Biden Tells Americans To Swallow High Gas Prices For Ukraine

Joe Biden makes a good point here.

This was a bipartisan decision to burn the American middle class and working class on inflation and gas prices for the sake of America’s foolish foreign policy in Ukraine. The needs of the American Empire always comes first and the worker comes last. That’s also true on trade policy.

Note: Unfortunately, the West still hasn’t found another Russia on planet Earth to make up for the shortfall in supply that is causing the energy shock, but the search continues.


  1. Brandon is saying “Guns before butter.”

    Go to hell, Mr. “President.” Ukraine is not our problem. Instead of wasting money on Ukraine, howz about we fly every last neocon out over the nearest ocean and throw them out the door instead?

  2. Republicans really can’t rebuke him on this without appearing as the hypocrites they are. The funniest thing about the Ukraine war is Anti-Whites pretending to care about Whites.

  3. ” The needs of the American Empire always comes first and the worker comes last. ”
    Well said

    “West still hasn’t found another Russia”
    Not 11 million bbls.
    Biden is going on his begging tour to Saudi Arabia, to kiss Arab assets.
    Stupid old fool, Saudis don’t have enough spare capacity. Secondly, why should they, Their oil revenue now exceeds 1,000 million$ PER DAY !

  4. I think Russia will win the war, the Russians are resolved to tough it out and they see the conflict as a Peter the Great moment. I support Russia as I see the Kiev government as nothing more than a puppet government of the Western liberal elite New World Order. The ruble Russian currency is sky high, morale in the country is good despite previous heavy losses.

    I can’t believe we need to wait until 2024 to get somewhat competent leadership in the White House, we could hypothetically impeach Biden with a conservative majority but then we would get Kamala Harris as president which would be worse.

    The idea that the Biden administration can do nothing about gas prices or inflation is laughable, he choose to do nothing, they want us to use dangerous public transportation, rent property, and own nothing. It’s part of the NWO agenda.

  5. Russia at best supplied 9% of the oil used by the Kangdumb of Wokeunduh under Shitpants Joe. The events in Country 404 have little to do with prices at the gas pump. We shouldn’t be surprised that a senile retarded ventriloquist-dummy would say Murikans should be honored to pay more to stand for the puppet-dicktatorship run by Zelensky (e.g. “Democracy” in Newspeak). After all, if the air shakes hand with you…

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