Highland Park Mass Shooting

All systems are normal.

Yet another psychopath has shot up a parade.

Note: If only Illinois had gun control, this could have been stopped.


  1. Any descriptions of either the shooter or victims ?
    Or is that special knowledge, to be kept from the goy?

    • Officially looking for a ‘white male aged 18-20 with small build and longer black hair’

      A Jewish Klezmer street band was playing as the shooting erupted

      Interesting if we start to see more situations where mass shooters are well-enough prepared they are able to slip away

      Some may recall the Beltway / D C Area Snipers who did a whole bunch of East Coast shooting and killing in October 2002. They were effective at setting up the shots at distance and getting away … but couldn’t resist seeking fame by contacting the media.

    • Nypost
      Highland Park shooting suspect wore women’s clothing

      An obvious celebration of LGBQTFREAKZ….

    • If a Black minister can wear a Black Power fist on his shirt why can’t a White minster wear a White power fist?

    • Yes Highland Park north shore Chicago is very Jewish .

      But even very Jewish places are rarely majority Jewish

    • But I thought jews believed in racial integration? Don’t they want any schvartzes as their neighbors or going to school with their kids?

    • The eastern part of Highland Park is also uber wealthy. Mansions on the Lake Michigan. The part that’s farther west (other side of Skokie Boulevard) has some developments with modest homes.

  2. I’m sure both Rabbi Biden and Kabbalah Hareetz will both attend some gun grabbing propaganda memorial ceremony along side (((J.B. Pritzker))).

  3. Zog bots will assume it is a mass shooting. Americans will assume it is another hoax, until proven differently

  4. In these kinds of situations, always consider the number of kills to the number of injured. A professional person has a higher kill to injured ratio an amateur would. An amateur is nervous, inexperienced and not in possession of a steady shooting hand.Less kills more injured from an amateur.

  5. White-appearing shooter, white-appearing victims from what I can tell so far. Would not be surprised if shooter was either a government agent or someone groomed by them (MK-ultra wind-up toy). Maybe even outfitted by Daniel Defense ($$$) like Wendy-reject mop-boy in Uvalde, Texas. Highland Park, like all Shitcongo suburbs, is so gun-controlled one cannot even purchase a BB gun there. As we can see, it works … every time. Only the criminals (whether in uniform or out of uniform) have guns. We’ll be informed by gaslight media that nationwide gun control is the solution to the problem of course. No doubt the Repukes will jump on the train as they always do. Betcha support for GloboPedo is strong in Highland Park. These events are becoming highly predictable by now. Expect more and deadlier ones.

      • He looks like his face was made of soft plastic which molded to a cheap Guy Fawkes mask made in China. Betcha he saw a shrink, was on an FBI list and maybe even consulted with FBI (handlers) in the weeks leading up to the event.

  6. The old psychology was that tattoos were a sign of someone with a mental health problem. By that rule we have a lot of sick people running around today.

  7. Crimo looks like a perfect loon. If he’s insane, he’ll end up in Chester, Il. where we keep the worst of the criminally insane.

  8. Fitting name. Looks like a trannie, peadophile, serial killer. How on earth did something with that appearance obtain weaponry?

  9. Mr. Creem-o is obviously not a White Supremacist™. He looks more like some Antifa mental case. Is he even White? Were his victims all sheenies?

  10. Yeah, sensible Gun controls – those photos alone would disqualify him from every buying or carrying a gun in a sane White or Japanese society.

    Birth controls including some forms of abortion to adults that would procreate something like this

    Immigration control – all subjects can be steered to sensible immigration controls to keep out creatures like this or just the entire populations of Haiti, Somalia and Bangladesh.

    I mean really – what kind of confused, screwed up Libertarian, Constitutionalist purist wants to welcome the entire populations of Haiti, Somalia and Pakistan and then let all these people buy whatever guns they want?

    If I ever get elected to local power with real power – the gun and amo purchases will have things like photos of this creature and simple questions such as:

    “Should this person/creature be allowed to have military guns? Why or why not?”

  11. I can’t believe this grape stomping guy’s uncle said all was normal with him. Some of the victims were People of the Bean. i guess even Jews get their yards mowed and bushes trimmed on the cheap.

  12. FBI knew the Highland Mass Shooter.

    FBI loves these Mass Shootings.

    Patriot Front is a peaceful protest organization dedicated to physical and mental fitness and anti-degeneracy.

    Know the difference, contards.

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