Hannity Interviews Mayra Flores

None of this is surprising.

I saw this coming about two years ago.

Once upon a time, the Solid South voted for FDR four times. The Deep South was alienated from the Democratic Party over social liberalism during the 1960s and 1970s and began to vote more Republican. It wasn’t until the 1990s though that the Deep South was reliably Republican.

Next up, Greater Appalachia went through the same transition in the 1990s and 2000s. Bill Clinton was able to carry states like Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky and Missouri in 1992 and 1996. Al Gore lost the 2000 election because he lost his home state of Tennessee. Joe Manchin hangs on by a thread in West Virginia. Since I started this blog, I have watched states like Arkansas, Kentucky and West Virginia become more Republican. Greater Appalachia became reliably Republican under Obama.

In the 2016 election, the same trend worked its way up out of Greater Appalachia into the Midlands and Yankeedom. White voters in rural areas and small towns in the Midwest began trending Republican. The so-called “Blue Wall” collapsed with Ohio and Iowa swinging massively to Trump who eked out a narrow victory by winning Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. I remember being optimistic on the eve of the 2016 election because the Des Moines Register had Trump up 7 points in Iowa which I took as an indicator that he was about to overperform in the Midlands which had long been the key swing region. We now take for granted that Iowa and Ohio are Red States because of this shift in the Midlands.

In the 2020 election, we saw Trump make huge gains with Hispanics in South Texas and Miami. It later became evident that the trend had happened across the country, but especially along the border. Hispanic voters in rural areas and small towns in the Southwest were trending Republican.

Now, we have reached the point where El Norte is beginning to trend Republican and shift away from the Democrats for pretty much the same reasons that Democrats have lost other vast swathes of the country. It hasn’t been six years since the “Blue Wall” collapsed in the Midwest. As with Trump’s decisive victory in Iowa, Trump’s gains with Hispanics in South Texas shows that El Norte will be the next region to fall.

Everyone has their limit … the point where voters get tired of the ultra-woke, overeducated, sanctimonious, cosmopolitan PMC libtards who live in the big metros on the coasts. They will alienate and push out one huge swath of voters in the Democratic Party. A few years later, they will do it all over again by latching on to some bizarre new cause like genital mutilation. “Defund the Police” or dissolving the border. What are the Democrats even running on in the midterms? The 1/6 Committee?

UPDATE: The conventional wisdom in elite Republican circles about how to unlock the “Latinx” vote was wrong. The solution was to just wait for “Latinx” voters to be alienated by watching CNN and MSNBC.

Note: None of this is to say that the Great Replacement is a good thing. I don’t know why anyone would get that impression. I’m just saying … this was bound to happen in the long run. The sort of White people who ruined Portland, Seattle and San Francisco would eventually get so extreme that they would alienate Hispanics just like they lost Appalachia and the Midwest. They only lost Iowa a few years ago.

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  1. If anything, Hispanics leaning more Republican than previously could just give the Republican party the green light to drop even their token anti-immigration rhetoric and begin openly supporting increased immigration (as they already have covertly for decades).

    Especially now with upward pressure on wages (so-called “labor shortage”) recently, business Republicans are itching to import some fresh blood in an attempt to drive wages back down.

    • The #1. issue in the area that got her elected is immigration. The illegal immigration is so bad now in the area that it polls higher than inflation and gas prices there. It is like crime in San Francisco. It was a massive overreach

      • Yes, but the Republican solution will be a more streamlined and orderly process of legal immigration. Business Republicans are always in the driver’s seat in the Republican party, and right now they really want to push wages down as quickly as possible. Same practical effect, but with much better optics than the democrat system of using NGOs to organize these huge caravans of thousands to rush the border. Regardless, there is a close to zero chance that Republicans will do anything to reduce immigration in the midst of “labor shortage” and inflation.

        • I’m much more optimistic.

          Apparently, Kevin McCarthy is refusing to even meet with the Chamber of Commerce. Republican leadership and the Chamber had a big falling out around the time of the 2020 elections. Also, Biden has been in office for two years with the House and 50 Democratic senators and several confirmed puppets like Lindsey Graham. And yet, comprehensive immigration reform has gone nowhere due to the temperature of the GOP base.

          • I’m much more optimistic.

            You shouldn’t be — immigration is too much of a racial issue today, which significantly complicates anything to do with the subject.

            And yet, comprehensive immigration reform has gone nowhere due to the temperature of the GOP base.

