right, and the lower IQs are more liberal and seekers of free benefits.

          • @eah

            Focus on IQ is fine as baby’s first introduction to race realism. Focus on IQ as an argument or justification for White nationalism is misplaced, though. The focus is misplaced because high IQ Whites are the reason we do not have a White nation-state. “We need White nationalism in order to save the high IQ Whites who have destroyed White nationalism” is obviously a self-defeating position and unconvincing argument.

            I disagree with you on the quality of high IQ Whites. In my experience, ~80% of high IQ Whites are very low quality. They are some of the worst people on earth.

            Assigning blame for our problems to a certain type of culture (modernism) does not really get to the root of the issue. “Culture” can just be defined as “what people do.” Who are the people that are doing modernism? Where did modernism come from in the first place? The answer is that it is the result of certain personality types, which are genetically determined and correlate with higher IQ in Whites. So, modernism is best understood as a symptom of a genetic illness (call it genetic liberalism). The way that this genetic illness manifests is necessarily conditioned by historical context, factors such as economic and technological development, but the existence of this group of genetic defects always applies pressure in a liberalizing direction. In previous generations, genetic libtards were guys like Benjamin Franklin, as libtarded as societal/economic/technological factors would allow. If Franklin were alive today, I believe it’s safe to say that he would be near the extreme end of wokeness. They are always in the vanguard of liberalization. Whatever benefits are gained from their higher IQ are more than offset by the damage done by their genetic illness.


            The majority of high IQ Whites are libtards. Of the minority of high IQ Whites who are “on the right,” most are some type of liberal conservative or libertarian. Not all, obviously, but I think my estimate of 80% being some type of libtard/lib-con/libertarian is fair. Only 20% of high IQ Whites would really be salvageable. The rest would need to be exiled to the Congo or given the Cambodian treatment.

          • @Dart JUNE 18, 2022 AT 2:25 AM

            You seem to have mentally constructed a series of straw men — or maybe I should now say one should be careful about using the word ‘focus’ — I mention IQ in the context of White Nationalism because it is a way to show that, apart from anything tribal, the ‘browning of America’ is a bad idea — it is a bad idea to import a ‘B’ team of racial aliens.

            If I have a ‘focus’, it is tribal/territorial — this is especially true since (as I term it) the physical elimination phase of diversity began — if you were to review enough of my comment archive at the Unz site (link), you would see this.

            I find your statement that ‘~80% of high IQ Whites are very low quality’ to be extreme, even a little bit weird — it makes me wonder how you would describe black ghetto thugs or lower class white meth heads.

            Regarding ‘genetic liberalism’, when did this genetic trait arise? — it must have been a very recent mutation, one that conferred exceptional fitness since it seems to have become extremely prevalent in a relatively short period of time — perhaps more reasonable is what I suggested was the case for the ‘smart fraction’ of Whites: this trait has always existed, i.e. in your scenario was present in the genome, for a long time, but modernism has resulted in an environment that has facilitated its expression — anyway, I think far more than ‘20% of high IQ Whites would really be salvageable’, which is in any case not rhetoric that I would normally use or endorse.

          • @Dart The majority of super smart whites are not in public view. I’d say the majority of RICH whites are libtards. They aren’t necessary geniuses.

          • @eah

            You may not focus on IQ (or you may, I don’t know), but many White nationalists do.

            -“I find your statement that ‘~80% of high IQ Whites are very low quality’ to be extreme, even a little bit weird — it makes me wonder how you would describe black ghetto thugs or lower class white meth heads.”

            Maybe we have different interpretations of “low quality.” Anyone who has spent time around many intelligent Whites should be able to admit that most are intolerable cretins. That isn’t even a controversial opinion, but one that most people on earth would share.

            I would say that genetic liberalism has always existed within the White population, in a relatively high percentage compared to other populations. It is not recent. It just could not become as malignant as it has today without the material conditions to support it, that have only arisen since industrialization. But I would say that the proportion has increased since then as well. It is clear that these people are damaged, and that it goes beyond any mere transient ideology. Given what is known about links between personality and genetics, I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that libtardism is a genetic disease. Again, culture is what people do. It doesn’t somehow emerge intact from a vacuum and impose itself upon a civilization. Black gang culture is a product of Black genetic traits in the context of North American urban environments. White libtard culture (modernism) is a product of White libtard genetic traits in the context of industrialized bourgeois living standards.

          • eah,”…@Dart JUNE 18, 2022 AT 2:25 AM

            You seem to have mentally constructed a series of straw men…”


            There a group of (((them))) that do this constantly.

            I categorize their verbal tricks. This one I call the “pronouncement”. They just “pronounce” some sort of bullshit or another. They have no supporting evidence and will never give any unless it leads you even farther away from whatever it is or was being discussed before. It’s just a way to distract people and discombobulate the audience and the discussion. It helps to demand facts to back up such mindless bullshit they churn out. They rarely have any.

            Dart show us your cards. Where is all this stuff you postulate. No one else seems to have seen this miraculous societal events you see all over. So maybe you should get some references out there.

    • There´s a old recording of Spencer from before the “Alt-Right” days where he support the Yankee terror campaign against the Serbs including the bombings of civilians and where he also voice support for the “American hedgemon”

      He also on several occasions voiced himself in bad ways about Southrons our Cause and the working class in general

      He is a opportunist and was always a piece of shit imo, he is not of us and never will be

    • The pitch should have been to all White Americans, not just one class.

      Furthermore, while there’s a lot to condemn Trump for, the “disgusting behavior towards Working Class White Women” is not one of them. That’s just white knighting and it’s a dead end. The women there are not “White working class,” they’re White women of all classes who like whoring around. They will continue to sleep with alpha males like Trump, while spurning white knights who think of them as salt-of-the-earth innocent victims. There are plenty of people of all classes who will support a movement to assure an honest wage for the working class men and women who work honest jobs. A movement based on standing up for whorish, trashy women will just attract sexless white knights.

