MSNBC: Floating Abortion Clinic May Be Loophole Patients Need

If it floats, it can be sunk.


“In the weeks since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, reproductive health clinics in states with abortion bans have been forced to curtail their services. This has been particularly acute in the South, where there will soon be no legal abortion services in a wide swath of the country. Some patients are now forced to travel hundreds of miles for care.

Someday soon, they may not have to. To serve patients on the Gulf Coast who may be closer to the water than an abortion clinic, Amy Autry, an OB-GYN and professor at the University of California San Francisco, is spearheading a project that would provide abortion services on a boat in federal waters a few miles off the coastline. The nonprofit is called PRROWESS, an acronym that stands for Protecting Reproductive Rights Of Women Endangered by State Statutes. …”


  1. “If it floats, it can be sunk.”

    So it went from “we don’t want it in our state” to “we don’t want it in the ocean outside our state.” Are you going to try to ban it in New York? Are we going to do drone strikes on Ontario?

    This obsession with making sure your political rivals carry their pregnancies to term is just bizarre.

    • Take note:

      To serve patients on the Gulf Coast who may be closer to the water than an abortion clinic, Amy Autry, an OB-GYN and professor at the University of California San Francisco, is spearheading a project that would provide abortion services on a boat in federal waters a few miles off the coastline.

      This shitlib “enterprise” is not being done by anyone from the region but from a bitch from at failed state whose machines elect the likes of Gavin Newsome over and over again. Who is imposing their ideology upon whom here? No doubt there will be endless fake-money from the (((Banksteins))) to fund this “enterprise”. If they’re out in international waters they can do live-birth abortions and even take small children into their chop-shops. Shlomo runs his hands in anticipation…..

      • “Who is imposing their ideology upon whom here”

        It seems like if you don’t want to go on the boat you don’t have to go on the boat. These harpies would be terrible mothers anyway, better they get abortions.

    • “Floating Abortion Clinic”

      Just so much blabbering, just a short drive across state lines, to get an abortion.

      (A concept from someone unfamiliar with costs of ship maintenance.)

        • Amazing how much of OPM (other people’s money) they’re willing to sink into such things. Smells like another way to launder fake-money and proceeds from criminal activity. No doubt the new floating abortion factories will be periodically struck by some Jewish lightning as well, with handsome payouts from (((insurers))). Paying for a cab-ride to take Shaniqua and Tiffany to Shitcongo, Illnoize would be cheaper.

    • This ends in one of two ways:

      -They impose their values on us

      -We impose our values on them

      Its Gilead or Gomorrah. There is no in between. One side must triumph and dominate the other. Evil must be cleansed from the earth. And the earth belongs to Christ.

      Under His Eye

    Or am I thinking of the Lusitania?



  3. If they do undertake such an endeavor to make abortion more accessible then it may not last long. It is likely that the GOP would quickly criminalize such actions in Federal waters and on Federal property once they have enough power. Such a measure is likely to be in every spending bill starting in 2023. Biden may very well have no choice but to sign them.

  4. To serve patients on the Gulf Coast who may be closer to the water than an abortion clinic, Amy Autry, an OB-GYN and professor at the University of California San Francisco, is spearheading a project that would provide abortion services on a boat in federal waters a few miles off the coastline.

    If you are getting treatment for cancer you’re a ‘patient’ — if you are perfectly healthy and pregnant, but just want to end the life of your unborn child for reasons of personal convenience (which is true of nearly all abortions), then you’re also a ‘patient’.

    It is seriously disturbing how modern American culture (such as it is) has, in so many women, broken what ought to be the strongest bond of all: that between a mother and her child — and here you have a doctor, who in addition to being a woman has sworn an oath to ‘do no harm’, going out of her way to make sure as many women as possible can end the lives of their unborn children — that’s pretty sick.

    Every moral concession society makes is eventually abused to push the next excess — you saw that most recently with homosexual marriage.

    • “Every moral concession society makes is eventually abused to push the next excess”

      Called, ‘progressive encroachment’.
      Boiling a frog, etc.

  5. David Cole is one of my favorite writers in the alternative right, race realist world. Yes, I knew he’s very ethnic Jewish – in this case it takes one to know one or it takes Juan to know Juan – kind of like that ethnic jewish convert to German Christianity who tipped off Martin Luther about what the Talmud says about Jesus Christ and his mother the Virgin Mary.

