Hunter Biden: Dad, My Pants Fell Off

Incredible timing.

Note: I’m not going to embed the shower scene video.


  1. No matter how hard they try to hide the ruling classes stupidity and moral debaucherie, in today worlds it can’t. Too many ways around the censers anymore

    • They’re not trying to hide it. They are allowing its exposure in order to rub our collective noses in it. Doing this gives them the greatest emotional charge. It’s literally what they live for. The cloud people are not like normal folks. They are genuinely evil to their core.

  2. It doesn’t matter what dirt or crimes he and his corrupt father have engaged in and that includes pedophilia, nothing will happen to them. No indictments, arrests or prosecution. The feds will make sure of that and the republicans will pretend to be outraged and hold more useless hearings but in the end, it’s business as usual. Corruptions breeds corruption.

  3. Mother of God, we who lived through the Carter years thought younger brother Billy Carter was a source of non-stop embarassment for Jimmy. But leave it to Joetato not only to make Jimmy Carter look like a paragon of wise leadership but his ne’er-do-well son Hunter to make Billy Carter look like the epitome of decorum and probity, also.

    What a family. They continue to put the fun in dysfunctional.

  4. If this were the relative of anyone but a leftist, this would be msm-fodder. MSM will not show this, it will be a non-story to them. Nor will they even touch other revelations surrounding the Bidens, Hunter in particular. Resident Joe must be protected at all costs, so the plundering and marxist takeover can continue. In the last image, look into the eyes of a living corpse. These people are truly evil.

  5. Is this ‘released’ video timed to coerce JB to resign, or ‘we’ll’ release more video that could incriminate JB ?

    • America, you get as much justice as you can afford.

      Never, in America’s history, has a millionaire be executed.

  6. Whatever it takes to move Dementia Joe’s corrupt ass out the door, whatever it takes. Hunter is Dementia Joe’s weak point. The FBI will threaten to arrest Hunter on any of 1,000 charges, he is guilty of all of them.

    The Deep State is getting ready dump Joe, no doubt about it, they are laying the groundwork now. Soon the NYT, WSJ, WP, CBS, MSNBC and the rest of the Lügenpresse will be shocked, shocked to discover what a degenerate Hunter is and that Dementia Joe shared in the loot, 10% for the big guy! They are getting ready to install Cackling Kamala, Dementia Joe is all used up, he is a filthy mess.

  7. It was Bannon and the coterie of losers around him that won the election for Biden, by focusing obssessively on “Hunter’s laptop” during the runup to the election. No one cared about the son. The son was not running for President.

    So here we go again. Just as the nation rallies against the President, the feckless alt media deflects attention from Joe onto the son. And again, no one cares.

    If the alt media had any competence at all, they might well make something out of this, by focusing relentlessly on the one thing that matters, and that one thing is that all this money came from Joe Biden being for sale. He has for decades hired himself out to the highest bidder. Often using Hunter as his proxy.

    But no, the single issue that matters gets ignored. All the alt media wants to put out is about Hunter’s crack pipes and whores, as if any of that matters. It doesn’t.

    Someone in the FIB leaked this to 4chan. The FIB is all Democrat. Pretty clear, Joe is a one termer.

    • Hunter Biden is comic relief.

      Obviously, the issue isn’t going to drive his poll numbers any lower when 64% of Democrats want to dump him and the New York Times is out to get him. Inflation and gas prices will decide the election. There isn’t much to say about it. Everyone gets it

      • Hunter, Dementia Joe, that other corrupt Biden brother, whatever his name is, are all joined at the hip on all this illegal, traitorous bullshit. They shared bank accounts, payoffs, etc. Hunter flew on Air Force Two with The Big Guy, Mr. 10% to Peking and Kiev to “consult” on bidness matters.

        All of this has been documented by that genius, Hunter, on his ‘Laptop from Hell’ and in other places; he left an audit trail a mile wide. Mixed in with all the evidence of various and sundry financial crimes is the evidence of Hunter’s decadent life, documented in color video through the miracle of modern technology. Ain’t progress grand?

        To attack Hunter for his criminal activities is to attack The Big Guy, Mr. 10%. That is why the Lügenpresse is starting to report on Hunter, as a lever to get Dementia Joe out of the White House before he caves in the whole damn mess of a Government and takes the Left down with him. The Deep State and their stenographers, the Lügenpresse, are petrified the absolute failure of the Dementia Joe presidency, such as it is, will be 100 x worse than the failure of the Hoover Administration in 1932. They have good reason to fear, too.

        The Republicans were in the wilderness from 1932 until 1956 when useless Ike got elected as a Republican, twice. Subsequent Democrat failure under LBJ resulted in Nixon’s election in 1968 and 1972. Jimmy Carter’s failed presidency led to the election of worthless Reagan, twice.

        The Dementia Joe administration is on a trajectory of catastrophic national and international failure that will leave all other failures in the dust. The Left sees itself getting blamed for this historic failure which will drive them from power. They believe they have to get rid of Dementia Joe to try to salvage things and Hunter’s crimes and debauchery are the way to do that. The Left has no good choices left but leveraging Dementia Joe out of office through Hunter is the least bad option remaining available to them.

        The whole ruling class is discredited by Hunter’s crimes and debauchery. They all knew, they did nothing, they are all guilty. Publish it all, destroy their legitimacy, Republicans too.

        • Don’t be silly. We all know the only reason Trump lost 2020 is because urban SWPLs concerned about Covid voted for Biden as the adult in the room.

          To this day there has never been any evidence of mass election fraud. Never!

    • Is that why twitter banned the New York Post? Biden didn’t win the election, but the Hunter laptop was proof of Biden’s corruption and the media censored it. The ability to censor the Podesta wikileaks dump in 2016 wasn’t effective because the censorship machinery hadn’t been implemented yet. Frankly, you sound like you’re sore about the Dobbs decision. Is that you Richard Spencer?

    • Yes: the alte kacker “Big Guy’s” corruption is the real issue here, not his junkie punk son’s monkeyshines with whores.

      The alt media are stupid, incompetent bastards who just want to play “GOTCHA!!” because for them politics is nothing more than another team sport entertainment/grift.

  8. “Inflation and gas prices will decide the election.”

    That’s speaks very poorly of the character of the electorate and the nation overall.
    What’s most important in life, “muh wallet”.

    • Vox Day has a phrase: MPAI (Most People Are Idiots). Pocketbook issues nearly always win out even in non-rigged elections. Few have the ability to perceive that idiot policies like stoking up foreign wars is never good for the pocketbook in the long run. Such things are no longer taught in schools, only Church of Woke dogma now.

  9. I understand posting about HB’s degeneracy, but really, do we need to have him in his underwear as your website banner? Have mercy on your readers, Brad.

  10. So sick of this naked junkie, good news is he’s 50+ so with all of his drugging he should be dead soon.

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