Lauren Southern: The Whole Truth

UPDATE: Lauren is basically right about the Alt-Lite/Grift Right clique.

UPDATE: Lauren isn’t wrong about people like MILO.

If you are interested in wading through all three hours of this, it is Lauren Southern spilling the beans about all the other toxic ecelebs she came to know in her days in the Alt-Lite.


  1. I liked Lauren Southern, even if didn’t follow her or better i watched two or three videos on her youtube channel. Did i miss something? even Lauren Southern left the right-wing politic to become a leftstist?? Mine is just a question.

    • Nah, she just got fed up with the Alt-Lite drama queens. It was a good video. I’m glad I watched it

      • ahhh ok, so good, thank Hunter. Make some criticism, even self criticism is good and important in life, but flip on the other side is always buffonish. I watched the documentary White Noise with Lauren Southern, Mike Cernovich and her majesty Richard Spencer.

      • I’m glad she got fed up.
        It was always given that the glowjoggers would create a simulacra of the real movement that they demolish in circular firing squad.

      • A lot of those alt-lite drama queens like MILO, Cernovich, Gavin, the Proud Boys are always pawned on us now.

        While I don’t like Spencer, at least he drew the battle lines very clear about who is who. The problem is that he is also a big snob. The political landscape and these movements or people have all radically changed in 5 years.

        • Spencer is the mirror image of MILO in that he is driven by his enormous bruised ego and is obsessed with petty feuds. Nick Fuentes is also cultivating a classic cult of personality. No one should follow any of these people.

          • I made the mistake of following Spencer when I was 12 years old and first learning about this stuff via the internet. I followed Nick when I was around 14 and thought both of them were great and then bombshell after bombshell happened. They are one hit wonders.

            How come he still was wanting to do podcasts with you though in early 2021?

          • I don’t know.

            I think it was in 2021 that he came up with the idea of going full shitlib to own the conservatives. He gradually shifted from criticizing Trump to positively embracing Joe Biden and then every stupid fad in the Democratic Party like drag queens

          • I’ve spoken to James about the whole situation and also Keith. They believe he is just a contraction. He is likely a grifter in my honest opinion.

            Nick Fuentes is also a grifter because he is now the MAGA darling who tells his supporters not to embrace White identity and just be incel degenerates.

          • MILO is a freak.

            No one with good judgement would associate with him.

            Spencer is a self-absorbed rich brat.

          • Yeah, I never grasped MILO’s appeal. He was always deeply repulsive to me. Spencer was eventually overwhelmed by his personal issues

          • I think MILO’s appeal was for those alt lite people that might have had pro-White beliefs but too scared to say it out loud. MILO was a homosexual Jew with a black boyfriend so he can’t be a “racist.” Some conservatives only speak a little bit of truth if they have a minority group to validate them.

    • Lauren Southern has never been right wing. She’s just a standard prostitute who made her money appealing to right wing incels and sleeping around with every person in the alt-right/lite.

  2. Eventually somebody will do the same thing and spill the beans on what was behind the Alt Right.

    The more I look at it and how it came about, the less I think it was organic autism that drove it. There was money and agency behind the ecelebs of the Alt Right.

    Considering how colossal and public its failure was, my guess is our own Govt.

    • There were definitely some of the same problems: the grifters, the delusional narcissists, people protecting their brands, vindictive feuds that started over nothing, people ratting each other out to the SPLC.

      I regret attaching my name to it. It was never really my thing. It was more like it was taking off at the time and I backed it out of the idea that we should support other peoples projects who are in the same sphere.

      Lauren has the right idea now. Just be a commentator while living your life. Don’t get involved in movements. The Alt-Lite in particular was notorious for blackmail though. Those people were always secretly recording each other and making threats. I didn’t see much of that in the Alt-Right

      • The Trump election brought all of these different groups of people together that had never really been on the same page. Alt-right, libertarians, Christian cons, Alt-MSNBC, neo-nazis, Republican party grifters, Fuentes-style America-First incel nationalists, Alex Jones infowarrior patriots, etc. Things have just been going back to how they were pre-2015-2016 when these were all somewhat separate things (with overlap here and there). “Stop the steal” probably marked the end of that era, the last thing that would bring some of these people together under one banner.

