Axios: The Great Realignment

This is rapidly becoming the conventional wisdom.

In the Obama years, a huge chunk of disaffected Democrat and Independent voters, especially White working class voters in small towns and rural areas, slipped away from the Democrats and became MAGA voters. Those were the swing voters who became Trump’s base in 2016 and made it possible for him to win the Republican primary, crack the Blue Wall and sweep the Rust Belt.

In the 2018 and 2020 elections, Trump attracted more of those types of voters while repulsing White college educated voters in the suburbs, especially women, who were traditional Republican voters. Those voters swung over to the Democrats. Also in the 2020 election, Trump made unexpected gains with Hispanics. Republicans have consolidated and expanded on those gains under Joe Biden.

In 2022, it is becoming clear that another huge chunk of the Democratic base, especially working class Hispanic men with conservative and moderate cultural views, are being alienated and driven out of the Democratic Party by the coastal AWFLs who are taking over the party.


“Shifts in the demographics of the two parties’ supporters — taking place before our eyes — are arguably the biggest political story of our time. …

What the data show: Democrats are statistically tied with Republicans among Hispanics on the generic congressional ballot, according to a New York Times-Siena College poll out this week. Dems held a 47-point edge with Hispanics during the 2018 midterms.

An NBC News poll in April found Democrats held a 38-point lead among women with college degrees — up from 10 points from 2010. Democrats lost ground with nearly every other demographic group tested in the survey. …”

The AFWLs who are setting the agenda and defining the brand of the Democratic Party are fired up over abortion and gun control. Abortion is the top issue of 1% of men.


    • This is not the base. Brats are more like kidnappers or hijackers . The Swamp hoped to use this rebel gang against Trumpenreich but brats took over and now nobody knows how to get rid of them.

      This happened before. In Russian Empire , some clever politicams took Lenin liberals on board and also hoped to use this aggressive violent gang against their opponents. We know how this ended up in 1917.

      Later Stalin used young brats to purge out Lenin old Bolsheviks.

      This is called anthropological weapon. To use some human group character traits as a weapon. Sometimes weapon accidents happen and group turns against it’s creator. This is what we see right now. Instead of screwing Trumpenreich, brats srewing their master demanding everything.

      I predict soon former enemies in The Swamp joining to save what they can but like in the Stalin Purges, those last minute alliance’s are too little too late.

      Trump is genius. He forced The Swamp make fatal mistake. You shall never let brats anywhere near the power. Normal people can’t control lunatics.

      • @Goose—–Ain’t happening ladyboy. Andrew Sullivan used to be a Reagan Conservative, you know what a Reagan conservative is? A tightfisted Irish faggot how hate paying taxes, loves abortion and loves faggotry down to infants and toddlers. I am tell you, the Irishmen as a conservative was a fraud and a sham from the very beginning. At least the blacks and the Mexicans allow us to live our lives in peace without forcing us to accept their sexual deviancy. Do you know why Anthony Kennedy approved of all them gay rights,….. it was for the Irish, so people like you Goose, could be as out loud and proud and as flamboyant as your little heart desires.

        • @Robert Browning — “At least the blacks and the Mexicans allow us to live our lives in peace without forcing us to accept their sexual deviancy..”

          FALSE. Mexicans are especially deviant in their preference for raping pre-pubescent girls. (Please see recent news story of illegal impregnates 10-year-old “Ohio girl” who seeks abortion in Indiana.) Mexicans and blacks are also disproportionately rapists of WHITE women; which is not to mention their ongoing carnage of White men and women in street crime and rampant violence everyday.

          Crawl out of your bedroom and join the real world.

          • @Old Enough To Be Your Mother—–sckmuck, Mexicans are not making child rape into law like the Irish have made gay marriage legal, Anthony Kennedy.

            There is no Mexican on the Supreme Court who is ruling that people have a right to rape kids.

            I know your are a Jew, stop hiding,come out of the closet. Why did you kill Christ kyke?

