The Atlantic: America is Growing Apart, Possibly For Good

We just took a gigantic step toward this outcome.

The Atlantic:

“It may be time to stop talking about “red” and “blue” America. That’s the provocative conclusion of Michael Podhorzer, a longtime political strategist for labor unions and the chair of the Analyst Institute, a collaborative of progressive groups that studies elections. In a private newsletter that he writes for a small group of activists, Podhorzer recently laid out a detailed case for thinking of the two blocs as fundamentally different nations uneasily sharing the same geographic space.

“When we think about the United States, we make the essential error of imagining it as a single nation, a marbled mix of Red and Blue people,” Podhorzer writes. “But in truth, we have never been one nation. We are more like a federated republic of two nations: Blue Nation and Red Nation. This is not a metaphor; it is a geographic and historical reality.”

To Podhorzer, the growing divisions between red and blue states represent a reversion to the lines of separation through much of the nation’s history. The differences among states in the Donald Trump era, he writes, are “very similar, both geographically and culturally, to the divides between the Union and the Confederacy. And those dividing lines were largely set at the nation’s founding, when slave states and free states forged an uneasy alliance to become ‘one nation.’”

Podhorzer isn’t predicting another civil war, exactly. But he’s warning that the pressure on the country’s fundamental cohesion is likely to continue ratcheting up in the 2020s. Like other analysts who study democracy, he views the Trump faction that now dominates the Republican Party—what he terms the “MAGA movement”—as the U.S. equivalent to the authoritarian parties in places such as Hungary and Venezuela. It is a multipronged, fundamentally antidemocratic movement that has built a solidifying base of institutional support through conservative media networks, evangelical churches, wealthy Republican donors, GOP elected officials, paramilitary white-nationalist groups, and a mass public following. And it is determined to impose its policy and social vision on the entire country—with or without majority support. “The structural attacks on our institutions that paved the way for Trump’s candidacy will continue to progress,” Podhorzer argues, “with or without him at the helm.” …”

We’re not done yet.

The Supreme Court is also ruling again on affirmative action soon.

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  1. “America is Growing Apart”

    Translation: the media amplified hysterical left is losing control.

    Uh……((Michael Avram Podhorzer))

    • >((Michael Avram Podhorzer))

      His comments as reported here illustrate well what I have termed secular moral absolutism — note how he characterizes anything that runs counter to the secular moral canon espoused by people like him as ‘fundamentally antidemocratic’, ‘authoritarian’, etc — ‘the Trump faction that now dominates the Republican Party’ seems ridiculous to me, but he probably suggests this in order to dishonestly project his condemnation of MAGA heretics onto the entire GOP establishment, when actually there is no more loyal servant of the existing order than the GOP.

  2. We are one nation once you exclude the subversive and harmful Jews and Irish. WTF are they doing here anyways? The famine is over and the miserable trouble making Jews were given their own country,long ago. So what are they doing here telling us how to think and act, and what is right and wrong, and what is supposed to belong to them. This filth has no claim on anything.

      • It’s his hobby horse. I do remember the kid across the street was Irish and us walking to school together in 1980 and him saying “Come on Carter!” When I mentioned it to my mom she said his parents must be democrats so I can see that it wasn’t just the jews in the democrats but a few generations ago urban Irish were big with them as well. Don’t know now though whether any of those mid 20th century cultural dynamics apply. I find American born 3rd generation whites obsessed with some long past ethnicity quite annoying, it’s only slightly better than Elizabeth Warren’s fake Indian crap. My sister’s childhood friend was born in the Ukraine but came here at the age of 1 and spent her whole childhood living in the Chicago suburbs of the John Hughes movies but for the last 20 years has been absolutely obsessed with the Ukraine and all things Ukrainian. She even no longer goes by Cathy as she was known in school but now calls herself “Katya” like some femme fatale from a James Bond movie. Such really annoys me, she can move back as far as I’m concerned.

