Brion McLanahan: The Disunited States

We have the same views.

Abortion is banned in Alabama and Arkansas. Abortion is banned after six weeks in Georgia and South Carolina. In contrast, abortion and marijuana are legal in Colorado. This is the way the system is supposed to work because liberty is natural rights (life, liberty and property) and self government. Such matters are supposed to be decided by our elected representatives in the state legislatures.

Progressives have a left-libertarian view of liberty. Liberty isn’t self government. It is “freedom from the state.” Liberty is rule by a PMC caste of judges, experts and technocrats who have the credentials that entitle them to make these difficult calls. “Bodily autonomy” is a sacrosanct value in some cases, but not in others. A “woman’s right to choose” to abort her child is absolute and the people of the states should have no say in the matter. Just don’t conflate “bodily autonomy” with the right of an adult not to get vaccinated like the anti-vaxxers do. We can make an exception for compulsory vaccination. The state can also only dictate to people how to live their lives in the economic sphere in the form of taxes and regulations, but in the social sphere the rule should be “live and let live.” At various points in our history, judges have peered into our antiquated Constitution and discovered that sodomy, gay marriage, “trans,” interracial marriage, divorce, abortion and so forth are settled issues and inalienable natural rights.

If Colorado has decided that marijuana and abortion should be legal, this is federalism and self government. If Texas has discovered that marijuana and abortion should be illegal, this is “full blown authoritarianism.” The people who live in Blue States like New York, California and Colorado should have a progressive dominion over people who live in Red States who are backward and incapable of self government and who are on “the wrong side of history.” Similarly, if a federal judge decides that abortion, gay marriage and interracial marriage are constitutional rights and strikes down the laws of dozens of states, this isn’t “authoritarianism.” If a federal judge who occupies the same position returns such matters to the states, this is “authoritarianism.” What ultimately matters really isn’t a consistent view of the Constitution, but the PMC caste which is concentrated on the coasts always getting their way and wielding power and imposing their own “universal” cultural values on the rest of the country.

The same impulse, mindset and arrogance which have outraged coastal progressives that abortion is now illegal in Oklahoma also drives our foreign policy. It is not just Oklahoma and Alabama which must be remade in their image. It is entire world. This is why the war in Ukraine is so important. It is a front in the battle between “liberal democracy” and “authoritarianism.” It is about “our values.” The dominion that progressives are entitled to exercise by virtue of being on “the right side of history” is global. Progressives anticipate extending their dominion across the galaxy and bringing alien civilizations to heel in shitty shows like Star Trek: Discovery. Obviously, they have the mandate to do this.

Sovereignty doesn’t reside in the states. It doesn’t reside in independent countries like Iraq or Syria. It resides in this class of people.


  1. My opinion is that sepration is the solution…… As long as we fight these people to determine who is king of the hill or king of the castle, they will continue to slaughter us and have an excuse to impose their rubbish ideologies on us. If, on the other hand, we opt for an ideological secession (conservatives of all races) or rather an ethnic-ideological separation (conservatives of our own ethnic group, without however hating other groups), we have a chance to get those leftists and their woke ideology out of our way. Moreover, with a secession, the leftists would no longer have any excuse to impose their crap on us, since we would be separated and they would only impose their ideas on their territory and not ours. On the subject of natural rights, I am more of a naturalist, in the sense that I believe that in nature there are no rights, there is only freedom, which must be preserved by force and intelligence, so there is only the duty to survive. Rights are born with society, and since rights are born with society, it would be better separation to have rights that are akin to our idea and vision of the world. In nature there is a duty to freedom, not a right, freedom you have to conquer. With separation from leftist scum we will conquer our freedom.

    • You can not separate peacefully. Those people are totally unproductive parasites and can not exist without us. When we leave they just rot like in the Seattle Autonomous Zone or die out.

      This is vey much survival fight. Parasites can not live without host and they know it.

      • @Juri Even better if they cannot survive. If we separate from them and then they fall, so we finally free ourselvs to lefty woke chains.