            Basically, ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ is a euphemism for amnesty, right? — amnesty for illegals is usually the centerpiece — with literally millions of legal migrants entering the US every year, I’m not sure how much it matters anymore, other than symbolically (‘rule of law’) — Democrats are probably content to remain on cruise control, while mass legal immigration and nationalization continues — in this sense, blocking ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ is a bone Republicans can throw to their low information voters and supporters: the anti-racist, ‘one race, the human race’ MAGAtards.

          • The Democrats have tried and failed three times to push amnesty through budget reconciliation. Dick Durbin finally gave up and admitted it is a waste of time. They don’t have the votes even with Lady G & Co. If it was ever going to happen, it would have happened 2021-2022.

      • And yet the Republicans will never do anything about illegals crossing the border except empty talk.
        The system is jewish and they are mortal enemies of Whites.

      • Even latinos are smart enough to realize low level immigrants drag down living standards.

        Too bad WHITES aren’t as bright.

    • ” now with upward pressure on wages (so-called “labor shortage”)”

      That won’t last long, with a 3% to 6% jump in mortgage rates in just 6 months.
      There’s going to be lots of unemployment.(mortgage apps are at the lowest in 22 yrs.)

      I wonder, beyond the superficial headlines, if the real labor shortage is in the skilled and highly skilled openings?

      America WILL face a downward spiral, as skilled labor is drawn to other countries.
      Soon, not beyond a decade, other countries will offer higher pay with safer living at higher standards, as America drifts into a Brazilian favela culture.

      • Yes, the fed has openly stated that their goal right now is to get wages down, so that is all by design. But maintaining a porous border is also a part of that effort.

        • I henceforth agree with liberals that the phrase “illegal immigration” is demeaning. Let ps_mike coin a new phrase for popular usage. Let’s blame the rich and use the phrase “illegally allowed immigration”. Henceforth, we blame those who invite them, and it gives us an excuse to tax them into oblivion.

  2. You wrote well here. When you write on race I generally agree with you. My Family strongly supported her. I hate the Left and the Liberals. My Family is from the North in Mexico and I spit upon liberals. Yes it is obvious that there is a great replacement and you are being replaced with latins not blacks like that evil idiot in Buffalo shooting said.

    While I will never be friends with white nationalists your enemies are mine enemies.

    Is November still on here? I have special liking for him. I hear that your president made or is going to make it a hate crime to destroy the flag of perversion.

      • Still believing in the magic dirt theory Mr Wallace, I see.

        Don’t be a fool thinking they feel any kinship with you they wouldn’t betray for blood. A piece of paper saying you’re American, is the same as a piece of paper saying you are a woman, “Legal Immigrant” ,they are social construct. A creature on a piece of paper, nothing more. Latinx will never be an American.

        “We the people, in orden to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty, to ourselves and our posterity, do ordein and establish this constitution, for the United States of America. ”

        America is righfully white people occupying a place. The constitution is a set of rules to create and constrain its goverment.

        If a group of asians create a country and say “to ourselves and our posterity” .They are not talking about Whites, blacks or latinx. They mean asians and their desendants. That is what POSTERITY means.

        The “our” in the “ourselves and our posterity” is the same group referred to as the “we” in “we the people of the United States.” Hence, by the plain meaning, “posterity” means “the heirs and descendants of the people of the United States”, aka WHITE PEOPLE.

        Noun. 1. posterity – all of the offspring of a given progenitor; “we must secure the benefits of freedom for ourselves and our posterity”. descendants. biological group – a group of plants or animals. 2. posterity – all future generations. generation – group of genetically related organisms constituting a single step in the line of descent.

        The founders do not think latinx are Americans and neither do I.

        Can someone explain to me why people think Mexicans and latinx are naturals conservatives, but those countries have a higher tranny and abortion rate than the U.S.?

        • You got it. They aren’t our people and never will be. They sure can overwhelm and erase us though, as we are allowing them to do.

        • Agree. I’ve been around them a lot. They don’t care where they go, it’s not like they have this dying ambition to become an American. They come here, because they are bussed or flown in, and get actual cash, and all of the free stuff they can imagine. They are not here to work. They are here to live off of us. As one of them said, “It’s not YOUR country anymore!” So imagine going to another country, and saying that to some of the citizens. How arrogant and stupid. Arrogant and demanding low IQ people.

    • There is nothing fundamentally incompatible between White Nationalists and Hispanics unless Whites are forced to subvert their own interests for your benefit.

      White Nationalism is not exclusionary. It’s inclusive of only White interests, at the expense of everyone else if necessary, but only where necessary. Its no different than the innate chauvinism all brown people, yellow people, red people and black people display for their own kind, proudly and without any hesitation (which is perfectly natural).

