American Greatness: How the Eugenics Movement Made Race-Based Abortions Normal

If abortion is culling the black population and leading to a more racially homogeneous and eugenically fit America, it sure doesn’t seem to be working out that way.

American Greatness:

“This is evident in how today’s white supremacists embrace abortion, cheering that it eliminates non-white children at a disproportionate rate, thus limiting the growth of the nonwhite population. White supremacist Richard Spencer has argued that abortion is essential in bringing about his ideal, racially homogenous American people. He supports abortion because, as he puts it, “the people who are having abortions are generally very often black or Hispanic or from very poor circumstances.” White women, Spencer notes, avail themselves of abortion “when you have a situation like Down Syndrome”— an acceptable use of abortion, in his view. Meanwhile, Spencer says, “the unintelligent and blacks and Hispanics . . . use abortion as birth control,” something that in his view ought to be celebrated.

In the view of modern-day racists, the pro-life position is “dysgenic,” by which they mean that protecting babies from the lethal violence of abortion will harm later generations by allowing supposedly undesirable characteristics to continue to be passed on. In Spencer’s white-supremacist Radix Journal, Aylmer Fisher wrote: “The only ones who can’t [avoid unwanted pregnancy] are the least intelligent and responsible members of society: women who are disproportionately Black, Hispanic, and poor.” Spencer and his racist ilk make this hateful argument because non-white and low-income women are indeed the ones who most often have abortions today. …”

Here are the racial demographics of the United States in 1970:

Alabama – 74 percent White
Georgia – 74 percent White
South Carolina – 69 percent White
Mississippi – 63 percent White
Florida – 77 percent White
Louisiana – 66 percent White
Texas – 66 percent White
Oklahoma – 89 percent White
North Carolina – 77 percent White
Tennessee – 84 percent White
Arkansas – 81 percent White
Missouri – 89 percent White
Kentucky – 93 percent White
Virginia – 81 percent White

California – 76 percent White
Hawaii – 37 percent White
Alaska – 77 percent White
Washington – 94 percent White
Oregon – 96 percent White
Idaho – 96 percent White
Nevada – 87 percent White
Arizona – 74 percent White
Utah – 94 percent White
New Mexico – 54 percent White
Colorado – 85 percent White
Wyoming – 92 percent White
Montana – 95 percent White

Illinois – 83 percent White
Indiana – 92 percent White
Ohio – 90 percent White
Michigan – 87 percent White
Wisconsin – 96 percent White
Minnesota – 98 percent White
Iowa – 98 percent White
Kansas – 93 percent White
Nebraska – 95 percent White
South Dakota – 95 percent White
North Dakota – 97 percent White

New York – 80 percent White
New Jersey – 85 percent White
Pennsylvania – 90 percent White
Maryland – 80 percent White
Delaware – 84 percent White
Connecticut – 91 percent White
Rhode Island – 96 percent White
Massachusetts – 95 percent White
Maine – 99 percent White
New Hampshire – 99 percent White
Vermont – 99 percent White

When abortion was illegal in the vast majority of the United States before the Roe v. Wade decision, most states were de facto White ethnostates. White Nationalists would do pretty much anything (except convert to Christianity) to return to those pre-Roe v. Wade demographics.

What does the country look like today in 2022 after nearly 50 years of legal abortion?

Alabama – 65.3 percent White
Georgia – 52 percent White
South Carolina – 63.7 percent White
Mississippi – 56.4 percent White
Florida – 53.2 percent White
Louisiana – 58.4 percent White
Texas – 41.2 percent White
Oklahoma – 65 percent White
North Carolina – 62.6 percent White
Tennessee – 73.5 percent White
Arkansas – 72 percent White
Missouri – 79.1 percent White
Kentucky – 84.1 percent White
Virginia – 61.2 percent White

Frankly, these are disappointing numbers. It appears that my beloved Dixie has become much more multiracial and multicultural since 1973. Weren’t we supposed to go in the other direction?

California – 36.5 percent White
Hawaii – 21.7 percent White
Alaska – 60.2 percent White
Washington – 67.5 percent White
Oregon – 75.1 percent White
Idaho – 81.6 percent White
Nevada – 48.2 percent White
Arizona – 54.1 percent White
Utah – 77.8 percent White
New Mexico – 36.8 percent White
Colorado – 67.7 percent White
Wyoming – 83.7 percent White
Montana – 85.9 percent White

The Western states … wow, what a black pill.

