Vox: Think Polarization Is Bad Now? Wait Till The Post-Roe Abortion Wars Get Started

Yes, I agree.

The exacerbation of polarization that the Dobbs decision is going to cause will likely be more important than the issue of abortion itself. In this sense, it reminds me of reopening the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and ending the Missouri Compromise. In the antebellum era, some Southern radicals pushed these issues as wedge issues to sow discord – essentially, to “red pill” their more moderate Unionist neighbors on the fanaticism of the other side – to advance their real goal which was to dissolve the Union.


“Now, with the issue returned to state and federal legislatures, elections will actually loom larger than ever. “When it seems like the stakes can’t get any bigger, the end of Roe raises them,” says Lilliana Mason, a political scientist at Johns Hopkins University who studies polarization.

Blue states and red states will soon be battling over out-of-state abortions and the national distribution of abortion pills; control over Congress and the presidency could lead to a federal law either legalizing or prohibiting abortion nationwide. The same logic that led Republicans to back an obviously undemocratic demagogue — the consequences are simply too grave for us to let the other side win — now applies on steroids to elections across the country.

American democracy is already teetering on a cliff. The coming abortion wars will make it even harder for the country to step away from the brink. …

Anti-abortion activists often compare abortion to slavery on a moral level, a comparison I fundamentally reject. But on a political level, it’s a more apt analogy: The issue is so charged, and crosses state lines so thoroughly, that political conflict over it is guaranteed to be bitter and zero-sum.

One of the most important political science findings for our understanding our current era is that polarization threatens democracy by raising the stakes of elections. When voters and political leaders view their rivals as enemies, maybe even evil, and elections as existential events, the mutual toleration and forbearance at the heart of democracy wither away. Violating norms becomes imaginable; the boundaries of our politics get tested. …”

Obviously, the GOP isn’t clever enough to do this.

The pro-life movement sincerely believes that life begins at conception and that abortion is a modern day Holocaust. They have a point about ending human sacrifice in this country.

As Roe unwinds at the state level, we are going to see the gradual emergence of a strong geographic divide between the coasts and the Heartland states. Progressive activists will demand that corporations weigh in on the issue. This will further aggravate tensions between Corporate America and Red States. The Supreme Court could weigh in other divisive social issues and return more power to the states which could conceivably compound the geographic divide by layering on additional issues.

Elections at both the state and federal level will become even more zero sum struggles between rival blocs of voters divided by social liberalism which are sorting along geographic lines. As the stakes get higher and higher, secession could gain enough traction – perhaps in California or Texas – that one or two states might decide that things are so bad it is worth it to secede from the Union.

Please note where public opinion on secession stood before the Dobbs decision. See also the overlap between White evangelicals, pro-life sentiment and alarm about the Great Replacement.

Note: If the Supreme Court is an illegitimate institution and the Dobbs decision can be defied by Blue States, why should Texas v. White be respected by Red States?

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  1. All this bullshit discourse about abortion one way or another ignores the motivation behind the vast funding provided to the pro choice movement to ever increase the number of women killing their children. The pharmaceutical industry and planned parenthood have created for profit industry pedaling and using the flesh of these dead kids for “science”, and its disgusting.

    No matter who you are, if you are at all looking at this in good faith, the issue of abortion itself becomes moot when taken in the context that these dead kids are being farmed like batteries by the machines in the matrix.

  2. >The pro-life movement sincerely believes that life begins at conception …

    It does — if left alone, in the vast majority of cases (and with standard prenatal care) a fetus will develop normally and a healthy baby will be born — admitting this is part of ceding the ‘moral high ground’ to the pro-life side, something every decent person ought to be willing to do — I’ve always found debates about ‘viability’ etc (of the fetus) to be morally and intellectually dishonest.

    Perhaps you will see the following compromise emerge: states that ban abortion will move consequently to make sure clinics that offer surgical abortion close/cease the practice — but at the same time, many of these states will do little to interfere with the availability of misoprostol and mifepristone (the drugs used for medical abortion), and will look the other way as medical abortion slowly replaces surgical abortion.