      White Nationalism is a reaction to being attacked and singled out as the only race who is not allowed to advocate their own interests in their own lands.

      Its not personal, so don’t take it that way.

      • Ironic,

        I do not hate white nationalists for on this website I have received 6 marriage proposals. That has won my heart. Sweetness wins me over.

        • Are M’ssad honey trap spies still active? It is certainly possible. An ex-M officer gave an interview in 2018 saying she’d often used femininity to her advantage.

          “People are always less suspicious of a woman and more interested in hitting on her,” she told ynetnews. “In operations, if I wanted to recruit someone, I was supposed to give him the feeling that he had approached me rather than that I had approached him. It’s very important, and I found it easy.”

          “Over the years, I learned how to use my naïve looks in the target countries,” she added. “Everywhere, people would ask how they could help me, as if I were a little girl. I received help especially from men in the Arab world. Something in my fragile image didn’t create any suspicion.”

    • Hola Cristina,

      Thank you for testing my powers of predictive behavior. When HW first wrote about Ms. Flores winning the special election in Texas as a Latina running under the retardican party banner, I suspected that that would be too much for you to resist and feel the compunction to post your POV on that event. lol

      When you stormed off during the height of the debate over the Russia-Ukraine war, I thought that you might return, after a cooling off period, or an event that HW would write about that you found irresistible.

      So how was your big graduation fiesta? Could the fireworks and festivities be seen from the ISS?

      Have you ever seen the original or remake of the film “Williard?” I was thinking that a different version of that genre could be done set in Texas and/or Mexico using scorpions. Ha Ha

      • Hola November,

        Am I that predictable? I actually had not even looked at this site for almost 3 months until a couple of weeks ago when I said hello to Jack Ryan and regretted that he could not attend my graduation. Remember I mentioned that I finish in December but was not sure when the ceremony would be. Since he had not responded I assumed he could not make it.

        I asked way ahead of time since no one likes surprises and there was no guarantee I would be around much less in the country.

        I really only returned to say hello to certain favorites of mine such as yourself but the topic was so dear to my heart I could not resist.

        Naturally, when the ceremony is finished there will be lots of food, liquor, dancing and fireworks. Would have to be at our house in the country of course not the suburban one.

        I am not sure if I can legally drink in Texas if a parent hands me a drink so I will not say much on this issue. My oldest brother thought they should have some shooting at targets etc. but my grandmother did not think a bunch of drunk men with guns was a good idea.

      • November,

        Scorpions send shivers on me. You remembered my fear of them.

        I have never seen Williard. I do generally prefer horror movies to say science fiction except the science fiction movies of the 1950’s. I did steel myself and watch the Mexican film called the Black Scorpion. My oldest brother bought it so we could all watch it but I know he bought it to tease me.

        Older brothers are like that sometimes. He and my impish youngest sister get along quite well.

    • Regardless of partisan affiliation, “Latinos” or “Hispanics” or “Latinx” are by and large supportive of big government solutions and programs along with the gibs and government patronage yobs that go with that package. Along with seasoned and fried scorpions

      • They abuse our health care system and drive prices up. No one should be able to walk here or get flown in here, and get on SS and/or Medicare. They didn’t work here and pay into it, they don’t pay premiums, and they aren’t citizens. They have their own country.
        They know exactly what they are doing. They get mad when Americans “no habla in Espanol” with them. Really entitled and demanding, when they live off our taxed incomes.

  3. Consider how Brazil, mostly mixed-race Latino, and with ‘whites’ just a fractional minority, elected ‘South America’s Trump’, Jair Bolsonaro … it is the same dynamic

    Latinos have a fair amount of intellectual diversity, and ability to change views along with circumstances … as Hunter says, they get fed up … and can actually become significantly right-wing and white-culture-supporting … it is a different dynamic than with blacks, Africans or Muslims in European-heritage countries

    The fresh truth Hunter’s article is hinting at, is that the USA is becoming a quasi-Latino nation … and is somewhat okay with it, as Latino-white marriages skyrocket, the most common ‘inter-racial’ marriages in the USA now

    One of the themes of (Jewish) Ron Unz himself on his popular ‘intellectual rightoid’ website, is that Americans wind up being more okay with Latinos than they first thought … Some decades ago there was huge political heat and fear of the Latino onslaught in California … and Calfornia did become majority Latino … with the whites there finding themselves okay with it and staying on tho officially ‘overwhelmed’

    Ron Unz says blacks are a huge problem, Latinos are not, and has done a lot of statistical arguing saying that Latino crime is not greatly worse than crimes by whites if you balance for age groups – Latinos tend to be Christians having more kids and thus a younger population

    And whereas mulatto kids like Barack Obama essentially fall into the ‘black’ category, white-Latino marriages produce kids who bend toward the ‘Latino white’ and sometimes quite fully white categories, as white or whiter than many Mediterranean Europeans

    • Mestizos are never “as white or whiter than” actual Europeans.