  3. The war started over 150 years ago when by force they occupied the south and destroyed the cultural pillars of the old south, what underpinned the Confederacy, and has been being waged against not only the states of that Confederacy, but the ones that tried to stay neutral, naively, (like kentucky).

    They started the war. Cynical technocrats and tycoons seeking a new source of cheap labor that at the time was being exploited by their competitors in the South, the old money plantation owners, under an older economic model.

    For our temerity in resisting their conquest, they’ve tried for 160 plus years to eradicate us. Our language, our music, our values and faith, our children through indoctrination. They’ve taken our heros, our monuments to them. They’ve engaged in genocide.

    Whats happened in the interim makes it plainly clear that the war never ended, but just went cold. The question of our survival, and right to defend ourselves and our own way (the most basic natural right, that of self defense, which any animal has) has not been fully adjudicated.

    The difference between us was never irreparable. They just insisted on it being so. So here we are, and we still have some fight left in us.

    • This division is a good thing. NOW let’s get the restructuring conversation going. To save America and please ( almost ), all the people all the time, we MUST restructure into 4 or 5 new Republics … a Utopia for each side / group … ours being a very enlarged all white Confederacy 2.0. Shout it from everywhere! This should now be common household talk. Try not to use the word “secession.” It triggers the low IQ normies and of course the darkies. “Restructuring,” means happiness for ALL.

    • More ‘women in the workforce’.

      Influence Watch — Analyst Institute

      Unfortunately it is a (nominally for profit) ‘Limited Liability Corporation’, so unlike a 501(c)(3) they are not required to make their financial records public — it is always interesting to see who backs these outfits financially.

      • Hmmm, Lemme guess , , , NASCAR? . . . no, NRA? . . . no, Occidental Dissent? . . . no, . . . it couldn’t, just couldn’t be The Usual Suspects, could it?

  4. It’s almost funny. The people who want to micro-manage our behavior, speech, and even our thoughts, are the same people who call us “authoritarians.”

  5. The (((left))) has been imposing its policy and social vision on the whole country without majoriy support on the issues of abortion, immigration and foreign policy. The left used the courts to impose its minority values on abortion, same sex marriage and immigration.

    • Why is an invasion of foreigners, coming here to live off of us, drain trillions off taxpayer dollars…called “immigration”? It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not, the whole “legal versus illegal” thing is a joke, because they still live off of us. They are treated like they are highly trained scientists or something. It was the left who started calling them “immigrants”. This country is being overrun, and if you live somewhere where that you don’t see it, it’s still there, because they’re being shipped, flown, and bussed all over the country. Soon, most of Central America will be in North America. That’s no joke.

      • They will recreate here what they fled. They have a negative affect on the prosperity and living conditions of all Americans.

        • There are areas of US cities that look like Mexico. I’m tired of whites warming up to them. It’s the old thing that if they move here, they’ll become like us. They won’t, and they don’t want us to have this country.
          For some reason, Mexico has some kind of hold on the US. When George Bush was president, Vicente Fox criticized the US and said we should take down our southern border (…so he could send more people up here to live off of us…), and Bush got on a plane and flew down there to talk to him! He should have told him to f– off. But no…they always treat them like they’re “our neighbor”. Our neighbor who ALLOWS millions to cross our border, who allows drug traffic, etc.

  6. This Article share the same amusing ignorance that so many articles Written like this have. The last 100 plus years of the left warring with traditional culture just vanishes in the article. Magically disappeared. He’s right the country could well break up, but acts confused why. Duh.

    • “Right side of History” and all that. The march toward Utopia. In their own eyes, they can do no wrong.

    • Libtards always act as if the new beliefs and values they invented last Thursday are universal laws. They even go so far as to retcon history and pretend that things like tranny kids have always been common.

  7. Even if all states outlawed abortion, Canada and the Carribean are a hop away, for baby killers.

    • The ghettoes and inner cities will explode with a huge increase of population. There will be MORE to live off the over taxed American workers. More crime. More diverse problems.
      Every single big and mid size city in the US has a vast hood of gutted out old homes and crime.

