Clarence Thomas Calls On Supreme Court To Revisit Gay Marriage



  1. But interracial marriage is constitutional, right? Clarence is married to a white woman. Would he we annul his own marriage?.Some years ago, a couple of white racist friends and I discussed the morbid question of what would be worse: Your daughter being a mudshark or telling you she was gay. We all glumly concluded that the latter would be the lesser evil. What would you guys say?

    • Have to agree with you. At least that way she wouldn’t produce a little mongrel who hates you.

    • Fully agreed @TW race mixing should be punishable by death, it is true slow genocide and the final crime against any people

  2. The same Republican Senators who voted for the latest Federal gun control, are the same as those who support homosexual/lesbian marriage & LGBTQ. Rob “GayBoy” Portman is a perfect example.

  3. The American political system is so unorganized. It’s based not on the Bible even though all of us wanna say it is. So Abortion is finally “not” a federal protected right and now it becomes a State issue. Ok. Seems we’ve been down this path a bunch of times. Ok again on that. You would think in a once “Christian” country everybody would agree that Abortion is wrong and Unborn babies are human beings and should have rights. At least Abortion will now be illegal in some states. A step in the right direction. Interesting enough this happened 2 years after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic which has killed over a million people. Maybe the government finally realized that was a whole bunch of unnecessary deaths and with the worker shortage…they need more Americans? I thought Illegal Immigrants was gonna solve that problem over the long term? Hmmm. Again it would be nice if this country was run on the Bible and none of these problems would have ever happened in the first place. Deo Vindice !

    • “I thought Illegal Immigrants was gonna solve that problem over the long term? Hmmm. ”

      I hope you are joking. You would really think illegals would be able to do what whites do in this nation???Most of them don’t work and live off of us. Illegals are not capable of being scientists, airline pilots, engineers, and doctors. It’s not just about a body count.

  4. Gay marriage amounts to state sanctioned and state approved sodomy. The court knows with these two decisions, guns and abortion, the court knows we are going to hell and these court people do not want to take the blame for what is to come.

  5. The worst part of the gay thing is that they have been adopting children for years now. Such a thing should not be allowed; a child needs a male and a female figure. Above all, a child should be the result of love between two people and not a lgbtq whim to have things that nature otherwise would not give them. When a straight couple cannot have children (due to illness or fertility problems) then it is only fair that they adopt a child so that they do not have to live in an orphanage and to give them a family, also because their problem of non-fertility is an accident, a misfortune. For gays, no, because for them it is a whim that they cannot have simply because it goes against nature and so they pay for it. They continue to say is my right……. no man or woman is not your right, nature give us rights and if you’re LGBTQ is not you right to have child or to get married in the church.

    • There used to be a dyke with a big mouth where I worked and she was playing house with her lesbian lover. (a so called “gay” marriage) They started collecting all these crack babies through DCFS. It was like a lesbian version of Sound of Music. The quality of kids available for homosexuals to adopt if pretty dismal, one day she had to rush out of work because the little moster stabbed another kid in the back with a pencil at day care. One kid was black, the other looked like Timmy from South Park, possibly fetal alcohol syndrome. A black guy at work’s wife worked at that daycare place and she told him those lesbian’s kids were “BAD.”

      I do hope they strike down gay marriage, it’s a world turned upside down type embarrassment. Plus can you imagine the freak out from these people? I bet it would be even bigger than this one, fags are even more volatile and offensive than the feminists.

  6. In a sane society you wouldn’t have to worry about revisiting “gay” marriage. It would not be allowed to happen in the 1st place but we no longer live in a moral and sane society. The jews made sure of that.

  7. Clarence Thomas is beyond a doubt the greatest Negro in the history of his race. All the statues of the communist fraud MLK should be torn down and replaced with statues of Clarence.

  8. Need a new start where we never have to take this degenerate path ever again.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  9. Clarence Thomas, and other blacks like him is proof that an all White ethno-state shouldn’t be desired. Actually countries and states that are all White end up becoming super liberal and anti-White over the long term. This reality should make it more undesirable.

    • It is worth pointing out that Russia was the first country to legalize abortion under the Soviet Union. Abortion is also still legal there under super trad Orthodoxy. Ironically, it is being banned in the evangelical Protestant South, which is the source of all the ills of Modernity.

