Severodonetsk Falls To Russia

Meanwhile, Russia continues to grind it out and gain ground in eastern Ukraine. It is only a matter of time before the push begins for the next $40 billion for Ukraine.

Note: By January 2023, we could look be looking back on the fall of Roe v. Wade, the fall of Twitter, the fall of Ukraine and the fall of the Democratic majority in Congress.


  1. Ukraine is never going to fall. At least not for years. The Russian military has exhausted their resources fighting over this tiny section of eastern Ukraine. Of course, the vatnicks will respond to this post coping about how “Ukraine already lost” like how they predicted Kyev would fall in 48 hours…then one week…then one month…then two months…now they lowered their expectations so much that they will call it a victory if Kyev falls after a year.

    Ukraine is Putin’s Iraq. He will be bogged there for the next decade. The only question is whether this turns into World War 3.

    • Ukraine is on life support until the midterms.

      After Democrats lose control of Congress, the GOP will take over. The party is deeply divided on Ukraine which means it will be a lot harder for GOP leadership to keep propping up Zelensky. Voters are going to demand action on inflation and gas prices which have been aggravatedby the war. Partisanship will take over and Biden will be firmly associated with losing the war in Ukraine. This isn’t anything like Iraq. This is a conventional war which Ukraine is going to lose.

      Maybe Ukraine can turn to guerrilla warfare? Ukraine could very well go that route when it is occupied by Russia

      • Short term –
        Things could get hot quick with the Lithuanian blockade of Russian rail access to Kaliningrad approved by the EU – technically an act of war. The Russian response in a few days, could be cutting off all EU gas & oil immediately, assuming they don’t take the NATO bait of rolling into Lithuania. Belarus is ramping up, has reportedly joined the war with rockets into Ukraine.

        Medium term –
        The EU energy gas-oil situation and economies are fragile, heading for disaster by the time winter arrives. EU public opinion on Ukraine war has already soured in polls. Substitutes for Russian energy are expensive and insufficient, people will freeze. The jerry-rigged euro currency and bond markets are thus in crisis again, the weird cross-border structure a problem the US doesn’t have. Poland and Czechia are already out of weapons to give to Kiev. EU will fold.

        Long term –
        Russia will limit itself to holding the ethnically Russian east of Ukraine. They might grab Odessa and link to Transnistria, but they will essentially have their ‘own’ people, after some likely modest population transfer, a bit like red-blue migration in the USA.

      • “Ukraine is on life support until the midterms”

        One thing I think everyone is ignoring, is a potential collapse in Ukranian army morale. Where the majority of Ukranian soldiers say “F this” and walk away from the battlefield. Why so many mercenaries ?

        I don’t think their is the ardent support the Zelensky Government that the Western (((media))) asserts.

      • Germany after WW2 taught us that there will be no guerrilla war when you fight to the last man and until your whole country is destroyed, because the civilians will start to hate the old regime for not just giving up a hopeless fight.
        Quick victories OTOH, where most of the old regime’s security state survived is to ask for an insurgency as Iraq taught us.

      • The heaviest fighting moved up north to Sumy and even further north last week. Now the last of the rats in the nitrogen facility are mostly dead but some escaped. Phase two is wrapping up.

        Looking at the troop movements and missile and air strikes from Kherson westward, phase three seems to be toward Odessa and Transnistria.

        When the Republicans lose the Senate in November (they need to win 21 of 34 to win the Senate; unlikely), Brandon will have a freer hand. In 2023 they will pack the Court, adding four more judges. They will pack the lower courts as well.

        So while what is left of ZOG descends into civil war, Russia will grab most of the rest of Ukraine, in 2023.

        Spoilier. It will start in Texas.

      • @Hunter

        “Maybe Ukraine can turn to guerrilla warfare? Ukraine could very well go that route when it is occupied by Russia.”

        The people in Eastern Ukraine are ethnic Russians, who view the Russian Army as liberators, and as “their army.” They’re already occupying the Donbas. They have, for centuries. They’re now using Rubles, and the Russian government is better at paying social security benefits regularly, than the CIA/MI-6 puppet government in Kiev is.

        There’s not going to be a guerilla war in the Donbas, or on the Black Sea Coast. The ethnic Russians there, don’t want the Ukrainians, or especially their secret police, back. They also like the prospect of having electricity, water, heat, and plenty of groceries in the house, too.