  8. The Left has been enforcing it’s moral and social policy vision on the country without majority support on all societal and cultural issues since the end of WW2.- ‘Immigration. abortion and foreign policy”?- what, pray tell, about race relations? Brown vs. Topeka was decided in defiance of stare decisis(case precedents) and legislative history- the established methods for deciding appellate cases. How will the Left respond to this change in the law?- perhaps they’ll decide to secede- we can only hope! Blue states-don’t let the door hit you in the ass when you leave!

    • “Brown vs. Topeka was decided in defiance of stare decisis(case precedents) and legislative history ….”

      On what basis do you say it was decided in defiance of stare decisis? And what do you mean when you say it was decided “in defiance of … legislative history”?

  9. If fetuses are human, then why don’t the pro-life crowd push for murder charges against women who have abortions? I’ve never been given a straight answer.

    • Because pro life conservatives tend to be either women or fags who worship women. Neither group ever wants to hold females responsible for their actions. Honestly, all females who have had abortions ought to be retroactively charged with murder and sent to the gallows.

    • Because they made up some stupid idea, that the baby is not viable until born, saying it can’t survive on its own. That’s dumb, because the baby, once born, still can’t survive on it’s own. It would die, if the mother didn’t fee it, just like it’s “fed” in the uterus.

  10. We do need to quit thinking about red state America and blue state America. Instead, we need to think about red state secession and the creation of a Greater White Heartland Republic. We don’t just want the red states. We want all red counties and red congressional districts currently held hostage in blue state America and invite the provinces of Western Canada to join the GWHR. (Hence the term “Greater” in our title)

        • Indiana will definitely share our fate.

          If there is ever a real National Divorce, it will cleave the Acela Corridor and the West Coast from the interior of the country. That’s the meaningful fault line in our times

      • And parts of Western Cannada. Which is why I call it the Greater White Heartland Republic.

  11. One thing is for sure: The “Pro-White” Movement, as represented for years by the likes of Amren, NPI, Counter-Currents, Renegade Tribune, Identity Evropa, Patriot Front, America First, and basically every other moobment website with the sole exception of Daily Stormer,* has become obsolete, with nothing to say on the issues that matter to White Americans and White Europeans.

    I’m done with the boring, impertinent arguments and commentary. When I’m always thinking to myself, “okay, now how can we sell this to the normies?” its because the content isnt sellable. “Support abortion because it culls the Black population!” I literally dont even care anymore. Has Chris Hayes lost his family and been reduced to toiling on a farm yet? Have White Educated Professionals been replaced by Pajeets and A-Rabs yet? Has academia been abolished and public schooling been outlawed yet? Are we Under His Eye yet?

    Whether we like it or not, Pro-White individuals are now foot soldiers in a general Right Wing war against the Left and the Jews. Its the way God intended it. Its our Manifest Destiny. We are not “our own movement” with “our own interests”** We are one faction of a broader coalition. A Reactionary coalition. A Fascist coalition. Fascism *will* triumph in the United States and Europe, whether that face is a White one or has shades of Brown, Yellow, and perhaps even Black. It doesn’t matter anymore.

    *Anglin has transitioned the Daily Stormer from a vanguard cartoon nazi site to a more generic Right Wing site – and frankly, the results are fantastic. The incel content doesnt define it. The cutting edge commentary on all the important issues of the day does.

    **what the hell even are those interests?? Eugenics? Racial purity? Segregation? Separation? When I say it out loud, I realize why no one buys it

    • I need to write an article that debunks eugenics.

      The gist of the article would be that legal abortion has been inexorably followerd by racial and cultural decline everywhere it has ever been implemented. No country anywhere on earth that has legalized abortion has become more White over time. There couldn’t be a greater disconnect between 1.) the dream of eugenicists of culling the non-White population and 2.) the result of legal abortion. Look at California

      • I think you mean dysgenics. I want a state that has a pro-natal policy and subsidizes those of valuable stock within the race to have more children.