        It seems the right wing now is shaping up for another “Reagan revolution” type revival, probably led by post-Trump fake populist/nationalists like DeSantis.

      • Agreed don’t get involved in the Pro-White movement either I wasted so many good years thinking I was fighting for the “White race”. Wish I never had gotten involved in that trash. But you live and learn right Brad?

        • I disagree.

          In my case, it is more like the best people I know and the worst people I know were involved with the movement. Sure, there were grifters, sociopaths, the narcissists, feds, dysfunctional people who gravitate toward extremes, but there were also plenty of normal people who just had genuine concerns about the decline of the White race, the South, Christianity, etc.

          Remember, I literally married into the movement. I have a wife and son because of the movement. It was the best decision I ever made. I also met some of my best friends who share my values through the movement. My father-in-law was nothing like people like MILO.

          • @Hunter, i think that your father-in-law, mr. Gordon Baum, was part of that generation that made simplicity, in the sense of clarity and constancy of values, its guiding principle. As I always say, there is no need to rebrand everything like spencer did, many times clarity and above all consistency is needed.

          • It’s as I have said people are a mixed bag in general which is another reason I despise the movement. You guys pre-judge minorities without first knowing them personally first. In my experience as a small business owner I have had an enlightenment dealing with all kinds of people. On a personal level I’ve actually met more good wholesome Black and Latino people that I didn’t get to know when I was a separatist. People who besides personal appearances, and ancestry I have more in common than the average person in the movement as well as folks outside of the South. This is why racial separatism is so shallow and ignorant. By separating yourself from all others not like you what ends up happening is you build walls, distrust, hate, or simply stereotype entire groups of people. But if you ever break from your bubble and begin interacting with other races you will discover that your neatly packed worldview begins to collapse in on itself. That’s because racial separatism and race determinism simply falls apart when you live in the real world. A persons worth, value, and intelligence simply is not determined by your genetics. The evidence against this is overwhelming. There are good and bad people in all ethnicities as well as people with different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that are determined by many different factors not genetics alone. You have not demonstrated why marrying into the movement is objectively good either. I could meet a woman through a number of avenues but it doesn’t make it objectively good. I will content until my last breath that the movement is far more harmful than good. The people I met even those claiming to be “Christian” were at best nominal ones. Most put race above grace, and race above faith which is a sin. When you meet people of other races that show more signs of the love of Christ, and Christ like faith, and I’ve experienced extraordinary things happen so I know they are real. I recommend disavowing white separatism and nationalist Brad. When I came home to the true church I literally felt weights lifted off of me when I gave it up. At judgment day Christ is gonna separate the Sheep from the Goats, the Wheat from the Tares, and race won’t matter because there will be people of all races on both sides.

          • All dissident, “fringe” or “radical” movements have the curse of attracting unsavory characters, but depending on what movement we’re talking about, you’ll also find many intelligent people with outstanding character. Movements just have to be able to properly vet people that join them and most problems emerging movements face go away.

          • “You guys pre-judge minorities without first knowing them personally first.”

            Kindly speak for yourself, Orthodox Slumlord. Racism, by which I mean pro-white racism, is not moralistic: It has nothing to do with whether one thinks non-whites are not “good wholesome” persons, as you have put it. Its concern is the flourishing of the white race.

        • I’ve come to dislike labels because once you pin a label on yourself you inevitably become associated with everyone who embraces the label which includes all sorts of idiots, but my views haven’t really changed. I’m still very much a populist and nationalist. I’m also a Southern Nationalist, but I am flexible on that in the sense that I am fine with almost any scenario in which the regime crumbles. If it goes down when the West Coast secedes after Trump is reelected in 2024, I would be fine with that. An independent South would be ideal, but we might not get that because urban / rural polarization is so much more intense in our times.