    • The left will never leave anyone alone. This is not political for them it is RELIGIOUS. They will not rest until the heretics are vanquished. Think early Christendom where they burned heretics alive. That should give you some idea what you’re up against. Making a “deal” with zealots is a non-starter, but you people will try. And try. And try. And try. And try. Anything to avoid what really needs to be done because that is hard, inconvenient and dangerous.

      • I’m currently on vacation in Europe. Things here are as degenerate as they are in the States. I see fine young people, tattooed, and pierced as grossly as any bubba in the Jew S-A.
        So, when I read this column of Ann B. I realized she is right (or her colleague).

        WE CANNOT DIVORCE OURSELVES FROM THE SATANIC STATE, unless we come up with a cogent, well-thought out plan of removal. Just as with BOJO in another article, what comes after Biden is going to be WORSE, unless we work out all details NOW, prior to secession.

        But, secede we must. The Antichrist sludge of hominidity is vile, insidious, and pervasive everywhere. “American” crap culture is here even in this small town I find myself in. The old have no heart. The young are just dumb skulls full of mush. And the protests against the Supreme’s decision continue on apace. Such human detritus truly does not deserve to have a place in a Christian Ethnostate (as Torba’s Gab is all on about, recently) and only death or distancing will give sane Whites any peace.

          • They are one and the same. God is not a watchmaker. He is incarnate as ONE OF US. We are His body. Our actions build ( or hinder) the Kingdom. It’s your choice.

            I choose to conquer and work for the King.

      • @Adit Man, i fought in my country against leftists and continue to fight….. but Brawling in the streets solves little if those who are punished are only our own (Charlottesville is an example, even if i admire Charlottesville because americans defended their history). Saying what you think without fear of political correctness is fine, but in the end it is just talk and the left continues to rule. As a high school teacher, in my own small way, I always try to open the minds of young people and warn them about what they hear on television and in the newspapers, but what else can you do.

        • @Marcel,

          I wasn’t even really thinking about brawling in the streets at this point. What I was trying to point out is that you will NOT be able to cut a deal with these people. This is not a political matter for them. Most of these people literally want to commit genocide against the White race. The Great White Satan needs to be vanquished. How do you negotiate or even come to an agreement with people who want you dead? You can’t and people should stop wasting their energy trying.

          Instead, we should be creating parallel institutions because we don’t have 100 years to slow march through the institutions like the left did (besides they shut the door to that possibility the minute they got into power.) Seriously, if people are talking secession/separation you need to start doing that anyway. As Fr. John mentions above, some groundwork will need to be laid or any attempt at separation would be an unmitigated disaster. As I said, this will be hard, inconvenient and very dangerous. And you know what? That will be the easy part. However, more than anything else, Whites need to rekindle a revolutionary spirit. Without that the whole thing will be a non-starter.

          • I agree, sadly they’ve power in universities and other institutions, separation can come also with a fight but it’s hard man. We will see, anyway we have to open the eyes of as many people as possible.

  2. It’s fairly common for people to strawman the other side. You are perhaps unique in being a pro-lifer who strawman’s other pro-lifers, saying they want things they loudly deny wanting and will do things they loudly proclaim they won’t do.

    The defeat of Roe is a victory for DemsRRealRacist, anti-eugenicist mainstream Republicans. They’ll tell you that banning abortion will make America less White, they consider that a good thing.

    • I’m an anti-eugenicist.

      Eugenics was always a progressive cause. It is motivated by the exact same mentality that inspired integration. In the case of the schools, it was the idea that progressives could create a utopia in which racial differences would magically disappear by stripping away power from the states and local government and putting it in the hands of federal judges and bureaucrats who could solve the problem with social science. “Prejudice” was the problem. “Racism” was the only thing that was standing in the way. Integrate the public schools and “racism” would go away and racial differences would vanish over time. It didn’t work out.

