Ruy Teixeira Dishes Dirt On CAP

Ruy Teixeira has expanded on his radicalization by the “far right” in the WSJ.


“An old line is that revolutions devour their children, but apparently they’re equally unkind to their elders. Ruy Teixeira spent many years at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a progressive Washington think tank that provides much of the agenda for Democrats. Now he’s joining the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI). “I’m just a social democrat, man,” Mr. Teixeira told Politico. “Trying to make the world a better place.”

At age 70, he hasn’t changed his views on the importance of economic class. Yet he said CAP is being warped by a junior staff for whom identity politics is everything. “It’s become very hard to have a conversation about race and gender and trans issues, even crime and immigration,” Mr. Teixeira said. “You know, ‘How should the left handle these?’ There’s a default assumption about how you’re supposed to talk about these things, even the language. There’s a real chilling effect on all of these organizations.”

He’s exhausted by internal staff politicking. “It’s just cloud cuckoo land,” Mr. Teixeira said. “The fact that nobody is willing to call b—, it just freaks me out.” He’s also frustrated by the lack of support he received for a project that aimed to unite the black and white working classes. “Nobody wanted to touch it,” he said. “You could tell. People were leery of talking about the white working class, as if it was de facto racist.” …”

I know the feeling.

My wife drives around with Huey Long stickers on her car. Some people might look at that and think she is a libtard who supports Bernie Sanders.

Politically speaking, we are culturally conservative, populists on economics. We’re both pro-White, pro-Christian, pro-South on identity issues. We’re sympathetic to social democracy. We don’t fit into either party, but especially the Democratic Party because of its toxic social liberalism.

The woke issues are kryptonite for progressives.

NBC Narratives:

“A major set of red flags in the poll for Democrats and teacher unions was a series of questions that look like they were ripped from DeSantis’s Friday speech on “critical race theory” and teaching kids about sexuality and gender identity. While the survey didn’t mention DeSantis by name, it tested education messages he popularized nationally — more so than Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a Republican who won in a Democratic-leaning state last year on a parental-rights education platform that was far less provocative than DeSantis’.

One poll question found that voters, by a 32 percentage-point margin, said they were more likely to vote for candidates who believe public schools should focus less on teaching race and more on core subjects. By 27 points, they said schools should be banned from teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to kids in kindergarten through third grade. By 28 points, they said transgender athletes should be banned from competing in girls’ sports. …”


  1. Again, I want to point out that guys like Teixeira jumping ship on the progressive project may seem like a sign of “winning”, but all it really means is that mainstream conservatism will become even more watered down than it already is, more accommodating of “progressive” social liberals who have become disenfranchised by the far left’s identity politics. Mainstream conservatism will become even more oppositional to a counter “white identity” movement, because identity politics are what drives these leftists away. Mainstream conservatism will only become more milquetoast and centrist.

    Of course I welcome a crumbling of the Democratic base. And I’m not saying that Teixeira has nothing to offer our side of the fence. I just don’t think the net effect of guys like him defecting is going to be to our benefit.

    • Spot on. I believe that is what this is really about. Ruy Teixeira can stay where he’s at. We don’t want them and the baggage they bring.

    • They know conservatives are low-status marks with limited self-respect. They make the best buttgoys.

  2. If anyone has dirt on them it would be him. He was part of their organization and know the players and politics.

    • The $PLC is one of the dirtiest players in the whole diversity, racism, “hate crime” (so-called) shakedown racket. They got caught with at least $160 million USD in offshore accounts. You know, the type drug dealers use? This was even reported by the neo-con “conservative” Lügenpresse even though it was %100 The Usual Suspects:

      Nothing happened to the bastards of course, they are untouchable. They are literally ‘above the law’. Paging Hunter Biden, paging Hunter Biden here.

  3. The seeds of their own destruction were there from the start. Just coming to fruition now.

    • “The seeds of their own destruction were there from the start.”

      Too bad they didn’t self-destruct 50 yrs ago.

  4. Gentlemen, sometimes one of my activities for fun, for a long time now, is to attempt to edit certain pages of the corrupt wikipedia, run as we know by woke activists. The last page i tried to edit was this of John G. Schmitz, member of Council of conservative citizens. So setting aside this character’s flaws and troubled family history, i want to drawing your attention on these two issues:

    1) this is how the woke wikipedia admin insulted me, calling me nazi shit (I don’t take offence at this but it’s funny):

    2) this the profile of this wikipedia admin who blocked me and insulted me, she is non binary and like xe or xem pronouns:

  5. Ruy Teixeira spent many years at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a progressive Washington think tank that provides much of the agenda for Democrats.

    How could anyone fail to be impressed by the ‘progress’ America has made during this time? — forget the military, I personally would like to thank Teixeira for his ‘service’.

    There’s a tweet/meme for this: we’re “progressing”? how are we progressing? progressing towards what?

    Another member of America’s über-effete and largely useless pundit class, people who have liberal arts degrees and have never held real jobs.

  6. What merit is there to Ruy Teixeira ?
    He’s been puffed up by media ((tribal)) nepotism, anything else ?

    • Teixeira created the story that Democrats told themselves for 20 years that all they had to do was replace enough White voters with non-White immigrants and they would have a “permanent majority.” Well, not exactly, but that is what they came to believe because of Teixeira. This narrative is extremely important because Democratic elites believed it and quit enforcing immigration laws because of it

      • Hmmmm……

        In the 1970s, the very powerful CALIFORNIA TEACHER’S UNION was pushing for more immigrants, because it would mean more students, greater job security, more opportuninity and higher salaries for teachers.
        Same agenda, different justification.

        I think the next trick, from both demoncrats and retardicans, will be that we need more immigrats to pull us out of recession. They can find endless excuses to justify their malevolent plans.
        Just a suspicion.

      • >Democratic elites believed it and quit enforcing immigration laws because of it

        Formally, illegal immigrants cannot vote — even if some do, the number must be inconsequential, certainly not enough to affect the outcome of an election — and amnesty has been a consistent loser.

        Legal immigration would have been enough — and now asylum is increasingly a problem: people granted refugee status usually receive permanent permission to remain, which generally leads quickly to a green card, and later citizenship — these numbers are no longer inconsequential, and will grow.

        And it’s hardly genius to look at exit polls or other polling data and conclude that non-whites vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, and hence the more immigrants the better.

      • BTW dude, below are a couple of tweets from based Latinx Mayra Flores.

        Citing her co-ethnics in the ‘Hispanic community’, she laments the lack of progress on ‘immigration reform’ and amnestying DACA beneficiaries:

        Jun 27Every election Democrats promise an immigration reform or a legal pathway for DACA recipients. Democrats have the majority in the house, senate, & presidency. The Hispanic community has only received empty promises, inflation, and a higher cost of living!

        More of the same stale ‘as long as they come legally’ rhetoric about the ‘American dream’ blah blah — and like a typical Republitard, she celebrates speeding up voting for people who generally vote overwhelmingly for Democrats:

        Jul 17I commend & applaud the Republican Party for taking the initiative in helping immigrants prepare for their naturalization test. We must embrace those that came to this country legally and want to chase the American Dream as I did!

        Exactly how is this woman’s election good news?

  7. He is telling you, gender queering the kids and homosexual child grooming is not a winning policy with the working class. Oh but if you want all them faggottyassed Irishmen to vote with you…..there is your winning ticket.

      • @Maximum Overdrive—Reagan sided with Harvey Milk, in order to allow homosexuals to teach and groom small children. Reagan was not a white southerner, now was he Mick? And neither are you.

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