Ruy Teixeira Defects To AEI Over Wokeism


The guy who wrote The Emerging Democratic Majority, which seeded the whole corrupted idea that changing racial demographics would “inevitably” lead to a “permanent progressive majority,” is leaving the Center for American Progress to join the American Enterprise Institute.


“Ruy Teixeira is one of Washington’s most prominent left-leaning think-tank scholars, a fixture at the Center for American Progress since the liberal organization’s founding in 2003. But as of August 1, he’ll have a new professional home: The American Enterprise Institute, the longtime conservative redoubt that over the years has employed the likes of Newt Gingrich, Dinesh D’Souza, and Robert Bork.

Teixeira, whose role in the Beltway scrum often involved arguing against calls to move right on economic issues, insists his own policy views haven’t changed — but says the current cultural milieu of progressive organizations “sends me running screaming from the left.” …”

Teixeira himself is now shifting from center-left to center-right.

For 20 years now, Democrats have refused to enforce our immigration laws based on the assumption that allowing tens of millions of illegal aliens into the country would replace enough conservative White voters with Hispanics to tip the Electoral College to the Democrats and ensure that the PMC libtards who live on the coasts could rule the entire country like they rule California.

Note: The usual suspects will all soon be calling Teixeira a “far right white supremacist.”

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  1. If this does anything it will help insure the Israeli Enterprise Institute doesn’t re-think immigration, something I find highly doubtful.

    • It is a pretty big deal.

      Teixeira is famous for creating the “demographics is destiny” and the “permanent progressive majority” narrative. Democratic elites swallowed this shit. It is the reason why they refuse to enforce immigration laws and push for amnesty so hard.

      If Hispanics turn on Democrats like Teixeira himself is doing here, it could undermine that narrative. It might break the resistance to enforcing immigration laws or building the border wall. Democrats might rethink pushing so ardently for the Great Replacement if they come to believe it is not playing out for them as expected

      • As Torba over at GAB is noticing, there are a LOT of hypocrites ‘changing sides’ as they see the rise of the White Nationalist/Christian Civilization growth in the comments (unlike here) merely to keep their sinecures and egos going. They’re all god-damned (literally) Traitors. they should be shunned.

      • “might break the resistance to enforcing immigration laws or building the border wall.”

        OK, I certainly hope you are right.

        You’re far better informed on the workings of left than I.
        (How ppl put stock in the opinions of some old goat pundit I’ll never understand.)

        • Having given this some further thought.

          This is just the chameleon changing colors, the agenda will remain the same, just with new justifications.

          ” we need massive immigration to pull our economy out of recession.”

          Same animal, different color.

  2. “one of Washington’s most prominent left-leaning think-tank scholars, ”

    Nice euphemisms for,
    ‘old fart who would be laughed out of any barbershop’.

  3. You know I enjoy Occidental Dissent, Mr. W., and have been visiting it for a long time; but with this post of yours, you’ve stirred me to state something that you simply do not see.

    Would you like to know why your breed, your Aryan breed, your Teutonic breed is losing, is being eradicated, is helplessly in the grip of our Jewish friends? The answer is obvious, but you yourself and many of your commenters have never come close to recognizing it.

    “What is most important in the world?”

    Replies the Teuton: “Honor, loyalty, courage.”

    Replies the Jew: “Money.”

    In your ears, it might sound strange, Mr. W., but all these cultural issues on which you focus are, in a sense, of no importance at all. As long as you are without the right not to spend, as I have called it, you are helpless. Who controls your money controls you, and all the honor, loyalty, and courage in the world–if, indeed, it’s honorable and courageous not to face reality–won’t change that.

    You link this Politico piece about this fellow, but you don’t even present the heading (or sub-heading): “Ruy Teixeira predicted Obama’s rise. Now he’s scorning DC’s liberal think tanks for caring more about diversity than class.”

    This isn’t any kind of victory for “conservatives” or whomever. He’s just a communist, who’s moved to a place where he thinks he has a better chance of advancing communism.

    Your honor? Your loyalty? Your courage? Your enemies, who are concentrating on prospering, on, that is, money, will gladly hire your honor, loyalty, and courage for the fighting of the wars they want you to fight—and you’ll gladly hire yourself out. There’s nothing you love better than getting killed in a war, so your descendants can talk about your honor, loyalty, and courage. Those descendants of yours will eagerly post a photograph of you in your military uniform, post it, that is, on the internet that they’re paying your enemies One Hundred Dollars per month to use. Watch how that One Hundred Dollars per month adds up, for the purchase of politicians who, in turn, will send your descendants’ descendants to go get killed in a war. You are bottomless wells of honor, loyalty, and courage; and that’s just the way your enemies, who are bottomless wells of money, like you.

    Apparently, you just want to go back and forth forever, in the manner of fools, trying to notch victories in the war about what’s going on in “the schools” or in the “health-care system,” the schools and health-care system that you’re being forced to fund. It never occurs to you to concentrate on money, to prevent the existence of those schools and that health-care system at all.