    David Cole has led the real LA life, the same as I have led the real Chicago, New York City, Middle Tennessee life. David Cole actually went to a majority Black African American public school in LA (~ late 1970s or mid 1980s) and he thrived there without being a punk or compromising his principles. I like to say I’ve done the same.

    David Cole just makes sensible “observations” about CA and national politics, popular culture – he and I point out the constantly stupid things Conservatives, the GOP Stupid Party does to always miss and opportunity to miss an opportunity-stupid stuff like trying to elect Black A American Larry Elder or Black conservative talk radio host Alan Keyes GOP governor of California or in Keye’s case US Senator from here in Illinois. When the leading GOP Senate candidate in Illinois dropped out because of a sex scandal, Conservatives in particular NRA and Right to Lifers picked Alan Keyes to run against a completely unknown bi racial candidate with a Muslim name Barack Obama – found and promoted by the likes of Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers and Jewish Lib political consultant David Axelrod along with Hate White people Black Liberation Theology cult leader Jeremiah Wright.

    David Cole wrote some great articles about how stupid the CA GOP/Conservatives were for trying to make Black African American talk show how Larry Elder CA governor running on the GOP ticket.

    Blacks are now less than 8% of the CA voters. They vote over 85% far Lib Leftist Demorat and basically support all anti White, Soros funded criminal anarchy.

    Do we have any math majors here?

    Q: What is 15% of 8%?

    A: That’s 1.2%

    That’s getting very very close to 0% – but CA and other national Conservatives really like to lose to virtue signal that “They’re not racist”.

    David Cole also recently wrote an excellent article at Takimag just “noticing’ that anti abortion extremists are in serious danger of blowing the upcoming November Congressional elections trying to bad all abortions including instances of rape and incest.

    The college educated suburban electorate just doesn’t go for this and they also don’t want to be ruled by Religious Right Bible Thumpers that want to teach Creationism in the Public Schools. The J Lib Media will be all over this and find real actual Protestant Christian Evangelicals who will say idiot stuff that:

    Catholic Christians and LDS Mormon Christians aren’t real Christians or else make some defense of Negro Slavery.


    Conservatives, the Stupid Party never missing an opportunity to ….

    Miss an opportunity.

    Here’s David Cole’s excellent observations.

    • So Shlomo “Cole” (unlikely to be the original surname – more shape-shifting from Satan’s synagogue) says that the non-existent constitutional right to an abortion should be enforced upon the residents of Alabama so taxes can be extracted at gunpoint to pay Schlomo (who owns all the abortion mills) for it? It seems be your argument in any case.

      It’s true the Gay Old Pedobears have indeed overplayed their hand on the issue in certain states. There was a decent congressional candidate in MO about a decade ago who stepped on a (((media))) planted mine over the rape exception. There are even a few pro-life radicals who would outlaw it even in the true extremis cases like rape, incest and serious deformities – a tiny percentile of all abortions. Such cases were generally exceptions to the rule back to colonial times. Always the first thing mentioned by the lügenpresse in any reporting of course.

      There was a parallel decision to Roe v. Wade by the way, Doe v. Bolton which Talmudically redefined the “mother’s health” to include any emotional discomfort – even temporary – about having to carry a child to term. Schlomo wants them body-parts – very lucrative biznisssss. Perhaps now states will be able to define “health” in a more accurate fashion. It seems to be it is the Pedocrats who are overplaying the issue now – with all the whining and screeching about The Handmaid’s Tale being at hand. Hoes mad!

      • Please read David Cole’s excellent article about abortion again or for the first time:

        David’s point, which I strongly agree with, is that Conservatives, still White in the GOP and others opposed to horrors like Black criminal anarchy, CRT, Soros funded DAs – November should be a landslide victory but…

        Anti abortion extremists are looking to again blow it all and lose by make anti abortion extremism the #1 issue and they have all kinds of corrupt poll dating somehow supporting their anti abortion extremist pistons or just featuring bad optic, backward Religious Right Christian denomination squabbling idiots to turn the suburbs, college educated voters against the GOP.

        We’re seeing this work against us big time Illinois, Cook County, Chicago where now the worst BLM, LGBT and Js Js Js now dominate everything – the state GOP Gubernatorial candidate is featured saying stupid extremist stuff about abortion. That’s a huge mistake.

