Tucker Carlson: This Is a Manufactured Disaster

This is a good hot take.

Inflation makes life harder for all the bad people who live in rural areas, small towns and exurbs who drive more than urbanites. It makes meat more expensive and less affordable for the working class and middle class. So, millions of people who live paycheck to paycheck are forced to cut back in that area, which helps to fight climate change. Better yet, they can be nudged in the right direction by market forces without the hand of elites in creating the situation being obvious.

The higher price of education discourages working class and middle class people from having children who respond to inflation by controlling their fertility which reduces the carbon footprint of their families. The higher price of rent along with strict environmental laws is a means to make housing less affordable and to price working class and middle class people out of expensive coastal metros and entire states like California. Elites generally want to have the nicest areas to themselves.

If all that fails, there is always the poisons of feminism, the public cult of homosexuality and “trans,” which discourage people from starting traditional families and having children. Corporations like DoorDash, for example, might be unwilling to reimburse their employees for the price of gas doubling or tripling under Joe Biden due to his foreign policy with Ukraine, but they are willing to pay their employees to travel to Blue States to secure abortions. Abortion is a public good. It is synonymous with freedom.

Abortion isn’t something that is tragic or regrettable anymore. It isn’t just tolerated. It is loudly celebrated and encouraged like homosexuality and “trans.” It is necessary to fight climate change.

Note: Is all of this a globalist conspiracy?

Probably not, but there is a conscious effort by “progressives” to make basic goods more expensive (food, gas, rent, etc.) and to discourage people from having children.


  1. Lord have mercy. It is a revolution. Once they pack the court, then they can federalize all law enforcement, and they will be coming around to collect the guns. After that comes the Red Terror, just like under Lenin and Trotsky. Only worse, because the technology is far more advanced. For rural people they will just drone you, cheaper than sending a team.

    You will own nothing. They mean it. This is a communist revolution. The Jews and Freemasons will own it all. You will own nothing. And Trump was with them all along.

    There is one possible hope, and that is external. There is no possible hope internally, since the elections are rigged, such as in Oklahoma yesterday. But the Russians aren’t playing games. They mean to destroy Zog.

    Btw, the woman who testified giving perjury is trying to get Garfinkel to prosecute Trump. But there is 0% chance Trump was not in on the 1/6 setup all along. He was in on it as much as Mitch and Crazy Nancy and Pence were.

    He went back to the Mulatto House and watched it on TV with Ivanka. Being the satanic monster he is, he surely delighted in the successful trap he successfully laid for all those people.

    After that he successfully raised 250 million from the same MAGA tards, claiming to spend it on defending against the steal. But he and his family just kept it.

    And STILL they support him.

  2. “Carbon Credits” are a way to turn natural energy scarcity into a monetary base, instead of gold, or state issued securities, or some NGO IMF/World Bank scheme like “Special Drawing Rights” or something like Bitcoin.

    So “reducing your carbon footprint” is simply the new form of taxation under this new regime. The democratic governments of the world can “print money” but they can’t “print energy” so a world wide Carbon Credits scheme provides the Global Banker Class with the means to discipline the governments if they ever turn to “populism.”

    One hundred years ago they had the exact same scheme, but of course it was a “Central Bank Gold Market Standard” that was based on the fact that the early Telegraph system could help London fix prices with New York.

    China is doing the exact same thing, but instead of something at least in theory physical (the measurements are so imprecise it is basically guesswork; fraud) instead it is “Social Credit” which basically means “Being a Good Chinese Citizen.”

    Neither system will ever actually unite the world into one system – that is a Western conceit, they can’t even force Russia into it, much less China, and Indian just barely pays lips service.

    It isn’t a “conspiracy” because they are announcing the system openly, but of course they are declaring they have the best of intentions, and their “opposition” like Tucker Carlson says no they are really mean and nasty people.

  3. It’s a direct consequence of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act……and as a consequence, Native Born White Americans are competing for nonwhite Legal immigrants and the non-white US born geneline for the scarce resources of America…

    And I am gonna tell you who is going to get smacked in the face by this new reality:

    Go to Google Images…google Kanas City Chief Fans….google Dallas Cowboy Fans….Google Buffalo Bills Fans…..They live in a fantasy world….But reality is coming right around the bend….

    For Immigration Reform Organizations in Northern Virginia….Huwhite Working Class people don’t exist…..Cuckholdery is rampant in these organizations….