      The same is true of eugenics. The eugenicists wanted to pick and choose who was worthy and unworthy of life and take control over human reproduction in order to create a utopia. They empowered the state to sterilize people. They were the biggest supporters of abortion and helped pioneer the birth control pill. Eventually, they got their way and contraception became widespread and the result was that the population of Africa exploded while the population of Europe and other parts of the world settled by Europeans crashed. Some European countries are aging beyond the point of no return. Liberal White women were liberated from the patriarchy and aborted millions of their own children. Intelligent people used contraception to control their own reproduction for they could become DINKs. Dog moms have proliferated. The culture became more degenerate across the board. Whites became deracinated and hedonistic.

      Public housing is another example. Why not just build public housing for poor people to solve poverty? Progressives got their way. Public housing projects were built. They were trashed and became ghettos. The effective result of integration, public housing and eugenics and other progressive projects were not the outcomes that were advertised. In the United States, the population has become more, not less, non-White since abortion was legalized. Interracial couples have exploded. Divorce has exploded. Homosexuality has exploded. “Trans” is one of the many unintended consequences of abortion which is based on glorifying self realization.

      There isn’t a European country in the world where legal abortion and contraception hasn’t led to deracination and mass immigration and aging populations and all sorts of other negative trends. The idea that non-Whites are going to be aborted and culled and will drop in relative numbers hasn’t worked out in practice anywhere.

      • HW, I think you are wrong. Scripture is clearly Eugenic, as GOD is Eugenic. If you fall for the BS that Adam and Eve are THE parents of all hominidity, then, yeah…..

        But they aren’t. The Caucasian race appears late in the anthropological/evolutionary (take your pick) scene, Suddenly, with their ‘creation’ voilà- Civilization occurs.

        I have come to understand that the Cain’s wife argument is a valid one. As Enaboakpe has written, “Black Man is NOT a Descdant of Adam.” And Cain’s apostate wife/wives, were from races NOT imbued with the Imago Dei. All else in the Bible follows from that. Even if Cain was ‘satan’s son’- he STILL stole/had Eve’s DNA. So, the first miscegenation in Scripture, still gave pagan Egypt a civilization like no other before it. Even marred Adamic Humanity is better than the sub-human races still in existence today. But look at the record in Genesis!? – Seth rather than Cain, Isaac rather than Ishmael, Jacob rather that Esau, Joseph rather than Judah and the others, Ephraim and Manasseh as the prototype of both the 13 tribes/colonies, and Anglo/English elect rather than the mass of Europe…. Yeah, White Supremacy is a bummer… for those NOT White. For the Elect, the complete opposite. But what did Milton have Satan say? “Better to reign in hell, than serve in Heaven.”

        For White Christian Humanity, I think not.

        Heck, even Jesus was the SUMMUM BONUM of God’s Eugenics, not seen since Adam’s rib became Eve! You can read into your secular history all you want, but the premise of the entire Scripture is one of Eugenically perfect/sacred/sanctified humanity, that no other race possesses. That’s why the [sic] ‘Jews’ continue on about their ‘Chosen People’ BS- they KNOW that they are not: a) Adam, or b) the Israel of God.

        Only White Christendom fulfills that promise. And people from Justin Martyr to Hilaire Belloc once stated that for Europe, and the CI crazies continue to uphold that idea, to this day…. While the antichrist/sodomite/Jew/abort/nigger isolators, preach the ‘other gospel’ of ‘all one race, the [sic] ‘ human race.’ As if….

      • Blaming eugenicists for America’s low fertility rate is like blaming the Tsar for repression in the 1930s Soviet Union. Yes, a country where eugenics is loudly condemned by the media and politicians of both political parties has not accomplished eugenicists’ goals. What a shocker.

        You say you are anti-eugenicist, but you are quite like them in that you seem to want some people to reproduce more and others to reproduce less. Unlike them, you seem to think this can be accomplished without you having to do anything or enact any specific measures to accomplish your goals. #Slacktivism

        • It was eugenicists who launched the crusade to seize control of human reproduction in order to usher in a utopia. We are objectively worse off for it.

          The result of eugenics is aging and dying populations, depopulation, a browning world and a degenerate culture where sexuality has been decoupled from reproduction. The methods of eugenicists like birth control have been used to advance liberal ends like feminism. Careers are born these days instead of children.