      But the USA will most likely go the way of Brazil, adopting the Brazilian reverse one-drop rule, under which anyone with one drop of European ancestry is considered “white.”

    • “Ron Unz says blacks are a huge problem, Latinos are not, ”

      What trash talk!
      He obviously doesn’t gasp the basics of racial difference.
      Latinos will drag our society backwards, to the level of El Salvador.
      They can’t maintain the advanced infrastructure, much less innovate.

      • There has been a tremendous migration out of California to Whiter states like Idaho over the last 35 years mostly by White people. People have voted with their feet by leaving, particularly southern California. Even blacks were driven out of Watts by hispanics although no one has missed them of course. An hispanic population will drive out all others over time, they are impossible to live with by non-hispanics in any numbers.

        LA and Orange County first suffered from a huge influx of Mexicans then the rest of Central and S. America followed starting in the early 1980’s. That is when the pace of White migration out of California really became noticeable. Now places like Orange County are full of Asians who have displaced remaining Whites and also some hispanics. The same process has been repeated all over southern California which is why the place looks like a human zoo full of exotic species.

        California had been reliably Republican for decades, especially southern California. Now it’s reliably Democrat because of demographic changes brought about by the Democrats and their traitorous Republican allies. When southern California was White it was Republican even though most of the Republicans were useless. Now that southern California is overwhelmingly colored it is reliably anti-White, the KKK Krazy Glue (H/T Steve Sailer) that holds the Democrat coalition of criminals, idiots, lunatics, perverts, maniacs, thieves and mentally ill together.

        Hispanics voting Republican in one exceptional election will send the loathsome Republican establishment jumping with joy. This proves, proves, dammit we were right all along; colored people are just White people with a different paint job. Now we can give our loyal, White, Republican voters the finger good and hard. After 2024, if there are even any more elections the hispanics and other colored people will revert to their normal habit of voting Democrat and favoring every anti-White policy under the sun.

        Ron Unz is ultimately a Rootless Cosmopolitan so he is ok with Whites being replaced with hispanics. They aren’t as bad as blacks, ya know and besides, he can always flee at a moment’s notice if things get real bad.

        Ron’s experience with them has been the same as other rich people’s experience. They’re friendly and docile while being paid to cut the grass then they go away at 5:00 pm so what is not to like? When the system fails good and hard so that even rich people are affected he will learn what is not to like, good and hard, too.

        • “When the system fails good and hard so that even rich people are affected he will learn what is not to like, good and hard, too”


          Don’t fool yourself.
          They all have their passports handy and foreign accounts to draw on.
          We’re the ones who will suffer the consequences.

          • Indeed, they do have their foreign visas and bank accounts already set up but when the U.S. fails it will affect the rest of the world even worse. S. America and other Third World areas will descend into chaos. Even the rich with their private armies will get consumed. All of these places depend upon the USD for international and domestic trade which will seize up.

            Hidey holes like New Zealand are hopelessly cucked and woven deeply into the US/UK system. The cancerous elites cannot escape national failure here by escaping to places that have been woven into the fabric of the U.S. GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire.

            Since 1945, for better or worse the world’s economies, politics, finances etc. have been U.S. centered, there is no equivalent replacement yet. The ‘Elites’ have ‘misunderestimated’ (as that village idiot GWB II said) things by believing that like WWI or WWII there will be a safe haven somewhere to flee to.

            Not this time. U.S. national failure will go global, there will be no “Switzerland” unaffected by the tumult. The failure of the U.S. centric global systems of finance, military power, aid, legal systems etc. will leave a tremendous vacuum with chaos ensuing.

            Ironically, the U.S. will probably do better (or less bad) than the rest of the world when the system breaks down, which isn’t saying much. The U.S. will look like the cleanest dirty shirt in the hamper when things unravel. I must assume you have made preps for this time, it’s all we can do for ourselves.

    • Honestly, what is the point of your comment? — it looks like a litany of cuck accommodation (‘cope’), i.e. ‘Oh well, mestizos inundating America isn’t so bad after all’ — while somewhat understandable in the face of political reality, as a general Einstellung among Whites it is pathetic — as I pointed out before (link), it’s ridiculous to imagine that Mexicans would allow gringos (a derogatory term) to overrun their country.