In 1967, California became one of the first states in the country to legalize abortion. It has gone from 76 percent White to 36.5 percent White since the Roe v. Wade decision.

Illinois – 60.8 percent White
Indiana – 78.4 percent White
Ohio – 78.4 percent White
Michigan – 74.7 percent White
Wisconsin – 80.9 percent White
Minnesota – 79.1 percent White
Iowa – 85 percent White
Kansas – 75.4 percent White
Nebraska – 78.2 percent White
South Dakota – 81.5 percent White
North Dakota – 83.7 percent White

The same trend is evident in the Midwest.

New York – 55.3 percent White
New Jersey – 54.6 percent White
Pennsylvania – 75.7 percent White
Maryland – 50 percent White
Delaware – 61.7 percent White
Connecticut – 65.9 percent White
Rhode Island – 71.4 percent White
Massachusetts – 71.1 percent White
Maine – 93 percent White
New Hampshire – 89.8 percent White
Vermont – 92.6 percent White

Richard Spencer is much more honest about his politics these days.

In 2022, Richard Spencer’s position is that we shouldn’t care about legal and illegal immigration. Every absurd shitlib fad whether it is gay marriage or “trans” that suppresses the White birthrate is also somehow “eugenic.” Also, the Nietzschean road to Aryan Globalism – yes, I know this sounds implausible, but stay with me – runs through Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron. This is where he is at now.

I could point to a bunch of other dire statistics about the Great Replacement. North America and Europe are now around 17% of the global population. The European share of the global population has been rapidly declining since 1950. Europe’s population is also rapidly aging. The overall effect of the triumph of legal abortion and contraception during the Sexual Revolution has been to dramatically cull the White population. Meanwhile, the population of Africa has exploded over the last 50 years as White liberals agonize over whether to have children due to climate change.

The eugenics movement didn’t achieve its aims. It backfired and was discredited during World War II. Eugenicists succeeded in selling some of their methods to the dominant and triumphant liberals after World War II. Those methods like the birth control pill were then used for liberal ends, not for the cause of “race betterment,” like abolishing the patriarchy and decoupling sexuality from reproduction. Oddly enough, this has played a major role in pushing the White race to the brink of extinction.

What went so wrong? Why didn’t the eugenicist fantasy of culling the non-White population and creating a racially pure Aryan ethnostate come true?

Here’s the problem: a culture which permits legal abortion is one which by definition doesn’t place much value on blood ties. The strongest of all biological ties is the one between a mother and her child. Every other biological bond like those of racial kinship is significantly weaker than that one. Instead of valuing blood ties, a culture which permits legal abortion will place enormous value on self-expression. It will value mentally ill dog moms who get useless degrees or “trans” women. Essentially, a culture which permits legal abortion is saying something about how it values its posterity, which is to say, not much at all.

A culture which doesn’t value its posterity and which has a negative sense of identity and self worth won’t mind homosexuality or “trans” or being displaced by mass immigration. It will have legal abortion, but it will also have all these other things like contraception and racial wealth redistribution to achieve “social justice” which drag down the White birthrate. It will be deracinated and indifferent to its fate. The decline of White identity in the United States coincides with the legalization of abortion.

If you don’t even care about your own kid (you are cold enough to be indifferent or hostile to your own blood), why would you care about your race? It is no coincidence that White Americans cared about their race when abortion was illegal in every state and immigration was restricted to preserve the dominance of Nordics. These things are all related. This remains true today.

Conservatives love to be portray the pro-choice crowd as racist. In reality, White liberals or progressives are deeply antiracist. They are hostile to their own race. In contrast, the only demographic group in America that is pro-life are White evangelical Protestants, you know, the same people who want to restrict immigration and who are worried about the Great Replacement and tell pollsters all the time that the demographic decline of White America is a bad thing that they are concerned about. Americans who are pro-choice are overwhelmingly supportive of amnesty for illegal aliens and legal immigration.