        The voters do not support banning all abortions from the time of conception, in cases of rape, incest or just Black crack cocaine addicts getting pregnant.

        Nor do Illinois or pretty much all states outside of the deep South support the Protestant Religious Right, Creationism, Roy Moore being a US Senator from Alabama – he comes off as ignorant and stupid, old and out of it.

        With Right Wing, Religious Right Conservatives they’re never miss an opportunity to ….

        Miss an opportunity.

        Can’t they see that the Biden Administration doesn’t have a single White Protestant heterosexual Christian in their entire administration ?

        So instead they are falling for the J Lib trap of making this national election all about banning ALL abortions from conception everywhere including the worst Black ghettos, ban planned parenthood from doing sensible birth control programs in Haiti.

        With this type it’s all or nothing on abortion or most everything that matters so we get …

        Nothing. We lose.

        And the GOP Cuckservative Inc establishment doesn’t even give them/us untying much on abortion. the Bush family was FOR abortion, they didn’t care about the GOP party platform


        Why can’t we play to sin or at least be competitive?

        • I read the article earlier. Shlomo’s point is moot. Elections are rigged beyond redemption – especially in Illnoize, where there are vast necroples of ‘voters’ at hand to make sure the vote goes the way those in charge want it to. The IL Gay Old Pedobears are likewise beyond all hope – a wasteland inhabited only by cuckservatives and MIGAtards. Chicago is irredeemably evil utterly impervious to reform of any type. The state itself is lost because the wicked city entirely controls the state. Even so, Illinois has a purpose. Voat moar harder, zeks.

          One would have to literally re-write the state constitution so that the senate represented the counties in the same way the US senate originally represented the states to wrest control from the great dismal swamp in the northeast corner. That ain’t going to happen before hell itself freezes over, so maybe Barnhardt is right and the Crook County will receiving its fully-earned reward in the near future. Can’t say I’d shed many tears if it did. While I have my disagreements with her, she has been right about what’s coming down more than she’s been wrong. One of the few who saw through Trump, for example.

          For what it’s worth, I actually agree the GOP should not be pushing any sort of total-ban on abortion in any place where they are a viable party – pretending for a minute that the “elections” are less rigged than those in Zimbabwe. They should content themselves taking advantage of the court decision with incremental restrictions on some of the more outrageous atrocities such as live-birth abortions – if they address the issue at all. That’s all a pipe-dream in IL since the GOP are beyond useless as they are in similar shitlib strongholds like California. If the clown running for governor wants to ban it altogether, he’s probably just there to insure Pritzker on a similar monster from Team-D is installed.

          Being the total one-party state it is, IL removed nearly all restrictions on abortion in 2019 with Jabba the Pritzkerhutt and his rubber-stamp “legislature”. As I noted before, abortion mills are one of the few viable “industries” left in the God-forsaken shithole of a state. If you live in Chicago I suggest you leave. Even if the big one does not hit there, it’s beyond all hope of reform. They like and enjoy their evil there. Leave them to it. Don’t look back like Lot’s wife.

    • Wasn’t Cole a “Holocaust denier” back in the day, who later recanted? Some have speculated that fellow Tribesmen made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

      • “Wasn’t Cole a “Holocaust denier” back in the day,”

        He’s a chronic alcoholic, unreliable.

  6. Good grief. The rum runners are back. Only this time they will be running young black girls, etc, to floating abortion clinics. These people are just morally depraved nuts. The whole damn Left is obsessed with death. Are they going to sell infant body parts at the dock? Throw them in the ocean to feed the sharks? The whole democrat party is in a war on life, and goodness. Offshore abortion clinics, God have mercy….

  7. “If it floats, it can be sunk.

    Oh—a naval threat from the South, whose last naval activity was the surrender of the Shenandoah on the River Mersey. That would be the River Mersey in Liverpool, which, inasmuch as the South was incapable of producing anything other than commodities, was the Confederate Navy’s de facto headquarters, an inconvenient three thousand miles from the Confederate capital. That would be the Liverpool whose port received Southern cotton for transport to nearby Manchester, without whose textile factories, Southern cotton would have had no value at all. That would be the Manchester that, along with Lowell, Massachusetts, at least one Southern polemicist, around the time of the secession, scorned as exactly the kind of industrial locale that should never be established in the South. One more threat from Scythia.

