1. They both have it right, if there was White privilege, Whites could do and say whatever they want but it’s the opposite. It black and jew privilege.

  2. If someone can define ‘white privilege’ for me, I’m all ears. Asians, East Indians and Jews generally earn more money than whites…….in white countries, I must add. Not real sure how that makes us more privileged….

    • “define ‘white privilege’ for me”

      That’s easy,
      You train the POC, take all responsibility, do their work, carry their weight and are the last to be compensated.

    • For jews, like the term racist, White privilege is an antiwhite smear. For blacks, their lie is it’s racist for Whites to expect blacks to act the way that Whites do. Being White, our “White Privilege” causes us to be insensitive to black nature and it hurts their feelings. What Whites see as perfectly normal desires to succeed in our societies, blacks and other antiwhites see as White Privilege.That means schools that try to prepare black children for success in the American free market economy are not truly doing this in the best interests of everyone, but only for Whites.

      One concept in particular that all Whites would readily understand and agree with is illustrated in the statement, “I earned this through hard work and effort”. What Whites have failed to understand is this basic concept is particularly meaningless to black students. They falsely conclude — t’s White thinking. It’s White Privilege. It’s racism.

  3. Awesome…… the western is the only society that cannot be proud of its past, whose monuments have been destroyed, who blame itself for the whims of other foreign immigrants…….. what a priviledge…..

  4. OT

    Here, in a nutshell, is why conservatards and anti-racist MAGA-tards (you could just as well call them MIGA-tards) are so despised by many on the Dissident Right:

    This photo is pure evil…

    Many may have seen the foto of a very pregnant woman with ‘Not yet a human’ written on her bulging abdomen; she was at one of the protests after Roe v Wade was overturned — at the link above you can watch a brief interview with her — literally within the first 10s she announces she’s Jewish, and basically says that until she pushes the baby out, it’s part of her body and, well, ‘Not yet a human’ — that’s according to her religion (whatever, I’ll take her word for it).

    In response, here’s what Kane, the faggot who runs Citizen Free Press, writes:

    Update — We found an interview with the democrat.

    (Uhh, that should be Democrat — link.)

    Another version of this is complaining about crime in ‘democrat run’ cities, while completely ignoring all the heinous crime they’re complaining about is committed by Blacks.

  5. It is the morality that makes whites supreme and the morality is derived form Christ and Christianity. The morality being, no harm comes to the innocent. The predator can only mock and ridicule. Jealousy?

  6. If Whites really had “privilege” we’d have the privilege of keeping our countries White.

    • They can turn every visage of Lincoln into dust for all I care. First American Emperor.

      • @Tikkun – The obvious problem with your mentality is that you don’t get to select which statues they destroy. They are only after Lincoln because he is WHITE — it has nothing to do with his actual nation-destroying record.

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