Poll Watch: American Patriotism Hits Record Low

I’m feeling more upbeat and optimistic than usual.

I’ve had some depressing July the 4th posts over the last 14 years of running this website, but this year feels different. Misery loves company. The fact that so many normies have reached the stage of anger and alienation and grief that I went through well over a decade ago is a white pill.

We used to think that Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom would never get it. I wish I could go back in time and share the future with my former self in 2012 – Donald Trump is going to become president and take the country on a wild ride, “journalists” are going to become The Enemy of the People, the True Cons are going to be toppled inside the GOP, White evangelicals are going to revert to racism, Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned, secession is going to go mainstream, the Great Replacement is going to go mainstream, millions of normies are going to become radicalized to the point of embracing violence, Joe Six Pack is going to storm the Capitol and attempt to overthrow the government, Putin the Great is going to invade Ukraine and try to reconstruct the Soviet Union, ZOG is going to withdraw in humiliation from Afghanistan.

Today, I believe that our people are going to come around. It is not happening as fast as I would have liked. Elderly politicians are lagging behind their voters. Those voters are lagging years behind people like us. It has been frustrating as hell. The truly dark days when we were a tiny minority without a voice in national politics and the establishment seemed all powerful is a thing of the past though.

In a few months, I will even be back on Twitter, which I never expected. Jews have been stymied in all kinds of ways which I did not anticipate.



  1. The 4th is an excuse to have BBQ’s and blow off fireworks. Most today don’t even know what the 4th represents. Why celebrate the decline and degenerate behavior of this nation?

  2. America reached its zenith between 1950 and 1970. Then it slid downhill really fast. I guess there was nothing left to look forward to after the first manned lunar landing? And then the debacle in Vietnam, along with the social and racial unrest which was never really dealt with.

  3. Patriotism to what, a bunch of bribe taking misfits representing alien interests ?

    Loyalty is a two way street, you no give, you no get.

  4. America ceased to be a Nation quite some time ago. First it turned into an internal empire with all the aliens they imported, and now it’s simply an economic zone that the elites use to loot As much of the planet they can get their greedy hands on.

    • “economic zone that the elites use to loot As much of the planet they can”

      Using our great industrial might and resources with our young WHITES to muscle bully the world.

  5. 159 years ago this day….

    The Virginia Flaggers
    1 hr ·

    “Virginians, Virginians, for your lands, for your homes, for your sweethearts, for your wives..for Virginia..forward march!”

    Gettysburg (1993) ~Pickett’s Charge (part one)


    They missed Stonewall Jackson a lot at Gettysburg…

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  6. “White evangelicals are going to revert to racism”

    I am still very skeptical of this claim. Opposing aggressively anti-White government policies is not the same thing as supporting pro-White policies. If you look at any of the anti-CRT stuff from these guys, it’s still entirely in the “I have a dream” and “content of their character” framing, a desire to return to the more subtle “race blind” anti-White policies and rhetoric of the previous decades. And the alleged belief in “great replacement” is not centered on race, but on partisan politics.

    Here is a recent article about the new Jewish Hollywood US military propaganda film “Top Gun: Maverick” published on the neo-neo-conservative Trumpist “American Greatness” website, written by suspected homosexual Lebanese-American Michael Anton:


    I believe the final paragraph sums up the general sentiment that the American right has right now (including, or even especially, among White evangelicals):

    -“Americans want more than anything to put race behind us. “Top Gun: Maverick” shows that idealized America, and that’s the biggest reason why it’s so popular. Unfortunately, the most powerful Americans, from the president on down, are determined to ensure that this particular American dream can never be.”

    • Funny how ConInc only exhorts White Americans “to put race behind us.”

      Is there a Confederate Independence Day? I’ll celebrate that instead.

    • You’re correct. Anti-CRT is NOT pro-white. In every case white ‘tards are imagining nogs when they belabor the “divisions between us.” Ever notice how they gutlessly criticize BLM, but not Black Lives Matter? It’s safer to criticize acronyms.

    • “I’ve never heard so few fireworks.”
      Same here. I first noticed the diminution last 4th of July. Now this year, I am hearing even less. I’m in a small town.

