• It’s always a surprise whenever a Yankee state does something like this. Usually, they do whatever is contrary to Dixie and the Interior West.

      • Unless they view banning abortion an opportunity for blacks and browns to breed even more prolifically?

        • So what, how long is a bus ride from Wisconsin to Chicago, or Canada ?

          (I’m sure the libtard canuks will to everything possible to help the poor oppressed women of America.)

  1. It’s almost like a little mini-secession

    Let’s hope it gives the red states the courage to follow through with the real deal.

    • That’s exactly what it is. The Libs are saying they won’t follow federal law. Let them do the work and we’ll be able to discriminate against fags, negroes, muslims, illegal aliens, flout federal gun laws etc. We’ll come out WAY ahead!

  2. The Midwest’s human figure (MN, chef’s hat; IA, head; MO, torso; AR, legs; LA, boots) is still divided. Mississippi Goddamn! Dam the river at Rock Island and collect all the fetuses washed downstream and deliver them to the capitol steps at Saint Paul!

  3. Y’all are getting way too far ahead of yourselves. Overturning Roe v Wade very well all that you get from the Robert’s Court. SCOTUS threw you some worthless table scraps to bring you back into GAZE’s fold.be.

    The bill that is going to come due in 14-15 years will be feral black super predators, and a lot more wombs making future anti-Whites. #Winning

    • Yep…let me know when this cuntry’s wretched system actually allows something that benefits the founding stock.

  4. I assume this is due to an existing law that was put into abeyance by Roe v Wade.

    WI is generally liberal, oftentimes crazily so due to the concentration of political power in Madison — it would be interesting to know the history of laws against abortion in WI; they may not be in force too much longer.

    The governor of neighboring MN is already on record stating that nothing will change there, i.e. abortion will remain legal and available.

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