    “Neither the United States nor any of its constituent polities shall make, enforce, or recognize law inconsistent with a right not to spend.” Not long ago, I said here, at Occidental Dissent, that that right, along with a right not to be silenced and a right not to associate, defines liberty. Those rights establish the milieu in which the Teuton can flourish—and not a single thing you post here at Occidental Dissent reflects any recognition on your part of that fact. You think it’s going to be a great accomplishment if Red America—i.e., non-urban America, which produces nothing, not even the agricultural products it thinks it produces—gets free of the “urbanites” or “coastal elites” or whatever you want to call them. Having nothing to do with reality, that view is, as I suggested above, not honorable or courageous. It’s cowardly, a constant screaming at the world because you’re unwilling to do what is necessary if you want to prevail in it. At bottom, you’re not different from, say, Black Lives Matter, whose adherents want to “defund the police” because they’re unwilling to recognize what a large portion of the country’s black population is not meeting the basic demands of civilization. “Kill the urbanites,” “God save the South,” “Deo Vindice,” yes: they’re just your version of “Defund the police.”

    You know I’m rooting for you Teutons–well, not in your neo-Confederate manifestation–but you do not seem to see that you must avoid thinking as you’ve long been thinking. All the gun rights and all the detailed info you have about types of ammunition are not going to gain you victory, because they have nothing to do with the war in which you’re involved.

    • Red America doesn’t produce the ag products it thinks it does? You mean all these fields and feedlots that surround me are all in my imagination?

      • In your imagination? If you have any imagination, you’ll notice, I think, the dependence of your agriculture on the scientific, technological, industrial, and financial enterprise of the remainder of America and, indeed, of the remainder of the Western world. Compare the history of “King Cotton,” who was deposed shortly after the attack on Fort Sumter.

    • @ Bonaccorsi

      Accurate post, but you mistake is that you take seriously these fools.
      I’ve been reading material from the “Teuton” world for more than two years.

      First comes a REAL shock of how infantile and naive they are, then trying to understand why they are so infantile and naive.
      It takes time but then comes the realization that it’s genetic thus no way to reform it in the short term (it would take centuries).

      So the only logical approach is to watch and mock the simpletons because they are totally doomed.
      You can only mock hopeless suckers who, for example, celebrate a supposed ban in abortions as a victory.
      Absolutely no match for the Jews or whoever else hostile.

    • “Would you like to know why your breed, your Aryan breed,”

      Because they are gullible fools, easily duped by pretentious hot air theories.

  4. When gasoline and groceries get back to reasonable price levels, the Latinos will discover their radical, revolutionary, roots. That’s not going to be until at least 2026, and only if don el Trumpo gets back in.

    • Perhaps.

      It could be a temporary thing driven by inflation, but it was going on before Joe got in there. We will see

    • “When gasoline and groceries get back to reasonable price levels”

      The current inflation is just the beginning of America’s economic convulsions.

      • “The current inflation is just the beginning of America’s economic convulsions.”

        This, yes, is something I’ve been wondering about, i.e., whether this inflation is something more significant than any inflation that has preceded it—preceded it historically, I mean. If, as has long seemed to me to be the case, the Aryan is, on average, more productive than any of the non-Aryan breeds, a country, like the United States, that has been undergoing a demographic transformation, from Aryan to non-Aryan, will eventually experience a noticeable drop in its average productivity. If that country is ostensibly unchanged, if its shell, so to speak—its infrastructure, “social services,” etc.—does not shrink, at least nominally, there will be a gap, between that shell and the productivity necessary for the sustaining of it. That gap might take several forms, e.g., the inability of Acela trains to travel at full speed along the aging rails and bridges of a Northeast Corridor that was once a top specimen of world railroading. Another manifestation of the gap might be inflation.

        • “That gap might take several forms, e.g., the inability of Acela trains to travel at full speed ”

          How about sewer water coming out from your tap. It’s happened many times in New Orleans.

          Call 911 for emergency medical, they hang up.
          Happens often in diverse cities.

  5. “sends me running screaming from the left.” …”

    Napoleon also ran away from Russia. And Lenin Old Bolsheviks tried to throttle back communism after 17th Party congress.

    But too little too late. Difference between tactical retreat and strategic retreat is the simple fact that from tactical retreant there is way out when there is decisive and competent leadership.

    Strategic retreat is so deep that when victim finally understands, there is no way out anymore.

    Soon they all scream and try to run but Donald trap already clapped and chanches to get out are lower than Napoleon. Napoleon has safe place where to run, Jews and communists don’t.

  6. Opposes wokeness, so he joins the AEI, a think tank that is entirely dedicated to increasing the wealth and power of oligarchs who are the source of wokeness. Makes perfect sense.

  7. A journofag — fuck him.


    A funny Stormer piece today about the harassment of AOC and her booty:

    Alex Stein Flirts with Big Booty Latina AOC – She Threatens to Change the System to Destroy Him

    Highlights are showing AOC’s hypocrisy as she downplays and defends the harassment of e.g. Brett Kavanaugh, and mainstream ‘conservative’ nutjob Bill O’Reilly chiming in to say we need laws against this kind of thing.