  7. Richard Spencer, Matthew Heimbach, Jeff Schoep, myself along with literally everybody I know personally that used to be in the “movement” have all left and renounced “White” Nationalism. It is an autistic fantasy worldview that is full of contractions, inconsistencies, and tons of problems.

    • And yet, you are still here – why?

      No one here gives a shit about antiracist Orthodoxy or communism or Nietzche or Nazism or all the other bizarre shit that these people liked to dabble in. I concluded that White Nationalism was flawed on this blog something like 12 or 13 years ago.

      • >I concluded that White Nationalism was flawed on this blog something like 12 or 13 years ago.

        There’s nothing ‘flawed’ about White Nationalism; in fact, I see it as essential to the survival of both Whites as an ethno-cultural population group, and Western culture generally — ‘muh Constitution’ will not save America.

        Looking at migration patterns, people all over the world seem to recognize there is something uniquely valuable and attractive about both Whites as an ethno-cultural population group, as well as the national entities created by the political expression of the inherent qualities of white people — how can there be anything ‘flawed’ about a political ideology seeking to preserve this?

        There may have been outright mistakes made (some recognizable only in hindsight, e.g. Charlottesville), and some regrettable things about certain individuals involved in its early, (and still) rather crude political manifestation, and it may today seem politically unrealistic, but there is nothing wrong with it, per se.

        I’m sure the Japanese see nothing wrong with Japanese Nationalism, the Chinese see nothing wrong with Chinese Nationalism, and Mexicans see nothing wrong with Mexican Nationalism; in fact, try to imagine Mexicans allowing gringos to overrun and take over their country — it’s absurd, right?

        • I could write volumes about the flaws of White Nationalism, but I don’t see the need to do so. The movement gets enough bad press and I am always going to be called a White Nationalist. It has also all been said before. I agree with race realism and have always been pro-White which is more or less “fascism” to these people

      • Dude, you’ve changed your views so many times; typical of an autistic retard that anybody with an above average IQ shouldn’t listen to anything you say. Orthodoxy is not bizarre but is authentic Christianity, and is the only worldview that we need not the stuff that you are peddling.

        • Who is this “we” that is attracted to antiracist Orthodoxy? Virtually no one here has any interest in that at all. No one cares about your meme religion.

          No offense to people who are actually Orthodox. Like raised Greek Orthodox. These people jump from fad to fad. One day they are 14/88. One day they are Orthodox. One day they are communists or Antifa or Trad Caths or whatever it is that is so edgy and based.

          BTW, you still haven’t explained why Greece, Russia and Ukraine have lower birthrates than the decadent modern West. It is because of Protestantism, right? LMAO

          • Low orthodox birth rates is a very serious problem in Russia….I blame Jeffrey Sachs and the Clinton’s for this Genocide.

            Protestant Churches have gone homo….The Catholic Church is going homo….Maybe it’s time to write Western Christianity off….just something to think about….The Presbyterian and Methodist Churches out here in the East End are being taken over by the anti-homo Mexican Holy Spirit Churches….all over the place…..I mean we are talking about Alec Baldwin territory out here….

          • Don’t mistake Orthodox Shtetlgoblin for a representative of Orthodox Christianity. You nailed it, that it really is a meme for these people.

        • “anybody with an above average IQ”

          I hope you don’t believe that you are included in this group. It’s clear from your posting here that you have some kind of cognitive deficiency.

    • @ Orthodox Slumlord Heimbach renounced nothing (watch his radio/video podcast), Schoep is not a leftist (he’s neutral and denounce also far-left) and Spencer renounced nothing (he’s is merely in constant transformation and seeking attention on himself). Spencer still attended Ed Dutton, Brahmin, Gariepy, Woods who are not leftists. I asked you a question in another article but you didn’t answer. Now i ask you, if you hate conservatives, if you hate mr. Griffin, if you hate white nationalism or anti-woke culture (even some university professors and many ordinary people are getting tired of this sick culture) why are you here on this website??? You claim to be traditionalist and antiracist, so nobody is racist or suprematist here and also be a traditionalist, according to you, means that we have to join the lefty woke culture?? Wokism is damaging our society and we have to fight it.

      P.s I am not a conspiracy theorist, i got my vaccine (Covid vaccine), I believe that the earth is round and not flat, i’m graduated. But it is clear that wokism is dangerous and that our enemies have found a new weapon…….. the formers or the former squad (like suicide squad). Anyway Heimbach, Schoep and Spencer are not leftists now, so do another example.

      • I didn’t say they were leftists nor am I one. I said they are no longer White Nationalists, and I applaud them for leaving the garbage can movement.

        • Moving on to grift off grant money to “deradicalization groups” makes sense based on what I saw from their time in the movement. It is a natural evolution.

          • Originally, this is what made Trump rather appealing. He was using his own money to get in. So he wasn’t a grifter, but he was a lot of other things!

  8. For the past year and a half everyone knew he was “pretty much a liberal.” Now it’s coming straight from the horses mouth.

  9. White Nationalism is the goal we should be aiming at. That doesn’t mean that we seek to embrace our shitlib race traitor “brethren” just because they have pale pelts, unless that means “embracing” their throats with nooses. The trouble is there are far too many incompetent Pocket Fuhrers like egomaniac scum Spencer.

      • Not only that but Spencer has become a mockery of everything he once was. He will forever be known as the “Nazi guy” because of 4 years of his life.

        I believe Megan and him fell out because he was no longer a challenge to her. She had nothing left to “fix” for him. If he never cucked and challenged her, she would stay.

        I tend to notice that about liberal girls I do this to. Liberals say one thing and do another.

