Shinzo Abe Assassinated In Japan

I believe the assassin used a homemade or 3D printed shotgun.

USA Today:

“Shinzo Abe, Japan’s longest-serving prime minister, died at the age of 67 Friday after being shot during a campaign speech in western Japan. It was a shocking attack in a country that has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world.

Abe was shot from behind minutes after he started his speech Friday in the city of Nara. He collapsed bleeding and was airlifted to a nearby hospital in Nara, although he was not breathing and his heart had stopped, the Associated Press reported. He was later pronounced dead after receiving massive blood transfusions, officials said. …”


  1. The most obvious suspect is ZOG. Did this man pose a threat to to the Washington/London/Tel Aviv liberal world order?

    • They aren’t nearly as cringe as Spencer at this point. Conservatives have become more radical. He has transitioned into Keith Olbermann.

      • Perhaps Lady Spencer should have his T levels checked? I think he said his favorite movie is My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

    • He’s right, though. The Japanese right does not care about American nonsense like “freedoms” (nor does the Japanese left, nor do Asian people in general, really). American conservatives don’t really understand that they are an anomaly in the world when it comes to associating anarchist theories with the “right wing.”

    • If there’s any group of people who imagine “everyone” (everyone to whom they’re willing to concede humanity) thinks just like them, it’s these pseudo-intellectual graduates of the types of universities Spencer attended. And those with his kind of background generally. It’s difficult to believe he was ever any sort of genuine Rightist.

    • @Marcel—I think it is fascinating that Richard Spencer cares what Jenna Ellis thinks. The war is coming and it is not with Russia or China it is going to be right here at home. Christians who love God and children versus Irish faggots who wanna love kids in the wrong kinda way. Uncle Ted was a canary in the coal mine.

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  2. Looks like soon will be our turn to tell Soros servants that getting shot is part and parcel to serving Soros in big city. Or this is new normal and get used to it 😀

  3. Fun Fact

    This is not the first time in history a globalist by the name of “Abe” get rightfully shot

  4. Word on the street is Abe was scheduled to testify against Hirrary Crinton.

    (Once Cankres gets you in her crosshairs, your life ain’t worth a damn.)

  5. … and in the strictly gun-controlled country in the world. How is this possible? Must have been Putler, whose been very busy as of late: destroying the Goergia Guidestones, deposing Bo-Jo the Clown, and liquidating Abe (who was running for office again I think) – all while riding atop a hypersonic missile like Maj. T.J. Kong at the finale of Dr. Strangelove.

    That Puter is a real Leningrad Cowboy

  6. That’s interesting for the people of Japan. Obviously everybody likes the idea of “Democracy” aka people voting on who they like. However our elections are far from “fair” and never have been in America or other countries. I don’t think that because of Trump. I have no use for him. He”s nothing in my book but a tool against the White Race and his only goal is making himself and Jews more money. He and his Republican ideology is a joke. No different than a Democrats ideas. It’s all a joke in my book and our elections have been rigged for years. Think about all the Third Party candidates of different views who get zero time on TV, the media, and so on because the 2 party system controls everything. I think everybody’s views should be heard. Censorship is bad for politics and this story shows the most advanced level of Censorship. Prayers for Japan. Deo Vindice !

  7. I thought he did a decent job of leading Japan? Who was angry with him and why? Allegedly some tabloid recently said he was in with the Yakusa and some crazy guy heard it and killed him? Who knows what is up? Godspeed Mr Abe…

    • He opened Japan up to record high immigration and implemented neoliberal economic “reforms” that reduced the wealth of Japanese people to increase the wealth of international investors, all when licking the sweat from Uncle Sam’s balls (not to mention literally eating out of Netanyahu’s shoe). He was garbage.

  8. The accused killer was military. The purpose of the killing is for Japan to change their pacifist constitution to re-militarize. China, China, China.

    • You probably nailed it there. The Empire of Lies wants its Japanese colony to re-militarize to go against both China and Russia.

  9. link

    Interesting video angle of the Abe shooting at the link above — watch it closely: the camera is in front and to the left of Abe, who is speaking — then you hear something and see a puff of smoke behind Abe, who turns around to see what’s going on, but does not appear to flinch (in pain) or be injured — then another louder noise and larger burst of smoke from behind him, after which Abe staggers forward.

    It is claimed Abe was shot with what is described as a homemade double barrel shotgun — maybe the initial noise and puff of smoke was a misfire of one of the barrels — ?

  10. I had seen somewhere on cable news that Japan as a whole had 10 gun shootings last year, and three deaths. For one thing, Japan doesn’t have Godamn blacks committing one violent crime after another, they also don’t have these spico drug gangs making every day look like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Perhaps most importantly they don’t have a decadent, perverse, and evil ruling class trying to destroy their own civilization.

  11. Could have been much more to do with internal Japanese politics. Shinzo looks like he has a fair amount of Aino ancestry, the original inhabitants of Japan before the Nipponese arrive from the continent around 600 b.c. Still no love lost between the two ethnicities.

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