Now that Roe v. Wade has fallen and human sacrifice is being outlawed in Baptist America, it will be interesting to watch the political trajectory of White evangelicals. After all this time, Charlie Brown finally kicked the football. Where does all that energy that fueled the defense of segregation until the 1970s and then became fixated on abortion in the 1980s go moving forward in the 2020s?

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    • 1920s , California was known as “the WHITE state”.

      (Until the South sent out millions of blacks.
      …… want them back?)

      • Even after the mass exodus of blacks from the South who moved up North and out West to work in WW1 and WW2 industries, the country was overwhelmingly White. The black population was relatively lower than it had ever been. It was just distributed more across the country. California wasn’t 100% White, but the country as a whole was 85% to 90% White

  1. “What does the country look like today in 2022 after nearly 50 years of legal abortion?”

    Less Whites because of abortions and White women not having kids because their “careers” are more important than having kids while blacks and other nonWhites are reproducing like roaches.

    • ” White women not having kids because their “careers” are more important than having kids ”

      (((Who))) has been hammering this into their heads , for over 50 years, in media, in schools, across all social strata ?

  2. Sanger was born Margaret Louise Higgins in 1879 in Corning, New York, to Irish Catholic parents….

    Funny, isn’t it?

    I still do not know how you get Peggy from Margaret.

    • And the husband. William Sanger—–

      “Born in Berlin, Sanger came from a devoutly Jewish family.”

      • So a Talmudist picked-up himself a nice shiksa, who devoted here entire life to facilitating abortions for the goyim. Her list of targets was not limited to negroes, by the way, but included Catholics in general – especially Poles, Bohunks, and Mexicans. No problem with culling the herd of white trash either. Planned Parenthood grew rapidly to become the nation’s largest abortion mill, no doubt helped along by free money from the banksteins’ money-factory. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of who, exactly owns PP and the many offshoots who provide this most important “healthcare service” here in Murika. Betcha the ones making the money are of a certain demographic that rarely uses the services. Why it’s almost like black magic was going on or something… bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

        • @Exalted Cyclops——-She is Irish and there is a special cooperating relationship between the Irish and Jews. Robert Kaplan Karen Dunn. Ronald Reagan Harvey Milk.


    • @Robert Browning

      You’re obsessed with the Irish. According to Lind’s “America’s Tribes,” it is the WASPs that formed an alliance with the Jews and Negro. How about those Rockefellers, Morgans, Roosevelts, Johnsons, Bushs, Clintons, etc.? The Irish tend to be middlemen.

      • @Valerius—–yeah a moral person be I. I hate the blood of those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent and I hate the blood double of those who profess an allegiance to Christ and knife him in thew back at every turn. And if you do not like it Mick ,you can go straight to hell, I will let you jump the line Christ killer.

  3. Every time I’ve heard some pro white person refer to black children as “niglets” etc, my heart sinks. Evil can never be used against itself, to suppose some good end. Destroying babies is always wrong. It’s like a Carthaginian offering his child to the fires of Molech, for some favors. Even the Romans were repulsed, no pikers for violent evil themselves. Remember, we are to be about the beautiful, good, and true. Killing babies, ANY babies is just evil. Nothing beautiful, good, or true about. Look what it turned the Left into. Do you want to be like them?

    • Nits make lice.

      I’m no fanatic about abortion either way (personally I think it should be restricted, but not banned) but fewer niggers, Down’s Syndrome ‘tards & other unfortunates born with conditions that will make it impossible for them to live full & happy lives but only burden their families with their expensive & soul-crushing care is a good thing.

      As ever, the jews are the real problem: they’re the ones brainwashing the stupid, fashionable “liberated” women to be totally self-centered & ridden with phony guilt to the point of aborting their healthy White babies. They must be destroyed – and crying about ALL babies being “sacred” is the polar opposite of the mindset necessary to accomplish that.

    • @Shadowbass

      Don’t worry about it – at LEAST 50% – I suspect the majority – of commenters here are not pro-white, they are Interns from the SPLC acting out what they think “racists” are like.

      I’ve never heard a single person use a term like “niglet” in real life – that is something people posturing as a “Klansmen” think southerners talk like.

