Joe Biden: Americans Will Face High Gas Prices “For As Long As It Takes” For Ukraine To Win

So say we all … right?

The Independent:

President Joe Biden said during a press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid this week that drivers can expect to pay higher gas prices for “as long as it takes” for Ukraine to win the war against Russia.

The president was asked by Jim Tankersly of The New York Times, “how long is it fair to expect American drivers, and drivers around the world, to pay that premium for this war?”

“As long as it takes,” Mr Biden said. “Russia cannot in fact defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine.”

The president blamed Russia for the spiking gas prices as well as the global food shortage.

“The bottom line is ultimately the reason why gas prices are up is because of Russia. Russia, Russia, Russia. The reason why the food crisis exists is because of Russia,” he said. …”

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  1. Russia will win the war because the Russians have accepted the war as a Peter the Great moment, they view the conflict as a restoration of Russia’s imperialist borders. The ruble is up, Russia is slowly taking more ground. At the very least the Ukrainians will be forced into concessions, the Russians are determined not to lose the war, Zelinsky and the Jews in control of Ukraine don’t care how many Ukrainians have to die in order not to concede to reasonable Russian demands.

    Biden and NATO countries are weak homosexual states, Russia has the upper hand, citizens will only deal with out of control inflation and gas prices for so long, it may lead to a far right revolution which would overthrow these homosexual liberal cultural Marxists.

    • No way will Western publics put up with a fraction of the casualties Ukraine is taking. They’re losing more men in a week than we lost in 20 years in Afghanistan.

  2. So American politicians don’t actually care about Americans?! — shocking; this is a completely new phenomenon — is it another kind of ‘acceleration’? — perhaps an ‘accelerated’ extension of America as a ‘proposition nation’, where the new ‘current thing’ proposition is victory in Ukraine or bust.

    • Although our “leaders” push for victory in Ukraine, defeat in Ukraine, (Russian victory), would be better for the American people. Maybe then there’d be the remote chance of restoring some sanity to American foreign policy.

      As things now stand, the primary beneficiaries of American foreign policies are definitely not Americans but instead are the MIC, the Israelis, worldwide Jewry and other supporters of Israel.

  3. I’ve read that Putin has trouble breathing, he is gasping for air……

    ……he’s laughing so hard.

  4. This is scary….

    NATO plans to increase troop levels from 40,000 to 300,000

    This is mobilization, usually a prelude to war.
    (US is dropping the high school diploma requirement to enlist)

    • They’re dropping the HS diploma and GED because that’s the only way they can get minorities. They have also lowered the entry score on the ASVAB test. The military is scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

      • “dropping the HS diploma and GED because that’s the only way they can get minorities. T”

        Mmmm, i dunno, military has had terrible problems with POC, that’s the reason they started the HS requirement, to filter out POC. POC cause nightmares for the military

        I think they are trying to recruit the very poor WHITES, to fill ythe ranks and technical positions.

        • “Mmmm, i dunno, military has had terrible problems with POC, that’s the reason they started the HS requirement, to filter out POC. POC cause nightmares for the military”

          That was before they integrated the military. Now POC, dykes, women, Transsexuals, etc are welcome them with open arms. Hell, they even pay for their sex changes.

      • ” also lowered the entry score on the ASVAB test”

        That will really cause problems. Retards galore, in an amazingly high tech military.

      • Negroes in the US military are usually not very good ambassadors of goodwill. Raping the local womenfolk doesn’t win many friends. This used to be a big problem in Okinawa but you don’t hear much about it any more.

        • “used to be a big problem in Okinawa but you don’t hear much about it any more.”

          In Germany as well.

          The USZOG punished the entire military, especially the Marines, for the action of black troops. Moved a lot of troops from Okinawa out to some godforsaken island in the Pacific.

          The worst complaint I heard from Japanese about WHITE troops, “they get drunk and leave litter.”

        • Yes, there was a place called ‘Negro Cave’ in Okinawa where the locals disposed of groids who raped their women. The Japanese clamped down on it but most locals don’t much care for Murikans and the monkeys they put in uniform.

    • But they’re also dropping the requirement that you know whether you’re a man or a woman.
      Good luck with that.