  7. This is because it takes a while for people to realize what is happening, they gradually come to understand it. I have always been conservative but the alarm came to me in 2014/15 when they started throwing down statues and violently attacking people who didn’t think like them. When I talk to some friends and hear them complain about the covid pandemic and say that they opened their eyes because of that, I get a sense of both sadness and joy. Of sadness because I think those who became interested in politics only because of covid are losers; those who say “with covid the problems began” …….. What??!!!, because before covid everything was fine?? pathetic, the problems started earlier with street attacks, uncontrolled immigration, destruction of historical symbols. The covid for me is a bullshit argument, I took the vaccine and stop, they did not control my mind with the vaccine, nor did they change my ideas. On the other hand, I felt a sense of joy because at least these people who have become interested in politics because of the covid pandemic have at least opened their eyes and realized what Hunter, I and all of us, were already saying 14 years ago and even earlier.

    • Really, “the problems” began before any of us were born. What we see today is the end result of a very long program to destroy not just America, but all of Western Civilization, from within.

      • Exactly, is a gradually and long process. It started almost around the 60’s, in USA and Europe and today we have reached very bad levels.

  8. In response to Dobbs v Jackson, I have been seeing talk from the left about latching on to the article V convention effort started by conservatives (for the purposes of balanced budget amendment) and then deliberately setting off a runaway convention that rewrites the entire constitution. Perhaps in the near future, there will be no more “Muh Constitution” conservatives.

  9. Hey Bronze Star, you fought and risked your life for abortion and gay pride assloving. Those are America’s core values and those are what you fought for……oh and Moshiach too. You are going to love your Moshiach, Bronze Star.

  10. Yes! I feel a little more optimistic every single time I see these type of stories. I just want to see all of the normies feeling the same urgency and deep despair that many of us have been feeling for decades now. The sooner the better. Bring on the $10 a gal gas.

  11. I think you are interpreting this lack of patriotism all wrong. People despise us. That is why we should have stayed underground.

  12. Patriotism for a country that causes affirmative action, open borders, and hates its founding people? A person would be certifiable if he loved a nation like that.

    • ” country that causes affirmative action”

      Ruined our schools, ruined our neighborhoods, destroyed our culture, etc.

  13. My father was a hard corp WW2 veteran, served in the 8th Air Force, helped reduce Germany to rubble. He did understand the jew takeover, but was not the kind to do anything about it; most WW2 veterans did not even understand that, nor did they want to hear about it. In the 1980’s, when it became evident what was happening to America, most WW2 vets were the last people to talk to about it, they simply did not want to hear it and would get pissed off if you told them there was a problem.

    In the 1990’s, when the left started taking open control, most remaining WW2 vets seemed to double down with their mindset that everything was just fine. Those of us who served in the military throughout the 70’s and 80’s wasted our time standing against communism elsewhere while America was taken over from within. In retrospect, it was really just a distraction, keeping Americans focused outward while the takeover within was in motion.

    It’s kind of sad to see a 100 year old Marine realize that America has fallen. On the other hand, it was their generation, who despite having all of history and the knowledge of communism before them, not only allowed this to occur, but facilitated it. They thought their war was the end all be all, when it was really just an extended battle of a multi millennium war. Their “victory” was nothing but a facade. The only people who “won”, were those who orchestrated the fratricide of White people.

    The psychological operation against White people has now accelerated. Our people are being poisoned 1000 different ways, body and mind. If White people do not snap out of this malaise and take a stand, there will be nothing and no one left to stand for. You will not be “voting” your way out of this.

    • “…On the other hand, it was their generation, who despite having all of history and the knowledge of communism before them, not only allowed this to occur, but facilitated it…”

      This is total bullshit. The reason they did nothing was total control of all media by the Jews. I myself had no idea the depth of their penetration of all our institutions until after 9-11, hard to miss building 7 falling with only air supporting it, and the interest became more widespread.

      All of them knew things were going wrong but it was in so many places and such a nebulous thing with no center. Well now we know there’s a center, but no one knew it back then.

      I’ve always all my life been a serious book worm and reader of all sorts of stuff and people who have grown up with the Internet have no idea the scarcity of information on the Jews before the internet.

      All the stuff hammered into us has been going on for over a hundred years, and anyone who said different was squashed. Even the best of people have a hard time beating trails of thought they’ve had all their lives. It was only 9-11, and building 7 explicitly, where it was just NOT POSSIBLE to not see myself that something was severely wrong and could not be explained away unless there was some sort of nefarious controlling interest, The Jews of course.

