Monkeypox Homosexual Spread

If you were wondering why Monkeypox fell off the radar in the media, it is because 96% of the people who are getting it are male homosexuals who are extremely promiscuous.


“This virus has been spreading in marginalized and vulnerable populations [in Africa] for decades, and we’ve done nothing about it,” Rimoin said. “We have known that monkeypox is a potential problem for decades.”

There are now confirmed cases in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. The Centers for Disease Control says there are more than 750 monkeypox cases in the U.S. — across almost every state — but Rimoin said this was certainly an undercount because there was not enough testing available. …”

This appears to be a snowballing problem.

Nigerian homosexuals brought this virus to the UK.


  1. Fun fact: homosexual males are responsible for a big majority of new STD cases each year — they are also by far the group most responsible for development of Ab resistance of among STD pathogens.

    Faggots are the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Are they ever going to reveal that these weird diseases coming from Africa are due to the widespread practice of Beastiality in Africa ?

      • Naw… because then we’d have to admit that Negroes are the “Beast of the Field” whites used to think of them as… and then all the Civil Wrongs legislation to ‘humanize’ them, would be invalid…. As it already is.

        On another front, Jews are everywhere, as this one telltale comment noted over at Takimag:

        “ In Continetti’s telling, the good guys are, unsurprisingly, the “elitists,” such as his in-laws, the Kristols and Himmelfarbs….”-

        We need to keep a JUDENREGISTER, just to know who our common (((ENEMY))) is….

        • It’s hard to believe you’re really a priest with your antisemitic comments about Jews. If you are a priest, God help us for the likes of you. A little repentance will go a long way with Jesus.

  2. Monkeypox is all the fault of homophobic conservatives, just as AIDS was. If only Ronald Reagan hadn’t been a homophobe, then gay men could have had ?nal se? with thousands of others with no fear of contagion. It’s The Science: if there are homophobes around, especially in positions of authority, then gay men catch diseases.

    • @Ray Caruso—according to Andrew Sullivan, Irish homosexual, Ronald Reagan was the most pro-fag president in American history. And let me remind you Ronald Reagan sided with Jewish homosexual, Harvey Milk in the defeat of California proposition 6, the Briggs initiative, a proposal that would have banned homosexual form teaching school kids. James Kirchick in his new book has stated Reagan was surrounded by a cadre of Irish homosexual advisers and Reagan was the guy who put Anthony Kennedy, Irishmen, on the bench and Kennedy is responsible for all the fag rights rulings. Have you seen all the fag themed toys in Walmart, take a gander. That is all thanks to the Irish. How should we express our gratitude? Southern styled?

  3. “homosexual males are responsible for a big majority of new STD cases each year .”

    How about a racial breakdown on that.
    The rate of AIDS among WHITE queers is just about nil, because they practice hygienic precautions. Most cases are among POC.

    Rarely will you see a racial analysis of STDs, then they will be buried in cluttered stats.

    They don’t want to warn ppl that interracial sex can be dangerous for your health. Avoiding POC can greatly reduce risks.

    • Do they identify the race of the carriers ?
      Rhetorical question, of course they don’t, crucial facts are always excluded.
      “Don’t give the goy the facts, he might draw conclusions.”

      • @Arrian—homosexuality is a recessive trait. It appears in those who breed and produce children within their own bloodline, like the Irish and the Jews. Ronald Reagan went to bat for Harry Milk in opposing the Briggs initiative, a California proposal that would have banned homosexuals from teaching school children, why? Because Reagan according to the new book by James Kirchick was surrounded by a power hungry Irish homosexual advisory. And do I need to go into the Catholic Church, Uncle Ted. These days the only reason an Irishmen wants to become a Catholic priest is for the gay sex and the protection the church offers Irish faggots who want to fzxck kids. I still think homosexual white national leader, and “Pacific Northwesterner” Greg Johnson went to Catholic University to become a Catholic priest so he could diddle young boys. This world is an ugly place but truth is beautiful if you stand to open your eyes and stare it in the face.

      • @Goose—the Irish are not innocent, they have decided amongst themselves to take a position of leadership and to do so without Christ and his teachings. They are fair game to any and all criticism.

        When you you going to open your big rat trap of a mouth and say one bad thing about Karen Dunn?How can you appear among these southern people and express your opinions against all I have to say after what Karen Dunn has done to these people? How Mick? They, these southern folk, are not supposed to know the Irish are no fzxcking good? Is that what you are saying?

  4. Give Fauci credit for one thing. His green lighting of AZT in the early 80’s killed about 100,000 HIV positive faggots. Or so I have read.

  5. I just saw a “story” on the corporate news today about Monkey Pox. The info babe was saying that they’re weren’t enough vaccines to supply the demand. Clever how their Big Pharma sponsors manipulate people into thinking they need a vaccine. I’m sure it was focus grouped. Just like with the Covid “vaccines.” More bullshit and lies.

  6. When you go against nature, it should not come as a surprise that nature goes against you. Simple as.

  7. Ten or more sexual partners in the last three months!
    I’m guessing the right to marry hasn’t settled them down that much…..
    Faggotry and risky behaviour go hand in hand.

      • @Roberta O’Browning,
        He molested the kid because he’s a pedo, not merely because he’s Irish.
        Google Richard Huckle, Jimmy Savile or Ian Watkins…….. rapacious pedos that diddled children because they were peadophiles…….who were also British.

        • @Goose—the only difference between a homosexual and a pedophile is what society will stand and or tolerate. We are being condition to accept the Irish fzxcking kids. Go to Walmart look at the childrens toy section and tell me that is not offensive. The Saudis ban all the homo themed toys, but the Irish they love that crap, right Mick? Wouldn’t you be delighted if your young child got a rainbow dildo in her happy meal, would that make you day Christ killer?

          Jimmy Savile was of Irish blood, I told you that already schmuck. The Irish are an incestuous people. Inbreeding produces homosexuality. God does not like inbreeding and curses incest with the plague of homosexuality, but you Irish are too thick in the skull to get it.

        • @November—–Jerry Sandusky remember him, Penn State child molester.


          Sandusky was born in Washington, Pennsylvania, in 1944, the only son of Evelyn Mae (née Lee), an Irish Catholic homemaker…….

          It is amazing….Why are all the child predators of Irish blood? It is because the Irish breed and produce children with in their own bloodline and God does not approve of the Irish breeding practices. It is only a matter of time before people come to realize, who and of what kind, is a danger to their children and take some sort of punitive action. Have you been to the toy aisle at Walmart? Take a peak at what the Irish are up to.

  8. It’s very obvious the corrupt government came up with Covid-19. It’s pretty obvious the same corrupt individuals are behind the spread of Monkeypox. Kind of makes me wonder if “Covid-19 goes away “faster” than ZOG expects that Moneypox was Plan B for the ZOG’s population reduction plans. Deo Vindice !

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