Supreme Court Restores Republican Drawn Voting Map In Louisiana

Loyalty on this level hasn’t been seen since the days of the black Confederates!

Note: Chris Hayes is seething.


  1. It’s almost like as if adding Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme court has influenced the judges further to the right, giving life to an originalist court.

    Samuel L. Jackson called Clarence Thomas as “Uncle Clarence” on twitter, Clarence Thomas is so far on the right that he probably would vote to overturn Loving vs. Virginia.

    The supreme court is on fire, I can’t wait until they put their boot heel on the rainbow flag in future decisions. Liberal heads are exploding on a daily basis with this court.

  2. I’m getting dizzy, this is the most positive things done by the court for us in years. Fun watching the Left scream though. They are so used to getting the their way

    • These no good bastards on the Left knew they could never get their corrupt agenda implemented through legislative means so they relied on the corrupt courts, particularly the Supreme Court to rule by legal fiat. This worked for almost a century, until it didn’t.

      Live by the sword, die by the sword. I just hope there is excellent security for the justices who voted to uphold the Constitution for a change. Their enemies are capable and willing to resort to anything to win. If the worthless Republicans and “conservatives” had an ounce of courage things would never have gone this far in the first place.

    • How does getting Republicans elected help us? This blog needs to get over its conservatard priors.

  3. Just imagine,
    If trump hadn’t been president, but hillary had made the scotus appointments.
    For all his faults, trump did have a few virtuess, mostly as blocking the lunatic liberals

    • True. Credit where credit is due. If he had built his big, beautiful wall, all 2,500 miles of it he would have been reelected and Dementia Joe would be in an old folks home, yelling at the TV and trying to cop a feel from the 300 Lb. black nurses taking him out for walks.

  4. Clarence Thomas of Pin Point, Georgia will be Chief Justice of the Neo-Conferderate Republic, after he wakes up from a century long slumber in a suspended animation pod, and finds that he is now the smartest citizen in Dixie, after 100 years of meth moms, opiod dads, and Stacey Abrams defendants having litter upon litter of dysgenic offspring due to the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022.

  5. I have to give credit to the Right for finally going on the offensive. It certainly took them long enough! They know Shitpants Biden is a weak, inept, bumbling, decrepit old fool and they’re going to take full advantage of that.

  6. Do you still have a Gab account, HW? I know it’s a dull, stupid place but you could definitely help liven it up!

    • Yes.

      I spent all of May working longer hours than usual. Then I went on our two week trip. Now it is back to catching up on bills. I don’t have as much time to shit post

      • Mr. Wallace,

        I leave for Mexico this weekend. If or when I come back to graduate in the United States and wanted to contact someone to give them a graduation invitation would you give who I want my email address? Of course wait for my permission please.

        I know you have all of our email addresses and I have no other method of reaching people here unless I openly post mine.

        I know Jack Ryan already has my email address and I have had his for a while.

  7. Equality, equity and inclusion is the religion of the anti-Christ and it is the way of thinking that is leading us to hell. God made us all different each of us with are own strengths and weakness. Accept it or else face doom.

    There is no overcoming Gods will.

  8. A truly astonishing & sweet about-face toward federalism from the Supreme Court. I wonder why it’s happening so suddenly.

  9. “He’s been a person of grievance for as long as I have known him — resentment, grievance, anger…”

    That’s usually the way commie scum like her like their niggers.

  10. Am I wrong for thinking we need not trot out Clarence Thomas as the reliable champion of the interest of the posterity of the founding stock of this country? He is incredibly proud of his Georgia Sea Island Heritage and this has obviously informed his decision making in the Walker vs. Sons of Confederate Veterans case. He badly twisted the clear issue of what constitutes government speech, just because he is personally deeply opposed to the Confederate flag- or rather, what it represents. I think it was dishonest. And I really dislike him using the term “lynching” to describe his confirmation process. I think he carries grievance against white southerners just as much as he does against liberal elites.

    I just think he has played both sides well, which is why he always seems to win. He betrays the interest of his kind as a whole but asserts their grievances when it benefits him personally.

    Were there not better qualified white judges capable of advancing our interests?

    As Samuel L Jackson so eloquently pointed out, Thomas would never be consistent enough to undo the illegitimate rulings such as Loving v. Virginia and Shelly v. Kraemer which, like Roe, are also based on ahistorical readings of the 14th amendment.

    God, the 14th amendment sucks. Might as well not have any fuckin’ amendments at all with that one.

  11. “He’s been a person of grievance for as long as I have known him — resentment, grievance, anger…” A little bit of projection here from the Queen Bitch? The Supreme Court justices she hates are a little too far out of reach from her to have sudden “suicides”.

  12. I voted for Trump in 2016.

    Kentanji Brown Jackson was sworn in today, but she sits on a 6-3 Supreme Court. There isn’t much excitement about it because it really changes nothing. The critical shift happened in Trump’s first term

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