  10. “Have and want more.” So, R.S. had two children with his Russian ex-wife. And I thought he had a third child with an American woman with Irish heritage. How much in alimony and child-support is he paying at this point? And how much more is he willing to accrue?

    • Spencer doesn’t have kids out of love or human need, as you might be able to tell from the wreckage behind him. That is “slave morality.” “Have and want more” is part of his post-Cville strategy of owning incels i.e. the entire right and top-down class warfare on all beneath his inc….I mean his mother’s income level, because muh Charlottesville. Even children are part of the Spencer Cville resentment complex.

      Given that psychology you might say that Spencer spiritually is an incel that lucked up and was born into some new money. If you go back into his history, the early days of the Altright you’ll find all kinds of incel preferences. Spencer was once indistinguishable from 4chan in his outlook and indeed exerted a strong influence on imageboard culture. He toured the imageboard inspired “Internet Bloodsports” alog streams from ex Gamergater Ethan Ralph after Cville. I don’t think 4chan or 8chan would have been what they were/are without Spencer. But after the fact he wants to play the victim and pathetically imagine himself a “chad.” Total coward. Amy Spitalnick is 100% correct.

      • Richard’s worst enemy has always been Richard Spencer. He has nosedived since the 2020 election. Really since Charlottesville. It is not because of Nick Fuentes or his incel cult of personality. It was purely self inflicted.

        • I agree except that he blames everyone on the right, not just Fuentes. He even defended Fuentes recently during this brouhaha over “cum flashlights,” which may or may not be true. For Spencer it’s everyone. Fuentes style cultists. Generic incels. Charlottesville attendees. Old Altrightists. Guys who were reading back in 2010 and then Radix like myself and who went to the rallies and NPI gatherings who moved on and got lives. Identity Evropa members. The Right Stuff members. The Gamergaters. 4chan. 8chan. Christians. American nationists. The Bronze Age Pervert crowd. Generic beer dad conservatives. College graduates and blue collar stiffs. Even the 5% guys are mere shills for “Russian disinformation.” It doesnt matter, everyone is guilty. Nothing any of these disparate groups ever said was legitimate. It was all just “low value” males resenting their liberal overlords. All incels, even those who eventually got careers, lives, and families. They just lucked up and dont deserve it: “dysgenic.”

          • I’ve noticed.

            I remember him having a mental breakdown in a group chat on Twitter. This had to be around 2019. He was vowing to “destroy the Alt-Right.” He was obsessed with Fuentes. He came across as being overwhelmed by bitterness, resentment and jealousy. He was catty and seeting.

            I remember telling him at the time – this was in late 2019 around the time of Joker – that Nick was inevitably going to implode. He should just focus on his own work. Instead, he continued burning bridges, pushing dumber recycled shitlib takes and getting angrier and angrier.

            I lost touch with him after our podcasts in early 2021 after January 6. We went in opposite directions. I was pleased and excited by all the polls which showed that our ideas were spreading with Trump out of office. I shifted gears to criticizing Biden just like I had criticized Trump. Richard, however, evolved into what he is now

  11. Life is a game for Spencer, he has the money to be frivolous.

    Spencer sure seems immature for someone in their 40’s.

  12. I had a few dealings with Richard over the years. I wish him success in his new gig: assistant manager of Dallas’s avant-garde theater, Narcissus Cowboy.

  13. I’m watching the twitter of Spencer, it seem strange to me this statement…… Spencer is still in contact with prof. Edward Dutton, with Jean Francois Gariepy and Mark Brahmin who are not woke leftists figures. I don’t think that Spencer will become a “former” as other mentally weak people did, he’s simply try to attract the attention on him. Anyway if any of you are subscribed to his odysee or substack just ask him if this is true when he does the live streaming with Edward Dutton.

      • Sorry Brad i’m not familiar with some anglos ways of saying (i’m not anglo), what do you mean? Ed is strange but he always denounce woke culture, he was fired from university, he believes in racial realism.

  14. One of Spencer’s best qualities is his consistency and here’s another case of it – he has, for many years, rejected the label “white nationalist”, preferring, instead, the moniker “identitarian” or some such. He has said this in multiple podcasts (so, forgive my lack of citation).

    While it is a bit smarmy to try and use this talking-point as a way to bypass media criticism, it doesn’t seem (at least to me) to constitute an ideological change.

    If we’re going to disagree with him, it ought to be over more than a media hit-piece. We’re accepting mainstream journalism now?

    As for “white nationalism” – maybe it’s not the “ism” that’s the problem? Maybe it’s the people. Having been spiritually-severed from their past by government school, they flip flop around from one materialist worldview to the next. One fad to the next.

    Want to oppose Spencer’s worldview? ROOT THYSELF!

    • “…white nationalism…”

      There’s nothing wrong with this or the words as I see them. That Whites have control of their territory.

      I think people are confusing the words with some of the people uttering them. Since White Nationalism is supposed to be the most vile of thoughts, it would not surprise if a lot of people who called themselves White Nationalist could give a flying fuck about what society thinks and could be a bit antagonistic in all sots of ways.

      I myself will not reject them out of hand no matter how troublesome they become because whatever it is they doing does not necessarily define White Nationalism. We need stubborn, obnoxious, rowdy people to push things forward on occasion.

  15. Richard is a narcissist and a contrarian. His entire raison d’etre always has been to be “the one” with the newest and shiniest political takes, regardless of whether they are coherent or not. We will see how that works out for him, I guess
    My own beliefs are a solid 90% of what they’ve been for the last 35 yrs. Are they unreasonable in today’s current year? Yes. But I believe in being aspirtional. Even if it means dabbling in a bit of wishful thinking. There are only so many times you can OD on black pills and I have kids & grandkids I want a better world for.

  16. This is just Spencer’s latest ploy to get laid. He’s banking on misc women rewarding him with pu**y for his new political moderation.