      Notice how many “Neo-Nazis” there are that post here. There are no “Neo-Nazis” in the South – “Neo-Nazis” are mostly an invention of the SPLC.

      Hunter Wallace isn’t sophisticated enough to realize his website is probably the first, daily stop for the SPLC and Share Blue interns. Considering what we now know about how FBI recruits nutjobs to commit crimes – how many people who post all this crazy shit here are actual, literal FBI officers trying to suborn crimes?

      The entire fake “movement” is run by the Feds and probably fully a third of posters here are Jews.

      Once you accept it it can be entertaining!

      What kind of “pro-white movement’ spends so much time writing sick fantasies of white women “getting railed” by black men? That is a sexual fetish that gets posted here almost EVERY SINGLE DAY.

      These people are not pro-white – this is a troll forum, no different than 4chan or the Daily Stormer.

      It’s all bullshit and real Southerners do not act, or speak, like the trolls at Occidental Dissent.

  4. Richard Spencer frankly doesn’t know what he is talking about with his abortion as eugenics talking points. For every Black baby that is aborted, one White baby is aborted as well. I would hardly call that progress.

    His support of Biden is also beyond cringe, Biden’s presidency is basically Obama’s third term no matter how you spin it. Biden’s administration has the same policies as Obama’s administration except there isn’t a Black guy for the media to gush over.

    The European Union is a pro-multicultural pro-rainbow coalition of NWO globalists, the idea that Spencer thinks the European Union is a force for good is wishful thinking.

    Charlottesville rotted Richard Spencer’s brain and he has become this deranged anti-Trump anti-conservative anti-nationalist pro-globalist libtard.

    • These are all true points, but frankly, the issue goes deeper: At heart, Richard Spencer and many other such cases in the Pro-White movement are loyal to their liberal values above everything else. They are Liberals first, second, and third. They wish to pair Liberalism with White Nationalism, and they make increasingly convoluted excuses as to why Conservatism and Right Wing values are somehow “anti-white” or “dysgenic.”

      In effect, the argument of Racist Liberals is “Conservatives are the real Leftists.” I’ve seen a particular clique of Alt-MSNBC accounts on twitter even argue that child grooming and transsexuals were caused by Conservatives and Republicans. These people aren’t willing or able to admit that their leftist/liberal values and views are wrong. They arent able to admit that there’s no place for an ideology that is left wing and pro-white. Literally no one wants it or buys it accept readers of culturally irrelevant pro-white websites.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if White Evangelical Christians eventually warm up to some of the more traditional Pro-White concerns, such as the Great Replacement and perhaps even racial purity. I admit I’m still skeptical on that last one, but the fact is, White Christians in this country were the strongest supporters of the One Drop Rule for decades, not atheist progressive liberals like in Richard Spencer’s wet dreams. It was Modernists, Atheists, Progressives, Socialists, and Communists – all with Jewish money – that led the crusade to legalize interracial marriage and who fervently believe in the Lewontin Fallacy.

      I’ve been preaching this gospel for awhile now and I’ll preach it again here: Leftists and Liberals of all stripes must be ejected from the Pro-White Movement and made to feel uncomfortable in it. Whites may be the people of liberalism, but in that case, the liberal faction of the White Race must be exterminated and…ahem…purified.

      We must never become the people remembered for normalizing abortion, homosexuality, trannsexuals, pedophiles, human rights, international rules based orders, anal sex, and jewish supremacy. We must overcome all of it. Fascism must triumph over Modernism and Self-Expression. The fate of the White Race and humanity itself depends on it.

      • “they make increasingly convoluted excuses as to why Conservatism and Right Wing values are somehow “anti-white” or “dysgenic.””

        It’s hardly convoluted. The people getting abortions are exactly the people you don’t want having children. There, one sentence. It’s the pro-life people who have to make the convoluted argument that forcing trashy women to have children out of wedlock will magically raise the birthrate among the people we want reproducing.

        “We must never become the people remembered for normalizing abortion, homosexuality, trannsexuals, pedophiles, human rights, international rules based orders, anal sex, and jewish supremacy. We must overcome all of it. Fascism must triumph over Modernism and Self-Expression. The fate of the White Race and humanity itself depends on it.”

        It’s funny because Mussolini in his youth was known for going around town and pissing off the local christcucks by daring God to strike him dead.