    • It really pisses you off that Grenell wouldn’t give you a second look, you limey faggot. You’ll have to make do with being banged by the Mexicans, Bob.

      • Sertorius— do you think Andrew Sullivan would have made a great Catholic priest? Deflowering all those under aged virgin Catholic heinies, he would have been awesome right Mick?

        To the Irish mind,Is there anything wrong with a man preying on an innocent young boy to satisfy his perverse sexual needs? Although the Irish have many many platforms to express their opinions to the general public none have condemned the actions of Cardinal McCarrick, why is that? Is the conduct of McCarrick acceptable or condoned by the Irish? We do not know none have spoken against it. I just want answers, I want to know what is in that pea sized brain of yours. Can you tell me.

        • @Robert

          No, I don’t believe Sullivan would have made a good priest or you being a good Protestant pastor. As for as condemning child rape there are plenty of Catholics who condemn it, starting with Pat Buchanan, someone I don’t doubt you hate. Continue to drown in your ignorance.

          Anyway, shouldn’t you be at the local Home Depot looking for an illegal alien to service your needs? 😀

          • @Sertorius—Pat Buchanan fits the pattern of an Irish racial antagonist. The goal of the Jews is the destruction of Christ and Christianity, racial antagonism is the chosen method to bring about the destruction of Christ and Christianity. The Irish, Buchanan included,all sing the same song, hate blacks, hate the Mexicans, hate foreigners, it always the same song. You stupid Irish retards all think we can not think for ourselves and will swallow your stupid lies the second they leave your lips, you are wrong Mick.

  1. The civil rights act created this AWFL phenomenon. When it became illegal for companies to not hire females, they were faced with a problem. They couldn’t hire females for anything important because almost all females are incompetent and worthless in any important positions. Females are good as middle managers because they will follow orders from higher up without question and have no problem cracking the whip on anyone under them, but will never be competent enough that they threaten to replace their bosses. There are only so many of those positions to go around, though. Therefore, companies had to create millions of fake jobs for females to fill, giving these females enough pointless busy work to keep them occupied so that they wouldn’t end up draining the productivity of everyone around them. It cost less for companies to just hire females and pay them a salary to do nothing than it cost to fend off a constant stream of civil rights lawsuits.

    So now the USA ended up with this entire class of females who don’t do anything productive, don’t know how the world works because they followed the daycare to higher education(young adult/adolescent daycare) to fake job (adult daycare) pipeline, but at the same time have an abundance of disposable income and free time that they use agitating for civilizational destruction or for issues that don’t matter to anyone living in the real world. Thus the AWFL was born.

    • You mean American women did no work in the pioneer days? Seriously read your history. Actually, I doubt you have any settler ancestors.

      • American women in the pioneer days did what they were suited for, sure: menial labor. It’s a time honored tradition to force females to perform mind numbing menial tasks and heavy manual labor, so that they will not have excess energy left over to use for nagging men and destroying civilization. I don’t see how that’s equivalent at all to requiring companies to hire unqualified females, forcing them to invent fake do-nothing jobs to babysit the unqualified females and ensure they won’t be sued, though.

      • Carson his heritage isn’t American it’s Askenazi. Every comment of his attacks white people, especially women, then he does some parody of ‘neo nazis’ straight out of an ADL pamphlet.

        How many handles these people use who knows – the guy always ranting about Irish people has at least three.

        Most handles here are trolls, probably a majority.

        Southern white men do not talk or think like any of these SPLC trolls.

      • There is a vast difference between pioneer women who had babies, helped their husbands work their hardscrabble farmsteads & fought off murderous attacks from injun savages versus Human Resource Ossifers, Womyn’s Studies perfessers & Liz Cheney.