    • @DP84 I never saw any website as a real movement. Some of those sites are still going in circles over Negro crime statistics and such. Some are just safety valves, to let Whites release frustration. Remember that many enemies will control both sides of the conflicts. Agree that Daily Stormer is good, because it reports the current issues. The other ones, like Occidental Observer, are just insane with philosophizing history and politics.

    • “Fascism *will* triumph in the United States and Europe, whether that face is a White one or has shades of Brown, Yellow, and perhaps even Black. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

      Well, you’re right….it doesn’t matter if that happens. Nothing matters at all in that case….bring on the asteroid.

  12. Russia have raised the “Z” against globalism

    We need to raise the old “X” for Christ and the same reason

    End the Union End the War

  13. Demography is destiny. Things like the separation of powers between the legislative branch and the judicial branch won’t matter if our population becomes Central American Mayan, Haitian and the ruling elite is Jewish, Indian, homo LGBT.

    The judges will just make up all kinds of nonsense and use the threat of protests, mob terror to abuse us.

    Unless White Americans learn to play identity politics, get Hispanics to disposes the worst anti White Blacks, get Muslims and Hispanics to take down a lot of J power, we’re F#*$&*@, confined to whining that “That’s not in the Constitution”.

    Nope, CRT, letting Blacks riot, loot, rape our women, drive cars without drivers licenses that’s not in the Constitution. All the wars since World War II have been unconstitutional – no declarations of war. And the Fed is unconstitutional.

    So what?

    Need to start thinking and acting more like the Amish (With guns) Orania, or internationalists like Lebanese Christians or yeah the Js in a Whiter way. Consider marrying an old Danish widow – Denmark has the best quality of life the best racial situation, best immigration/islam restrictionist government. And Denmark doesn’t have much any of the stupid obsession of the America White Right Wing GUNS GUNS GUNS, Christian Denomination obsessions, obsessions about sex.

    • Why do you expect “Hispanics” to change things for us? Really? You think they are on our side? You should get out and be around them more. They want us gone, and they want the US for themselves. It won’t remain a First World nation, it will become just like where they came from, because they didn’t change that either.

      If they wouldn’t fix things in their own nations, why would they here? They don’t really care about freedom. They call themselves “conservatives” and go on about their “family values”, but Whites used to have big families, too, before it got too expensive, and Feminism and Population Control preached smaller ones.
      Hispanics can “afford” big families, because they are supported and subsidized by your taxed wages.

      It was quite apparent that the paid activists were working overtime from the GOP, posting comments about the Mayra Flores election in Texas. There were too many comments from “whites” who said they backed her. With everything going on, it seems rather opposite, and overly trusting, to back up those who are causing the problems.

  14. reply to John Bonacorrsi, Philadelphia- Plessy v. Ferguson was the clear controlling case precedent which declared that ‘separate but equal” public facilities did not violate the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment. Further the Brown court defied legislative history. The same Congress(1867) that passed the 14th amendment also governed the District of Columbia at the time-there was no mayor or city council-, and this Congress created a racially segregated public school system for the District of Columbia. -so they obviously didn’t think racially segregated public schools violated the 14th amendment. Then what, pray tell, did the Warren Court base it’s decision on in Brown?- the half-cocked “Doll experiments of a black sociologist named Kenneth Clark- and even these doll studies were dishonestly presented to the Court. Clark said that the fact that black children chose white over colored dolls in his experiments showed that racial segregation damaged their self image, but failed to disclose to the Court that his doll experiments were done in 2 school systems- Massachusetts, which had a racially integrated school system, and Arkansas, which had a racially segregated school system. He hid from the Court that the black children in Massachusetts choose the white dolls with a greater percentage of frequency than the black children in Arkansas- which according to his reasoning would indicate that black children in a segregated school setting had higher self esteem than blacks had in an integrated school setting. Even the NY Times headline on it’s article announcing and describing the decision said that Brown was a decision based on ‘Sociology, not law’- which is an admission that the Appellees in the Brown case had been denied due process of law.