    • We live in the 21st century now.

      Things have radically changed. Some of the biggest and busiest ports in the country are in the South. Virtually no one works in agriculture. The South has a larger population than the East and is more industrialized. The energy sector is based here. The Midwest is also largely on our side and Democratic states are bifurcation or surrounded by Red States. Gun ownership is lopsided. College educated women are also the base of the other side

      • As I’ve said in another post, the South remains a commodities producer and thus, in the 21st century, still a dependency. Its only industrial product is non-union labor, which, come to think of it, is its most enduring commodity, if you take my meaning.

    • @JBP

      More Yankee carpetbagger logic from Yankees who have now turned “saints”. They would never use the N-Word and will kick you out of their organizations not only for you using it but even if your father used a racial slur.

      Remember when a driver was dropped by the Eli Lilly and Company not because he used a “racial slur” but because his father did?

      On May 11, 2018, [Conor] Daly announced he would be making his NASCAR Xfinity Series debut at Road America in August, driving the No. 6 Ford Mustang for Roush Fenway Racing with sponsorship from Eli Lilly and Company. Before the race, it was announced that Lilly would not be sponsoring Daly in the race when it was discovered that his father Derek had used a racial slur during an interview in the 1980s.
      — Wikipedia: “Conor Daly”


      So, who is this great Eli Lilly the founder of this ultra-PC company — Eli Lilly and Company?

      Eli Lilly (July 8, 1838 – June 6, 1898) was an American soldier, pharmacist, chemist, and businessman who founded the Eli Lilly and Company pharmaceutical corporation. Lilly enlisted in the Union Army during the American Civil War and recruited a company of men to serve with him in the 18th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery. He was later promoted to major and then colonel, and was given command of the 9th Regiment Indiana Cavalry…At the Battle of Sulphur Creek Trestle in Alabama in September 1864, he was captured by Confederate troops under the command of Major General Nathan B. Forrest and held in a prisoner-of-war camp at Enterprise, Mississippi until his release in a prisoner exchange in January 1865…After the war, Lilly remained in the South to begin a new business venture. Lilly and his business partner leased a 1,200-acre (490 ha) cotton plantation in Mississippi. Lilly traveled to Greencastle, Indiana, and returned with his wife, Emily, his sister, Anna Wesley Lilly, and son, Josiah. Shortly after the move the entire family was stricken with a mosquito-borne disease, probably malaria, that was common in the region at that time. Although the others recovered, Emily died on August 20, 1866, eight months pregnant with a second son, who was stillborn. Lilly abandoned the farm and returned to Indiana. The plantation fell into disrepair and a drought caused its cotton crop to fail. Lilly’s business partner, unable to maintain the plantation because of the drought, disappeared with the venture’s remaining cash. Lilly was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1868.
      — Wikipedia: “Eli Lilly”

      So this guy was involved in a “cotton plantation” after the war down in Mississippi. Fought for the Union and tried to make some profit “carpetbagging” while the South lay in ruins and was run off by death in his from malaria and then clobbered by a drought. So he and the Union Army destroyed the Southern economy and in fact Mississippi was the richest state in the Union before the war and now he flees back to Yankeeland. Did he use racial slurs in referring to his workers on his cotton plantation? Did he take care of them from birth to the grave like white Southern plantation owners did? Or did he just leave everyone in Mississippi he was involved with holding the bag? Maybe some research into this will cause Eli Lilly to rename their company since they do not want to be seen as anything less than ultra-“lily-white” PC “extremists” (pun intended).

      By the way, JBP, your boy Lincoln used racial slurs all the time it appears. Why haven’t you Yankees ripped all his “stuff” down yet? If he was a Confederate it would already be out of public view for sure.

      “Before, after, and during the Lincoln-Douglas debates, in public and in private, Lincoln used the N-word.”
      — Lerone Bennett, Jr.,Lincoln’s White Dream.

      • “By the way, JBP, your boy Lincoln used racial slurs all the time it appears. Why haven’t you Yankees ripped all his ‘stuff’ down yet?”

        We make exceptions for those who kill Southerners.

        • “We make exceptions for those who kill Southerners.”