    No doubt misoprostol and mifepristone will become widely available via a kind of black market, and some women who seek an abortion will see this as a real alternative — but there are risks associated with medical abortion, so the choice will then be whether to allow black market misoprostol and mifepristone to become the 21st century equivalent of a coat hanger, or to passively allow a rise in supervised medical abortions.

  3. As someone old enough to remember the Abortion Wars of the 80s/90s – quite well as my mom was a pro-Life Church Lady who was involved quite heavily into the letter writing campaigns etc. – I predict you’re both wrong.

    I attended churches where the pastors had to remove Army of God types. You young people have zero idea how serious Christianity was back in those days.

    What happened is that they became professionalized – which always comes with cynicism – and that is why they were able to work behind the scenes to organize the lawyers and make the deal with Trump to support him if he would appoint pro-life judges.

    They won because they became less radical and more professional.

    The baby killing side is the same – the right-wing fake “movement” blogs (cough) love to play up crazy looking bitches with green hair screaming about Trump and abortion, but those people are fringe and even their friends think they are nut jobs.

    In reality the organized baby killers at Planned Parenthood are typically quite low-key, serious, and perfectly cynical political operators. That is how they have managed to do what they have done.

    People – on the Right and the Left – who claim they are “Activists” call themselves that because they actually don’t do anything, but play-act in public because they are narcissists who want attention. That is why your Alt Right movement was such a joke – you all wanted to dress up in costumes and parade around in the street getting your ugly faces on TV.

    The Pro-Life ladies instead spent thirty years actually doing the work, and they won.

    Obviously “The Movement” will never do that because it’s a fake “movement” run by Feds and Jews.

    • While true that Der Movement is full of morons, grifters, controlled opposition,and bad ideology (Nordicism, HBD Jew/Asian worship, Traditionalism, ethnonationalism, etc.), white nationalism faces a whole different level of opposition from the System than other movements.

      • “white nationalism faces a whole different level of opposition from the System”

        You mean like, the German-American Bund, of the 1930s, that had several of its leaders killed by letter bombs ?

        • >You mean like, …

          Today it’s far more systematic than that, involving the entirety of both media and political establishments, and includes the absolute stranglehold of the two-party system.

          While many countries in Europe have multiparty democracy, the US has a two-party system, which generally offers only an illusion of choice, even on critical matters, e.g. the relationship with another nuclear power, one formerly governed by the MAD doctrine (mutually assured destruction).

          For example, after the election of Sep 2021 (link) in Germany, there are currently seven political parties represented in the Bundestag (link, properly counting Union as two separate parties, CDU and CSU).

          This tradition of multiparty democracy is what allowed the AfD to rise from literally nothing to become the largest opposition fraction, which it was after the 2017 election (link) — note the AfD was not represented at all in the Bundestag after the 2013 election (link) — at the moment, something like that is unthinkable in the US.

          • The two-party system is cancer. Each one is primarily concerned with their own power level….the people be damned.

  4. Economy is what fuels secession and any kind of other separatism. Fierce political fighting of course damages economy and so remotely advances secession.

    Collapse of Soviet Union started with shortages. Then local food stamps,only for locals emerged, then continued with economic checkpoints to avoid export of food and other essentials, then direct trade between rebel provinces emerged and finally parallel financial sytem outside Central Government control.

    When Governent loses control over money it loses everything. Until Government has money, it can always hire filth for dirty job, local or foreigners. Or just buy everything and let locals starve into submission.

  5. No, it’s not more important than abortion. Abortion is important because it goes to the core of the shitlib value system. These people are garbage, for nearly fifty years they claimed the Constitution was the permanent ratification of their shit values, and in perpetuity, whatever shit they throw at the wall and sticks must remain their forever. The era of the kike shit Constitution may not be over, but this ruling actually defuses tension. These shitlibs are not going to feel so comfortable agitating for abortion in 2022 as they were in 1972. A large percentage of the population has had it with these people.

  6. Please expand on your comment about “re-opening” the international slave trade. At the Confederate Constitutional convention (March 1861) the then 7 confederate states voted 6-1 against re opening the international slave trade.

