Trump Tried To Get To The Capitol On 1/6

This actually restores a tad bit of my former respect for him.

I was under the impression that he told his followers that he would meet them at the Capitol and then ghosted them and just drove off to the White House. It turns out this was another example of how Trump was constantly overruled by all the people around him which isn’t as bad as I originally thought. Where do these people get off telling the president he can’t go somewhere?


  1. > This actually restores a tad bit of my former respect for him

    Agreed. He did in fact say “I will be there with you” and then didn’t show up. Didn’t he then go play golf or something?

    • Do any Americans remember how he allowed the BLM/Antifa mobs to attack police, riot, loot stores and businesses, and basically do whatever they wanted? Trump allowed all of that because he wanted “the Black vote” and he even paid rappers millions to endorse him. He doesn’t care about us at all. He was promising them billions of dollars, possible reparations, and he signed over hundreds of millions of dollars for “dreamers'” educations.

  2. Even if true, so what, who cares, grasping at straws, etc; the whole ‘insurrection’ narrative is still bullshit — this is the kind of vapid nonsense you get with women like Pelosi and Cheney in positions of authority and calling the shots (paging Lexi).

    >This actually restores a tad bit of my former respect for him.

    Today I happened to hear on a podcast that even after leaving office Donald ‘Warp Speed’ Blumpf lashed out at the FDA for pausing the J&J COVID vaccine after reports of blood clots — I did not recall that, but here’s a report on Fox:

    Trump: FDA pausing Johnson & Johnson was ‘terrible,’ only benefits Pfizer, Moderna

    The FDA made an awful decision to temporarily pull back Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine distribution, Former President Donald Trump shared with “Hannity” in an exclusive interview on Monday. … “I think it’s very suspect as what they did with Johnson & Johnson,” he said. “Because the only people that are happy about that are Pfizer and Moderna… What they did is a terrible, terrible thing.” … The J&J vaccinations were paused after reports of blood clots in patients began to surface.

    He’s a piece of shit — and a fucking moron: his unscripted, off-the-cuff rhetoric is always juvenile.

    • Granted, but this isn’t as bad as telling all his supporters to march on the Capitol and setting them up. He at least tried to get there. I don’t have many positive things to say about him, but this isn’t some bombshell like it is being reported. If anything, it makes him look slightly better that day

    • It was politically motivated to ban J&J in order to push the MRNA technology. I became seriously dizzy 17 days after the MRNA shot and my ears where hot and ringing very loudly. I think it was the culprit as others have reported that but were ignored. I had the J&J shot second and it didn’t produce those symptoms. The blood clots were all in pre menopausal women, no need to pull it for everyone as the technology is more well known. Astra Zeneca is the same thing but they never let it here simply to protect the MRNA technologies. All the vaccines are pretty much useless now as the thing has mutated far away from what they were developed for.

  3. The greatest jew president ever. How’s General Soleimani? I don’t think he was with the jew homo-trans agenda and the love of our greatest ally, Israel. One of the greatest Generals of our time, that’s why they had Trump take him out, because of democracy.

    • There’s a scene in the movie “Runaway Jury” where the inside man on the jury gets all twelve of them to stand up and say the pledge of allegiance. To the outside observer, this was meant to be spontaneous patriotism, but it was secretly a message to the defense telling them “We are in control of this jury.”

      Same with Soleimani. Just Israel showing Iran who is in control of the American Leviathan, with a veneer of jingoism.

  4. Trump physically struggling with opponents in the attempt to be with his people, on one of the crucial days of modern USA history – This is legend-making material.

    And it adds another dimension to the likelihood that Trump was blackmailed during his presidency. The biggest proof of that blackmailing, was Trump not firing Attorney General Bill Barr for his refusal to broadly address the evidence of Nov. 2020 election fraud.

    Whatever you think as a conclusion about 2020 election fraud, there was certainly a huge wave of credible witness reports justifying full-boat immediate enquiry. Trump had unlimited legal rights to instantly fire Bill Barr and anyone replacing him, but obviously felt blocked – terrorised in fact – from doing what was needed. Trump was surrounded, as he was on 6 January, and also afterwards when he knew in his gut he should pardon all non-violent 6 Jan. participants.

    The Deep State may realise they are now sliding Trump into ‘hero’ category with a lot of the Republican electorate, and so finally will tell DJT not to run in 2024. Better that way, too. Trump should be a memory now, not someone looking to take office again when he would be older than Joe Biden in his 2021 inauguration.

    God bless Donald John Trump, and forgive him all his misdeeds.