  17. So I assume Megan Bobonick is gone. Yet another collapsed bridge.

    Everything Spencer says and does especially since the Cville trial is pure resentment. He will always be a racist but instinctively lies when confronted, not just regarding racism but anything because he is always triangulating his optics to own the right, because he blames us for everything. It’s the only way he can get revenge. Spencer was not betrayed. He did not suffer more than anyone else. He lost because of his own inherently disingenuous personality….and also it turns out that he was more loyal to his bourgeois living standards than his convictions.

    The great irony is that Spencer secretly remains a racist, which is anathema to his own class and which consequentially continues binding him to the lower classes, but post Cville he holds the same lower classes in bitter contempt because they caused Cville according to Spencer, which ruined him.

    • It always seemed bizarre to me.

      First, if I remember correctly, he was the one who hit upon the idea of going to Charlottesville. He went there with Identity Evropa. He continued going to these shitlib college towns to stir up a big scene after Charlottesville. He went to Charlottesville itself, again, with the media in tow. I was there in Gainesville. Then he got Matt Heimbach to tag along at Michigan State.

      Second, he blames conservatives for Charlottesville who never had anything to do with what happened there. He got fucked by Terry McAuliffe and Roberta Kaplan. Conservatives didn’t control the state or local government. He held a rally in the biggest shitlib stronghold in the entire South.

      Third, he got the stupid college tour idea from MILO. This was his own “strategy” to promote himself. He never forgave the audience for failing to see any upside in what he was doing.

      Finally, in the wake of Charlottesville, he could have done a thousand things and moved on with his life, but chose to stew in a perpetual state of rage about it. He offered nothing to anyone who he saw as just a means to become famous. So people just lost interest in him which is unforgivable.

      • Spencer was shilling Charlottesville so hard. I really wish I had archived everything. I could have built a social media brand off his hypocrisy and lies alone. The guy was shilling Charlotesville all over his Twitter. He had the Charlottesville banner as his Twitter background. He was constantly retweeting other head honchos to build momentum. He was doing podcasts to fan the flames. He went BACK to Charlotesville a second time with a crew after the big one.

        Charlotesville “happened” because of scumbag antifa provoking violence ignored by cops and the courts. It happened because of massively corrupt Democrats and liberals putting their thumbs on the scales. It happened because of all the white hating double standards avalanching for decades. Charlottesville happened because of the weaponization of law enforcement and the general retreat of the rule of law instigated by liberals. But no, for Spencer it was all just because a bunch of downtrodden white guys forgot their place and got uppity. To hell with this snitch, I am GLAD his life is ruined.

        • Do you know anyone else who had that reaction to Charlottesville? The League got sued and lost. You will never see men like Michael Hill or Michael Tubbs take an L like that

      • Spencer projected his Napoleonic Fantasies onto to Trump…now onto the Granny Fucker Macron.

        Charlottesville was such a bad idea…it was bound to attract a mentally ill man such as James Fields…

        How did someone as fat and heavy as Heather Hyer travel so far through the air and land where she did…and all of sudden her limp body magically appears on the ground…Blood evidence is known to be seriously flawed forensic evidence…very flawed….

      • But a key thing about UTR was that no one predicted that the authorities would not only fail to police the a legally permitted event but collude with antifa. Wasn’t Spencer’s or Kessler’s or Eli’s or anyone elses fault. The blame should be squarely placed on the authorities – the footage & Heaphy Report is damming.

        I was skeptical about UTR because it seemed over overambitious & overloaded – especially w/a group like the nsm in the mix. It was only after listening to a Kessler interview w/ a “journalist” a few weeks after that I fully got the scale of the setup and felt the outrage of those who were there. My bad on that point.

        Spencer at the torch light rally said he wanted to “restart history”. Fukuyama’s theory is that that history begins when people put aside comfort & security to struggle over something symbolic they value out of a sense of honor or thymos. The next day history restarted.

        The public can see statues pulled down all over. Leviathan has unmasked in 2020. UTR can be considered an heroic act by a vanguard willing to sacrifice & break the taboos of this wicked and illegitimate regime. The people who turned up at UTR were “fine people” – they have been vindicated.

        • This was my take.

          I blamed the police for what happened that day. It was a setup. We had every legal right to be there and got screwed over for political reasons. This later became the norm in these cities. The Patriot Front arrests are only the most recent example.

          • You had the best take take/frame on what the alt-right was & could have been. More of an evolution of Sam Francis’s term Hard Right but w/a more engaging name. As someone on twitter put it: if you don’t think trans kids & pulling down statues is Right then you are probably looking for an Alternative.

            The 5th anniversary of UTR is coming up. Could reframe & reboot because post-2020 people are waking up. Even a “fine people” tour to the empty pedestals & make the speeches that were illegally denied & vindicate the UTR attendee’s. No apologies or back peddling, but with strong & clear messaging.

        • “…no one predicted that the authorities would not only fail to police the a legally permitted event but collude with antifa. Wasn’t Spencer’s or Kessler’s or Eli’s or anyone elses fault. The blame should be squarely placed on the authorities…”

          Yes! Spencer good, bad, whatever, but we as Whites expect some honestly in public service even if they hate us. As we would give the same to those we hate protesting if they did so peacefully. Instead they purposely set everyone up to cause as much violence as they could and to use lawfare to attack as many as they could.

          There has been some of this but I think this case was a high ratcheting up of this sort of dishonesty. Now it’s the norm.

          I point out these people are seriously vulnerable. They had to steal, or felt they had to, steal over 2 million votes in New York State. If the left can’t win there without widespread theft, they are in trouble. A swift kick in the right place could knock all the apples out of the cart.

