Axios: Lysychansk Falls To Russia

The war is going to continue for “as long as it takes” for Ukraine to defeat Russia. Ukraine defines victory as recapturing every inch of Ukrainian soil including Crimea.

You’re going to have to suck it up and put up with inflation and high gas prices until that happens. This is about the preservation of liberal democracy and the Liberal World Order. Donbas is worth it. Crimea is worth it.


“Russian forces on Sunday captured Lysychansk, the last city in the Luhansk region of the Donbas that was still under Ukrainian control. …”

BTW, Joe is sending another $820 million to Ukraine, which continues to lose ground in Donbas to Russia. Luhansk is now under near total Russian control.


“U.S. President Joe Biden has pledged to provide financial and military aid for as long as necessary to prevent Ukraine’s defeat, he told reporters at the conclusion of the NATO summit in Madrid. …”

This giant sucking sound will also go on indefinitely … at least until Ukraine collapses OR voters throw out the Democrats in which case Ukraine is cut off and also collapses.


  1. Russia prepared this clash for decades and now works slowly and systematically to disnantle enemy.

    War victory is not short time hullabaloo but long term stable success. When after few years enemy is back on the feet and touting gun’s, you haven’t won anything.

    War victory is very much like draining a spamp. Enemy must be permanently gone with zero chance to resurface .

  2. “Fighting Nazis” on Both Sides

    The Jewish media’s role in shaping public perception of the war in Ukraine

    THE ONGOING WAR IN Ukraine has yet again clearly exposed the Jewish minority’s malicious influence in media. Even before the war, the Jewish media on all sides of the conflict started to steer the narrative into prearranged channels in order to use it to their own advantage. Whatever the causes and grievances of the actual belligerents, Jews use this whole situation to promote their own long-term interests.

    Here I don’t want to delve into the murky economic schemes that Jewish businessmen use in any war in order to gain super-profits on our blood. That topic requires too much space and too much research. I will limit myself to the subject of how Jewish media shape public perception of the war.

    Jews dominate all major media outlets both in the West and in Russia. It is why the portrayals of the war from both sides look strikingly similar. Both sides “fight against pure evil” and for a “noble cause.” And in both cases, those on the opposing side are presented as “Nazis.” What else could be expected from Jews?

    Russian Jews, being by nature more rude and primitive, use the most outrageously crude propaganda methods in depicting the “pure evil” of the Ukrainians. Russian TV constantly spews all kinds of impossible stories about supposed atrocities committed in all occasions and places by “Ukrainian Nazis” who “rape,” “torture,” “randomly kill civilians,” and even “crucify children.” The majority of the Russian population, strangely, actually believes this hogwash and now considers Ukrainians to be the worst enemies that Russia ever had. This war has shown us the real extent of the media’s power. It is almost limitless. Media Jews can implant essentially any idea in the public mind without any appreciable rejection and resistance from the populace. The media’s ability to create a parallel reality is truly amazing and has reached new heights in this war. Tens of millions of mainstream citizens have essentially been turned into zombies who believe obviously unreal things. The “anti-Nazi” hysteria among the Russian population has reached a level comparable with that in the World War 2 period. The only difference being that there is no “Nazi Germany” around — or any other government that even remotely comes close to professing the ideas of National Socialism. But this pure fiction of Ukraine being a “Nazi state” is accepted as a hard fact among mainstream Russians. The Putinist system was able, through its Jewish media friends, to transform the whole society into some kind of collective Pavlov’s dog with a simple set of prearranged reactions. The label “Nazi” is used each time the state needs to arouse war hysteria.