      • I’m impressed that Germany is offering up a division. I didn’t think they could even scrape together that much ( they probably can’t in reality.) The truth about the German army is they don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of. When German soldiers go on maneuvers with other troops they come hat in hand borrowing stuff from foreign troops. I read years ago that their readiness was abysmal and the numbers of functional tanks and planes was very low due to no spares. German armored cars showed up to NATO maneuvers sans machine guns. They painted broom handles black and stuck them in where the guns should be. Speaking of which, during peace keeping operation overseas German armored cars couldn’t function reliably off road. Apparently they’re built to race on the autobahn only.

        I’m sure this is probably representative of all of NATO. Speaking of which, does the entire West have manufacturing capacity to actually prosecute a war against Russia? Modern warfare uses a lot of expensive missiles, etc. You don’t just crank millions of those out overnight. The supply chains for those weapons must be pretty complex as well. Who’d like to bet that a whole lot of them depend on Chinese parts directly or indirectly? Maybe even Russian raw material like Nickel. Gotta love the Global supply chain.

        Hey speaking of which how many US nukes are still functional? A few years again I heard they were having a hard time producing replacement material because all the people who knew how to do it had retired.

        • It would be a very good thing for the planet if American nukes become unusable. I don’t want a future Brazilified America to be able to use those things.

    • Great. We’ll be sending ghetto blacks and sherillas to Poland, Lithuania and Estonia. Let ’em get a taste of what NATO membership really means.

  5. When your incompetent and your policies have caused the inflation, blame Russia or anyone else to cover up for that incompetence.

    • From the ashes of Putin-scorched faggotry a shining Christian European Knightly Power arises…

  6. The public doesn’t give a damn about Ukraine, Taiwan, the Near East or any of these other global commitments the oligarchs have made. Normally, the opinion of the public doesn’t matter. This is a democracy which is a government of factions meaning the oligarchs who buy and sell the politicians like $10 whores and control the media are the ones who really matter.

    Things have changed. The U.S. MIC is stretched thin, it can’t recruit enough young, smart, White guys (who predominantly come from he South/rural areas) to staff its wars and it will turn to conscription. This is simply a non-starter for White people. It’s not 1965 anymore where people just fall into line.

    After two pointless wars in Iraq, one in Afghanistan, numerous interventions in beauty spots like Libya and Somalia, the public has had it with warmongers. The MIC doesn’t care about public opinion of course and the politicians like Dementia Joe are so obtuse they don’t even know (or care) what the public thinks. Failure and incompetence + wokeness has disillusioned White people who make things work.

    The scumbags in Congress, probably led by the Republicans, cheered on by the NYT, NPR, FOX, MSNBC and the rest of the Lügenpresse will try to pass a bill of conscription anyway after the elections. They will have badly misjudged things and will have massive non-cooperation escalating to open defiance against conscription. The Left will suffer a massive defeat as public resistance causes conscription to fail. This happened before with massive anti-war protests against the Vietnam War which led President Nixon to end conscription in Jan. 1973 after the Vietnam War ended.

    The warmongers will run a massive propaganda campaign against Whites calling us unpatriotic for not supporting their wars. Who cares what these scumbags think. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel anyway.

    • 12AX7: I think you’re pretty much on target, but never underestimate mendacity of our Deep State. They may arrange some kind of false flag operation and use it to whip up the populace into war frenzy. In any case, true patriotism consists of resisting the scoundrels to abuse patriotism.

  7. Dig the way he so flippantly says “As long as it takes.” The “Big Guy” swaggering as millions suffer. Fucking old race traitor scum of the earth.

    • Yep….thousands of dead on both sides, billions in destruction, and impoverished Americans, just so the Rainbow Empire can have its way. Joe really is a POS.

  8. Never look a gift horse in the mouth; sniffing the nether regions is my way or the high way. To Hunter go the spoils. – Joe Tzu.

    • I love “The Art of Bore,” and “discovering” the “lost” sayings of Joe Tzu would make a wonderful party game.

      “When your enemy approaches, unexpectedly fall from your mount; and in the following confusion, boldly crawl away!”

    • They want you to move to the inner city and not own a car at all. If you’re lucky, you can rent a studio apartment from Blackrock and afford a bus pass. If you’re not, you can scratch out a living in one of the ever expanding tent cities. Just remember to sleep with one eye open so you won’t be stabbed to death by any of the crackheads released from prison in the Trump-Kardashian first step act.

  9. And now Brandon is trying to pass the blame to gas station owners. Like all of the hindu and haji gas station owners in the country are conspiring together to price gouge everyone lol

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