      • The entire “White Movement” is a circus show failure. Anybody that would wanna put the label “Pro-White” is an idiot. In normal day to day interaction in the real world I’ve never met anyone that identified as Pro-White. Only in the movement circus did I meet people like that. What I saw were abnormal people with slew of mental problems, criminal behavior, and pathologies of all kinds. I am of the opinion now that the “White” movement is completely controlled by globalist oligarchs that gain from keeping people divided. Everybody I’ve spoken to since leaving it shares a similar view. If that’s the case then why on earth would a normal intelligent person want to be in it? Blows my mind.

        “Racism is an Anglo-Saxon liberal construction based on a hierarchy between peoples. I think this is criminal.”

        — Alexander Dugin

        • Of course, this would not include people like yourself who literally got their religion … from an internet meme. You’ve moved on from White Nationalism to antiracist super trad Orthodoxy. I hope you stick around. I’m looking forward to seeing the next stage in your journey!

        • @Orthodox Slumlord

          What reason do you have to be against globalist oligarchy when you sound just like one? Genuinely curious.

        • Huge numbers of white people in real life are WN, I have met many. It’s the weirdo online types who ARE white nationalists in their politics but who have personality disorders and mental illness who like to say “I am not a WN” when they are one by any reasonable definition.

    • I don’t think it necessarily implies anything about his relationship with his wife. His Apollonian cult is openly focused on polygyny, advocating for high school Nietzschean ubermenschen like himself and Mark Brahmin to maintain harems of women. It’s like if the 00s era mystery pick up artist subculture were marketed as a religion and focused on eugenics instead of on casual sex, that is Apollonianism in a nutshell.

  18. Like I’ve been saying, a leader in search of a cause.

    Word to the wise to whoever is a genuine adherent of whichever political space he lands: Trust him about as far as you can throw him.

  19. I read the Jezebel article and it was definitely a hit piece, which is good. Spencer deserves hit pieces for the rest of his life.

    It’s funny because Jezebel is a feminist outlet, and Spencer and Mark Brahmin made big tactical overtures to feminism in late 2019, 2020 and 2021 as a “eugenic” way of breeding out the lower and lower middle class white men to improve the white race, because obviously being 2% of a despised race in a multi billion global population is a huge advantage. In reality this was just a petty way of getting revenge for Cville. Spencer casts the entire altright since 2010 as a bunch of incels to get in a belated “own.”

    And what did that effort culminate in? Jezebel writing hit pieces on him post-trial and the Radfem crowd calling him a creepy scrote. That’s literally what “Lilith,” one of radfem leaders called Spencer before blocking him on Twitter. How low can Spencer go is the only remaining question.

      • Marie? She appears to have left Twitter and the online right generally. She got a new guy according to her old radfem friends “@la_griffe.” I’m sure she will be back online when her new hookup falls apart to wail about the evils of “low value men” which apparently is all she can get.

        Mark spent so much time incorporating into his brand what may very well have been a Jewish driven subversion plot if Slavmorality’s dox of her holds any water, and then she drops her internet relationship with Mark and moves on after parading as the anti-Christian polygamy shilling “Queen of the Apollonians” for a year. It all soothed Spencer’s ego though, which is Mark’s job. Then Spencer gets dumped by Megan apparently and cucked by feminists after disingenuously shilling the same people.

        Much of the “leadership” of the Alt right was a disaster. I’m beginning to think the problem came not so much from the bottom but rather the opposite. I’m embarrassed to have ever believed in Spencer. I disavow Spencer.

        • Totally agree.

          The only people from the old Alt-Right days who have remained stable are Mike, Sven and the TRS crowd. It seems like everyone else had turned into a complete embarrassment. This is particularly true of Spencer and Anglin

          • I don’t find Anglin to be an ’embarrassment’, I guess because I don’t see him as any kind of leader of the Dissident Right; similar to Fuentes, he lacks the gravitas for that — he’s more of a LARPing pundit; there is definitely something cartoonish about his online persona.

            But I think he has, in his own sardonic and quasi insightful way, some interesting things to say, so I filter out all of the objectionable garbage about women etc — while his name was familiar, I had actually not visited his site or even read anything by him until around the time COVID became a ‘thing’ — the piece featuring you, which was published by Unz, may have been the first thing by him I read — ?

      • I heard some rumor that she was moving on to dating some Mongolian guy. A lot of these people seemed to fall off the radar post Charlottesville. Spencer is simply a con-artist. He has become what he claimed to hate.

        He even snubbed Heimbach like total snob for being “poor.”

      • I’ll gleefully answer this:

        -Sometime last November, or thereabouts, Marie tearfully broke up with Mark because, in her words, he couldn’t stop arguing with people on the internet. Basically, he spent more time trolling his hated enemies on twitter then spending time with her and her kid.

        -I haven’t followed Mark since then because most of the time, his twitter account is set to private, but I happened to see Marie pop up again on twitter.

        -She moved to Germany and is currently in a relationship with a 30 year old blonde man who is good looking enough to command something more than a single mother, but apparently chose to settle for her anyway.

        A big reason I defended Marie and her French feminist friend Solveig Mineo was because I feared the backlash among White women that would inevitably ensue from all the hateful incel content that was becoming ubiquitous in WN spaces. I changed my mind when two realizations occurred to me:

        1. There was nothing that could be done to stop the flood of incel content anymore then a tree can hope to stop the roaring water of a busted damn. Its a material, cultural, and political fact that White Nationalism and Inceldom go hand to hand. I hate to say it Hunter, but you are an exception, and not the rule, when it comes to Pro-White men: Most of us are single and childless. The vast majority, in fact. This is not a movement of married men with children. Its a movement of (justifiably) angry single men who want to radically change things.

        2. Incel content, although toxic and harmful in how it expresses itself, is nonetheless based on legitimate cultural grievances. Specifically, it is an inevitable reaction to the sins of both Liberal Feminism and Radical Feminism.