    According to Russian (Jewish) media not only is Ukraine a “Nazi state,” but the whole of the EU and NATO are resurrected incarnations of the “Nazi Axis.” Putin’s propagandists seriously assert the idea that the collective West was always “fascist” and that Western leaders are clandestine worshippers of Hitler. According to this narrative, the West constantly dreams of conquering Russia, and uses Ukraine in order to weaken Russia and to invade it, planning to then subjugate and exterminate all Russians — nothing less. Russian Jews go beyond all logical limits in order to vilify Englishmen, Poles, Germans and all other Europeans and to present those peoples as the inherent and irreconcilable enemies of Russia. Believing all this, the only possible conclusion that an average TV-watcher could come to is that “we must kill all these bastards.” And that is the dominant sentiment among Russians today. There is a growing number who openly speak about the necessity of nuclear strikes on all major European centers of power. “There is no other option,” “it is either us or them,” “they will never allow us to live peacefully,” “they always wanted to exterminate Russians,” “it is better to die in battle than to allow them to conquer our country” — and so on ad infinitum. The level of public frenzy has reached its limits. It can’t go any further. It must result in either real war against some other European countries — or an implosion inside Russia itself. This million-volt charge of hatred must go somewhere; it is too large to remain stable. The system’s Jews play a reckless game; they test the limits of manipulation of public perceptions.

    It must be added that, by using the term “Jewish media,” I don’t mean that all those TV presenters and reporters are Jews; no, more than half of them are non-Jews — but Jews hold the key positions that allow them to set the agenda and to enforce conformity among the whole media flock. The most influential media Jews in Russia (Vladimir Solovyov first of all) set the tone, style, and subjects of discussion; the whole goy media flock must follow these unwritten rules in order to keep their jobs. In essence, the non-Jewish reporters willingly exercise self-censorship and don’t even need to be tightly controlled; they know perfectly well on which side their bread is buttered. Therefore, the whole media community consists of a few key tone-setters and a multitude of non-Jewish parrots whose only job is to create an impression of wide public support for the party line.

    American and European Jews are more refined and versatile than their Russian brethren. They are better able to preserve an appearance of being “objective” and “unbiased.” Their style of presenting information is much more measured and seemingly trustworthy. They use a different approach. They don’t stuff the public mind with obvious lies like Putin’s media. They report mostly truthful information — but they subtly twist the whole narrative into a prearranged channel.

    In the West, the main underlying idea behind all reporting is that the ongoing catastrophe is the result of the innate qualities of Russians; that the Russian ethnic mentality is the main reason for all the atrocities and war crimes that are committed by the Russian army. After watching CNN, an average American would imagine a Russian as being an animal-like creature that rapes, plunders, and kills anyone that he meets. Certainly, no one on CNN, BBC, or Sky News would ever say that openly, but they push their audience to that inevitable conclusion. And, certainly, they never mention the fact that the Russian army is half non-Russian in its ethnic composition. And they never mention the fact that majority of war crimes happened in places where ethnically non-Russian units were stationed. This fact goes against the prefabricated narrative that ethnic Russians are the main source of evil in the modern world. The “Western” Jews have designated ethnic Russians as the “new Nazis,” therefore, all crimes that happen in Ukraine must be attributed exclusively to them.

    But European and American Jewry is divided on this whole issue. Some prominent Jews don’t like the idea of designating Russia as a “fascist state.” They would like to keep Russia intact as their obedient servant, not as an enemy that “must be destroyed.” That’s why there is ongoing debate in some Western media about what kind of attitude should be taken toward Russia. Many Jews want to employ Russia as a buffer against China, and they lament the fact that recent events have pushed Russia into the Chinese sphere of influence.

    The Ukrainian media deserve special attention. Given that Jews were comfortably ensconced in Ukrainian society for many centuries, and given the nature of Jews, their heavy influence in the media there was inevitable. Ukrainian Jews, in the same way as Russian ones, are more crude and brutal than Western Jews. And their methods resemble those of Moscow’s Jews, too.

    From the very outset, the Ukrainian media were steered into the channel of comparing Russia to “Nazi” Germany and Putin to Hitler. It is the main point with which everyone is expected to agree: “German Nazis invaded Ukraine in 1941 but now Russian Nazis do the same.” Jews in the Ukrainian media employ their high proficiency in victimhood in shaping the whole narrative of the war. They have graciously allowed Ukrainians to be “victims of Nazism” too. And Ukrainian mainstream buffoons are happy beyond limits about this admission. It is possible to hear on many occasions from Ukrainians that “we are being exterminated like the Jews in World War 2.” This theatre of absurdity reigns supreme. And Jews are predictably at the top of it.