    • “the half-cocked “Doll experiments of a black sociologist named Kenneth Clark”

      That the ruling court of America could be swayed by such an infantile presentation takes travesty to new hights.

  15. Thanks for your reply. Your statement that Plessy v. Ferguson was the “clear” controlling precedent in Brown is an assertion, not an argument. There have been cases–or at least, one case (West Virginia Bd. of Ed. v. Barnette, 1943, having to do with compulsory saluting of the flag in public schools)–in which the Supreme Court frankly overturned a decision of its own, but Brown is not one of them. The court in Brown distinguished the question before it (having to do with segregated schools) from the question in Plessy (having to do with segregation on train cars). If you think the distinction was unconvincing, you’re free to argue against it. I’ll add, for the record, that I am always suspicious of a statement that something in the law is “clear.” Use of that word is just about invariably a sign that the person uttering it doesn’t have an argument.

    That the Congress that created the Fourteenth Amendment didn’t think that a racially-segregated school system was inconsistent with that amendment at the time the amendment and the school system were created is not dispositive of the constitutionality of the segregation. A legislative body can be unaware that it has contradicted itself. Moreover, the Brown court was express in arguing that it, the court, in weighing the question, had to “consider public education in the light of its full development and its present place in American life throughout the Nation.” It stated it would not “turn the clock back to 1868, when the Amendment was adopted, or even to 1896, when Plessy v. Ferguson was written.” I’ll add, for the record, that there does not seem to be any indication, in the Brown decision, that either of the parties raised this subject, of the attitude of the Congress that created the D.C. school system. The decision, I’m pretty sure, does not mention it at all.

    As to the validity of the sociological evidence that you say was the decisive factor for the Brown court, well, I have no opinion on that either way. It has nothing to do with your original statement, about stare decisis and legislative history.

    “Even the NY Times headline on it’s article announcing and describing the decision said that Brown was a decision based on ‘Sociology, not law’- which is an admission that the Appellees in the Brown case had been denied due process of law.”

    An admission? The NY Times does not speak for the U.S. Supreme Court.

    • You can wriggle and squirm all you want, but the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown was simply a decision to rewrite settled law (58 years- Plessy or 87 years- 14th amendment and DC public school system) in defiance of stare decisis and Legislative History.- exactly the type of arrogance the Left is now accusing the current Supreme Court of doing in regards to Roe v. Wade. For a detailed article on the machinations and skullduggery of Felix Frankfurter- the only jew on the Brown Supreme Court and the architect of the decision, along with his Mephistopheles Stanley Elman- read the chapter in Paul Craig Roberts’ book ,”The New Color Line” regarding the Brown decision. If the Left can do this regarding racially segregated schools, then the Right can do this regarding abortion.

      • I’m talking about what was in Brown. I haven’t said anything either way about this latest case.

        • By the way, if you’re seriously inquiring about whether there is a confession about the whole sorry, sordid Jewish Leftist conspiracy that led to the Brown decision, read Elman’s Harvard Law Review article in the 1987 Harvard Law Review confessing to the whole thing. He thought he would be lionized for doing what was necessary to change the law on segregated public schools, but even the Harvard hierarchy was horrified by what he and Frankfurter had done.Frankfurter should have been removed from the bench and Elman should have been disbarred.

          • As it happens, Felix Frankfurter was dead twenty years by the time Elman–Philip, by the way, not Stanley–blathered about whatever it is he blathered about; so even you should be able to understand that the removal of Frankfurter from the bench was out of the question at that point.

            I don’t care about whatever soap opera Paul Craig Roberts rehashed re Brown. I care about what was in the unanimous decision. Do you want to win, or do you want to lose? If you want to win, you learn how the game is played, and it’s not played by false remarks about a legal decision. Would you like to know what it’s like when stare decisis is repudiated? Read the closing of this Dobbs case, or the closing of the old West Virginia case I mentioned.