        I’m a White man, and not only that, I’m a White Man with Right Wing beliefs and convictions. I always knew LibFems hated me, as they are what I associate with the word “Feminism,” but when I discovered RadFems also hate me and have zero interest in hearing out our concerns as men, I stopped defending them and let the incels have at them. Sure enough, one Racist Radfem account broke down this week and called WN men “maggots” who are “unworthy of love.” (Pity. I liked her rants against migrants).

        Conservatives were right about a lot of things, and social issues was one of them. I’m never going to agree with them on “sexual abstinence” and “purity culture,” but, as time goes on, that shit is thankfully fading into the background. I’ve effectively re-embraced the identity I was raised with as a social conservative, and I have every intention of driving social liberals like Richard Spencer out of White Nationalism.

        As Dart said, if White Nationalism succeeds, it will only be through cleansing social liberals. There is no place in White Nationalism for anyone who supports abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, gun control, green policies, or the goddamned European Union.

        Under His Eye

        • “Incel content, although toxic and harmful in how it expresses itself, is nonetheless based on legitimate cultural grievances.”

          No, it isn’t. It is just another divide and conquer tactic with no redeeming value whatsoever.

          Incels are psychopaths who cannot adapt to the new reality that women are not up for sale to the highest bidder. They are completely worthless as husband material, and would make any woman unfortunate enough to get stuck with them absolutely miserable, not to mention their poor children. I have been saying so for a long time. And yet again, science backs me up:

          Incels are very forthright about the fact that they want a wife only as a steady sex partner, while otherwise having as little to do with women, whom they hold in contempt on the very best of days, as they possibly can. Some even come right out and say they prefer a transactional concept of marriage. Of course, to depend on such a man to be there through thick and thin is the height of folly.

          As articles reported on this study have pointed out, it’s hard to remain “useful” to your partner over the long haul. Intimacy, rather than exchange, is the key to lasting relationships. Of course, intimacy is exactly what incels cannot abide. Psychopaths cannot open themselves up to others, because it is imperative that they hide the depravity of their own black hearts, and they know it all too well.

          Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.
          —?Immanuel Kant, Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals

          • I agree. Both Feminism and the MGTOW movement are divisive and keep whites from reproducing and having families.
            People need to stop meeting over “looks”. It’s the main reason people hook up, and many ignore the world views and goals of the person. It’s impossible to have a real friendship with someone who is opposed to how you think about the world and how you run your life.

          • In an ideal world, they would all be locked together in the same room until they could figure out how to live normal lives

          • “It is just another divide and conquer tactic”

            ((Who)) would devise such a scheme ?
            Another trap for the gullible goy.

          • -“they prefer a transactional concept of marriage. Of course, to depend on such a man to be there through thick and thin is the height of folly.”

            -“Intimacy, rather than exchange, is the key to lasting relationships.”

            All healthy societies have viewed marriage as transactional. Only dead or dying societies practice love marriage. If what you say here were true, we would expect marriage rates to have increased and divorce rates to have decreased since “intimacy” in marriage began really being emphasized during the late-19th/early-20th century. Instead, the opposite happened.

          • Dart, thank you ever so much for chiming in and proving my point. If you hadn’t noticed, I said lasting “relationships” not “marriages.” The fact that a woman is married on paper does not mean she has a real life partner and reliable father for her children. You care only about the form and not the substance of real family life.

          • “I saw my whole life as if I had already lived it. An endless parade of parties and cotillions, yachts and polo matches. Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter. I felt like I was standing at a great precipice, with no one to pull me back, no one who cared – or even noticed.”-Lexi DeWitt Bukater

            Most relationships are transactional, and most White couples figured it out and made it work for hundreds of years. You’re not entitled to love, or friendship, or a feeling of ecstasy. You’re not entitled to marry Jack Dawson.

            Besides, romantic love is a more unstable foundation for a marriage then transactional agreements and transactional understandings. As the Bible says, romantic love is fleeting.

          • DP84 is exactly right and all of you calling Men who do not want to be slaves to Women “psychopaths” are not very smart. In fact calling them that really is an epitaph because if all incels were psychopaths they wouldn’t care at all about getting married and if they did they would loot the Women and run off.

            The people attacking the incels say not one damn word about the huge morasses of legal restraints and continuous on going financial and societal enfeeblement of Men. They are really very stupid people. They “want” you to think that they are some sort of superhero Women magnet that,”why my Women does what ever I want because I am the super chad hero whopper and she will love me forever and do what I say”. HAHAHAHHA what fools. And then the superhero finds himself in disagreement with his love and what happens. Why he will bend down and kiss her ass. (yessss deeaarrr), or he will be divorce raped where all the laws are deliberately stacked against him. Stacked HIGH. VERY HIGH.

            The real Man says,”Fuck that I’m not doing that and just takes the pitiful little paper plane blows that you are throwing at him because it’s just a matter of time, with a 50% probability, that super chad hero whopper will be divorce raped and financially ass raped to the bone and have, nothing.

            Incel Man may be mad and he may not have all he wants but he damn sure doesn’t have 18 years of financial rape from divorce rape. When he gets older he can get all the damn older Women he wants for nothing and these older Women are nothing more than the same quality that most of you are stuck with but he can pick and choose. He can have them for a pittance, while never marrying them or submitting to rape. He can also work on changing the laws instead of attacking everyone around him like a child. Super chad hero whopper,”HEY you don’t want to be financially divorce ass raped like me. You must suck. You must be weak. You must be stupid. Why I’m so strong, I’ll never be divorce ass raped. I’m super chad hero whopper and you are a big loser Incel”, until…you know what happens, or at least 50%. Big number.

            If the average girl you are likely to end up with and seeing as how divorce rape is almost life ending would you put 3 bullets in a six shooter, put it up too your head and pull the trigger? If you don’t die, (the win), you get an average wife who will have sex with you a lot the first year with a big tapering off after than and getting worse and worse. She will most like blow up like a balloon. Not to say all heavy women are unattractive but honestly, mostly they are not. She will be able to complain constantly and you will be able to do nothing about it. If you complain she will scream at you constantly, call you evil names, possibly and likely physically attack you and call the police on you and possibly divorce rape you. Power has consequenceemnces. She has LOTS, you have NONE.

