1. “It was a combination of things that led Sri Lanka’s population to the streets. Most of it caused by the nation getting closer and closer to China and looking to become a major hub in the BRI. But the last straw was when they went to Russia to ask for help with fuel as Western businesses turned off the tap in order to make the economy scream.”


  2. A lot to be considered re Sri Lanka, and there is not only the Western ‘green new deal’ hokum that helped destroy Sri Lankan agriculture and throw the nation into poverty … there is also the fact that China is also a player alongside the West and World Bank etc in helping destroy Sri Lanka, Chinese overseas business quite imitating the Western debt slavery and seizure-of-assets ‘economic hit man’ model.

    This is the model where you give loans – with bribes and payoffs to local bigwigs – poor common people pay the debt, which often goes sour and then rich foreign entities take control.

    Chinese perhaps treat some of their own core tribal people somewhat better in part, but overseas they are in the debt and usury and asset seizure business just like the West, and this is an important point re all those many pro-China shills out there like Anglin, a number of writers on Unz Review etc … the Russia-China axis, however much unfairly attacked by the West, is not a ‘win-win global justice’ machine either.

    Since disaster struck in Sri Lanka, various propaganda machines have been spinning. The World Economic Forum website has been scrubbing its pages on its role in Sri Lanka – and one can note that the son of Davos’ Klaus Schwab, has been in Beijing heading the WEF operation there. Those WEF people link to just about everybody.

    The Chinese for their part claim that they have ‘only’ 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s debt. But Sri Lankan MPs such as Harsha de Silva point to a Chinese shell game, issuing debt not just directly to gov, but to semi-‘private’ state-owned companies, un-cited deals with the central bank etc The Chinese already took control of Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port after some dodgy debt dealings.

  3. The debt is “Odious Debt”, it should be repudiated, it’s not legitimate. The U.S. Government repudiated the debt of Cuba after the Spanish-American War of 1898 arguing that neither newly independent Cuba nor the U.S., which started the war were liable for Cuba’s pre-independence debts which were very large.


    The Catholic Church has also argued for poor countries to receive debt relief especially when the debt has enriched a corrupt oligarchy and impoverished the people. Hmmm, where have I seen that going on, maybe right here in the U.S. with the Federal, State and local governments enriching their cronies at taxpayer expense?


    How about caveat emptor for the big, scumbag banks and financial institutions? They know when they lend money to deadbeats like Argentina or the rest of the Third World it doesn’t matter when those countries go bust, the U.S. Government will ultimately pay the debt. This is exactly what makes the IMF, World Bank, WEF etc. usury racket work; U.S. guarantees behind the loans. If the U.S. guarantee were to ever go away the Third World usury debt racket would collapse immediately.

    Three guesses who is behind the usury racket, no hints either.


    Usury, bribery and extortion, the unholy trinity of American “democracy”, such as it is, and finance.

    China is now excellent at the usury racket too, they were taught by experts. The U.S. Government doesn’t like the competition.

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