    For Tucker Carlson, you can import a million Hindus from India a year and that would be ok….as long as they came in legally….It’s called Legal Cuckholdery…

    • “Go to Google Images…google Kanas City Chief Fans….google Dallas Cowboy Fans….Google “Buffalo Bills Fans…..They live in a fantasy world….But reality is coming right around the bend….”

      They deserve it.

  4. How long until Americans realize they are getting jewed to death? I am trying to figure out why it is taking so long. Is it because they “look” white and therefore hard to put your finger on? If these assholes were eskimos or koreans you would see them doing what they are doing to your country and declare war on them. There wouldn’t be any left. It is just amazing how Christians give these metzitzah loving carpetbaggers a free pass, and let them infiltrate and dominate everything. Right, left, media, government, banks! Wake the hell up will ya!

    • The so-called Evangelical Christians are probably the worst in this respect, thanks to Cyrus Scofield’s heretical bible published with Jewish backing over a century ago. Thus you have all sorts of ‘Christian Zionists’ (a completely oxymoronic term) willing to sign up to fight Russia in Ukraine on behalf of Jews, while they do nothing whatsoever to defend their own. Jews are the Synagogue of Satan. They are the largest and most ardent supporters of every single evil endorsed and pushed in Clownworld. Americans will not realize they have been jewed to death until the spell under which they live is broken.

    • Hard asks:

      ” There wouldn’t be any left. It is just amazing how Christians give these metzitzah loving carpetbaggers a free pass, and let them infiltrate and dominate everything. Right, left, media, government, banks! Wake the hell up will ya!”

      As our best post WWII leader GL Rockwell just noticed (sigh):

      “Our people are slaves of money and thus slaves of the je*s”

      This ethnic group (race is too strong a word – the Js are like the Irish that still thought/think Ted Kennedy the Kennedy family and Joe Biden are one of them, because hey their Irish, we’re Irish) not only controls our money supply through the Federal Reserve private banking cartel and various money changing scammers like George Soros, the monopolize or just intimidated the entire US media and are at the top of all tax exempt Christian Churches and academia.

      Just look at anyone like that White Hispanic Sanchez formerly at CNN that just notices them

      “If you want to know who rules you, just notice who you are not allowed to criticize” (Words to that effect) French philosopher Voltaire.

  5. “small towns and exurbs who drive more than urbanites”

    You’re making an unfounded assumption, you don’t realize the distances most commuters travel. I think it is the opposite.
    You don’t know the distances they travel to escape diversity.

  6. “to price working class and middle class people out of expensive coastal metros…”

    If only. Expensive coastal metros, at least in the East, are somehow still packed to the brim with ghetto blacks even as whites making six figures are forced 60-90 minutes from the city to find affordable, decent housing.

  7. It’s all Russia fault according to Biden and the little hats, so is the SC overturning abortion.

  8. You’ll own nothing= because we will steal everything from you.
    And you’ll be happy= because we will brainwash you.

  9. It’s partially manifactured, but the Biden admin truly miscalculated how badly the Russian sanctions would backfire on them. The problem with the empire of lies is that, at some point, many of the people making decisions started to believe their own lies.

  10. Sigh. We’re in the Weimar Republic with much, much worse racial/demographics.

    The international money changers, Soros, Goldbergs and Silversteins can money change their way out of this same as they did in Weimar Germany.

    Anybody see a White savior, strong man from the provinces coming in to set things straight?

    Anybody see an Austrian corporal, a Corsican tough guy to fire cannons in to the rampaging Parisian mobs, our mobs are as bad or worse in places like Minneapolis and Portland OR.

    Anybody see a Julius Caesar or a Vladimir Putin?

    The Powers that be are combing the entire world for such tough White guys – thus their obsession with Vladimir Putin or even our own Donald Trump with his stereotypical J son in law Jared Kushner.

    Anybody know true Roman, J history at the time of King Herod? Herod’s forces were hunting down male first borns to kill them to counter the profess of a Messiah who sadly came and went.

    Lots of us have been looking for that…

    Last Man Again Time
    Savitri Devi and James Mason

  11. Hunter never openly says that all of this evil is aimed at Whites. He only hints at it by mentioning Haitians huddled with their many offspring waiting to get into America, a former White country.

      • They are in this country now. Just like the millions and millions of Mexicans and Central Americans who come in and demand we speak Spanish to them, and demand free housing, food, and medicine. The US is gone. People need to stop pretending. In another 10 years, this place will look just like where they came from.

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