1. notice it’s the stupid White women that are the ones seething about killing their babies? Is the brainwashing that strong? I guess it is.

      • I guess you didn’t see the 100s of thousands in NYC and the surrounding areas that were protesting. Don’t forget the ones that stayed home. NY is a liberal state for a reason and getting.

        • I am referring to the above photo, which must be in the deep South.
          NYC could turn out 100,000s for a NAMBLA convention.
          I wish the ppl of NYC metro would abort each other, mostly, along with the libtards of NJ.

          • The deep south or the south in general is not the same as it once was. You have many jews from NY moving to the south (Florida) and neighboring states. The south was destroyed when the Yankees won the war and it wasn’t just the Yankees, it was fellow Southerners.

            When Lincoln was assassinated, his predecessor, Johnson (Southerner) helped with the reconstruction and the destruction of the south.

    • Feminist roots run deep in the white woman psychology, and they set the tone for the rest of women – #BLM feminists are correct here. For example, “incel” has become a catch-all for any guy opposed to liberalism as obviously you are against liberalism simply because you are not “having sex,” never mind having children which is the worst possible disaster that can befall anyone. If you believe in God or don’t think Jesus was an antifa member, or that “sexual partners” shouldn’t murder their own children, you’re also an incel. In fact, all men in history prior to the 1960’s were incels. This is the endgame of feminism.

      I was never a fan of Nick Fuentes mainly because of his odious personality but what you might call the “incel critique” of feminism and consequentially abortion is correct. You have to do some serious and ridiculous Richard Spencer gymnastics to get around it, and even then Spencer is being deliberately obtuse and disingenuous with the public.

      In general my life has improved considerably since reading the King James Bible. My youthful worship of Nietzsche looks completely ridiculous.

  2. Yesterday I visited a clinic and a female nurse practitioner conducted my examination. She seemed like a typical southern woman who I would expect to have normie-conservative views on abortion (I live in the Deep South too). I opened up a conversation with “I guess you heard the news”, and she apparently had not, but I think she knew what I was getting at and assumed that the scotus decision has been announced. She got visibly irate. She paused and then went on about how the government was trying to control our bodies (she also went on about COVID, vaccinations and masks). I didn’t offer my own views, but I said something about the government trying to take our guns and I’m a gun owner. She said she has more guns at home than pairs of underwear.

    This all struck me as a bit confusing, but I left thinking that she was at least remarkably consistent with her views. Not necessarily “right wing” or traditional conservative, more libertarian than anything I suppose, but it did make me have a begrudging respect for the consistency.

    Still, I can’t understand how someone can comfortably align their views with people who otherwise hate them. I will honestly say that abortion isn’t extremely high on my priority list of concerns, though I have always leaned against it…but my motivation for being happy with this SCOTUS decision is more aligned with my desire to she libtards in tears than anything else. My journey to this place has left me hating the PMCs who shove their bullshit on the rest of us more than any specific convictions.

    • The South has been completely destroyed look at Virginia and Georgia ? at least Russian nukes will kill off the demons ???

  3. These vile women keep saying that they’re the ones who should control their own bodies, but if they would control their own bodies then they wouldn’t get pregnant in the first place.

    • No, they are not vile. Before you launch into a tirade, give it some thought and separate the emotional argument from rationality or logic.

      Because you believe that abortion is vile does not mean that everyone else agrees with you. It is the very problem we deal with when beliefs are challenged.

      Not everyone’s lives are equally at risk, but everyone’s liberties are being equally denied is the issue.

      Having the majority (consensus) making decisions and agreeing that the individual States should have the say about abortions seems to appeal to the majority. Be that as it may.
      However, irrespective of how others think bases on a belief should not prevent others of following their own right to choose. Just maybe they don’t foster your belief system. Yours may be a Christian view for example and theirs may be an athiest viewpoint.

      Freedom of choice and freedom of association should not bother those that are not directly effected. If you feel offended, walk away,

      • You will find no shortage of videos and photos of these unhinged, filthy, vile women running around with “blood-stained” pants and screaming irrationally like demons about not being able to kill their babies. They are literally the most vile, disgusting creatures on earth other than Sodomites. But yes, because you say people who want to literally dismember their babies limb by limb are not vile surely makes it so…

        https://s1.webmshare.com/WqYOK.webm (not vile, not at all)

  4. Makes sense this will harm the black beoples more, given they have less social cohesion in urban areas, relative to poor whites in rural areas. Still think this was a huge victory proof for conservatives they still have skin in the game.

  5. Memebro, that nurse probably had five abortions, three from black sperm donors. And that is your average white southern suburban skank. It is not a pretty thing for me to say, but it is true. And that is a problem with democracy when the skanks can vote. And I dont mean to condemn all women, only the 80% that are skanks, like the skank nurse you just chatted with. It will have an impact in November.

    • > that nurse probably had five abortions, three from black sperm donors. And that is your average white southern suburban skank. It is not a pretty thing for me to say, but it is true.

      It’s not even close to true and I doubt you know of even a SINGLE “average white southern suburban skank” who fits that description.

      Instead – it sounds like you watch a lot of pornography, of the “Blacks on Blondes” variety, which is where you are getting these insane ideas.

      You should get some help, talk to your pastor about your warped sexual problem.

      > I dont mean to condemn all women, only the 80% that are skanks

      You are anti-white. No one is fooled by you pretending it’s women, not you, who are having all of these sick fantasies. Pervert.

  6. It might not have any chance of success – it wont have any chance of success – but the GOP in New York and California should introduce bills outlawing abortion in all cases. For symbolic purposes. And for the lulz.

  7. My homestate TN seem to be in the pipeline as one of the next states to step up, if it haven´t happened already it likely will soon

    Even if it´s not all we asked for it is a step in the right direction and a huge win for State Rights, and we get to see marxist crying and gnashing of teeth

    I´ll take the W any way

  8. We all know what the libtards are like. A dedicated movement of activists won’t rest until they achieve their desired outcome. Ironically, these same fembat shitlibs never defend female athletes against trans athletes who go on to win swimming or running events by half a mile, or use their restrooms. They’re an ironic and complicated lot. But regardless……….this isn’t the end of it. The ‘oppression’ industry have just been handed another cause to champion, which they always win.
    Our side often loses…….. because we have to actually work during the day.

  9. ”Young women have become significantly more liberal over the past decade whereas the political identity of young men has remained largely unchanged over time.” https://storylines.substack.com/p/the-political-gender-gap-is-exploding

    People always talk about radicalized males but the data shows the opposite. It’s actually young women who have become radicalized through the institutions they more predominantly attend. As universities have swung left into radicalism, so have women.

    The 19th amendment was a grave mistake. All it did was create an impressionable, emotional voting base that statistically always votes for progressive policies.

  10. It’s always White women look at the majority pro-choice activists. But muh all White ethno-state. The majority of our contemporary enemies are other Whites. Clarence Thomas is leading the charge for traditional conservative society. I’d rather have a traditionalist conservative Orthodox Monarchy than a all White entho Republic anyway. “All-White doesn’t =All Right.

    • Fair enough, I think your issue is you can’t have a traditional, stable monarchy with majority whites.

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