      There is a longstanding, simmering secessionist movement in southern Brazil (link), which is the whitest, most prosperous, and safest area of that country (link).

      Whites have been abandoning California for decades (for a number of reasons) — are you familiar with the word barrio? — in California, the typical barrio is a sprawling, suburban Hispanic slum — which is not surprising, since Hispanic countries are generally at best second world; even Spain is a laggard in Europe.

      There is good reason to believe that Hispanics are a net drag on the US, just not as much so as Blacks (link).

    • Latinos along with other “off the boat” immigrants voted democrat because the associated the Republican Party as the ethno nationalist party of the people who were already here and immigrants always are spooked by this dynamic even though they may agree with most of it’s tenants in their own country. I knew some ex military who were huge right wing republicans who retired to SE Asia and were completely opposed to the right wing parties in those places which were the same version of the politics they supported for the USA. (Taksin Shiniwatra was in fact the most comparable person to Donald Trump, not “Hitler” as crazed liberals tell us. A billionaire populist who pissed off the Thai deep state and eventually was ousted. Just without all the gaffs and ill thought out “tweets” from Orangeman.)

      Latinos also thought the democrats were the party looking out for the little guy. And to immigrants (especially Asians who look down on rural life) the democrats were “the modern party of the people of the cities” as they come from places that don’t have liberals turning blacks loose to wreck the urbanization project and never experienced “white flight” or any of the advanced post urban malaise we went through post 1960. Now though they finally got a chance to see the democratic party for what it is…white people again “crazy gringos” much worse than that blue collar white stiff they may be familiar with. These rich elitists have horrendous ideas and seem to only care about black criminals, queers and wrecking the economy to buy their “green papal indulgences.”

      I’d say DeSantis would be much better than Trump to get these people to vote as Trump still has all the baggage of his “Mexicans are bringing crime and rape” speech along with all the wild pitches and unforced errors you get from his impulsive approach. Well see, I really hope for the sake of the country to get these awful people out of power.

    • balticus,

      I liked your comment. I have German blood in me though it is from Mexico not the USA. So by white nationalist standards I am mixed though I do not consider a marriage between someone like myself and an Anglo to be interracial. My grandfather was 3/4th German-Mexican and spoke fluent German, Spanish, and mediocre English.

      The Germanic Latin relatives are more liberal than the Spanish Mexican relatives. And less religious.

      • Never gonna happen. You are a mestiza and MISCEGENATION is evil. No tienes sangre alemana eso es mentira. You are not white niether is López Obrador wife and she has German blood from chile.

        Deja las mentiras por dios. You are very crazy person.

  4. Having grown up around Hispanics, they just don’t have the hangups about whites that blacks do. Both whites and Hispanics intermarriage started centuries ago. My own southern family has some family as far back as the 60s never had much problem with it. Hispanics range from people as white as I am to more Indian blood. I went to school with them, church, family affairs, friends,etc. it will be interesting to see how this all works out. I just know that most Hispanics I’ve known, don’t want infinite immigration either

    • Brazil. Brazil is how this works out. Second World status and mongrel people. I guess it’s all good as long as you’re okay with Northern European characteristics being mostly bred out of the population.

  5. Money, money is what the Irish and the Jews are going to throw at Flores and all they want in return is acceptance and tolerance of sodomy. Have you been Hannotized? Catlin Jenner won’t tell.

  6. What is that little chip in Iowa’s north border on your map? Kossuth County? Why are they the only Iowan yankees according to the mapmaker?

  7. @ Balticuss .
    “whites” are not a “fractional minority” in Brazil, you retard.
    The center and south of the country is majoritarily “white” with huge numbers of non-portuguese “whites” like Bolsonaro.
    Why these simpletons feel the need to give opinions about almost everything, including issues they don’t have a clue?

    • “White” in Brazil (and elsewhere in Latin America) is not the same as White in the USA. It includes mulattos, mestizos with upwards of 75% indio ancestry, etc. It’s meaningless there. I usually refer to it as the reverse on-drop rule. Anyone with one drop of European ancestry can claim to be “white” in Latin America.

    • I broke down on I 5 and a bunch of beaners jumped out of a pickup and helped push my car off the road while the shitbag whites in their fucking SUVs honked at us. I think that says it all right there.

      • The whites didn’t jump out, because they are afraid. It’s not their state anymore, and they know it.
        Remember, the paid activists work really hard on these sites.

    • “When I lived in SoCal I actually preferred the beaners to the native whites”

      I know the feeling.

