Axios: Inflation Soars To 9.1% In June

Imagine where it would be today if progressives had gotten their way on climate change and Congress had passed the other $8 trillion in spending that they so desperately wanted in 2021.


“Inflation soared to a fresh four-decade high in June, as prices rose 9.1% from last year — 1.3% from the prior month — the government said on Wednesday …”

Anyway, it is not like this will change anything.

Congress will be focused on 1/6 and Ukraine through November.


  1. How do you like your ‘stimulus check’, now that your paying for it ?
    Only USZOG could think that printing unbacked money would give a sustainable benefit. The peasants got crumbs, the banks got the loot.

      • Stimulus checks have nothing to do with this. Biden’s escalating tensions with China and the Ukraine war are the main causes of the current inflation.

        There is a simple solution for inflation: Remove the sanctions and tariffs on China, Russia and Iran, the inflation disappears and the prices collapse.

    • USZOG has tampered with fundamental economic laws, thinking they would defy gravity, gravity returns with a vengeance.
      Cheating savers for more than a decade with 0% returns on savings. Now, everyone is being cheated by inflation. Soon to be cheated by falling asset values.
      Watch housing prices take a real gut punch, with higher mortgage rates.
      When housing prices drop consumers will cut their spending like crazy, creating a downward spiral in the economy.

      Even some Austrian painter knew that printing money without a commensurate increase in production was destructive, he lived through it.

  2. The trigger to this economic problem was Fauci.
    His NIAD financing of covid “enhanced functionality” caused the downturn and consequent stupid “stimulus spending”.
    Only takes one know-it-all ((idiot)) to start an avalanche.

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