    The Ukrainian Jews employ the whole potential of their verbal talent in vilifying Russians. It doesn’t mean that they care about Ukrainians; not a bit. They like the fact that Slavs are killing each other. And they love to add gasoline to the fire. Some “liberal” migrant Jews from Russia have joined the fray and are adding even more sinister undertones to the media’s festival of hate and blood. They hate ethnic Russians and relish their deaths. They are especially fond of showing us images of the dismembered and incinerated bodies of Russian soldiers — and making “fun” of it. They do this constantly. There are no moral limits with Jews. Their portrayal of Russian soldiers now is almost identical with their depiction of Germans in World War 2.

    I should add that this gruesome trend was gleefully helped along by a multitude of ethnic Ukrainians — but the primary source is always Jewish. They were the initiators of this campaign of unmitigated ethnic hatred. This is a case when ethnic hatred is considered “good” by Jews. They even seriously speak about ethnic Russians being “genetically flawed” and “unable to be a part of a civilized community.” No one reproaches them for this kind of open dehumanization and hate. It is not only allowed, but encouraged. Jews use in full their exceptional abilities in inciting hatred — and it is very effective. Ukrainian society is mentally inflamed to an even greater extent than Russian society. And, predictably, Ukrainians too are told that theirs is a “fight against Nazism.” This idea has become almost obligatory on all levels from the trenches up to governmental offices. “Putin is the 21st century Hitler” was repeated thousands of times on Ukrainian television; “Russians are fascists” — and so on. Therefore, Jews were able to divert the whole public discussion into a totally different channel from what it should be. The glaring fact that Putin’s invasion is an attempt to recreate the USSR is sidelined and ignored. Sometimes this idea is mentioned, but it is never accentuated.

    In this all-out informational war, nothing is off limits; all tools are acceptable. What is not acceptable is to mention Jews as malicious actors; that is “beyond the pale”; Jews are good at all times and in all circumstances. And even in this war, they play the victim. There were some television reports about “Holocaust survivors” who are now “compelled to flee for their lives for the second time.” “WW2 veteran lost his house to Russian air-strike”; “Babi Yar memorial complex hit by Russian missile”; “Jewish family leaves all their property and flees to Poland”; “Jewish man was among those massacred in Bucha” — and so on. Almost all reporting on this conflict is modeled to conform to the same hackneyed World War 2 narrative. Jews are exceptionally able to turn anyone’s tragedy to their own advantage. Even this unrelated event is used to promote the “Holocaust” fable.

    Another recent success of the Jews in Ukraine is their effort to turn the history of the Holodomor into a supposed crime of ethnic Russians against Ukrainians. Nowadays these brazen liars state in the popular media that Russians deliberately wanted to exterminate all Ukrainians and then populate the country with ethnic Russians. The Jewish role is not only ignored but Jews are presented as victims too! According to this newly-invented false reality, Jews died in the Holodomor too! (Maybe a few Jews died as a result of stuffing their bellies with too much confiscated food while Ukrainians starved — and therefore can be justly counted as “victims of the Holodomor.”) Speaking about the Jewish role in the Bolshevik terror and the Holodomor is virtually forbidden in Ukraine (as well as in Russia). Some honest fringe politicians continue to raise these issues, but the truth never surfaces to the mainstream level.

    Other important aspects of this ongoing conflict include an attempt by Ukrainian Jews to spin their own ideological narrative of what is happening — and to introduce globalist filth as a “new ideological foundation” for Ukrainian society.