      The beaners know the value of group loyalty, WHITES don’t.
      If your among WHITES and a nggr attacks you, WHITES will do nothing.
      If your with Mexicans and a nggr attacks you, there will be one bloody nggr in ER.

    • “preferred the beaners to the native whites”

      Very few ‘native WHITES’ in Socal.
      Most all the Socal native born left decades ago.
      Many of the WHITES in Socal are Eastern trash.

  8. I do not want a majority Mestizo nation any more than I want a majority Black nation. I would rather see Greater Appalachia become an independent nation. So how long before Spanish surpasses English as the major language in the United States

    • The only groups that can afford to have kids are nonwhites. Because we pay to raise them which seems to be fine with most (stupid) Whites these days.

  9. Not to get off topic, but I was listening to Glenn Beck today, and he had an interview with Mo Brooks. I’d never heard Brooks before, and I enjoyed it. He was very articulate, strong, and I was very impressed with him. I’m glad Hunter spoke of him earlier. Be great if he wins.
    Cristina, good to hear from you again. I still wish whites would reassert themselves and we could have some control over our racial makeup, but it’s too late. And, really, no one cares. I see this as like the end of the Roman Empire, when the barbarians came in, but really, the “barbarians” weren’t wild savages, they were people who simply wanted farming and grazing lands, and finally, Rome…the urbanized, “liberal” Rome (if you will), was too corrupt to really do anything except use these new tribes as soldiers and allies to play off against Roman political factions…factions that were dissipated and unable to have any kind of civic virtue.
    The problem with the border could have been solved back in the late seventies, but it wasn’t. Too many people made money out of it. So, here we are.
    It’s interesting that in Heinlein’s sci-fi novel Starship Troopers, he made his hero hispanic, and assumed America was largely hispanic, with a large swath of South Americans who emigrated. And this was in the early fifties.

    • dargason,

      Thank you. You have always been kind to me. I have a graduation in December and if I am still around I will send you an invitation. If you are short of funds for travel I will provide. Maybe we can dance.

  10. “Calfornia did become majority Latino … with the whites there finding themselves okay with it and staying on tho officially ‘overwhelmed’”

    Just wait

    Just wait until this financial house of cards collapses, all that’s fine will become foul.

    • California used to be a great state to live in, until it became a welfare state for Mexicans. They have no problem taking from us, and our children’s future. They have their own country. This is ours.

      • The Amerindians could have used that same lament.

        This is the reconquisto of the land taken in the aftermath of the Mexican-American War. We took the area that makes up the jewnited states by military conquest, The Louisiana Purchase, and The Mexican-American War.

        The mestizos aren’t using military imperialism to take back the land that they always thought belonged to the, by an invasion by feet and wombs. Their success is not because of some grand strategy, but because of the betrayal of the capitalist, aristocratic WASP establishment’s greed, and haughty and supremacist attitudes they have ALWAYS shown towards the working and working poor class of HuWhytes.

          • @November. No, wrong again. Amerindinds are not indigenous anymore than we are. They crossed the Bering land bridge over 10,000 years ago. Just about any history book will tell you this. They only mixed with Spaniards for a short time, and not all of them did. Nationalism, such as “Mexican” is only geographical. Americans populated the Americas and are still seen today.

        • November,

          Are you always right? Can we help it that the anglo has gone from a fiery people to a worm people? The enemy from within has destroyed you. As I have written before I am the best you are going to get. I can pass for white.

          My home State is listed as 52% white and 48% mestizo. Sonora is even whiter. My mother was born there. Northern Mexico is different than Southern Mexico.

        • November,

          Do you think white nationalists are finally understanding that the Southwest is somewhat already part of Mexico and are willing to deal with it? When I first wrote on here 2-3 years ago there was massive denial of that racial/political fact. Or at least a hope that the racial trend could be reversed.

          There was actually some common sense in the comment section on this issue. I was pleasantly surprised. Hunter Wallace is acknowledging this as well.

          The American commercials are horrible. In that respect blacks are replacing whites just not in reality.

          I am no lover of the Republicans but the Democrats are in general evil. I am aware of course that at the highest levels they share the same beliefs.

          In a couple of weeks my family will probably be in Mexico for the whole summer. It is still not decided if I will be enrolled in a school in Texas or Mexico.

          • Parts of the Southwest have always been Native American or Hispanic like New Mexico and South Texas. The Southwest isn’t going to become Aztlan or return to Mexico. The real problem in the region is the mega drought

          • “The real problem in the region is the mega drought”

            In Cali, they have done streambed analysis of sediment layers, showing that the last 100 yrs have been much wetter than the previous 2000. The southwest has been a desert, historically. It seems the WHITES have built into exceptionally good conditions , expecting them continue forever.