            You can smell a liberal a mile off? Then how do you stand the stench of Paul Craig Roberts, whose point is that decisions like Brown undermined the rule of law or democracy or whatever it is he’s going on about in that book?

            Do you care whether Brown undermined the rule of law? Is that what bothers you about it? You think it was bad constitutional analysis? I couldn’t care less about that. I care about the white race. I want a constitution that preserves it, that enables it to flourish—while you’re jabbering about analysis of the Fourteenth Amendment. I have better things to do than play “gotcha” and other ridiculous games with liberals.

  16. In other words, john-you’re ok with cheating? poor WASP’s thought they were governed by an honest government. The left still cloaks itself in faux righteousness, and they are dishonest to the core-hope everyone knows that now. Thanks for confessing it publicly

    • I’ll place my reply to this comment of yours in my reply to your following comment.

  17. John- if you are really a white advocate and fail to see the importance Of Brown in the decline and fall of America and white gentile civilization here, then you are truly a lost ball in high weeds! Brown provided the blueprint for all subsequent liberal change in America
    – and liberalism is the modern face of evil. I can think of no better way to advance our cause than to debunk the fairy tale about the supposed righteousness of the Brown decision, and the evil men who plotted it.

    • “Brown provided the blueprint for all subsequent liberal change in America”

      That and integrating the services 1947.

    • Do you really mean to say that skin color equates to character? That having dark skin means you cannot and should not be educated?

      Do you realize that western civilization itself wouldn’t exist had it not been for Arab scholors preserving ancient Greek texts during the Dark Ages? Modern science itself was born of that lineage.

      Don’t get me wrong — there _was_ a worthy culture in the arts/music/literature department during that time, but the car your drive, and the HVAC you use, is a product of thinking minds dedicated to building things using the tools of natural science.

  18. “I can think of no better way to advance our cause than to debunk the fairy tale about the supposed righteousness of the Brown decision, and the evil men who plotted it.”

    If, as you say, you can think of no better way than that to advance the white cause, then I’d say you have little to contribute to that cause—because that way won’t work. That’s my point. That’s why I posted my original comment, in which I asked about your legal objections, so to speak, to the Brown decision.

    Do you really think the attitude of persons who favor non-segregation, in the schools or elsewhere—persons who, in other words, do think Brown was a good, moral decision—will be reversed if those persons are informed that illicit communication supposedly took place between Frankfruter and Elman in the course of the creation of that decision? Go ahead: Contact Tucker Carlson, see if you can get on his show to tell everyone about that. I can just see the ranks of White Nationalists swelling in consequence of your appearing on the show to do that. Gloss over the fact that Frankfurter, as I’ve said, was dead two decades by the time Elman spoke of this and that he, Frankfurter, was thus unable to comment on or respond to what Elman had said. For good measure, throw in the view of Paul Craig Roberts that Chief Justice Warren was just power-hungry, anyway, or whatever it is Roberts said in his recounting of the not-exactly-gripping drama that culminated in the issuing of that UNANIMOUS decision. Undoubtedly, Americans from coast to coast will view Brown in an entirely new light. While you’re at it, you can throw in some comments about Margaret Sanger’s having been a racist eugenicist. I’m sure that will change countless opinions about abortion.

    What I’m saying is this: Get serious. Saying that you think the Fourteenth Amendment, interpreted properly, in accordance with “separate but equal,” would not have required racial integration of the schools is like saying you wouldn’t mind wholesale immigration from the non-white world if that immigration were legal. Slight changes in law would leave you rhetorically defenseless. “[No state shall] deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, INCLUDING LAWS RESPECTING RACIAL INTEGRATION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS.” Happy now? “Any person who wants to come into the U.S. from anywhere may do so, and anybody who’s here already may apply for citizenship.” Happy now? Everything’s legal.