            These ssuper chad hero whopper write this type stuff.

            “… Of course, intimacy is exactly what incels cannot abide. Psychopaths cannot open themselves up to others, because it is imperative that they hide the depravity of their own black hearts, and they know it all too well. …”

            This is just more of this stupid “pronouncement” stuff. You haven’t anything to back this up with while the incels know good and damn well Women fuck around when younger, skipping the incels, hooking up for marriage when older, bang our 2.2 kids then divorce rape them for life. That’s not anything. That’s not some odd assed thing to complain about and it’s not infrequent at about 50%.. Being a wage slave for the majority of your life while having all financials cut off to start a new family is a huge hit. That you explain as them . “…intimacy is exactly what incels cannot abide…” is a vile evil lie. YOU PROVE THAT. It’s a very serious charge, you prove it.

            Forget your, “she doesn’t like this Man or that Man, or doesn’t this or that”:. I say fuck that and let’s go back to the laws that have been in place for marriage for thousands and thousands of years.

            Women want to leave. Fine the kids stay with the bread earner, the Man, and she doesn’t get support for leaving. Maybe some small amount but without kids now she can work and the Man gets the kids.

            But now they have made the enticements so generous, so delectable, divorce, and the man pays the legal fees so that is dagged on as long as possible. The courts are special “family” courts which are run by Women to extract the largest mass of funds they can from the Man. A very large amount of the time, lies will be told about him being abusive to the wife or kids to get more money.

            So now before you had a wife and 2.2 kids and now you are paying her to live with someone else. Your wife constantly tells your kids how awful you are. You are living in substandard accommodations compared to before,(in some cases a van down by the river), and working even harder for…NOTHING. No love, no support, rare visits of children, growing to hate you.

            This constant kissing of Women’s asses and agreeing with them on the onerous slave system for Men is for the weak. Some of you will make it and have happy married lives but you best tread carefully any time they want they can throw your ass to the curb and stomp on you financially. Many Men work their whole lives and when they retire the Women finally pull the plug leaving them in far less substantial financial state than what they had expected. They in California have taken alimony from Men who explicitly said they would not get married and had no legal tie to the Women.

            I tell you what, let’s change the laws back to what they used to be and then Woman can bitch all they want about no good Men. They can provide for themselves. And I note many can.

            I see this sort of shit all the time. The left does some sort of heinous legal voodoo to attack Whites and what do you pussies do? Why you attack them too. Spencer gets creamed by totally immoral legal setups where the police actively steer rioters into crowds. Let the violent rioters get away while arresting those who protect themselves, and all you pussies can do is attack the guy wronged. Now I have no flag for Spencer nor care at all except for the fact as a White Man standing up for White rights he was abused and abusing him more by people, supposedly on our side, is not the way to get back control of the situation. I mean WTF is wrong you people that Whites are attacked for standing up for White Men, and all you can do is blame him for not seeing it or some other such crap. Who you should be mad at is the police, the polticians, not him.

            Allowing Women to run all over Men’s rights and then agree with just so you can have a little peace in your, cough, cough, happy home is also not the way tp go., We should band together and change the laws. Get all divorce out of family courts where they rape us and there’s no alternative. Men are legally at a huge disadvantage in this country and most of the west. Personally, I couldn’t care less about bitching about Women. I want the damn slave laws changed, where we are cash boxes to Women.

            I want to add one more thing about divorce laws. I read, I wish I had a link but I don’t, that the Roman Empire adopted the exact same no-fault divorce laws that we have enacted. That they evolved just like ours have to where the Male paid for everything and then that the marriage rates plummeted, just like now, until thy actual started taxing bachelors because Men refused to get married under such onerous, same as us, conditions. Some say this state of things was one of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire. No one really had anything there they felt worth fighting for, so they just walked off.

            I’m sick of all this criticism of Men if they do not slavishly devote themselves to some sort of defined society behavior, which today is mostly Womanish. If a Man doesn’t get out and grub for lots of cash for Women he’s no good in our Womanish culture.

          • link

            Lexi, leaving aside ‘incels’ and what they may or may not want, watch the video at the link above, and then try to tell me there’s not a problem with a culture that produces a woman like that — and while she may be an extreme case, tell me there’s not a reason for decent men to be at least somewhat dissatisfied with womanhood today.

          • eah,

            Why would I waste my time watching your link? You admit yourself she may be an “extreme case,” and I’m sick and tired of lame manosphere anecdotes. No, I don’t think decent men have any reason to be dissatisfied with womanhood today. If you want me to reconsider that view, show me so actual evidence.


            You are constructing a false dilemma: transactional marriage (i.e. de facto prostitution) or modern as-long-as-it-suits-me marriage. Christian marriage is the balanced way. Two people fall in love and make beautiful memories together. They forge a bond that will carry them through the challenges of raising a family together, long after the initial rapture of romantic love has faded away.

            But whatever floats your boat. If you want to go order a wife off the internet, knock yourself out, but you are not entitled to impose your preferences on normal people because of your inability to relate to and bond with women like men who don’t happen to be raving misogynists.

            Sam J.,

            I get it. You resent the fact that you have to be nice to your wife (“kiss her ass” as you put it) or else she’ll divorce you and sue you for child support. You want to go back to the good ole days when men could do whatever the hell they wanted, when they wanted, and with whom they wanted, and women had no recourse. The reason is precisely because, as I said, you are a psychopath who will only enter into a relationship that is personally advantageous for you. “My way or the highway,” says the psychopath. All conflicts of interest must be resolved in your favor and all risk must be born by women or you’re going to take your ball and go home, like a spoiled, petulant little child.