        Gonzalo Lira and Patrick Lancaster talk about this quite a bit. So do the other independent journalists.

        As a somewhat related aside;

        I’m going to vote Yes on the referendum for Texas Secession, if it comes up. The field is free and open for the advance of Southern Nationalism, and there’s nothing that the fat mouthed Yankees can do about it. All they have left are whining, name calling, and empty threats that they lack the military capacity to carry out. They can’t wage physical war on America, anymore. It’s time that the Northern States, that went to war against Dixie in the middle Nineteenth Century, had their own government or governments. They need to be broken up, anyway, to dissipate their political power. Getting rid of Yankeedom is the only way to MAGA, or “save” it. It’s time to quit dancing around that fact, too.

        End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

        • Are you writing from 1835? No yankee elites anymore and no regional economic differences anymore. Teain your attencion to the zios

    • The analogy of Iraq being like the Ukraine does not take into account that Iraq was nowhere near the US (but close to Israel of course), consists of ethnically foreign peoples to the US and meant nothing whatsoever to the US peoples on terms of history, culture or kin. The US was on Iran for the same reason it is meddling on the Ukraine ie because of jewish political interests. Putin’s reasons for meddling in the Ukraine are way more legitimate and understandable and direct in that he is not doing anything because it is good for the jews. The US has become dysfunctional and frankly degenerate because it is host to this malign influence.

    • Yot are you mad because your Jew pals are weak.They already looted the country and sent the Uk girls to Israel as sex slaves so what more do you want.Your Jews didn’t stay and fight,they left with the loot.The Ukes ought to join with their Slav brothers and fight the Jews instead of each other.We say Kiev(key-ev) and the Ukraine.So much for programming us by controlling and changing phrases and words at will.

    • “Russian military has exhausted their resources fighting over this tiny section ”

      Name one resource Russia lacks ?

    • If Russia has “exhausted” all their military resources, then why does that dwarf kike Zelensky keep yelping to his goyim lap dogs for more weapons? Why is Kiev (pronounced KEE-EHV) asking for as many horowitzers as the U.S. military has in its entire stockpile? Why has the Ukrainian military failed to recapture Crimea, Mariupol, or any of the land Russia has laid claim to? How has Russia “exhausted” their resources when they’ve only committed 10% of their total armed forced to this conflict whereas something like 60% of the entire Ukrainian military has been wiped out or is surrounded in the Donbass region?

      Things are moving “slower then expected” for Russia in Ukraine for three reasons:

      1. Russia is committed to minimizing civilian casualities. If they actually went full Shock & Awe like America did in Iraq in 2003, they’d already be declaring “Mission Accomplished.” Putin decided not to roll like that because he wishes to occupy Ukraine for good, and thats hard to do when you alienate a host country by indiscriminately killing its civilians. America never intended to occupy Iraq permanently like Russia does Ukraine. And no, there is no moral problem with Russia wishing to do this. Ukraine is a fake country that historically belonged to Russia in the exact same way Texas or California historically belongs to America.

      2. Russian military operations tend to be slow and inefficient. This is something I learned after reading a three part series about Putin on Counter Currents. Russia is doing things the “Russian Way” in Ukraine. They fought with Chechneya for like six years before ultimately subduing them. The same will happen in Ukraine. Slow, trudging, and inevitable,

      3. The USA and Britain are slowing things down and extending this conflict for as long as possible by supplying Kiev (pronounced KEE-EHV) with billions in weapons. The USA even brought the Lend-Lease Act back. To Emmanuel Macron’s credit, he at least tried to suggest that Zelensky negotiate a peace treaty with Putin which would involve Ukraine surrendering the land Russia has conquered. But the USA and Britain insist that this is a non-starter. They are giving Ukraine the same guarantees they did Poland in 1939. Once again, Anglo-Jewish nations are making everything worse and are pushing us towards WW3

      • @DP84,

        No disagreement from me.

        The Anglosphere’s establishment elite are the most philosemetic sabbos goys in the judeo-West. They are the Judas Iscariot of the European race.

        If I could wave a magic wand, I would make the Anglosphere has relevant ad Moldova.

    • @Gnillik Yot


      I AM NOT Slavic, Russian, Ukrainian, etc, I don’t believe
      in bullshit neocon wars that murder Europeans, all the
      Slavs at this point running the show seem to be very
      stupid going along the the necons and US/UK empire.