  5. I understand Hunter’s opinion. However, you understand that this entire testimony is hearsay, and would be considered inadmissible evidence in a normal trial, but this isn’t normal, is it? I suppose they’re trying to destroy Trump’s reputation, and it’s kind of pointless, but this is what a corrupt state does. But at this point, I believe America itself is kind of pointless.
    I’m reminded of Gore Vidal writing about Aaron Burr, how he was brought up on false charges of conspiracy by Jefferson, and accused by everyone Jefferson could find, but the Supreme Court found Burr not guilty. Like Gore said, “realists are always hated in a land of hustlers and cheats, and that’s what the United States is.”

    I think the only way to solve our current maladministration is for a couple of brigades of troops to march on the capitol, close it up and have a general stand at the rostrum and say what Cromwell said to the parliament: “Be gone, yon rogues, you have sat long enough.” A platoon entering this star chamber committee would close it down , and use their rifle butts to get the committee out of the chamber.

    I’ve heard people I know who voted for Trump say they were glad they voted for him, but now, we need someone else. I’d say we need for D.C. to collapse, and the states would be on their own.

    Was Trump blackmailed? I’m reminded of the story I heard that the morning Nixon was to read his resignation, he was warned if he deviated from one word, the Secret Service would take him out.

    On the Duran, when asked if Trump should run again, Alexander Mercouris said “Well, I certainly think he should choose his advisors much more carefully. The last set did him little good.”

    • She could easily be lying.

      My take was just that if this is true it makes Trump look a little less bad than I thought.

  6. Trump is way too much of an indecisive coward and a pussy to engage in that kind of aggressive behavior. Not buying it.

    • Report Reveals Top Secret Service Agent’s Story Of What Happened Inside Car With Trump

      Former President Donald Trump’s lead Secret Service agent is reportedly ready to testify that testimony given by a former White House staffer on Wednesday to the January 6 House select committee is false. … NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted, “A source close to the Secret Service tells me both Bobby Engel, the lead agent, and the presidential limousine/SUV driver are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that Mr. Trump never lunged for the steering wheel.”

    • Yes, the entire story is obviously fake. The person in this story is the media caricature, Drumpf the evil fascist dictator. It’s not the real Blompf, the risk-averse con-man who hides out in his bunker while anarchists burn cities to the ground. Blompf who exists in the real world wouldn’t assault a secret service agent and try to choke him out. Fake fascist dictator Drumpf, who only exists in the imaginations of deranged cat ladies, would.

      Trump fans have always selectively believed stories about Trump. Anything the media or insider sources report that makes him look bad is a lie and fake news, while anything that makes him look “based” is obviously true and trustworthy. We watched this happen for his entire term in office, where the media would make up some fake story to make Trump seem evil and “fascist,” and Trump’s chumps would take it the opposite way as proof that he’s secretly based.

      The entire purpose of this phony hearing is to manufacture the case that Blompf was attempting a coup. The strongest evidence against this fascist coup narrative is that he didn’t even bother to show up at his own coup and went golfing instead. So they present fake testimony that Blompf was trying to get to the coup, but was stopped by brave patriot anti-fascist secret service agents (presumably with multicolored hair and septum piercings).

      And given the other things surrounding the event, like the “stop the steal” grift money being funneled to Trump’s family and associates, rather than going to any honest attempts at finding fraud or overturning the election, it seems very unlikely that this is a true story. The much more likely story is that Trump received news that things were turning rowdy and he decided to duck out.

  7. Of all the big right-wing rallies I think the unite the right rally was better, the january 6 seemed a bit of a sham and a clown. Probably i’m more nostalgic of the alt-right between 2014 and 2018/19.

  8. >No reason to believe anything these people say.

    Well, it’s certainly true that many of them are either under legal duress, or were offered immunity in exchange for appearing — and people given immunity do not generally say things unfavorable to the prosecution.

    >God bless Donald John Trump, and forgive him all his misdeeds.

    Uhh, no.

    linkTrump not being able to even tell his driver where to take him is a metaphor for his entire presidency. He had less control over the federal government than I have over my Uber driver.

  9. I suppose the reason this information is coming out now, 2 1/2 years after the fact, is to make Trump look worse. Actually, it makes them look worse.

  10. He ordered the generals to get out the foreign quagmires; they refused. He ordered the Secret Service to drive him to the Capitol; they refused. Clear, unheard-of insubordination that should’ve resulted in prison terms, but resulted in nothing at all.

    This country is usurped by kikes, billionaires, and their whore bureaucrats in uniforms and sunglasses & earpieces.

  11. Maybe so, but the fact he did not pardon his supporters speaks volumes about him. He’s a con man.

    • Yes, this remains true.

      It turns out the story isn’t even true. This woman who testified didn’t witness Trump lunging at a Secret Service agent. She just heard a rumor.

  12. I suspected it could be, but I wanted to believe that Trump lunged at the Secret Service and tried to grab the wheel to get to the Capitol on 1/6. The story makes him look better than I thought. I thought he ghosted his supporters and led them into a trap and then pardoned a bunch of black rappers

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