          • ‘White nationalism’ just means white self-rule… I’m disappointed that the enemy has so claimed to define this term (hate, exclusion etc ) that it now frightens people off. But I think the movement always was self limiting when race realism ended up being most of the discussion. Being pro white is not enough -in this world where we are so numerically outnumbered and have to fashion and re-fashion alliances, our political platform should have always offered a range of policies to expand the appeal- be more anti-war like the Old Left, expand state and federal nature reserves, lower taxes on the working poor/ lower middle class, etc.

          • If all non-Whites were subtracted and disappeared from this country tomorrow, Whites would still be at each others throats. The country would be better off in some ways, but the fundamental divide would still be intact

          • Yes, whites would probably still fight each other but I dont see it as a terminal situation as it is now with the non whites present. If we magically had no blacks here 10 years ago, all the Confederate statues would still be up now- they went down due to Dylann Roof’s anger over black rapes of white women listed on FBI crime stats, and the others went down over the George Floyd mess. On a larger point, with no Jews here to be the tip of the spear on lefty issues, I see whites living a much better life with each other, no critical race crap, no high street crime, no apologies for being white etc… In mostly white areas of the country I see the divisions stemming from imported Jew led ideology, mass media like PBS, academia etc. I think if a white nation overall could overcome the class thing, end usury and end the worship of ‘free markets’ as well as eliminate the Netflix and porn stuff, then an all white led and populated society could function well.

      • Wasn’t the term “Alt-Lite” coined by you? Good framing because it disambiguated an attempt at co-option into a useful comedic foil. Spencer’s debate w/ “Alt-Liter” Sargon was actually fun & effective.

        Overall I thought your hallmarks/truths/talking points approach was optimal as the Alt-Right frame. Spencer’s “race is real & the foundation of identity” was actually pretty good. But the ‘Realism Identity Iconoclasm’ motto subsumed it & was broader.

        The AR was at it’s best when it focused on – as you have put it – breaking the taboos & -isms/-phobias. W/ provocative content, jokes & even some activism. Saying the things that the New Right, Dissident Right, and the newly coined “Deep Right” won’t say, can’t say, or have reasons for not saying.

        So, the AR was better as a metapolitical/cultural scene than a movement w/ a hierarchy & manifesto. Spencer is a talented thinker/speaker but he had a tendency to conflate *his* Radix/Apollonian ideas with the broader scene. The consolidation via the corporation was the big misstep imo. Spencer had vehicles/institutions – Radix/NPI. AR as a scene (w/ Spencer as a curator) would have allowed space for individuals/groups to pursue their political & social/cultural projects & even radical/trangressive ideas/jokes. And the hallmarks would have focused the overall AR scene:

        “Are you Alt-Right?”
        “Well, the Alt-Right is about ‘Realism Identity Iconoclasm’ and realistically “

          • But your frame of “Alt-Lite” effectively dealt with them. Sargon, Milo, Cernovitch etc. became comedic foils not so much significant enemies.

            Spencer was mirroring Milo – especially w/ the college tour – and missing better opportunities.

            Like Jordan Peterson & the Intellectual Dark Web. Spencer could have turned up at Peterson events w/ a few guys and got into the newscycle w/ a bit of streaming & trolling. Maybe getting a counter-book out – “Don’t Clean Your Room” as Enoch put it. Nietzsche, Jung, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn etc. are /our guys/.

            Also, Spencer could have turned up at Milo events: “Milo is a leading figure of the alt-lite and though from a more alt-right perspective I disagree with him he should have the right to speak”. Offered to debate him. The debate w/ Sargon was a success.

            Some missed opportunities.

      • I won’t even bother to listen to Laura Southern and her reveals about the Alt-right. I’ve read it all before. Try looking up “A brief History of the White Nationalist movement.” That should make some of you stare in disbelief. Same BS different day. If you were expecting doilies and finger sandwiches in a revolutionary movement prepare to be shocked… hourly.

    • JHC of course the Alt Right was fake. Some of it was Putin shills, which Spencer tried to grift off of for a while since his wife was Russian.

      Then the Trump/Bannon/Likud spam campaign came online and they all fell for that new grift. That fell apart after Jan 6 now Anglin is back to shilling for Russia.