    I’m not aware this issue was ever re-visited after the other four states (VA, Arkansas, NC and TN) seceded after Ft. Sumter.


    • Some of the fire eaters like Rhett and Yancey pushed for it as a wedge issue in the years before secession

  7. The jews will find other ways to get the shiksa abortions because there’s way too much money to be lost.

  8. I keep being promised severe polarization and wars, but so far, nothing.
    Let’s gooooo, people.

  9. Abortion is also about keeping a judeo, Talmudic -mindset imposed on the United States and the world. These creatures have actually convinced gentiles that it’s in their interest to murder their own children. They need Talmudic thinking to keep their tikkun olam imposed and offered up to their father the devil.

  10. Who knows if there will be succession, take a combination of out of control inflation followed by intense culture wars and it could trigger Texas to go ahead and get it done. If Texas goes solo, others will follow like a chain reaction. All eyes are on Texas.

    Be cautious about headlines regarding polarization and national divorce, the media uses it as click bait.

  11. The Yankees are losing the ability to impose their will on the states beyond the borders of Yankeedom. That’s the real issue. Same as in the middle Nineteenth Century.

    “Blue states and red states will soon be battling over out-of-state abortions and the national distribution of abortion pills.”

    The Yankees will once again tear up cities on the West Coast, and in Yankeedom. They won’t bother Idaho, or Dixie, much. If they did, they’d just be shot, jailed or expelled. Like last time. Nothing more ridiculous, or pointless, than Yankees protesting Red State legislation, in Yankeedom.

  12. The controversy over abortion would appear to be just as heated and passionate as the issue of slavery was in the 1850s. Will it help contribute to another breakup of the Union? Let’s hope so!

    • This is an example of crap argumentation. The murder/abuse you refer to took place in New York, where there are very few restrictions on abortion. See here:

      New York state legalized abortion in 1970, three years before the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade, and a 2019 law lifted several restrictions, including a requirement that only physicians could provide abortions.

      A 2019 law, Section 2599-BB, removed abortion from the New York state criminal code and allowed abortion after 24 weeks in the case of a life-threatening pregnancy or a nonviable fetus.

      HW could make a stronger argument that New York, a shitlib stronghold where Talmudism reigns supreme, has created such a general environment of depravity that the 7-year old black girl was more likely to more likely to be abused and murdered there as a result of the general low value placed on life in NY. There was nothing preventing an abortion here apart from the mother’s laziness.

      Negroes will get abortions regardless of laws, just as they easily obtain drugs and guns and carry out abuse and murder regardless of laws. Returning the issue to the states was the correct ruling. Declaring abortion a sacred constitutional right nationwide was an abomination. The open question remains as to “why now?” after five long decades and an abortion rate in long decline.

      • >The murder/abuse you refer to took place in New York, …

        Really?! — I hadn’t noticed that.

        Yes, since there are literally no ‘disturbingly dysfunctional Blacks’ living anywhere else in America, most importantly in states that have already banned, or will likely soon ban, abortion after the recent reversal of Roe v Wade, I guess you’re right: it is ‘crap argumentation’ to suggest that this decision may result, over time, in more ‘disturbing black dysfunctionality’.

        List of U.S. states and territories by African-American population

        The list above suggests two things: 1) states that already have, or are likely to, ban abortion have the highest black population fractions, and 2) a quick, rough estimate indicates about half the Blacks in America, perhaps more, live in these same states.

        Anecdotally, it was on a road trip thru the Deep South (‘Bible Belt’) that I personally encountered the worst Blacks I had ever seen, in terms of their apparent unsuitability for life in a first world country.

        >Negroes will get abortions regardless of laws, …

        Maybe — but when abortion is banned, getting one will require some ingenuity, and Blacks are not exactly the most ingenious population group, are they?

        Given all the above, my previous statement does not really seem all that unreasonable:

        … a ban on abortion has the potential to significantly increase the number of disturbingly dysfunctional Blacks in America.

        You know, being aggressively stupid is no way to go thru life — didn’t anyone ever tell you that?

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