        • 1. At best, abortion merely slows down the rate at which non-whites become a higher percentage of the population relative to Whites. It does not stop it or reverse it. Shilling for abortion as a WN is as effective as some mainstream cuckservative group shilling for “legal immigration, not illegal immigration.”

          2. By the admission of eugenicists, high IQ White women should be banned from having abortions. In red states (and also a handful of blue states such as Wisconsin), they are now banned from having abortions. Thats a W, from your own perspective.

          3. The overturning of Roe vs. Wade, thus allowing red conservative states to ban abortion, is a massive blow to feminism and the political left, and is perceived by them as such. Feminism is perhaps the second biggest cause of White decline behind only immigration and its corollary of race mixing. The political left is the biggest opponent of White Nationalism.

          4. As a Fascist, a Right Winger, and a White Nationalist, I no longer wish to see the birthrate of +110 IQ Whites increase. Nor do I particularly care if “White trash” are breeding like rabbits a as long as they dont vote Democrat or otherwise leech off society, their existence doesnt bother me. Smart Whites, on the other hand, have proven themselves the cancer of the White Race. I wish to see Chuds triumph over intellectuals. I wish to see academia outlawed and compulsory public education abolished.

          5. White Christian conservatives are by far the most sympathetic demographic to White Nationalism, not atheists, progressives, or “sophisticated” urban city dwellers. Educated Whites are bad for the White Race.

          6. Operation Barbarossa was delayed by two months because Hitler was cleaning up Mussolini’s mess first.

          • Don’t confuse high IQ people with intellectuals. And don’t confuse proper education with brainwashing.

          • “Nor do I particularly care if “White trash” are breeding like rabbits a as long as they dont vote Democrat or otherwise leech off society, their existence doesnt bother me”

            An actual Christian traditionalist would have a problem with things like all the out of wedlock births common amongst the White trash. My read of you is that your opposition to Spencer is less that he’s “liberal” than that he’s high-class and you’re not. Like a lot of people, you use religion as a cloak for what are essentially class-based hatreds.

        • @Anon

          Mussolini was an atheist in his earlier life and even for some time into his later life, but he died a Roman Catholic and a mystic who’s beatification was greenlighted even said that he was in Heaven.

          • @CH @anon

            Before the war Mussolini was a journalist who was in the pay of Britain’s MI6.

            Nothing is ever what it seems.

        • Anon,

          I’m not a Christian Traditionalist. I abandoned Evangelical Christianity in 2016, as I find their doctrine of Sola Scriptura incompatible with White Nationalism and racial self-defense.

          I’ve come back around somewhat on the issue now thats its clear White Evangelical Christians are having a change of heart and are ignoring their anti-white, lefty pastors, but the point is, I’m not someone who is particularly concerned about “out of wedlock” births, which is an issue that controlled opposition such as Ben Shapiro has weaponized for his own purposes of deflect and distract.

          As for your claims about Richard Spencer and class, here’s how I see it: There is clearly a high-low alliance against the middle class (the “bourgeoisie”). Spencer is apart of that high class, while other Alt-MSNBC accounts and radfems are part of the low class. There is a hatred of the middle class emanating from upper and lower alike. Joe Biden’s coalition is this high low alliance.

          Its not accurate to say I hate Spencer strictly because he is high class – I’m not someone who experiences petty jealousies. It *is* accurate to say that I have a reactionary hatred for Upper Class Whites and Lower Class Whites that is in response to their own hatred for me and my middle class, fascist, bourgeoise, chud existence. It was Middle Class Whites such as myself who opposed the covid lockdowns from the get go, as they were a direct assault on our way of life and our ability to sustain ourselves.

          The class issue is thus more complicated then you make it out to by. Bringing this all back to abortion, what I can tell you is that my own class tends to look down on abortion and scorn it.

    • I think you’re misrepresenting Spencer’s position. I believe he takes the same position as Ed Dutton, that the Whites who abort their kids are “spiteful mutants” or otherwise defective. I agree with them on this point, though I think it’s more of a strain that has persisted within the White population for generations (and particularly within higher verbal IQ bourgeois caste) more than it is a recent burden of malignant mutations (though that may play a role). Spencer knows that Whites abort their kids and he supports that because those choosing to abort their kids are trash.