            You think it is “rational” for men to stay single, because you can “pick and choose” women for sex later in life, when other men are tied down to a woman with 40 pounds of baby weight that’s never coming off. All I can say is that I feel very sorry for future you. You will die alone because of your cowardice. Hopefully, with all that money you saved by not having kids, you can pay someone to change your diapers for you.

            For the benefit of open-minded readers, I would point out that Sam’s hysterical claim that you have a 50% chance of catastrophic divorce is completely bogus. Divorce rates are pushed up by serial offenders. First marriages have about a 40% divorce rate and falling. Of those that divorce, less than 40% have children. Math isn’t my strong suit, but I figure that means a man who marries has ~15% chance of getting “divorce raped” (i.e. being required to continue supporting his children after divorce). If you use common sense, like marrying a woman who is near your age and making it a point not to be an a$$hole, for example, you can reduce your risk even more.


    • And Spencer and Brahmin are an example of the sewage that flows from an obsession with IQ test score psychometrics jibber jabber……Brahmin is an obvious trust fund kid weirdo….

      Spencer and Brahmin hate the Native Born White American Working Class…just ask them…and they will tell you this flat out….Don’t take it from me…

      Do you want to build a society founded on Atheism? Would you trust Spencer and Brahmin…two jock sniffers….to build a new Society?

      • And Spencer and Brahmin are an example of the sewage that flows from an obsession with IQ test score psychometrics jibber jabber…

        LOL, total non-sequitur — even a casual reading of this post and the comments show Spencer’s problems (whatever they are; I do not know Brahmin) have nothing whatsoever to do with ‘an obsession with IQ test score psychometrics jibber jabber’ (the only ‘obsession’ I see is yours).

        You really are a fucking clown.

  20. You can disavow the retarded Zionist ‘far right’ without embracing the anti-white progressive left.

  21. White Nationalism means not wanting to be voted into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America by Hindus from India…Chinese from China…Pakistani Muslims from Pakistan…..Koreans from Korea……..

    And this is what the Democratic Party means by White Nationalism…and they are right..

    Tucker Carlson is going to have to deal with this issue soon enough….Tucker Carlson is going to be confronted with this by the Democrats:Are you opposed to post-1965 nonwhite Legal Immigrants and their US born nonwhite children voting White Americans into a white racial minority within the borders of America…

    Black Political Scientist Carol Swain coined the term White Nationalism….and she meant it exactly the same way I mean it…..Tucker Carlson is playing a footsie word game with the Democrats….The Democrats….and make no mistake about this….harbor open GENOCIDAL DEMOGRAPHIC INTENT towards the Native Born White American Working Class……..And this is why obsession with IQ test psychometrics us nothing but the carping about vapid superficial minds…

  22. Spencer lives in Whitefish, Montana with his wife & kids. All 3 images are stock images of Richard that you can find anywhere. There is no evidence this is real beyond a far left website’s assurance that they “verified it.” Even if you thought Richard was gay do you really think he’d be dumb enough to make a public account on a gay dating app. Stop this petty nonsense.

    • 1. Bumble is not Grindr. Its a dating app whose main market is straight people. Its supposed to work like Tinder, but it has a “feminist” aspect in that only women can message men, and not the other way around (I like that idea, actually).

      2. Richard grew up in Dallas and graduated from highschool there. It stands to reason he moved back to Dallas from Whitefish when the bills came due from the Charlottesville lawsuit, and now he’s hiding behind his rich doctor mommys skirt. He also wouldn’t be on a dating app if he was still with Megan.

      This is not a deep fake. So many L’s all around.

  23. Comeon Richard no statements against global-homo western chauvinism? … with which most of the rainbow pro-war Left is within in lock step.

  24. Mark is a serial simp artist. He isn’t picky. BTW tell your wife thanks for the muscadine wine.

  25. He sums up what’s wrong with the Right in general:- we allow differences of opinion on minor issues to divide and diminish us. We must encourage each other and accept minor variances in positions. We can’t all be exactly the same, human nature just doesn’t function that way. If we don’t remember this, more will walk away.
    If we’re united on core issues, that should ensure a solid movement.

    • @Goose i said the same thing, you are wise. Even on this website we should be less divide, because on core issues we agree and we have to be unite. If we are divided, our enemies or opponents will destroy us much more easily

  26. We should have some sympathy on him. He’s lost a lot and probably wishes he could travel to Europe, etc. and have a normal life again. What happened to him wasn’t what he planned on.

    If he didn’t have such retarded takes these days and wasn’t so borderline gay and fedist he wouldn’t be so annoying.

    I hope he eventually can find peace, happiness, love and a fulfilling life.

    • For years, I hoped Richard would get his act together, but over time it became clear that we are very different people. We had always been very different people too.

      A good example of this is Nick Fuentes. I always found Nick to be brash and annoying, but I never cared that he was having some success with his show. I was never jealous of Nick. I was never enraged or threatened by him. Richard, however, just could not handle Nick’s popularity. Why? Because it was always about Richard. He even got Mark Brahmin to turn Apolloism into a Richard Spencer personality cult

      There will never be a Hunter Wallace personality cult. I’m not a pathological narcissist or a diva like these guys.

  27. Yesterday Spencer on his substack did a podcast with white nationalist figures Hannibal Bateman, Mark Brahmin and Andrew Joyce
    So i repeat: i’m not a fan of Richard and it would be preferable if he would stop criticizing the dissident right so much, BUT this doesn’t seem to me a person who have left far-right, white nationalism, identitarianism or anti-woke politic.

    • Nietzsche at least had a few interesting things to say, unlike Burke, who was completely worthless in every way.

  28. Spencer apparently lives in daily fear of more damaging audio/visual tapes surfacing. Sad that they broke him so easily.

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