          DIY: Maybe we need to go up there and rip it all down ourselves…one day…hypocrites are no help…

    • “If it floats, it can be sunk. “

      One word- Hurricanes.

      Where would these ships put in to harbor in case of bad weather? Would they be allowed in US waters? If not, what country would want to take in floating abortion clinics? It’s all so ridiculous.

  8. Let me get this right… (((They))) want to have floating abortion mills out in international waters or maybe US territorial waters off the coast because it’s too damned hard to Shaniqua and Tiffany the Woke Slut to get into an air-conditioned car and drive to a friendly shitlib state like Illinoize? 5-6 hour drive from nearly anywhere in the south apart from FL. Keep in mind that in most so-called “outlawed” states it’s still legal as long as it’s in the first 15 weeks (MS, for example). They will spend more travel time if Schlomo’s body-parts factory is out in the gulf than if they simply drive to (((their))) mills in Illinoize, where it’s probably now that No.1 industry thanks to the policies of Crook County – which completely controls the entire state.

    Perfect example of gaslight media ginning up fanaticism with their damed lies. The court ruling did not outlaw abortion. It returned the issue to the states, where you have shitholes like CA who allow live-birth abortions, states like Mississippi where you can get an abortion up to 15 weeks, and those like Alabama where the practice is outlawed.

  9. We need to start building ironclad rams again in the South like in the good ol’ days.

    CSS Albemarle was a steam-powered casemate ironclad ram of the Confederate Navy (and later the second Albemarle of the United States Navy), named for an estuary in North Carolina which was named for General George Monck, the first Duke of Albemarle and one of the original Carolina Lords Proprietor.

    On 16 April 1862, the Confederate Navy Department, enthusiastic about the offensive potential of armored rams following the victory of their first ironclad ram CSS Virginia (the rebuilt USS Merrimack) over the wooden-hulled Union blockaders in Hampton Roads, Virginia, signed a contract with nineteen-year-old detached Confederate Lieutenant Gilbert Elliott of Elizabeth City, North Carolina; he was to oversee the construction of a smaller but still powerful gunboat to destroy the Union warships in the North Carolina sounds. These men-of-war had enabled Union troops to hold strategic positions that controlled eastern North Carolina.

    Since the terms of the agreement gave Elliott freedom to select an appropriate place to build the ram, he established a primitive shipyard, with the assistance of plantation owner Peter Smith, in a cornfield up the Roanoke River at a place called Edward’s Ferry, near modern Scotland Neck, North Carolina; Smith was appointed the superintendent of construction. There, the water was too shallow to permit the approach of Union gunboats that otherwise would have destroyed the ironclad while still on its ways. Using detailed sketches provided by Elliott, the Confederate Navy’s Chief Constructor John L. Porter finalized the gunboat’s design, giving the ram an armored casemate with eight sloping, 30-degree angle sides. Within this thick-walled bunker were two 6.4-inch (160 mm) Brooke pivot rifles, one forward, the other aft, each capable of firing from three different fixed positions. Both cannons were protected on all sides behind six exterior-mounted, heavy iron shutters. The ram was propelled by twin 3-bladed screw propellers powered by two steam engines, each of 200 hp (150 kW), and built by Elliott.

    Building the Albemarle
    Construction of the ironclad began in January 1863 and continued on during the next year. Word of the gunboat reached the Union naval officers stationed in the region, raising an alarm. They appealed to the War Department for an overland expedition to destroy the ship, to be christened Albemarle after the body of water into which the Roanoke emptied, but the Union Army never felt it could spare the troops needed to carry out such a mission; it was a decision that would prove to be very short-sighted.

    Ordnance and projectiles
    Albemarle was equipped with two 6.4-inch (160 mm) Brooke rifled cannon (similar to a Parrott rifle); each double-banded cannon weighed more than 12,000 pounds (5,400 kg) with its pivot carriage and other attached hardware. Both cannons were positioned along the ironclad’s center-line in the armored casemate, one forward, the other aft. The field of fire for both pivot rifles was 180-degrees, from port to starboard: each cannon could fire from one of three gun ports, allowing Albemarle to deliver a two cannon broadside. Albemarle’s projectiles consisted of explosive shells, anti-personnel canister shot, grape shot, and blunt-nosed, solid wrought iron “bolts” for use against Union armored ships. These were an early attempt at armor-piercing shot; solid iron like a typical solid shot, but elongated rather than spherical, giving far more weight for an equal frontal area than a traditional round ball, and thus greater penetration. Such projectiles could not be effectively fired from a traditional smoothbore naval gun, as the lack of stability would cause the shot to tumble in flight.