      • That’s wishful thinking assuming every single White person having an abortion will give birth to trash offspring. I have no respect for Spencer, the only Whites Spencer cares about are upper class Whites.
        I’m a grocery manager, I know for a fact Spencer wouldn’t last a full 8 hour shift working with his hands on my team. All Spencer knows is that he is thinks he’s hot shit because he gives off talking points on twitter, he doesn’t even have a job. He used to be president of NPI, but he quit because he didn’t do anything and it was an empty title. Spencer’s profession is tweeting and giving his shit-takes with Dutton on infrequent video streams. The guy is a loser and his views are idiotic.

  5. The statistics and evidence show that when a country is homogeneous White it is liberal, and when you have a mixed society with a sizable non-White population a society is more traditionally conservative, and pro-White. What the evidence shows is that once a society is All “White” it loses its “Whiteness”, and racial consciousness. So advocating for an “all White” society actually kills “Whiteness” this also proves that “Whiteness” is a social construct. Personally I favor the old Eastern Roman Empire Byzantine system which was a multi-racial Orthodox Empire. This would be way more favorable in my opinion over an all White ethno-state. It blows my mind why White Nationalists want an all White ethno-state because in the long run it would destroy what they say they are for. There are traditional conservatives in all races that would fight for a traditional Christian nation. I know this will fall on death ears because the majority of you are brainwashed idiots.

    • You’re not wrong about the Whiter a place is the more retardedly liberal it is. The Whites in California are generally based and are not cucks, I saw a video of an attractive young White female go on a tirade about a rainbow flag flying on Huntington beach and how fucked up that was, she was going on about how Huntington beach stayed open as a city throughout all the Covid bullshit. I wish more people would have the guts to say what she said.

      • @North Georgia citizen, you are exactly right sir, this is why I don’t embrace a White ethno-state because it would end up being liberal and anti-White. The Old South was not a White ethno-state either and was an ideal society which I’d prefer. It blows my mind how Southerners get brainwashed into White Nationalist ideology. Thankfully White Southerners overwhelming reject White Nationalism/Supremacy.

        • @Orthodox Slumlord

          We’re all very aware of the genetic white liberal phenomenon. The solution isn’t increased diversity and multicultural cuckservatism, it’s fascism.

          • I favor a balance of Whiteness with conservative minorities under a Christian Monarch. But to each his own.

  6. @HW. You must be tired hauling out the stats to beat some of these fools over the head again and again. It’s a great example of what Vox Day always likes to point out about the general failure of dialectic argumentation (presenting facts and figures) to persuade. We also see the same stubborn repetition of the negropalypse argument when it’s pointed out that Lady Barbequetta Chickendra can get in her big-assed van with a nice bucket of KFC and cruise on over to a nearby shitlib domain to see Doc Schlomo to make the result of her over-twerking for Llord Shitavious MuhDick go away – with YT footing the bill for everything.

    Facts do not persuade. The only serious challenge I’ve seen raised to your point was in the past week by someone who mentioned two factors, which could indeed have adversely changed the white birth rate all on their own: The 1965 Jewish-sponsored Immigration Act and the increasing need for both parents to work thanks to the influx of cheap labor plus outsourcing, etc. It just so happens that these factors also wrought considerable destruction upon black family stability, the survival of black businesses and job prospects at the entry level. Not that blacks give a rat’s ass about any of these issues as most are much more interested in seeing YT get destroyed.

  7. I think you’re possibly ascribing too much to the legality of abortion and underestimating the role of academia, state messaging, and the media in the transformation of a culture. That’s not to say that it’s not a factor, of course. But for example, what about China? They are state atheist and abortion is legal there. The U.S.S.R. was less degenerate than the U.S. in the 60s and 70s. If our media, academia, and government were preaching white nationalism, ethnic genetic interests, the importance of monogamy, traditional gender roles, etc., and a more just economic system was implemented, I highly doubt we would still see the same degenerate culture and lack of family formation manifest even if abortion were legal.

