Biden Administration Spends Another $400 Million On Ukraine

This is going to continue for “as long as it takes” for Ukraine to achieve total victory in Donbas and reconquer Crimea. Admittedly, this could end up taking a while.

New York Post:

“WASHINGTON — The Biden administration said Friday that it will send another $400 million in military equipment to Ukraine, including four more advanced rocket systems. The weapons, said a senior defense official, will bolster Ukrainian efforts to strike deeper behind Russian frontlines in the eastern Donbas region. …”

The Liberal World Order is at stake here.


  1. Interesting how the puppet-masters can simply ‘decree’ spending via Joey Shitpants. According to “muh constitution” (yes I know it’s a dead-letter), the power of spending was allegedly vested in congress. Not that they are any better, whether wearing the R-jersey or the D-jersey. Both teams are mere dancing-monkeys to the endless kvetching and wailing (shucking and jiving) of the Banksteins’ klezmer street-organ.

  2. Watch the Near East, Our Greatest Ally is trying to gin up a war against Iran again. If they succeed oil will be $300/barrel, at least. There won’t be money to keep the lights on or buy a gallon of gasoline let alone send $75 billion to country 404, not money with anything like today’s purchasing power even with inflation already raging.

    • The rotten, corrupt, moral cowards in the political class need to be held to account, if only that were possible. Perhaps the economic collapse heading our way will cause these bastards to suffer for a change.

      They will just flee the country if things get bad enough, they have wealth squirreled away in various bolt holes in different parts of the globe. That’s the only kind of diversity these hypocrites practice, diversifying their foreign passports and the location of their ill gotten gains.

  3. link“Lockheed Martin produces about 2,100 Javelin missiles a year and Ukraine uses about 500 a day. Lockheed has promised to double production to 4,000, but that’s not going to be much of a dent.” That doesn’t seem sustainable?

  4. Some more insight from the world’s greatest master evah of strateegery:

    *A great democratic leader delivers everything to his people but no less than 10% to the big guy.
    — Joe Tzu

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