    First of all, it should be clearly stated that the whole secret of Ukrainian tenacity lies in the spirit of ethnic identity. Ethnic nationalism is the backbone of resistance; the idea of common ancestry, traditions, culture, and lifestyle. These are the foundations of high morale and an ability to withstand the brutal onslaught of overwhelming military force. But the Jews have started to squeal ever more loudly the idea of a “multiethnic Ukrainian people” and “Ukrainians of all ethnic backgrounds” — and all possible variations of this all-too-familiar trash. “Ukrainians are fighting to join the EU family of nations”; “Ukraine has chosen its path of integration into the global community”; “Ukrainian people have chosen the path of democracy,” etc. Thus, Jews successfully substitute the true meaning of this struggle with their globalist agenda. And there are very few who perceive their deceit.

    For the time being, Ukrainian Jews aren’t playing their full hand openly, and don’t try to immediately impose their whole LGBT and multicultural agenda on Ukrainian society; but they do preparatory work that will allow them to proceed further when opportunity arises.

    The “mainstream” media in Ukraine try their best to introduce the Hollywood mentality into Ukrainian society, with great success. The level of moral corruption in Ukraine is comparable with that of Russia. That is, it is abysmal. Both societies are all too similar in this regard.

    There are many parallel dimensions of this ongoing struggle. It would be a mistake to try to find any simple and all-encompassing explanation. Russia and Ukraine are both heavily infested with Jews; therefore, both societies have similar illnesses, one of which is this constant “fight against Nazism” obsession. This symptom is the surest way to recognize a society infected by Jews. No healthy society ever could imagine such outlandish nonsense. It could be borne only by a delirious society poisoned by the Jewish parasites’ mental excrement.

    Taking into account all these facts, it must be concluded that we should remain neutral in this ongoing war. Both sides fight (imaginary) “Nazis”; let them do it as long as they like. The longer it goes on, the better are the prospects of the existing global system falling apart. I believe that this is the beginning of the end for all the “victors” of World War 2 and their unnatural global dictatorship. Judgement day is coming for them; their system is doomed.

    Neo-Bolshevik Russia and “liberal” America are two heads of the same globalist hydra, and it is good that these heads fight each other. The further this fight spreads, the better. When American and European prosperity is ruined, there will no longer be anything to hold up this whole “liberal,” “multicultural” house of cards. Some Western leaders vaguely understand this logical chain; that is why there are many high-profile voices calling for “negotiations with Putin.” But it seems that the logic of events has already outpaced all human ability to influence them. I hope that this avalanche will continue to accelerate. The only possible way forward for the White race is the total destruction of the post-1945 system. We can’t survive in that framework, which was formulated and controlled by Jews. That is why we should welcome all events that accelerate coming collapse. Anything is good that destroys the existing equilibrium.

    At the end I must repeat my belief that, despite of all its shortcomings, the Ukrainian side is more amenable to our vision than is the Russian side. The Russian public’s mind is too heavily infected with Communist ideology and Russians were soaked with Soviet-style imperialism for too long. Only a few per cent. in Russia are potentially able to voluntarily accept a healthy ethnic ideology; all others have been too thoroughly corrupted by internationalist ideas. Ukraine, on the contrary, was less influenced by the Soviet mindset and the nationalist/traditionalist component was always stronger there. That is why when USSR collapsed, Ukraine saw a rapid reemergence of a nationalist political movement, which from the very outset had a militant component. Those people were ready to fight, not just talk (as was the case with the majority of Russian nationalists at the time). That is why I must repeat that Ukrainians should be put above Russians on the scale of usefulness for the White race. By the way, I am not Ukrainian and have no Ukrainian ancestry, therefore, my thoughts are not influenced by a narrow ethnic agenda. The only criteria that I operate by are racial ones. And, according to these criteria, Ukrainians justly deserve to be put above Russians. At least for now. We can’t predict what comes next. I hope that ethnic Russians at some point will be able to rise and to emulate the Ukrainian example — hopefully, on an even greater scale — and break free from Jewish media and cultural hegemony.