      Boris Johnson just made statements where he wants to
      prolong this.

      Promoting lies, like ” ukraine can win ” like your post,
      prolonging this, is evil at this point.

      You are no WN or European Patriot of any kind, your kind is everywhere, paid.

      Hunter Wallace should address these people promoting this war at this point.

      • Hundreds of innocent lives being wasted every day. The West should be pushing for peace, but it is controlled by evil scum.

  2. Ukraine. A country with a Jewish former comedian as president. Who did simulated sex on a piano. Supported by “neo-nazis” around the world. Gawd, what a Clown World. Please, Mother Russia, stop being so nice and take of the gloves.

    • .” Please, Mother Russia, stop being so nice and take of the gloves”

      They are being relentlessly methodic, to minimize civilian deaths.

  3. There will be no guerilla warfare. Guerillas depend from the civilian support but current regime supporters did such a evil things that civilians will hunt those guerillas down instead of supporting them.

    In some moment, when Russia thinks it is time, Ukraine collapses like Afganistan.

    • The only place where the Banderites would have significant civilian support would be Galicia in the NW, which was largely under Austrian rule in the late 18th-19th centuries and briefly part of Poland after WW I.

  4. How many billions, of those 55+, will zelensky and his ‘fellow whites’ siphon off, before they flee the country ?

    • The vast majority you can be assured. Of course Hunter and his associates Pelosi and Romney will get their cuts, along with 10% for Joe Tzu – the ‘big guy’ master strategist who engineered the who thing in the remaining recesses of his own lizard-brain (or so he thinks).

  5. Well done! and by that the line is closed! AUF regulars are destroyed, conscrips and NG are surrendering with some even joining the Russians! this is good because it spare blood and will end the conflict soon

    Now hang the banderista scum and on to Odessa

  6. Worth to note is that on the arms of Russia is St George slaying the dragon

    Russia is St George and America/Clownworld is the dragon (Satan)

    In the end God will win and He will vindicate us

  7. Winter is coming, probably extra cold this year too. Russia has already throttled back nat. gas supplies to Europe meaning they can still run things at a reduced rate but they cannot fill their storage facilities for the winter. This leaves Europe in a position where they basically are dependent upon spot nat. gas supplies for day to day operations and unable to draw upon storage to meet heating/industrial demand. U.S. LNG supplies are mostly offline because of an explosion at an LNG terminal in Texas that exported fuel to Europe.

    This leaves Europe in a precarious position this winter. They will be faced with the prospect of freezing in the dark because of insufficient gas supplies. There won’t be enough fuel to run factories, heat homes and produce enough electricity at the same time, something has to give.

    The best thing Europe can do is give the finger to the U.S., cut a deal with Russia to stop supporting Ukraine and pay for the nat. gas with rubles. The U.S. alliance through NATO has long passed its sell-by date, its usefulness expired a long time ago and it’s nothing but a liability now. The horrifying prospect of peace breaking out is what keeps The Usual Suspects, the MIC and the rest of the parasites up at night. A cold winter may be just the thing to shatter NATO and bring peace.

    • >Russia has already throttled back nat. gas supplies to Europe …

      Just to be scrupulously correct about this: Russia has only ‘throttled back’ natural gas to countries that 1) are participating in sanctions against Russia, and 2) refuse to pay in rubles.

      Countries (e.g. in Europe) that decided not to join sanctions against Russia saw no change: they continue to get natural gas, and can continue to pay in whatever currency was customary before.

      But Russia made it clear that any country endorsing and enforcing sanctions against it would continue to get natural gas only if they started paying in rubles — countries that refused to pay in rubles were cut off.

      Russia’s behavior and response to the sanctions has been pretty reasonable.

      • True, good point. Europe can end this trouble tomorrow if it pursues peace with Russia by making Ukraine neutral, removing sanctions and seeking a just settlement with Russia recognizing their legitimate security concerns. There is one small group driving the bus over the cliff however. We have seen this movie before.

  8. I saw something funny on bitchute yesterday. A small group of blacks were protesting aid to Ukraine. The speaker was talking in the bit I saw about baby formula shortages here at home. One was waving a Russian flag. Another was holding a placard that said Defund Ukkkraine. Not making this up.

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