          • The Colorado River looked like a creek to me. From what I saw, it looked to me like a far greater problem than any Anglo-Hispanic racial tension. The future of the region is depopulation. There just isn’t enough water to sustain such a large population indefinitely.

          • “The Colorado River looked like a creek to me.”

            Has been that way for over 60 years. The water is diverted to Los Angeles and CA , AZ ag land.
            The only reason a small trickle flows on to Mexico is to fulfill treaty obligations.

            “There just isn’t enough water to sustain such a large population indefinitely.”

            If Teutonic ppl populated the west, the Columbia and Sacramento wouldn’t be flowing into the sea, they would be channelled to make the the SoWest a garden. Just as the Germans turned the swamps of Bougainville into lush tropical paradises.

          • Cristina,

            Demographically, the southwest is undeniably changing into a mirror image of Mexico, except the amenities and water are better for now. I acknowledge the reality for what it is. Because of betrayal, greed, indifference, and deracination by Whites and jews, there is no end in sight.

            Mexico will not need to annex states such as Arizona, New Mexico, and California. An act of annexation would be a stupid thing to do when they will be de facto El Norte.

    • I’m looking forward to the pending Supreme Court decision which is going to end it here. So much so that I have kept the Handmaid’s Tale banner up for months. It is one of the greatest moral blights on this country

      • Mr. Wallace,

        i am not familiar with Handmaid’s Tale. I want the Supreme Court to rule against abortion for moral reasons and to see liberals foam at the mouth.

        • It is a book and television show on Hulu that portays the demise of feminism and abortion as a dystopia. The author is nuts

          • Mr. Wallace,

            If I remember correctly when I first came on here I looked at your racial timeline and found that Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton both argued strongly in favor of interracial marriage between black and white. Is my memory correct on the source? It is too time consuming to look again at all that information.

            In fact they seem to have been decisive in their States allowing it. I believe USA society was doomed from the start. I find it amazing that it held together quite nicely for the most part until the Civil War.

            What happens in the USA leaks into the rest of the world.

          • Hunter Wallace,

            Your strategy of reigning it in and just letting the USA collapse on it’s own due to it’s ridiculous insanity is the only winning strategy at this point. The world is at a danger spot worse than Serbia vs Austria in 1914. This is because of modern weapons and that world morality is far worse now than a century ago.

            Last country standing is a victory. Mexico is better off than USA in that respect despite our stupidity, corruption, crime etc.

            I think God is about ready to sweep the pieces off the board and begin a new game.

        • @Cristina,

          Schadenfreude? Et tu, Cristina?

          If you have watched videos of the most unhinged pro-abortion meltdowns and protests, the mutants “foaming at the mouth” with the rage virus are “women” that either never had children, or never will have children. A great percentage of them will never be pregnant because their sexual partners are of the same sex, they use the birth control pill, or they are so objectively hideous that even a man who just got released from prison after decades would not touch them.

          When someone asks me what can be done about all the decadence, dysgenics, and degeneracy in the West, my standard go to response is to build a time machine, and travel back to 1933.

          • November,

            Yes the Left acts as if their children were just massacred whenever something goes against them.

            Sources/news in south Texas which is essentially a part of Mexico tell us that the Democrats only spent $50,000 while she bought the election by spending 1 million dollars. Turnout was low. The Democrats were saving their war chest.

            I saw somewhere that with 97% of the vote in that Mayra had less than 15,000 votes while her opponent had over 12,000. She might get wiped out in November. She is smart enough to know that non-stop mass immigration will kill the goose…etc.

            Anyway since it seems likely that my graduation celebration might actually be a year from now you might change your mind and be able to come. No pressure just a thought. My invitations to you, Jack Ryan, and dargason might seem premature for an event that far off but I like to plan and give people time to think on such matters.

            Also there is a heavy push from my mother and grandmother to move us back to Mexico with my father going back and forth.

          • Herr November,

            I found this song for you. Is it not strange that I could have been a “nazi” girl in Germany and been in good standing with the Church yet the very principles of Americanism like freedom of religion and individuality are mortal sins?

            My computer skills are caca but what I thought I downloaded is tank song from some movie. I hope it comes out.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        As an aside a Bishop in Massachusetts decreed that a school in Massachusetts was no longer Catholic because it flew the Black Lives Matter flag and the homosexual flag. He said quite correctly that BLM and homosexuality are incompatible with Catholicism.