    In any case, we, the racial-nationalists of all countries, must refrain from vilifying Ukrainians and from praising Putin’s Russia. This painful mistake was made by all too many people in the West. And they will pay dearly for this by eventually losing their reputations among true nationalists. I know of multiple examples of precisely this happening among the Russian nationalist community. In 2014, there were many Russian nationalists who supported Putin’s separatist scam in eastern Ukraine. Some of those simpletons paid with their lives (in some cases they were killed by FSB operatives or by Chechens in the lawless separatist lands), but some lost only their reputations. The new generation of true ethnic nationalists hates those who implicated themselves in the war against Ukraine. The longer it goes on, the more it becomes obvious that this war is completely against Russian ethnic interests and that all those nationalists who support Putin must be shunned as politically toxic. They will never be able to restore their names. I suppose that a similar process (maybe to a lesser extent) could happen in the West. I don’t think that in the long run anyone would be able to justify a pro-Putinist stance. For an ethnic nationalist to be pro-Putin makes no more sense than for him to support Kim Il Sung or Robert Mugabe or Daniel Ortega.

    When this war ends, it may leave the Ukrainian nationalist movement as the only such movement possessing real combat experience. This fact alone would elevate them to a qualitatively different level. We will have to cooperate with them in many fields — and anyone who had smeared himself by supporting Putin’s invasion would be likely be shunned. The Ukrainian voice among European nationalists is sure to gain much greater status and value.

    On the contrary, the Russian nationalists who have taken part in the war on Putin’s side will have gained nothing (the luckiest outcome for them is simply to survive). Putin’s system is virulently anti-ethnic and it fears Russian ethnic nationalism most of all. This fear was one of the main reasons Putin invaded Ukraine. The Putinist notion of “denazification” is not fake; Kremlin rulers really do want to exterminate the whole foundation of Ukrainian ethnic consciousness — and of White racial consciousness.

    It is frequently said that Putin fears the Ukrainian “example of democracy.” I would say that he fears the Ukrainian example of ethnic nationalism much more than any “color revolution” or “democracy.” The dormant Russian ethnic spirit is the main concern for Putin and his court Jews. From the very outset of his rule, Putin on many occasions repeated his commitment to “combat ethnic extremism by all means.” It is hardly necessary to add that only Russian nationalists fell into this category. Asian ethnic gangs operate freely in Putin’s Russia and their members are never prosecuted under the “extremist articles” of the penal code. If an Asian extremist kills Russians, it is always a “domestic crime” — but if a Russian nationalist kills an Asian it is always a “hate crime.” A strikingly similar practice to what goes on in the West, as most National Vanguard readers will know very well.

    Returning to the main topic of the article, I must conclude that, at present, Jews have a global near-monopoly on information. They successfully shape the narrative of all major events and can twist the public discussion in any fashion, and they invariably bend reality according to their needs. I doubt that this situation could be changed by any conventional means. They are too strongly established in the existing power structure of all major White countries. The only real opportunity to change this unhealthy situation will be presented when the whole system comes down.

    The funny thing is that Jews, due to their shortsightedness and their unbound malice, themselves accelerate the events that will lead to their eventual downfall. It is the inevitable fate of all parasites. By destroying his host, the parasite kills itself, too.

    Jewish media power is tremendous — but Jewish zeal often works against them. They have become too vociferous and too omnipresent, too disproportionally prominent in all privileged social layers. Even the “mainstream” simpletons have started to notice this fact. Combined with the worsening conditions of our lives, this global display of wealthy and “miraculously” successful Jews is sure to produce resentment.

    Jews are very good at duping the people but they are phenomenally inept at organizing the productive work of society. They are too greedy, too selfish, and too morally corrupt to be real guardians of any people. Every time they have tried to govern a country, they have miserably failed — and those failures almost always led to massive bloodshed. It is highly unlikely that their current grandiose attempt to subjugate the whole world will end any better. There is one difference, though: This time there will be no new country where they and their evil are not yet known….

    • So you take thousands of words to spin a massive stinking heap of bullshit endorsing Soros, Schwab, Globopedo and Tricky-Dick Piano-man, because Putin bad or something. You’re even more retarded that Greg Johnson, who just doesn’t want the supply of blonde catamites to dry-up or cost him more in San Franshitsco. How about the good old traditional American position of “we don’t have a dog in this fight”. We do know that the evil empire’s operational HQ is in Sodom-on-Potomac and NATO needs to die. Ukraine is a fake-ass country. Just a forward operating base for GloboPedo Jews and their retarded white lackeys.