    Personally, I like Sallis’ compromise on abortion. “Women are allowed one abortion (preferably with the consent of the sperm donor if possible) and the procedure will be accompanied by permanent sterilization. The exceptions to this would be abortions due to rape, incest, danger to the woman’s health/life, and/or it is determined that the fetus has some sort of significant (genetic) defect – like having down syndrome. The vast majority of current abortions do not fit with any of those exceptions and are instead done for the sake of convenience.

    Rationale: If a woman is too stupid and/or irresponsible to (correctly) use birth control (herself directly or via her partner) and/or is so psychopathic that she would kill her own child, apart from the exceptions listed above, then she should be removed from the gene-pool, and is unfit to be a mother in any case.”

    Back to the above article, Hunter says, “In contrast, the only demographic group in America that is pro-life are White evangelical Protestants, you know, the same people who want to restrict immigration and who are worried about the Great Replacement and tell pollsters all the time that the demographic decline of White America is a bad thing that they are concerned about.”

    The question is why? Do they care about the race or about Republican voters vs. Democrat voters? What scripture exists that says white Christians should value Christians of their own race over Christians of a different race? You might argue that white Christians had no problem with white nationalism or segregation in the past, but that doesn’t mean there was any Christian justification for it. Christians were also okay with slavery or the slaughter of heathens in the past, but that doesn’t mean those things are scripturally justified.

    “White Nationalists would do pretty much anything (except convert to Christianity) to return to those pre-Roe v. Wade demographics.”

    As if conversion to Christianity is just a switch one can flip.

    • Well, while I will always question the timing of ending Roe v. Wade. Why now, just before the mid-terms when their piss-poor handling of practically everything looked as if the Republicons would easily win both the Senate and Congress in one fell swoop?

      I have this but feeling that the Hidden Hand is preparing to let Amerikwa crash and burn after the mid-terms and the Republicons would prefer that the Democrats have their hands on the wheel when it does.
      I think the Status Quo Beltway insiders are hoping this decision galvanizes women into giving the Democrats enough votes to give any Democrat “victory” plausibility.

      In any case, I don’t think the average woman is that upset about SCOTUS overturning Roe vs. Wade. AFAIC, it gave women less control over their bodily autonomy than you’d think. Fear of an unplanned pregnancy was a nice face-saving way (for both men and women) when women would decline unwelcome advances.

      And pre-Roe, women would be less inclined to roll the dice with dodgy characters, no matter how charming (or aggressive) they were. So I don’t think it will be that big a deal even before women figure it out, because they will be too distracted by the economy for it to matter much.

  8. You’re not factoring in non-white “chain” immigration thanks to the 1965 Immigration Act, the decades of the southern border remaining wide open, Reagan’s amnesty, sanctuary cities and states, anchor babies, remaining in the USA after their Visa expired, just to name a myriad of reasons for “the browning of America.”

    Eugenicists were correct, but their full plan was never implemented. Breeding out bad features or deficits in animal husbandry is established fact, as would be its flip side of genetic improvements through hygienic matched parents.

    The West has already been going against Darwinian selection pressure to the point that the infant mortality rate has been reduced to 1% in first world countries. In other words, people that would have either died during childbirth or childhood have lived to propagate their less than optimum genes into several generations. Eugenicists wanted to reverse this trend that is unquestionably appearant.

    Thank goodness that female POC can still find states that allows legal abortions outside of creationist controlled states.

    • Sure I am.

      It is no coincidence that we got civil rights, federal control of elections, contraception, miscegenation, gay rights, abortion and so on all in the span of 10 to 15 years. These aren’t separate issues. They all rest on the same worldview and values as legal abortion which is that blood ties don’t really matter.

      There is a massive contradiction between wanting to live in a society that is based on kinship and making that the most important thing and simultaneously believing that sex should be decoupled from marriage and reproduction and that mothers should be allowed to kill their own children. The latter obliterates the former.

      The result all that effort that eugenicists put into the birth control pill and making contraception and legal abortion widely available has been the catastrophic global collapse of the White population which us rapidly aging and shrinking relative to the world population. Meanwhile, Africa’s population is exploding.

      • I don’t think the argument holds water. There have been many societies in history that had strong kinship bonds and ethnocentrism while also practicing abortion and even post-birth infanticide. A lot of times, these practices were the result of the strong group loyalties themselves. When the interests of the group are held above the interests of any one individual, then it makes sense e.g. to expose infants who would become a burden to the group.

