1. Today, reading journals and watching tv news of my country, i noticed that media have treated what is currently happening in America as a conservative danger, so you’re are doing well if the “globalist league” or “woke league” it is on alert and in alarm. I hope only that something like the riots of 2020 does not happen for this decision about abortion. You know, those on the left are like children, when you don’t do what they want they break and destroy everything.

    • Without breaking and destroying normal people do not understand that serious communist control measures are necessary and unavoidable.

  2. Brats do not care what the polling numbres are and keep pushing their agenda.

    Brats think differently . They think that when they push something through, then arc of history somehow makes it work.

    So when they want green energy, then they must have it and it is other people’s problem how to get energy from solar panel in the winter night. Actually solar panel produces energy in the darkness and someone will figure this out when brats demanding harsh enough like Stalin.

    Trump knew this and probably calculated that when Brats join The Swamp then they destroy entire elite with their absurd demands and zero compromises.

    Sooner or later The Swamp start fighting back seriously and then real fun begins. In Europe this already happening.Swamp things searching peace with Russia and restarting coal power stations. But brats are still here and elite began understand that when they do not put brats back to the closet then Putin prediction about revolt and new elite may be truth too soon.

    • Hell yeah Brother! Yes they sure as rain do want him back in!

      They want to misdirect and pull another one over on us but not this time Bubba

      Even Anglin learned his mistake!, i recon only Sodomite Greg and Spencer will shill this time

      • Spencer and Johnson should team up. Johnson can bend Spencer over and help him become who he is.

      • There is no party backing whites. None at all. Both Dems and Reps want to destroy us. I guess when people are extremely rich, they don’t worry about having to put up with nonwhites.
        I don’t trust the election system. I think it exists to make Americans believe they elect their leaders.

    • He’s actually showing us an analog of his presidency,
      It will just ride along to end in total collapse.

  3. One of the reasons the pro-life movement succeeded was because negroes were disproportionately affected. Abortion could be construed as being racist, and its history involving Sanger backed it up. None of the other things we might want (like ending gay marriage or integration) can be spun like that. That said, and as Ted Sallis often points out, Suvorov’s Law states that, typically, revolutions do not occur during the time of greatest repression, but when that repression is suddenly relaxed.

    It’s possible that the System’s support for abortion was partly to keep the negro population in check and to prevent a massive white backlash. Don’t want to boil the frog too quickly and all that.

  4. 1. It is unfortunate that some people would make fun of an old man falling off his bicycle. That has nothing to do with his poor political performance and that he is not our friend in any way. I’ve fallen off my bike a few times as well and I am not near Biden’s age. These things do happen. And it could happen to you.

    2. Trump is not our friend but you already know that. 🙂

    • “is unfortunate that some people would make fun of an old man falling off his bicycle”

      What’s funny is that the incident is emblematic of his failed policies.
      (Also, stupid in that his handlers would arrange such an inept photo-op.)

    • @Samia – It is not “unfortunate” when the old man is a White-nation-destroying, anti-White, hateful and soulless greedy OLD pig of a politician who has never worked a day in his life. It is, in fact, downright HILARIOUS. What is unfortunate is that the fall didn’t kill him.

  5. Note: We will see if the fallout from the Dobbs decision turns this around.”

    Maybe Joe’s Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, will add to the Russian ban on homosexual marriages and take a bold stand against this anti-Christian practice and ban abortion in Russia. Let’s pray.

    …Abortion in the early years of the Russian Federation

    The early years of the Russian Federation were marked by declining rates of fertility and abortion and increased access to and use of preventative birth control. The official policy of the Soviet Union at the time of its collapse was pro-family planning, although contraceptives were generally unavailable to the public, leaving most women with abortion as the only way to regulate family size. The declining rate of abortion indicates that fewer and fewer Russian pregnancies were intended. Most common in the 1990s were ‘miniabortions’, abortions by vacuum aspiration performed during the first seven weeks of pregnancy. The legalization of miniabortions in 1988 made the previously required three-day hospital stay unnecessary. Unreliable quality and availability of contraceptive options may have partially slowed the decline in abortion rates in Russia in the 1990s. In Russia at the beginning of the 1990s, less than 75% of sexually active women used preventative birth control of any kind. While such resources became more available with the fall of the Soviet Union, by 1993 still less than half of Russian women felt they had adequate access to them. In the first decade of the Russian Federation alone, both of Russia’s condom factories and the only Russian IUD factory shut down for periods of time because of concerns about latex prices and quality control. At the beginning of the Russian Federation, 41% of sexually active women in Russia relied on unreliable ‘traditional methods’ of birth control. Many women who used those methods cited the availability of abortions as a factor in their reasoning. Many women who used no method of birth control at all also cited the option of abortion as a reason that they did not concern themselves with modern or even traditional family planning strategies.

