Senate Passes Gun Control

Republican voters have gotten a lot better in recent years.

Republican politicians, particularly the elderly senators around Mitch McConnell who collectively rule the party, are a different story. We’ve seen this dynamic play out over and over again.

The Hill:

“Fifteen Republican senators voted Thursday to end a filibuster on legislation to enhance background checks and provide billions of dollars in new mental health services, giving the bill a good chance of passing Congress and getting signed into law.   …

But the talks received a major boost when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) tapped Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to lead the negotiations with Democrats.  

Negotiators released the text of the 80-page bill Tuesday. Here are the 15 Republicans who voted Thursday to advance it to a final vote …”

Here are some recent examples:

Juneteenth is a particularly striking example.

John Cornyn created a fake federal holiday that was supported by only 7% of Republican voters. Most Americans knew little about Juneteenth until it was foisted on them by the cowards in the Senate. It goes without saying that Lindsey Graham is a catastrophe on lots of different issues.

Fortunately, Blunt, Portman, Toomey and Burr are on the way out, which will weaken McConnell within the Senate Republican caucus. If you really want to shake up and change the direction of the Republican Party, this shows that the way to do it is through getting more involved in Senate races. That’s the critical chokepoint. Just ask Joe Biden who really rules Washington these days.

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  1. The definition of insanity is forever voting Republican thinking that they’ll make things better.

    • I’m not so sure.

      This was definitely true until recently. We didn’t have Republican voters on our side. Thus, Republican politicians had no incentive to cater to our demands. Now, the Republican normie agrees with us on lots of issues (this change has only happened over the last 5 years), so it is a lot harder to ignore and marginalize us than it was in the past

      • At least on the national level I doubt it will make any difference as long as the “Old Guard” leadership and donor class stay around.

        • It’s too late now. These people are in power, and the power behind them, of course. Americans gave up their right to be free, by allowing these criminals to run the show.

      • >I’m not so sure.

        Dude, as an institution the GOP is unsalvageable.

        Collins faces uphill battle to win GOP support for insulin cost bill

        Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is facing an uphill climb as she seeks to win over GOP colleagues for a bipartisan insulin bill ahead of a vote expected next month. … Backers say the bill, which would cap out-of-pocket insulin costs at $35 per month and seeks to lower the overall cost of the drug, is sorely needed given that as many as 1 in 4 patients with diabetes ration their insulin due to cost. …
        But the measure faces headwinds due to election year politics as well as concerns from some Republicans that it interferes in the free market or costs too much money.

        • A few years ago, I would have agreed with you, but now I am not so sure. There has been a massive shift in public opinion over the past two years. This clique of establishment Senate Republicans, which was so strong when Trump was president, is also aging and thinning out and their electoral base of support has frayed. The demographic composition of the GOP base has changed. Now, I would say it is an open question. We will know in a few years when McConnell & Co. retire

          • Younger people don’t see the Republicans as a better choice than the Democrats. They are just as bad toward us. Republicans don’t represent whites at all. They just do the Trump big talk all of the time. But the real money and power is sent to the nonwhites.

  2. Hopefully, the electorate will shoot pass the typical retardican and embrace a rising fervent nationalistic branch.

  3. Sen. Cornhole from Texas voted for so-called “gun safety” legislation . . . . ,

    Compare and contrast: Your wife and children are driving through small town Texas at night and their car blows a tire a mile outside town. Your wife doesn’t know how to change the tire, her cell phone doesn’t get service when suddenly two Ford F-150 pickups stop behind her. Out comes eight good ‘ole boys, rifles and shotguns on racks in their trucks.

    Evening ma’am, would you like some help? Five minutes later the tire is changed, the good ‘ole boys decline payment, tell her they will follow her to make sure she gets where she is going safely. She thanks them profusely, makes it to the hotel and waves good bye to them. None of the evil rifles, not even the dreaded AR-15 leapt off the gun rack in the truck and shot anyone, all ended peacefully.

    Compare and contrast: Your wife and children are driving through beautiful Newark, NJ in broad daylight, lost on the way to the airport. They are stopped at a red light, windows rolled up, doors locked while sullen negroes saunter by glaring at her. There is a sudden pounding on the roof while a dark, angry face yells at her: Yo bitch! WTF you doin’ here? Dialing 911 she is relived that the police are only 15 minutes away prepared to fill out police reports after the criminals have fled.

  4. It’s always the Republicans compromising with the Democrats, not the other way around. The Republicans play not to lose while the dems play to win by any means necessary.

  5. It is the nature of retardicans to capitulate on the most important cultural and legal battles to to juden-left’s agenda. They’re jellyfish that dine on shekels and talmudic ideology.

    All roads lead to National Socialism, or they lead nowhere.

  6. Given that there are a significant number of ‘socially liberal, fiscally conservative’ congressional Republicans who are willing to side with Democrats on contentious societal issues (e.g. gun control), what are the chances that Congress could pass a law decriminalizing abortion at the federal level? — what would this mean for states that have laws making abortion illegal?

    Overturning Roe v Wade only means outlawing abortion is no longer incompatible with the Constitution, i.e. outlawing abortion is (once again) permissible at the state level — it does not mean a ‘right’ to abortion is somehow contained within the Constitution (that idea always seemed absurd to me).

    In other words, if access to abortion can be legislated at the state level, why can’t it be legislated at the federal level? — and why wouldn’t Democrats attempt to do that, if for no other reason than to get congressional Republicans up for reelection this year on the record about abortion before the elections in November?

    • linkMy bet is we see an impeachment vote in the House this summer. They will target Kegger Kavanaugh for lying in his hearing. Maybe Barrett too. The Dems have the votes to move it to the Senate by the fall. Then it can be an election issue. … Given how many Republicans are now voting in lockstep with the Democrats, there is a good chance they have sixty votes to remove some judges. As we saw with the gun grabbing bill, the democrats have a 65-35 majority in the Senate.

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