        Even today, East Asian countries have abortion, yet these societies are still relatively ethnocentric and have a sense of filial piety, multigenerational families, etc. There are just too many counter-examples to say that accepting abortion will lead to abandonment of kinship and then to an abandonment of larger group loyalties like to ethnos or race. If anything, it worked the opposite way in the USA.

        The problems that the USA has, like mass immigration, would still exist with or without abortion.

        • There was Rome in its last days when it was experiencing population collapse and demographic replacement before it was overwhelmed by the barbarians

          • Rome was the opposite. Early Rome allowed abortion, unless the woman did it on her own without consent of the father. Early Rome also practiced infanticide. Newborns were presented to the pater familias, who was expected to kill them if they were diseased or deformed. This is in the twelve tables of Roman law. And the entire society was organized around gentes, so it’s very hard to argue that they did not value kinship. Later in imperial Rome, after it became cosmopolitan and the gentes were no longer valued as highly, laws were created against abortion and infanticide.

            Even through much of Christendom, abortion was practiced before quickening.

            It’s easier to argue against abortion on moral grounds, but claiming that it will lead to these other problems is not supported by evidence imo. Usually it would be the opposite, that societies already degenerated and atomized for other reasons unrelated to abortion will choose to abort more of their viable children for selfish reasons. The legal status of abortion has no effect on these other factors one way or the other. The USA would have still had mass immigration and the White population would have declined relative to other races with or without abortion, all else being equal. As you said, Roe v Wade came during an outburst of libtardery in all areas.

          • Are there any other Western societies which have legal abortion and which do not have the identical set of problems? Authoritarian governments. A hopelessly degenerate culture. Rapidly aging populations. Demographic replacement.

          • “A hopelessly degenerate culture. Rapidly aging populations. Demographic replacement.”

            All spelling ….. I M M I N E N T C O L L A P S E

          • “There was Rome in its last days”

            Read Ovid, he writes of Rome being a city filled with jews and Persians, with native Romans fleeing to the countryside……do you see a modern parallel ?

  9. The reduced white numbers is likely due to rampant legal and illegal immigration. Without legal abortion, the white percentage would be reduced further in my view.
    To clarify, I’m all for abortions of non white foetuses, but not white ones. Trouble is, that policy would never get off the ground. There of course, must be equality in abortions, or no abortions.

    • ” .Abortion and white genocide ……. doctrine of Amalek.”

      And most all the destructive schemes we suffer under.

  10. HW have a gander at this,

    This is what I mean by advocating overtly for White interests instead of explicitly against Jewish interests.

    How many times are Jews mentioned in that article? Not once. But we know who is behind college admissions policies and why they are doing this.

    Still, this article absolutely resonates with me and my own experience at school, and will resonate with lots of young Whites, and their parents. But not once when reading it do I feel like I have to read it with my right arm held high and right.

    Its plain simple english, with data and no need to explain anything beyond whats presented because its so blatantly true that it can’t be blown off. However, if you tried to get this message across by say, goose stepping through a leftist southern college town with torches lit screaming “jews will not replace us”, it just wouldn’t have the same effect.

    Obviously I’m still making fun of Cville because, well I think it was stupid but, my point should be pretty clear.

  11. The higher IQ someone has the less social skills they have. Sheldon of the Big Bang Theory is accurate. N. Tesla is another example. They dream of utopias. So design a utopia they can get behind which is pro-white. Maybe one of political devolution and universal sovereignty whereby the borders of the world are redrawn to coincide with ethnic realities. Then hate-based racism ends and a more natural form of racialism takes over. I suspect most people called “Racialists” or “White Nationalists” in America are not really racialists or White Nationalists but merely Nigg*r haters. There is a vast difference between the two.

    I think any female that uses abortion as a form of birth control is part of the problem and irresponsible. But many southern states ban abortion even in cases of rape or incest and I find that insane!

  12. “any female that uses abortion as a form of birth control is part of the problem”

    Males that allow racial interlopers in among their societies are the major problem.

    Biologically, it is the males imperative to guard the territory.

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