    Between 1990 and 2000 the number of annual abortions in Russia declined by half, but the ratio of abortions to live births (2.04 in 1990 to 1.92 in 1996) hardly declined. This means not only that fewer abortions were performed, but that fewer women became pregnant overall. This overall declining rate of fertility was one of the two main structural factors in Russia that promoted abortion over preventative birth control. Other factors lowering the rate of abortion include measures taken by President Vladimir Putin to increase family size in Russia. In the early 2000s he called for federal financial support for children in the first 18 months of life as a way to encourage women to have a second or third child. When he first proposed this, the Russian population was declining by 700,000 people every year. In the first ten years of the Russian Federation, the population of Russia declined by 3 million. Concerns about population decline in Russia are widespread. Attempts to mitigate population decline started with increased financial support for young children in Russia and eventually led to restricted access to abortion.

    Other factors in the decline of abortion in Russia include the legalization of sterilization. Regulations of contraceptive sterilization had been in place since the 1930s but were lifted in 1993. In the first seven years that the practice was legal, almost 100,000 women sought and obtained sterilizations. This is a factor in the declining rates of unintended pregnancy in Russia. 2003 was the first time in fifty years that laws regarding access to abortion were made stricter; every other piece of legislation on the topic in both the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation was to grant women easier access. In 1991, the year of the fall of the Soviet Union, a record number of about 3,608,000 abortions were performed in Russia. This number declined steadily over the years and by 2002 Russian doctors were performing 1,802,000 abortions annually. This is a significant decline, but left Russia with still the second-highest rate of abortions per capita.

    While abortions in Russia overall were declining, in the Asian part of the country the rate was actually increasing. While abortion rates in these Asian republics were not as high as those in Western Russia at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and are still not the highest in the country, they did rise. The decrease in overall rates of abortion is mostly due to the very steep drop in abortions per year in the two biggest cities in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg. National concern about declining population was a continuing trend since the 1980s, and caused the new regime to adopt anti-family planning policies. The use of contraceptives slowly rose over the 1990s but still in 1997 one in ten Russian pregnancies ended in abortion, and so it could be assumed that at least one in ten Russian pregnancies was unintended. Legally in Russia, the abortion procedure must take place in a hospital and as a result abortions provide an important source of income for healthcare providers. As abortions became slightly less common they hardly got safer. By 1998 two in three abortions still had some kind of health complication. Among the most common of these complications is unintentional secondary sterilization, which happens to one in ten Russian women who seeks an abortion in her lifetime.

    Current law

    During the 2000s, Russia’s steadily falling population (due to both negative birthrates and low life expectancy) became a major source of concern, even forcing the military to curtail conscription due to shortages of young males. On 21 October 2011, the Russian Parliament passed a law restricting abortion to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, with an exception up to 22 weeks if the pregnancy was the result of rape, and for medical necessity it can be performed at any point during pregnancy. The new law also made mandatory a waiting period of two to seven days before an abortion can be performed, to allow the woman to “reconsider her decision”. Abortion can only be performed in licensed institutions (typically hospitals or women’s clinics) and by physicians who have specialized training. The physician can refuse to perform the abortion, except the abortions for medical necessity. The new law is stricter than the previous one, in that under the former law abortions after 12 weeks were allowed on broader socioeconomic grounds, whereas under the current law such abortions are only allowed if there are serious medical problems with the mother or fetus, or in case of rape.

    According to the Criminal Code of Russia (article 123), the performance of an abortion by a person who does not have a medical degree and specialized training is punishable by fine of up to 800,000 RUB; by a fine worth up to 8 months of the convicted’s income; by community service from 100 to 240 hours; or by a jail term of 1 to 2 years. In cases when the illegal abortion resulted in the death of the pregnant woman, or caused significant harm to her health, the convicted faces a jail term of up to 5 years.

    Political debate

    The abortion issue gained renewed attention in 2011 in a debate that The New York Times says “has begun to sound like the debate in the United States”. Parliament passed and in 2011 President Dmitri Medvedev signed several restrictions on abortion into law to combat “a falling birthrate” and “plunging population”. The restrictions require abortion providers to devote 10% of advertising costs to describing the dangers of abortion to a woman’s health and make it illegal to describe abortion as a safe medical procedure. Medvedev’s wife Svetlana Medvedeva had taken up the anti-abortion cause in Russia in a weeklong national campaign against abortion called “Give Me Life!” and a “Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness” by her Foundation for Social and Cultural Initiatives in conjunction with the Russian Orthodox Church…
    — Wikipedia: “Abortion in Russia”

    • The Mississippi law recently upheld by the USSC – which resulted in “banning all abortions” in the words of screeching harpies and other assorted morons – restricts abortions after 15 weeks (vs. 12 weeks in Putler’s medieval tsardom). Yes, given Russia’s less than stellar birth rate it wouldn’t hurt to restrict the practice even more. Perhaps ol’Putler really doesn’t want to have to endure a lot of HOES MAD, HOES MAD, HOES MAD!!! while he’s fighting the NATO proxy armies.

  6. I’ve toyed with the idea, have a vote at the end of a politicians term wether to send him to prison or not. We might get better performance, with such a potent threat looming over them.

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