Zelensky Requests $750 Billion To Reconstruct Ukraine

“Liberal democracy” isn’t cheap.

New York Times:

“For Ukrainians living through war, the cost of the conflict is hard to measure: Thousands of people killed, countless homes and buildings destroyed by missiles, families displaced, livelihoods lost. But international leaders are gathering in the lakeside Swiss town of Lugano for a second day on Tuesday in an attempt to do just that.

The leaders, joined by aid organizations and financial institutions, are mapping out the monumental effort it will take to rebuild the battle-damaged areas Ukraine still holds when the war ends. …

Whatever the cost, Ukraine’s international allies will face an uphill struggle to help reconstruct a former Soviet state with a culture of endemic corruption and fragile democratic institutions. Transparency International, an anticorruption watchdog, ranked Ukraine 117th out of 180 countries on its corruption index in 2020.

At the same time, while more pledges of aid would be welcomed by Ukraine, many Western countries and their publics are suffering from war fatigue amid spiraling inflation and food and gas prices. And it remains to be seen how far countries will be willing to go to help Ukraine when the war finally ends. …”

You’re going to have to pay for this too.

Who knows how long this war will drag on? The cost of rebuilding Ukraine is sure to go up much further as Russia conquers more territory. The war will continue until the Ukrainian flag flies over Crimea.

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  1. They already stole about that much in seized Russian assets held in western banks to pay international transactions. That’s what Dicky-Pianoman is wanting.

  2. I’ve been suffering from “war fatigue” since 1993 when the US decided it wanted to take over the role from the former Soviet Union of being the world’s biggest menace along with Israel.

    • No: any troop buildup up in Europe would be immediately taken out by Russia. They would not allow the formation of a Desert Storm armada.

  3. The Jew could have asked for Boris Johnson, “Send us Boris Johnson, we need Boris Johnson”, but he didn’t. He asked for the money.

  4. Reconstruct Ukraine so his ethnic kinsmen can recolonize it after Israel collapses. Once all the Christian goyim finish slaughtering each other they can return to the Pale of the Settlement as planned.

  5. Why not ask for a cool trillion, rounding up from $750 billion, sort of? WTF difference does it make now, the Fed just “prints” it (book entry really) with zero accountability just like all the other central banks.

    And Jerome Powell is baffled why there is so much inflation. Maybe because the Fed has been printing money backed by nothing for about 100 years? Ya think?

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