    Service on the Roanoke River
    In April 1864 the newly commissioned Confederate States Steamer Albemarle, under the command of Captain James W. Cooke, got underway down-river toward Plymouth, North Carolina; its mission was to clear the river of all Union vessels so that General Robert F. Hoke’s troops could storm the forts located there. She anchored about three miles (5 km) above the town, and the pilot, John Lock, set off with two seamen in a small boat to take soundings. The river was high and they discovered ten feet of water over the obstructions that the Union forces had placed in the Thoroughfare Gap. Captain Cooke immediately ordered steam and, by keeping to the middle of the channel, they passed safely over the obstructions. The ironclad’s armor protected them from the Union guns of the forts at Warren’s Neck and Boyle’s Mill.

    Albemarle’s ram sinks Southfield
    However, two paddle steamers, USS Miami and USS Southfield, lashed together with spars and chains, approached from up-river, attempting to pass on either side of Albemarle in order to trap her between them. Captain Cooke turned heavily to starboard, getting outboard of Southfield, but running dangerously close to the southern shore. Turning back sharply into the river, he rammed the Union sidewheeler, driving her under; Albemarle’s ram became trapped in Southfield’s hull from the force of the blow, and her bow was pulled under as well. As Southfield sank, she rolled over before settling on the riverbed; this action released the death grip that held the new Confederate ram.

    Miami fired a shell into Albemarle at point-blank range while she was trapped by the wreck of Southfield, but the shell rebounded off Albemarle’s sloping iron armor and exploded on Miami, killing her commanding officer, Captain Charles W. Flusser. Miami’s crew attempted to board Albemarle to capture her but were soon driven back by heavy musket fire; Miami then steered clear of the ironclad and escaped into Albemarle Sound.

    With the river now clear of Union ships, and with the assistance of Albemarle’s rifled cannon, General Hoke attacked and took Plymouth and the nearby forts.

    On May 5 Albemarle and CSS Bombshell, a captured steamer, were escorting the troop-laden CSS Cotton Plant down the Roanoke River; they encountered a flotilla of eight Union warships, including USS Miami, USS Mattabesett, USS Sassacus, and USS Wyalusing, in what would become known as the Battle of Albemarle Sound. All four of the listed ships combined mounted more than sixty cannons. Albemarle opened fire first, wounding six men working one of Mattabesett’s two 100-pounder Parrott rifles, and then attempted to ram her, but the sidewheeler managed to round the ironclad’s armored bow. She was closely followed by Sassacus, which then fired a broadside of solid 9 in (229 mm) and 100-pound shot, all of which bounced off Albemarle’s casemate armor. However, Bombshell, being a softer target, was hulled by each heavy shot from Sassucus’s broadside and was quickly captured by Union forces, following her surrender.

    Battle between the Sassacus and the Albemarle, May 1864
    Lieutenant Commander Francis Asbury Roe of Sassucus, seeing Albemarle at a range of about 400 yards (370 m), decided to ram. The Union ship struck the Confederate ironclad full and square, broadside-on, shattering the timbers of her own bow, twisting off her own bronze ram in the process, and jamming both ships together. With Sassucus’s hull almost touching the end of the ram’s Brooke rifle, Albemarle’s gun crew quickly fired two point-blank rifled shells, one of them puncturing Sassucus’s boilers; though live steam was roaring through the ship, she was able to break away and drift out of range. Miami first tried to use her spar torpedo and then to tangle the Confederate ram’s screw propellers and rudder with a seine net, but neither ploy succeeded. More than 500 shells were fired at Albemarle during the battle; with visible battle damage to her smokestack and other areas on the ironclad, she steamed back up the Roanoke, soon mooring at Plymouth…

    — Wikipedia: “CSS Albemarle”

    The encounter at Albemarle Sound, May 5, 1864. From left to right are USS Commodore Hull, USS Wyalusing, USS Sassacus, CSS Albemarle, USS Mattabesett and CSS Bombshell

    Drawing entitled “Wood Versus Iron”, a naval encounter during the American Civil War on 5 May, 1864 in Albemarle sound. From Photo # NH 1673 DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY — NAVAL HISTORICAL CENTER.

