Poll Watch: Trust In Media Plummets To Record Low

As I have been saying for a while now, the “mainstream media” is a bubble which has receded toward the coasts. Twitter is a bubble within the coastal bubble.

The 20th century is dead. The rise of the mass media created a national culture that is now balkanizing and melting away. No one trusts the professional “journalist” anymore. New York has ceased to be America’s dominant metropole and no longer sets the tone of American culture. Gatekeepers have lost control of the national conversation. Regional cultures are strengthening.

The big picture: the 20th century increasingly looks like an aberration or disruption as we climb down the other side of the curve. The partisan press has returned. High turnout elections have returned. White evangelicals are reverting to their old ways.



  1. The era of Walter Cronkite and the Old Gray Lady (NY Times) as the two primary sources of our news and Hollywood studios as the primary source of our entertainment are over! I wonder if Uncle Shmuli is getting ready to flee from anti semitic poisecution again?

    Nothing in the Regime media about how dangerous those Covid “vaccines” are, nothing about who Epstein and Maxwell’s clients were, nothing about the scandals of the Biden and Pelosi crime families, just the usual lying by omission. They are all literally reading from the same script. Only boomers still watch TV news and read the papers. And that is no longer a desirable/sought-after demographic.

    • “Trust In Media Plummets To Record Low”

      Yeh, yeh, people will say they don’t trust the media , then in the next breath they will quote it as gospel. People don’t know their own minds.

    • “Era of Walter Cronkite and the Old Gray Lady (NY Times) as the two primary sources of our news and Hollywood studios as the primary source of our entertainment are over!”

      That’s the reason they maintain an iron grip on major social media on the inet.

    • Musk is backing out on the Twitter deal.
      I suspect the big banks said “no, no, little goy , you go back and stand in the corner.”

  2. The internet is the big game changer and our enemies know it. As boomers die off MSM becomes more and more irrelevant.

    • the internet has been taken over by the same folks that own mass media (follow the money everywhere) and is being highly censored in violation of american creed. the jews did think that far in advance! however, psychopaths lack insight into themselves and fellow man, coupled with a stunted evolution, leaving them stuck in left brain thinking, none of this will change until jews are completely removed from all levers of power and control. energy must move past complaining stage and into a new political party. vote NSDAP. Quoting the irish catholic jonathan swift ( “When a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him” ). the 20th century germans got it right, which is why all the dunces are after them.

  3. I have 100% trust in the Lügenpresse. I trust that they are constantly lying either by commission or, more commonly, by omission.

    • “lying either by commission or, more commonly, by omission.”

      Also, by diversion and distraction.

  4. … and why, exactly, is Mr. Face-made-for-shotgun still flapping his jaws on the Talmudvision? What’s really funny are all the tards who think that a propped-up lie-machine like CNN is a viable business. Like every other aspect of the Empire of Lies, the “free-market” is every bit as fictional as the “free-elections” are.

    The poll numbers are interesting and basically prove my point above. CNN and the other lie-machines will continue to churn out the sewerage while being totally unviable as businesses until the usurers and their toadies pull up stakes and depart for better looting opportunities. When there is (((one small group))) literally given an unlimited license to counterfeit – to create money out of thin air which everyone must accept for payment – that group will have an unlimited expense account to fund whatever evil projects it wants to. Once the normie-tards get this basic fact through their thick skulls and start to refuse payment with fake money, the real change will accelerate. Death to Uncle Schmuel.

  5. A news reporter is supposed to give you information with no opinion and without bias. This idea of adding editorial opinions to news outlets pretty much broadcasts that the news outlet has an agenda. The world has become so liberal that you are basically considered far right if you believe homosexuality is an immoral lifestyle. In the 1980’s that would have been the majority opinion among folks.

    People don’t trust the media because they are constantly trying to shove extreme liberal ideas down our throats and want us to accept it as facts.

  6. Trust in media plummets? It kind of implies that it was previously high or higher, which I doubt was the case. I’ve never trusted them. Leftard leaning fags with an agenda masquerading as honest media. And pigs might fly.

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