        • Yes I did. (I read pretty fast). Note the key sentence: “At the end I must repeat my belief that, despite of all its shortcomings, the Ukrainian side is more amenable to our vision than is the Russian side.”

          1. We don’t really have a side here, apart from wanting to weaken and destroy GloboPedo. The Ukrainian side = GloboPedo. All else is bullshit (see below). The “shortcomings” he refers to here are fatal. Country 404 has been 100% Jew-controlled playground since 1991. Total corruption. Like Russia under Yeltsin except worse. Biden, Pelosi, Romney and other criminals here are all involved. Johnson’s official reasoning is just as retarded, but he’s revealed as fake-opposition now anyway. He just wants his blonde boys.

          2. As for Jew control of Russian media, etc. Note that a fair number of Jew oligarchs have already fled Russia, including media owners. So maybe not as controlled as zard the tard thinks. More Jews have left Russia under Putin and the exodus is accelerating. Most go to ‘Muh Izrael’, probably at Evangelical Christian-Zionist expense.

          3. Putin pushes a Russian version of civic nationalism, which does not boil down to the same thing as Trump’s boomertard version of civic nationalism (open borders plus Church of Woke). It’s still OK to be Russian in Russia, to give one example. It’s far from perfect, but better off than any place under the Empire of Lies.

          4. If the Judeo-Nazis in Ukraine were actual nationalists they would kill Zelensky and all of his supporters in regime, expel NATO, EUSSR, NGOs and and all GloboPedo bullshit, make a deal with Russia and cede Russian territory. The fact that they are more interested in killing their Russian cousins than killing Jews, dindus plus retarded Murikan and Euro Church of Woke assholes there is fully indicative of their fake-ass nationalism. At this point making a deal with Russia would require eating a very big platter of crow, so like all SJWs we can expect them to double-down on the stupidity. Like their masters Nudelman, Blinken, Kagan and Soros, the Judeo-Nazis want to fight to the last Ukrainian. Peak stupidity.

    • Because they are under a curse. They aligned themselves with Satan at the foot of the Cross. Everything they touch crumbles because they committed a cosmic crime.

    • Putin is not trying to reconstitute the USSR. If he wanted to at one time, he now knows that it would be too costly to try. I agree that neither side is worth supporting.

    • Insane psychopaths. I see no other plausible explanation for all of their evil behavior across the board.

      • They’re not crazy. They know exactly what they are doing. But stupid people keep calling them

        meanwhile, they’ve been very effective for their group and have been very successful at destroying the US. Saying they are crazy just gives them a free pass, because it means they aren’t really doing anything on purpose .

  3. But the regime media assured us just a few weeks ago that Russian forces were too weak and demoralized to continue their military operation in (the) Ukraine!? Hopefully the Russians’ objective is to turn the western part of that artificial country into a neutralized and llandlocked rump state.

    • “But the regime media assured us just a few weeks ago that Russian forces were too weak ”

      What are you, some right-wing conspiracy theorist, not to trust the media?

  4. Im not buying ukraine has that many reliable units. Even if Israeli led “Ukrainian nationalists” are included.
    In 2014 the whole army defected.
    More likely Russia is showing slavic incompetence with restraint for blitzkreig

  5. They will be telling the purple hairs and the problem glasses the same thing as territory after territory fall to the New Nation.

  6. Ukraine is the most Jewish country in the world, outside of Israhell. They are getting what they deserve.

  7. The attempt to turn Ukraine into a quagmire that would bleed Russia dry has backfired, just as the sanctions also backfired. As Dan Cringeshaw said, they hoped that sinking money and supplies to Ukraine would destroy the Russian military without America ever having to risk anything. Instead, it is becoming a money and material sink for the West, and Russia is set to end up having the most experienced and battle tested military in the world. Brandon and his lackeys are throwing good money after bad for “as long as it takes” for them to save face.

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