    • “…On the other hand, it was their generation, who despite having all of history and the knowledge of communism before them, not only allowed this to occur, but facilitated it…”

      I want to even add more. A case that directly shows what I’m talking about. I happened to be reading this at the same time. It’s about Gen. Patton and his realization about the Jews and their control. He didn’t know until forced by circumstances to be one of their tools of retribution. And this was long ago when they had far less control than most people had after WWII and up until the internet became widespread. Read some of the comments.


      • No, it’s not “total bullshit”. I grew up in the shadows of a number of WW2 vets and their buddies. They knew very well what was going on. In the 1950’s, the truth was coming out, and a big push to ruin a number of important people who where exposing it happened. Other people of that generation who were in positions of authority, took their payoffs, or blackmail, just like so many before them. Most of the rest of that generation said nothing. I was told once, “good people don’t talk about those things”.

        One of the things that kept people silenced, was that the WW2 vet generation grew up during the Great Depression era. They lived with a deep fear of it, despite the battlefield courage many of them had. Very few, like Commander George Lincoln Rockwell persisted in trying to expose the truth. A lot of WW2 vets did not like him, because he challenged what they had been told to believe; they knew he was right, but they had just gone to war with the people Cmdr. Rockwell tried to defend. To many vets that was unacceptable.

        I am familiar with General Patton’s writings on the topic, and his murder. The official story of his death changed a few times, and every now and then, some new tool shows up to “debunk” the “conspiracy theory” that Gen. Patton was assassinated.

        These topics are long and deep.

        I am glad you saw the truth of Building 7. I really don’t see how anyone could have missed the media manipulation for decades before that, it was always there, and openly talked about. Most White people simply don’t want to hear it.

  14. I send best wishes to B Hunter Wallace and all the great OD writers and readers. Yeah, the Declaration of Independence is more globalist, universal equality nonsense peened by a Free Mason slave owner – but, it’s a lot like/the same as Bastille Day in France – regular White folks like a patriotic holiday and the anti Whites, anti American leftists, globalists, J money changers hate July 4th same as they hate Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Easter.

    Why do they hate our holidays? Answer:

    Because they hate us.

    Happy July 4th Everyone

    J Ryan

  15. The Establishment which controls all the levers of power in the United States is the most powerful and explicitly anti-White entity that the world has ever seen.

    • “What is there to be patriotic about”

      Only the Bill of Rights deserves our loyalty and those who completely support it.

  16. My paternal uncle was in Europe in the Army from D-Day, the Bulge, and until the end. He hated blacks and Jews and said he believed AH would have made a better President than FDR. I imagine he was a very, very rare exception.

  17. This is from Robert Whitaker. Something for you all to think about.


    The entire theory of basic training in WWII was to make the recruits into the submissive females and the sergeants into the dominant males.
    When New York Jews in the 60’s screamed at the Weakest Generation, they instantly backed down. Just as they had done with their sergeants.
    Not one member of the Greatest Generation ever had the guts to contradict someone who said “We fought WW2 for open borders.”
    The Greatest Generation “fighting for freedom” gave 1/3 of humanity to Communism.
    No generation has ever heaped such praise on itself as the one that gave Stalin and Mao Tse Tung a third of humanity.
    The only leaders who won ANYTHING in World War II was Stalin

    • Adit …… Good quote.
      Bob was so right, on many issues.

      We’ve lost some real penetrating commentators.

  18. What else is to be expected?

    I came across this fairly recent survey:

    How racial groups rate each other

    Looking at the data, and ignoring some measures of statistical validity (like confidence intervals), what’s immediately noticeable is this: members of every racial group rate their own group significantly more positively than other groups, with Whites being the one exception — all other groups rate Whites the lowest.

    How can a multiracial society have a positive image of itself?

    A multiracial society can never work.

    Kevin MacDonald on his book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition: Evolutionary Origins, History, and Prospects for the Future (link):

    … I document the rise of the substantially Jewish elite … and describe how this new elite is shaping attitudes via domination of the media, the educational system, and political culture. … I argue that traditional Western individualism is under dire threat from this assault. I would add that our new elite is not only alien to traditional Western values, it is also a hostile elite—hostile to the traditional people and culture of America, and that their desired multicultural future in which Whites would be a much-hated minority is very dangerous for Whites.

    • “A multiracial society can never work”

      The very reason jwz promote it.
      Weaken your enemies to conquer them.

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