    • Every time I hear the name “Albemarle” I automatically think of this almost unstoppable Confederate ironclad ram that for a while terrorized Union ships.

      …On the night of October 27, 1864 Cushing led his volunteers in one of his small steam driven boats up the Roanoke River to North Carolina. Albemarle had been secured in a log boom. She was protected by a pen of logs that extended about 30 feet from the vessel. The fire watch on the bank of the river afforded Cushing a good view of the logs that encircled the Albemarle. Pressing the attack, at about 0300, he turned away and went about 100 yards from the target. Turning again, he steered the launch at full speed to hit the log booms squarely. Cushing knew that this was the only way to get the torpedo boom close enough to the ram, and he also knew the launch would have no way of freeing itself.

      The Albemarle’s Captain, Lieutenant Alexander Warley, demanded to know what boat it was; Cushing fired a shot of canister from his bow howitzer in response. Cushing then rammed the log barrier at full speed and, as Cushing had guessed it would, slid over the slick barrier causing his boat to stick fast, less than ten feet from the mighty ironclad.

      From this position, by the use of lines that he controlled while standing on the bow, Cushing lowered the torpedo into the water, released it, waited for the torpedo to settle under the ironclad, then detonated it. At the instant the torpedo EXPLODED the fatally crippled Albemarle fired one of its eight inch guns at Cushing’s craft. Fortunately, the gun could not be depressed enough to hit Cushing’s boat, but the CONCUSSION swamped it. Cushing and a few others dove into the river attempting to escape. Two were drowned and ten were captured…

      Cushing had begun having SEVERE ATTACKS OF PAIN IN HIS HIP as early as JUST AFTER THE SINKING OF THE ALBEMARLE. None of the doctors he saw were able to make a diagnosis. The term “sciatica” was used in those days without regard to cause for any inflammation of the sciatic nerve, or any pain in the region of the hip. Cushing may have had a ruptured intervertebral disc. He had suffered enough shocks to dislocate half a dozen vertebrae, and with the passage of time it would come to bear more and more heavily upon on the nerve. On the other hand, he may have been suffering from tuberculosis of the hip bone, or cancer of the prostate gland. There was nothing to be done and Cushing continued to suffer.

      Cushing was next given the post of Executive Officer in Washington, DC. He spent the summer of 1874 pretending to be happy with his inactive roll. He played with his children and enjoyed their company. On August 25 he was made senior aide at the yard; in the fall he amused himself by taking an active interest in the up-coming Congressional elections.

      On Thanksgiving day William, Kate and his mother went to church in the morning. That night, the pain in Cushing’s back was worse than it had ever been and he couldn’t sleep. The following Monday he dragged himself to the navy yard. Kate sent Lieutenant Hutchins, once of the Wyoming and now Cushing’s aide, to [bring] his superior home. She feared that he wouldn’t last the day.

      True to his nature, Cushing stayed at the yard until after nightfall, and went right to bed when he got home. He would not rise again. The pain was constant and terrible. He was given injections of morphine but they only dulled the pain a little.

      On December 8th it became impossible to care for Cushing at home, and he was removed to the Government Hospital for the Insane. His family visited him often, but he seldom recognized them. Commander Cushing died on December 17, 1874 in the presence of his wife and mother…
      — WARRIORS HALL OF FAME: William Barker Cushing (1842-1874), The First US Navy Seal

      Just as Cushing slipped in (not in open battle) and detonated a torpedo that sank the ironclad ram, the pride of the South, the Albemarle, that very explosion by the torpedo and at the same time the concussion of one of the Albemarle’s eight inch guns being fired that caused Cushing’s boat to be swamped possibly “slipped” in some internal rupture/dislocation/damage into Cushing’s “intervertebral disc”/”vertebrae”/other which eventually affected and caused the inflammation of his sciatic nerve that proved to be fatal.


      Secede now!

      May God Save the South!

  10. I’ve gotta say it:- that voluptuous thing on the right of the photo holding the green sign…….is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day! I hope in time she migrates over to our way of thinking. She looks too attractive to be a libtard!

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