Utah Bans Abortion

This is so cool watching the dominoes fall like this. So much “progress” turned into rubble in one day. The moral arc of history is long, but it bends back toward reaction. History is on our side now.

Salt Lake Tribune:

UPDATE: I just saw the Chris Hayes clip after I posted this!


    • Exactly.

      Now we need Clarence Thomas and Alito to strike down Obergefell and sign off on the assault on “trans.” Once we get the ball rolling, libtards will start self deporting and transplants will be deterred from coming here.

          • Well the reason the pro-life movement succeeded is because it united mainstream conservatives with some of our guys in the pro-White, pro-South sphere. They had lobbies and infrastructure. We don’t have anything like that yet. I don’t know if the SCOTUS will help us on that.

            Clarence Thomas did marry a White woman.

          • If the polls are correct, it is the same constituency that is waking up on the Great Replacement and secession. Hopefully, we can just channel their support in our direction, especially now that abortion is being settled

        • @ConfederateMan Agree. The Roe v Wade is simply to pacify religious people. It would have been better to repeal the anti-discriminatory laws.

      • Pray for the Southern states and border states in the east coast Yankee-land to Florida corridor. They are about to receive a lot of abortion requests if they don’t go ahead and ban these murders once and for all.

        Secede now!

        May God Save the South!

          • Cut the gibs and their dark populations will move.

            Shanaynay and Quantavious be shuffling off to where the chicken buckets be fullest and the Hennesey never runs dry.

  1. After decades of retreating before the Lefts legal and cultural assaults, something unexpected happened, the right wheeled around, and returned fire, bringing down tech companies, child groomers, lefty school boards, governor’s, gun rights, abortion, etc etc. Hunter, I never really thought I’d see today happen in my lifetime

    • Me either.

      I saw it unfolding in the polling data, but even as late as December it seemed unlikely to me. I officially predicted that Roberts would nibble away at Roe and that would be it

  2. That scum Hayes was really throwin’ a hissy, huh…LMAO. Of course, kikes & shitlibs like him had no problem at all with the “unelected” Supreme Court legislating from the bench for decades, as long as they did so in “progressive” ways the vermin approved of: unrestricted abortion & fag “marriage”, on & on – but now? Actually returning the usurped power to decide important matters to the states, which are far more responsive to all the ignorant racist white trash out in Flyova?! Why, it-itz a fucking OUTRAGE!

    But what’re Hayes & itz fellow commie race traitor pigs actually gonna DO about it? C’mon, scum – let’s get it on, once & for all. Guns vs butt plugs at high noon.

  3. Since I was said to ‘focus’ too much on IQ (link), I feel an obligation to mention that there is a good deal of evidence that current reproductive trends are already dysgenic — and it’s not clear what effect the reversal of Roe v Wade will have on that.

  4. On to Inter-racial marriage now!, this is an offence that should carry penalty to full extent of the law!

    In all this is when the tide turn and when the enemy is revealed!, add to this the coming mass defeat and surrender of NATO in Europe, followed by the US leaving NATO to deal with mass civil unrest and we will be whisteling Dixie in no-time….again

    It´s springtime for Hitler and Dixie both


    If an entire state does not have enough votes to secede then let all the “right-wing” counties / parishes / boroughs / independent cities secede and leave the “left-wing” counties / parishes / boroughs / independent cities in the doomed wicked Yankee Empire.


  6. Why are people so hyped on this right now? It’s gone on for decades. Is this just ANOTHER distraction, so you won’t take notice of all of the illegals coming in? Amnesty is next, just watch.

  7. Looking at that faggot Hayes…

    Imagine still thinking Abe freed the Negro from the goodness of his heart, it was all a war strategy to create a nigger uprising Tulsa style in the Confederation

    I wonder when true history will be taught in the land

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