1. If this story is true then ZOG will have to turn its attention from protecting the Ukraine against Russian “aggression” to bringing “freedom and democracy” to Uganda. Don’t worry, Uncle Shmuli will make sure that Ugandan gold is invested wisely.

  2. I don’t know how. But something tells me when all the wheeling and dealing Is done, the people of Uganda ain’t going to be the ones who get rich. Ten to one, 20 years from now, they will be poorer then now, once the worlds oligarchs get done “helping” them get more “democracy”

  3. I was in Elberton just a few weeks ago, inspecting those guide stones and taking copious photos of them!

  4. I was skeptical that the Ugandans could have discovered this on their own. I see the Zchinese are already there. That explains it.

  5. It is surely a discovery of some kind. Looking at the gold mining sites online, they believe it is possible it might be a large discovery, possibly even a quarter as much as claimed. The Africans aren’t that good with numbers.

    As is known, the Chinese are there, and the Russians have some military there The government of Uganda is very pro Russian.

  6. B-52s will be delivering “Democracy” from 30,000 feet in 500 Lb. bomb increments if they don’t play along. That won’t really be necessary though as the Africans are so corrupt and incompetent that they will sell off their birthright for pennies on the dollar as long as the ruling clique gets their cut up front like 10% for The Big Guy. Maybe the Ugandan Government, such as it is, should hire Hunter as a consultant to keep the blessings of “Democracy” far away.

  7. Uganda is the one that cracks down pretty hard on the poofs, they do not like the homosexualist movement coming and distorting their culture. The NGOs will try to use that as an excuse for intervention. Guyana just discovered massive oil reserves on par with Venezuela, I recently had a really good bottle of 12 year old Rum called El Dorado and it was from Guyana so I looked the place up and discovered the recent oil discovery. Very low population with a Hindu plurality so with the oil revenue it could rapidly transform and see a lot of Indian and Chinese move there for business, if they avoid socialist politics like next door.

  8. It’s 12.5 tons of minable. 1 ton of gold is worth approximately $46.5 million. I won’t bother to do the calculation, but 12.5 tons is worth much less than $12 trillion dollars.

    • 2,000 Lbs. in a short ton, 7,000 grains in an avdp. Lb., (16 avdp. ozs. in an avdp. Lb., 437 1/2 grains in an avdp. oz.) or 14 million grains in a short (U.S.) ton.

      480 grains in a Troy ounce. 14 million grains/480 = 29,167 (approx.) Troy ounces per short ton. Spot gold is approx. $1,740 USD/Troy ounce x 29,167 Troy ounces = $50.75 million USD per short ton x 12.5 = $634,375 million USD approx.

      A lot of money especially for a place like Uganda but not even touching a billion USD. If it’s 12 1/2 tons of recoverable gold the Chinese will scoop it up, take it back to China where it will disappear into PRC stockpiles and they will throw a bone to the Ugandan criminals in charge. The Ugandans will bank their money in Switzerland, Lichtenstein or some other redoubt and bolt the country.

      By the time the U.S. Government gets its act together and is shocked, shocked to discover human rights abuses and not enough “democracy” the gold will gone, gone into vaults in Peking.

      It’s highly, highly unlikely there are any trillion dollar gold deposits anywhere in the world that are recoverable at even just breakeven costs. No. 2 diesel fuel is one of the big input costs in mining gold and it has about doubled over the last year to $6+/U.S. gallon. Mining equipment burns up a lot of No. 2 diesel.

    • “It’s 12.5 tons of minable. 1 ton of gold is worth approximately $46.5 million.”

      The article is poorly written, 12 tons is nothing.
      The world produces about 3000 metric tons a year.
      Gold is 60$ per gram, that makes a metric ton 60 million dollars.
      No mention of cost of extraction.
      Article is just clickbait, for public consumption.

  9. The plot to “Scoop” by Evelyn Waugh is real. Ain’t these people cannibals? Anti Semitic cannibals?

  10. It will become another Chinese mining colony, as the dozens of others all across Africa.

    The Chinese colonization of Africa marches on.

  11. That is good news in addition Orthodox Christianity is exploding with growth in Africa. God will bless our brothers and sisters there as he has in Uganda with this gold discovery.

    Due to rapid population growth, Africa also has experienced a more recent increase in both the number and share of Orthodox Christians. In sub-Saharan Africa, the Orthodox population has risen more than tenfold over the last century, from an estimated 3.5 million in 1910 to 40 million in 2010.

    • African population growth is nothing but a nightmare for humanity and the planet.

  12. I doubt that the average Ugandan will benefit. How long before the resource wars start? What foreigners don’t take, warlords and corrupt Africans will take. It’s unfortunate, but Africans don’t have the systems in place, or the knowhow, to profit or take advantage of their own resources. If Africans knew how to manage their own resources, profit from them, and build stable societies, Africa could be a nice homeland for all blacks. Instead, blacks will lose out, Africa will remain a shambles, and the theft of resources will be just another reason to scream racism at people who also didn’t benefit, while the people who did benefit will play innocent and orchestrate the whole clown show.

    • “The Negroes of Africa have not received any intelligence from Nature that rises above foolishness. Mr. Hume challenges anyone to suggest even one example of a negro who has displayed any talent. As he himself verifies, among the hundreds of thousands of blacks who have wandered far away from their homelands, even though many of them have been liberated, not one exists who has succeeded in anything great, either in the arts or the sciences or in any other noteworthy thing. On the contrary, among the whites, people continuously rise above the low point that they were and they evolve through their superior qualifications, attaining worldly fame. The difference therefore between the two races is an essential one: It appears to be equally big, both with regard to the capabilities of the mind, as well as to the color.”


  13. Breaking News: The CIA, MI6, and Mossad have all announced that Ayman al-Zawahiri has been spotted in Uganda.

  14. This was a great example of some fake news planted for a purpose. The “10 Trillion” number was complete bullshit – as at least two commenters above have noted. It’s a nice discovery but nothing like what was advertised. The purpose of the lie was twofold:

    1. To distract from what is being done by the usual suspects to keep the price of gold and other hard commodities low, done to mask the actual inflation rate.

    2. To justify inflating the already massive hot-air balloon of “paper gold” or gold-based derivatives, held by the very same folks who brought us the housing bubble and bailout of 2008. The “ten trillion” here refers not to the value of the actual gold, but to the value of the derivatives based on the gold supposedly held in London vaults.

    3. At the end of the day, if you cannot hold the stuff in your hand with access to it any time you need it, you don’t really own it. A note from a Bankstein is every bit as fraudulent as any “Federal” reserve note is.

    • .”if you cannot hold the stuff in your hand with access to it any time you need it, you don’t really own it. ”

      GOSPEL !

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