      It is all BS and most of the Movement is Feds and Jews.

  3. Lauren Southern walks the thin line that divides slut from skank. No e-girls is a good rule. She is still out there, just looking for attention. I didn’t watch this video. But that meme at the top of Joe dressing Hunter is good.

  4. Was Ann Sterzinger part of the alt-right? If so, what happened to her? I have a non-political novel of hers.

  5. I don’t think I can watch it. That’s three hours I’d never get back. Since you’ve watched it, give us a rundown of the highlights so we don’t have to.
    I think she’s alright from what I know of her, but three hours?!

    • TL;DR

      1. She quit Rebel Media because Ezra Levant wanted her to shill for Israel

      2. MILO is MILO … a lazy, pathological gay narcissist who blackmails everyone in his orbit.

      3. Tommy Robinson lies to his followers

      4. PJW tried to sleep with her. He isn’t gay which came as a surprise

      5. Hope Not Hate went after the British fags who were making her documentaries and scared them into turning.

      6. Faith Goldy hates her because she made the Farmlands documentary which Faith wanted to do to make a name for herself

      7. She dropped off the radar because she got pregnant and was forced by the Australian government to quit politics. The baby daddy is from there

      8. People on the internet are mean to her especially incels

      The video was mostly about Alt-Lite eceleb culture and had the ring of truth to it

      • I watched parts of it. Rings true. All the guys here claiming she slept around or is a mudshark or whatever are probably Milo or one of his pals I guess.

        She seems like a totally normal woman pretty enough to make money as a conservative spokesmodel. Good for her and she is at least anti anti white.

        • She slept with many people in the alt right. This is well known to anyone in those circles. She is a mudshark and openly admitted it on twitter, but said it was okay because her black boyfriend was half Irish and voted for Trump. She married an Asian man and has a mixed race child. These are all facts.

          • One might assume Dart is one of Milo’s handles.

            He and others make all these wild stories but frankly it sounds like Milo jealousy and of course this movement is full of white women hating cucks who get off on blacks on blondes porn.

            It is well known fetish and the movement is run by feds and jews so it is expected.

            Same thing claiming she has a Jewish name? They repeat this all the time but they just made it up. She quit Rebel because she didn’t want to shill for Israel so all the Jew Nazis in this movement smear her.

          • Mr Hipster, you can look all of this up. It isn’t news at all.

            Here’s a screencap of her tweet:


            I remember when she posted it. It was the funniest thing ever because she obviously believed that her simp army would jump in to white knight for her dating blacks. But instead she got dogpiled and ratioed. She realized that her entire grift was in danger of collapsing, so she deleted the tweet and said she was going to take a few weeks off from twitter to “read Evola” and disappeared.

            Here’s her admitting that her “Australian” husband is actually Asian:


            She says that she believes in “family and community,” but that it’s too hard for her personally to live up to the ideal of not race mixing (lol like she’s compelled to miscegenate). Lauren Southern is the political equivalent of an onlyfans whore, selling an image to her “far right” porn addict Johns.

  6. The people incessantly calling Patriot Front…….Feds are:

    1. Mossad
    2. American Jews
    3. Feds
    4. Antifa

    Be more Patriot Front.

    Our Enemies hate it.

  7. What a narcissist this woman is! You’d think she was the most famous and controversial figure since Ghandi, or something.

  8. Maybe she’s upset she didn’t get in on the grift and is jealous. jews are usually smart when it comes to ripping off the goyim

  9. Thanks for posting this, Hunter. I watched all of it. Interesting & she seems sincere. I think Southern would make a better AmRen speaker than Steve King or Laura Loomer, both of whom are (unfortunately, IMO) apparently on the speakers’ list for AmRen’s next conference. She’s done some useful journalism, but her most important message is the damage to the movement done by toxic personalities like Milo.

  10. Yep.

    That’s it.

    It is not me saying the same thing about the Grift Right that I have said since 2016. They were always backstabbing degenerates like MILO motivated by their social media brands. Nothing new was revealed in the video.

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