1. Worth reading in its entirety:

    NJP — On The SCOTUS Abortion Decision

    Millions of movement conservatives are celebrating today over the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that absurdly established abortion as a constitutional right. … While this is a great victory for those that have been campaigning for years against abortion, we have to ask ourselves, why would the system back down on this issue now? … Abortion rates have been falling for the last several decades in the US, for people of all races. A Pew Research study from June, 2022 shows that the rate of abortions has fallen from a peak in 1981, when 29.3 out of 1000 women aged 15 to 44 reported having had an abortion to 11.9 out of 1000 in 2019. … Additionally, an increasing percentage of abortions are due to the use of contraceptive pills, so called “morning after” pills, meaning the number of babies surgically killed in the womb is even lower. More than half of all abortions since 2020 have been due to the use of such pills. Surgical abortions are increasingly rare and the number of facilities performing abortions has fallen by more than half since the 80s. … In other words, this is a concession the system could afford to make to conservatives.

    • Interesting.

      I was expecting Mike to mention something about the change in the demographic composition of the court and the decline in the power of the media.

      Elena Kagan is now the last Jew standing with Ginsberg and Breyer being replaced by a wise Latina and the first black woman. The court simply doesn’t tilt as strongly Jewish and liberal as it used to.

      The power of the media has also diminished. We live in a far more balkanized media environment. Progressives have prevailed in the court in recent years because John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy have been addicted to positive publicity. The tilt of the court was hanging on a precarious thread which finally snapped when Barrett got on the court and diminished the power of John Roberts as a swing vote.

      • Actually Hunter Sotormayor’s mother is Jewish.Her Latina bit is just cover so the public wouldn’t know four of the nine were Jews at one point(Ginsberg,Breyer,Kagan and Sotomayor).Its like most people don’t know Rupert Murdoch’s mother was a Jew but there’s her rabbi when she was close to dying.

    • Peinovich’s argument is a pretty good one. The overturn was allowed to encourage the tards to go and vote again for the bogus opposition Repuke party. Yes it was the right decision – a mere 40 years late. Just a move to prop up the totally rotten-to-the-core, corrupt, irreformable oligarchy so the Wall Street looters can strip more assets before they flee to their NZ bunkers. The interesting point is how low the abortion rate is – lower before this decision than in 1973. Still, the states get to decide now. That’s a good thing. I note already kritarchs have stopped laws from being enforced by decree. Also interesting are all of the organized protests in EUSSR capitals about a US Supreme Court ruling. Odd, no? Why do they care in Paris? More proof that those ‘countries’ are just provinces of the Empire of Lies.

    • In other words the Jews have a reason they let the Supreme Court do this or else it wouldn’t have.All judges and politicians are controlled by the Jews just like every country with one of their central banks.Its Satanic to the core and that is why they have amassed such power seemingly an impossible thing to happen.Trust in the Master Jesus who has already won the victory.

    • I’ve been staying w/my daughter at her house in KS, in a nice white suburb.
      As a Southerner, it’s nice to see how white and clean it is, as well as safe. The neighbors are very friendly and have neighborhood events. They are very big on church here, much more so than my old GA hood.
      It’s weird they have a Dem governor because this is def a red state.

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