    If you’re for a race-based state, an Aryan state, just say it. That’s the only way to advance the white cause.

    • John- people are coming over to our side in droves- look at the about face regarding the “Great Replacement’! The Left will always use the Civil Rights Movement as it’s safe haven and redoubt if we let them- it will be like the Ho Chi Minh trail-a place where they can go to lick their wounds and regain their strength,
      – we were righteous then , and are righteous now, they’ll say. Only when we convince the masses that the Left was as rotten then as it is rotten now can we expect to win permanently. The truth of the matter is they were rotten right from the beginning- and the truth about Brown proves it! Being a Northerner is an impediment- we in the South knew the whole Leftist enterprise was a lie from beginning to end. Why insist upon this?- well, it just happens to be the truth!

  19. John- the decision was unanimous because Frankfurter eventually used threats and extortion tactics against his fellow justices. When he saw that his side was going down after the first argument he asked Chief Justice Fred Vinson for a rehearing and Vinson of Kentucky, being a southern gentleman, granted it. When Vinson died in the interim in September, 1953 of a heart attack. Elman recounts Frankfurter saying to him in mock horror, “I’m shocked- shocked !” and then he confided to Elman- “Vinson’s death is the first real proof I’ve ever had of the existence of God!” – As Leo Durocher said, Nice guys finish last. Warren had made a corrupt bargain with Eisenhower during the presidential primary campaign of 1953- give me the next opening on the Supreme Court and I’ll deliver all of California’s nominating votes for your presidential candidacy. Eisenhower agreed
    and delivered – Eisenhower won the nomination over Robert Taft of Ohio- Mr. Conservative, as he was called. The next opening just happened to be Chief justice.

  20. Do I think that a proper application of the 14th amendment will solve things? Well, as a Southerner i can tell you that separate but equal worked fine . Southern whites and blacks got along well so long as certain boundaries were honored The big lie the Civil Rights Movement was based upon is that blacks were hungering to integrate with whites. Then as now, birds of a feather flock together- so in essence the races are still segregated- because that’s the way Southern blacks and whites want it to be. i attended public school before busing under a regime called “freedom of choice” If you wanted to send your child- black or white, to a public school where he or she was a minority, the powers that be would make it happen, even if it meant hiring a taxicab to deliver and pick up the child each day to attend such a school. Very few blacks chose to do that, because given the choice they preferred one another’s company. .But as Rousseau said, sometimes people must be forced to be free. The schools are still de facto segregated- blacks attend ordinary Public schools and whites either attend private schools or 1 of a handful of optional schools where they predominate in the so-called ‘gifted optional classes. Home schooling has become an option for some whites.If blacks prefer segregation, why does this silly counterintuitive system continue?- because the real purpose of the Civil Rights Movement was malevolent, not benevolent- it was not to help blacks but rather to punish whites. it’s the same with all liberal projects and programs- the CRM wasn’t really pro black, but anti-white. The feminist movement wasn’t pro female but instead anti-male. The gay rights movement wasn’t pro homosexual but instead anti heterosexual, and so on down the line. Segregation enshrined in Plessy v. Ferguson worked fine, In the South blacks and whites got along famously until they were stirred up by 3d party agents provocateur- – Yankee abolitionists in the first reconstruction, and Jewish freedom riders in the second reconstruction known as the civil rights movement. Don’t buy the BS – this buggy does have a reverse gear on it- as the Left found out to there chagrin, in the Dobbs case.

    • For the moment, Blowtorch, when nothing substantial is coming to my mind, I’ll say I’m thinking about all the things you’ve said in these comments of yours. I won’t be surprised if we have exchanges down the line.

      • @Philadelphia John,

        Why don’t you and Blowtorch Mason join forces, and argue your case in front of the nine members of Skull and Bones AKA SCOTUS?

        It has been an amusing debate between you two, but like most debates on this blog and elsewhere on the dissident right, it is much ado about nothing.

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