        Do not get me started on Pope Francis.

      • >I’m looking forward to the pending Supreme Court decision which is going to end it here.

        Of course (as you well know), reversing Roe v Wade will not ‘end abortion here’ — I imagine it will be quickly legalized in a majority of states — there is zero chance the federal government will outlaw it.

        Andrew Anglin touches on a logical anomaly I’ve been pointing out for years: the existence of fetal homicide laws (nearly every state has such a statute) alongside abortion on demand:

        Black Alpha Male Decapitates 8-Months-Pregnant White Woman, Throws Her in the Dumpster

        Side issue here, but – how is it possible that “intentional homicide of an unborn child” is still a crime in America? I remember this with the whole Lacy Peterson trial. How can it be illegal to kill an unborn child in a country with abortion on demand? … The explanation is apparently that only the mother is allowed to kill her child.

        I’ve never seen a fetal homicide statute that specified ‘intentional’ — if someone kills a pregnant woman, he can (and usually will) be charged with an additional count of homicide, regardless of the gestational age of the fetus, and whether he knew the woman was pregnant or not — these statutes always have a clause specifically excluding an otherwise legal abortion.

        An interesting exercise is to bring this up with a woman who supports abortion — ask her if she also thinks fetal homicide laws should be abolished.

      • HW,

        I am glad you wrote that the Roe v Wade decision was one of the greatest blights on this nation because in the history of the USA there are at least a half a dozen worst that immediately come to mind.

  11. I notice some commenters using “second world” incorrectly. It has nothing to do with quality of life or social conditions. It is from the Cold War, where first world was Western noncommunist countries, second world was Communist countries, and third world was countries not aligned with either of the first two. Again, “second world” has nothing to do with living standards. It means communist. Brazil is not a second world country.

    • Meanings change over time and as the cold war faded then the USSR imploded more than thirty years ago 1st, 2nd and 3rd world took on new meanings. By about 1975 the Left in the U.S. was referring to beauty spots like Africa, Haiti and Central America as “Third World” based upon their degree of civilization (or lack thereof) and particularly their desperate poverty, blaming it on the U.S. of course.

      What went unspoken so as not to frighten White, middle class “liberals” was the accompanying levels of horrendous violence, stupidity, corruption and misogyny in Third World places. The “magic dirt” theory accounted for the failure of Third World nations to advance. They had “tragic dirt” while the U.S., Europe, Australia, NZ, Japan had “magic dirt” that unjustly allowed some places to flourish while others failed. Intrinsic qualities of people had nothing to do with success or failure, it was a roll of the dice.

      DJT summed up Third World places better than anyone else. He lamented the U.S. taking in millions of people from “Shithole Countries”. That is the best description of the Third World I have ever heard. It has nothing to do with Communism anymore, even China isn’t really Communist now.

  12. Cristina: I would be honored to attend. Do you waltz? Also, you might want to read a book of mine, a novel titled The Green Path, my first novel, dealing with War in Central America during the 1980’s. A Guatemalan girl in America who struggles to play her piano and cope with war memories of Guatemala, as well as flashbacks to the American civil war and a reporter determined to find the true story. it went out of print, but is back on through Amazon. You get it on kindle or paperback for 11.99. I think you and everyone at OD might enjoy it. I would enjoy a Latina perspective of my book.

    • How pompous to speak for everyone on here and hawk your book.
      You people will go off on WNs who don’t do everything you want, but you openly flaunt and engage in race mixing.

    • daragason,

      Excellent. It depends of course if I am still in the USA. Also, the ceremony etc. might be in May 2023 since I still do not know if schools have Fall graduations. Colleges do but I am not in college. My older sister thinks not and my parents are not sure. I asked a secretary at school and she said she would find out but she never got back to me. And then the semester was over.

      Either way I wanted to find out if you were at least amenable to such an event.

      You are quite talented if you are an author.

    • dargason,

      Do not let me forget to look into your book. It is now summer and school is out so I am going to have fun—swimming, hiking, and my father said he will give me more shooting lessons which I have not had since last summer.

      I am usually serious and reliable but can get distracted when being around my girl friends. Yes you can guess what our main topic is.

      Anyway for summer I found this American song. Without the internet these songs would be forgotten. If it does not play it was Here Comes Summer by Jerry Keller. I like soft rock and roll.

      • Ya callate. It is not your personal blog. Nobody cares about your personal life.

        • How would she even receive any information from anyone on here? There’s no way to access anyone’s email or do a private message, either.
          Stupid of someone to think no one notices!

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