      • The aberration with feminism is not women working, but women having “male type careers” that are completely normal for male biology, but incompatible with motherhood. They are also abnormal as they usually require “alpha” type leadership skills and bossiness that are abhorrent, abnormal traits in a female. Like a sweet strawberry flavor is fine in a desert, but not in a savory meat stew; leadership command is necessary for the Alpha Male leading the tribe out of danger, but abhorrent in a female partner. There is nothing more unnatural than young men in the workplace having to take orders from some bitch. It grates on you, I even felt it unnatural in elementary school taking orders from female teachers. The thing is most of these females aren’t even like that so completely unsuited for the male workplace. They really don’t want male careers and betrayed their true selves with this covid “work from home” farce. They are refusing to come back to the workplace and expect a huge direct deposit paycheck along with Obamacare benefits to sit at home, eat cupcakes, watch daytime TV or Netflix, and play with their kids all day long with a neglected laptop sitting around that they are allegedly “working” on. Since when has showing not up at work become an option? All these ding a lings are doing is doing a paid study on the feasibility of outsourcing their female job to India. If they can do it remotely, then someone in India can do it for a tenth the cost…in a supervised setting in Mumbai where they will be more productive as well.

    • Dart’s description of the female workforce now, is absolutely the best and most accurate summary I’ve ever seen.

  2. There’s too many races and cultures in this nation for the system work to work as it should. Too many exceptions for privileged and protected races, genders, etc.

    • It worked fine in the Byzantine Empire the longest lasting empire in history was multi-racial and cultural. Works fine in Singapore now they say. If everybody is the same it’ll get stale, dull and boring.

      • Ah, the old “stale, dull, and boring” anti-white bullshit. As if Whites aren’t diverse enough in behavior and appearance.

      • Yes, but not every block, city, or region was demanded to be multiracial as it is now. They ruled over different nations (in the true sense of the word) and it wasn’t like every city had to be composed of 20 different nationalities. But I will agree it isn’t boring being genocided. Wait till you get to take a camp vacation. They’ll have lots of extracurricular activities for you there! It’ll be like the Hotel California… you can checkout but you can never leave.

        • Mixing in the Byzantine Empire was a norm there was no segregation. Jim Crow was not a product of the South either but rather the North. Had the Confederacy won the Civil War it would of never had Jim Crow or segregation. You can go over to Abbeville Institute where they talk allot about. Nathan Bedford Forest even renounced racism, and segregation at the end of his life, and favored the Blacks being educated and give the vote.

      • >Works fine in Singapore now they say.

        Singapore has an ethnic Chinese supermajority that is firmly in control — and Singapore has very few Blacks or NAMs (non-Asian minorities) generally — in the US, a rapidly declining white majority, as well as the significant difference in average SES between Whites and Asians on the one hand, and low IQ NAMs (principally Blacks and Hispanics) on the other, is a large part of what creates the social pathology you see now in America.

      • Singapore works because it is an authoritarian state and the Han Chinese run it with no bullshit tolerated.

  3. One thing that hasn’t changed is the monolithic support of black for the communists, er I mean “democrats.” Warnock is actually LEADING in polls in GA despite how awful the democrats have shown themselves to be. They had some journalist on the radio visit some gas station in the ghetto of Grand Rapids reporting how all these poor people were struggling with high gas prices. Near the end of the broadcast he was asked if they blamed Biden and the democrats and shockingly almost all of them did not. The black loyalty to these democrats is non-negotiable, they have a fake status given to them they know any rational regime would suspend and are going to ride this democratic train wreck to the bitter end. Blacks are completely ill suited for any political voice in our society, a curse upon this nation to have them. It’s probably a good thing there are no Neanderthals left, liberals would be using them all as part of a coalition against us as well. They all live in public housing on welfare, spend the days watching TV, and be a bunch of drunks like all primitives we encounter become.

  4. @Robert

    I don’t know about that, Bob, especially when it comes to Buchanan. I’m glad I voted for him in his presidential runs.

    When it comes to wrecking Christianity you are a one man demo crew. Thanks for the Sunday morning laugh from your pulpit of the synagogue of stupidity and ignorance. I would never associating you with thinking, only emoting like a libtard.

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