    • You’re overstating your case, HW. Russia restricts abortions beyond 12 weeks. That’s three weeks less than Mississippi’s 15 weeks which was what the pro-abortion gang sought to overthrow using Roe v. Wade recently. Some states (AK, CA, CO, NM, VA, NJ, VT) have no gestation limit – full blown infanticide at full term is perfectly fine there. Yes Slumlord is pretty hopeless as he now resorts to the great Orthodox theologian Aleksandr Dugin – a character admired by Spencer in the past – instead of a Dhimmi-Patriarch of Constatinople serving the Sublime Port in the 1870s. Dugin is incoherent at best.

      The best summary of genuine nationalism – love of one’s own people – was penned by Solzhenitsyn while exiled in the west. It’s very different from Zionism, Nazism or Imperialism which are perversions of nationalism.

      The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all men became alike with one nature and one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, its collective personalities; the very least of them wears its own special colors and bears within itself a special facet of God’s design.

      Slumlord, who might best described as an Orthodox Trotskyite, wants to rebuild the stinking Tower of Babel. That’s basically what GloboPedo is all about and the brand of lipstick applied makes no difference on its fundamentally porcine nature. Globalism is a Satanic monstrosity and those who seek the good, the beautiful and the true know it in their bones. So why do you seek to exterminate white folks, Slumlord?? You have a tiny hat, do you?

      • “Slumlord, who might best described as an Orthodox Trotskyite”

        From what i have seen a Orthodox JEW more likely! he follows the irrational pattern of his nervous race

  10. Reading all that nonsense, the left have now validated our right to defend ourselves where appropriate. Never start a physical fight with them, but always be ready if THEY do……..and be the winner. Ensure that your conduct stands up in court.
    I’ve punched a few myself when they kept being a pest……as a last resort. It never went to court, but could have.
    Just leave your guns at home and fight like a real man. You’ll likely avoid the electric chair that way. And……….go as a group, not as one person. Fight as a group, get arrested as a group and fight the charges, and cause, as a group. Safety in numbers.

    • “I’ve punched a few myself when they kept being a pest”

      Thank you for your service

  11. As much as homosexual marriage is a travesty and abomination, I would rather see Loving v. Virginia up for review by SCOTUS, but Clarence Thomas or any other “justice” would never ever strike down the ruling that made interracial marriage legal in America.

    • Nothing actually helpful to White survival will be allowed in this system.

  12. John Roberts is a latter day Earl Warren, Commey will go the way of Sandra Day O’Connor, and Neil Gorsuch and/or Kavinaugh will follow in Anthony Kennedy’s judicial evolution.

  13. For the most part, clarence thomas is the only one on the scotus that I agree with 90% of the time, since they murderded scalia that is.

    I don’t even mind that he’s black, as he is obviously of the talented 1% of them with a brain, and an ornery shitlord streak it would seem.

    At any rate, he is the fag dragginest of the lot.

  14. Uncle Remus coming through , a distance sound of “Swanee River” on the air

    Mein Neger…. Union rags burning in the humid South

    Deo Vindice forward to independence

    End the Union End the War

  15. You people and your “gays”. The happy homos. You may think they are the happy ones, but you are wrong. Sodomites are unhappy people, no matter what you think.

    And by the way, you just lost your white suburban skank vote.

  16. Homosexual marriage is another thing the unelected unaccountable bureaucracy gave the country. I think about 80 years ago the perverse elites decided those sweaty people who lived west of New Yawk could not be depended upon to the right thing when it came to killing babies, or understanding how chic and interesting homosexuality was, or that mentioning God should be taken out of the public arena. So, they took power away from the people’s elected representatives and gave it to government sanctioned bureaucrats. They also created several intelligence agencies and let them do whatever they wanted in secret with little or no oversight.

    The liberal wackos just have to have their own way, you can see them now throwing one of their patented hissy fits. They will destroy the whole country to get their own way, they don’t care who or what they hurt.

    • Confederate armies only stayed in the field so long because the (vast majority) loyal black slaves helped run the farms and businesses back home, as well as doing the support jobs for the military.

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