    As I saw someone say on Gab not long ago: any system that puts dingbat lady bartenders in power is prima facie illegitimate.

    But on the other hand it’s the source of some funny shit.

  8. Good for Texeira, he has to give a fuck about what leftists think about him now. I think that all of us have been described as white suprematists, far-right, fascist, etc…. I remember back in the days of university, six years ago, that two guys labelled me as far-right fascist….. why? because i told them that one of my favourite historical cavalryman was and still is Nathan Bedford Forrest.

  9. The American Enterprise Institute is just another neo-con grift like National Review and all the others. Newt Gingrich, VDH and Dinesh D’Souza are trying to be gatekeepers of the Right, steering gullible Whites into dead ends like the Tea Party, MAGA or the Republican Party. They keep the decrepit Left Wing Establishment in charge which throws a bone now and then to the Newt Gingrich and Dinesh D’Souzas of the world.

    The whole neo-con grift needs to collapse. Make White people make hard choices: either Left Wing crazies who want them dead, six feet under or a White Nationalist choice, no phony DJT style MAGA dead ends. Dinosaurs like Newt, Trump, Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell and the Republican Party need to just go away, they are too old and corrupt, they are irreformable.

    • “The American Enterprise Institute is just another neo-con grift like National Review and all the others. Newt Gingrich, VDH and Dinesh D’Souza are trying to be gatekeepers of the Right, steering gullible Whites into dead ends like the Tea Party, MAGA or the Republican Party.”

      Now you know why Brad loves them.

  10. ” The usual suspects will all soon be calling Teixeira a “far right white supremacist.”

    Like clock work.

  11. This is interesting and indeed it is indicative of political realignment, in the same way that the “NeverTrumpers” were involved in another aspect of this realignment.

    The drawback here is that some of these people are going to do exactly what the NeoCons did and shepherd the “conservatives” in a direction that isn’t aligned with our priorities. It is certainly an interesting political development, but the net effect will only serve to make the Republicans even MORE liberal in my mind.

  12. The liberal whacks believe that working people are as dumb as they think they are. This is not necessarily the case, a fair amount of us know when we’re getting hosed. And we get hosed by the damn ‘conservatives’ as well.

  13. Scrubbed internet presence, but mother’s maiden was Overmeyer. Ahh, another (((Meyer))). Stints at Jewish outlets like Brookings and Progressive Policy Institute, etc. And the face, that collection of Turkish features, the rat face of the tribe. He didn’t earn anything, he was born into it.

    • “He didn’t earn anything, he was born into it.”

      As most of (((them))) are. It’s a system of the tribe. It’s all part of Achdut.

    • “collection of Turkish features”

      That’s a good point. The bulk of jwz spent over 1000 years in Anatolia, between the Kitos massacres and their fleeing the Mongols. It makes sense that there would be a strong genetic exchange.

  14. WOW !! Rui Teixeira defects to AEI over wokeism !! Totally unexpected!!

    This wonderful news makes my heart beat faster and sweetens the day to full satisfaction !!
    It’s wonderful !! Thank you, Rui Teixeira !!

  15. Well, I think the re-alignment is changing from Hu-White versus so-called People of Color (a code word for Black until the George Floyd Riots and their aftermath made that clear) to Black versus Non-Black.

    When you add in the fact that the Democrats’ policy since Obama has been to throw their White working class base under the bus to become a coalition of fringe groups and affluent, college educated White Woke-Indoctrinates, then small wonder that their focus has been more on abortion, gun control, and Black and LBGTQ+ Supremacy rather than It’s The Economy, Stupid.

    Ruy Texeira, Glenn Greenwald, and many other Refugees from Wokeness are crossing over, because it is being driven by the Mestizo Hispanics who have historically considered themselves variations of White.

    Throughout Mexico and Latin America, they literally practice Colorism – the lighter you are the better off you are. Just watch any telenovela (soap opera) from there and the hierarchy is not hidden with dark skinned menial laborers waiting on the pale skins without complaint.

    It’s why skin lightening products are out-selling tanning products and hair smoothing sprays and shampoos are moving faster than those that enhance or create curls.

    Furthermore, though the Usual Suspects like to push Black and White unions, what the social engineer bean counters don’t tell you is that the vast majority of Whites of both sexes intermarry with Hispanics. We have a huge Castizo population growing in the USA.

    Itonically, it’s the Hispanics not WASP Americans who are empowering the White Nationalist sentiment among the Normies. This is a group which has never been shy about asserting its own group interests and they see Whiteness as something that best serves their interests.

    The Mexican Mafia was formed by a loose coalition of Mexicans and working class White immigrants from central Europe. It cleansed Blacks out of Watts and Compton. The Asians are following , because they still find themselves being assaulted by Blacks even after they tried the Blame Whitey tactic to appease them.

    That’s why you have all these Center Left Characters crossing over to join the Usual Suspects like Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin to control the opposition by leading it. And even incorporating a watered down version of WN talking points … To woo these groups.

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