          Eugenics is progressivism applied to human sexuality. It is the ultimate example of unintended consequences too. As with so many other progressive projects, the outcomes of eugenics don’t line up with the expectations. The world is getting blacker and Whites are dying out. It backfired

          • Progressives being generally stupid/incompetent and botching their attempt at eugenics by blending it with their insane and nonsensical social dogmas doesn’t discredit eugenics per se. Just as their botching of public housing doesn’t discredit public services per se.

            Following this line of thinking just ends in embracing anarchism/libertarianism, since the US government has botched nearly everything for decades. The problem is in the execution and the failure of White leadership.

          • I should add here that the sequence of events that led to this catastrophe was the Third Reich and World War II. Liberals won the war. Nationalism, race realism and eugenics were discredited for generations by virtue of being associated with Hitler’s Germany.

            In the aftermath of World War II, eugenicists who wanted to continue their work had to push forward in a liberal framework. They developed new methods to control human reproduction like birth control. Those methods were then used as the launchpad for the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s.

            Eugenics boomeranged against us and led to catastrophic global aging and depopulation. We would have better off had we never screwed around with it in the first place. Whites have been sharply reduced as a percentage of the global population.

            I used to be a big supporter of eugenics. I still own a lot of books about the subject. Ultimately though, I grew more convinced that the aspirations of eugenicists and their impact on our culture and their legacy are two different things. Eugenics did not leas to race betterment. It led to the liberalization of sexuality in the West

          • There you go. You are railing against eugenics which had to be pushed through a liberal framework. True racially conscious eugenics were never practiced for a long amount of time. Healthy eugenic practice would encourage high quality people to have many children, as opposed to just suppressing unwanted births. Also, the Nazis pretty much borrowed all the eugenics stuff from early 20th century United States.

    • I’m from Italy and i’m a voter of Lega Nord, recently i wrote to Michael Hill and he said to me that he was inspired by Lega Nord to create League of the South.

  3. > If Colorado has decided that marijuana and abortion should be legal, this is federalism and self government. If Texas has discovered that marijuana and abortion should be illegal, this is “full blown authoritarianism.”

    Who, whom. That is what Lenin said. When we do it it is good when you do it it is bad. That is it, always has been, simple as that, it ain’t complicated.

  4. Before we separate I hope I live to see all the Tyrant’s wicked “memorabilia” ripped down. I know most of the Yankees in past on the civil war forums were glad to see Confederate monuments come down yet they turned the other way or kicked a “trouble making” poster off the forum if any challenge to their Yankee righteousness came up.

    “…I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races, [applause]-that I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of [blacks], nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to int er marry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality.And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the position of superior and inferior, and I AS MUCH AS ANY OTHER MAN AM IN FAVOR OF HAVING THE SUPERIOR POSITION ASSIGNED TO THE WHITE RACE…”
    –Abraham Lincoln, 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate, Charleston, Illinois, 9/18/1858.

    Where are you self-righteous Yankees? Why hasn’t the Lincoln myth bitten the dust yet?

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  5. Progressives don’t really have any beliefs. They are driven only by will to power, status anxiety, and hatred of lower classes. That is why they have so many contradictory beliefs (and why arguing with them is a waste of time).

    • Those assholes want a state of permanent anarchy and cultural revolution. They will never be satisfied with anything less.

      • Yep, it’s always on to the next big cause. It only ends at complete insanity and the destruction of civilization.

  6. I’m surprised unrelenting non-stop immigration is not the top issue right now, our borders are completely broken, one county in Texas officially declared an invasion from Mexico recently.

    They keep telling everyone that White replacement is a conspiracy theory then why are our borders completely and utterly destroyed? The New World Order has an agenda headed by elite ultra liberal Jews and cucked White allies that want to replace the White population on the planet with an obedient Brown population. They want a one world government where we own nothing, eat insects, use dangerous public transportation, and provide cheap labor to monopolized corporations.

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