Democrats Swap Working Class Base For College Educated Voters

Two years ago, I began to draw attention to this divide within the Democratic Party between DILE (Democrat Independent Liberal Elite) voters and DLWC (Democratic Leaning Working Class) voters. This was during the transition and the earliest days of the Joe Biden presidency.

It began to dawn on me that the Democratic Party was two distinct parties. It is a top-bottom hourglass coalition. The dominant wing of the Democratic Party are affluent, college educated White professionals. These PMCs are concentrated in coastal metros and their inner ring suburbs. They are motivated by social liberalism and issues like climate change. These people at the top of the social and economic pyramid dominate the multiracial working class or the “Hub City Working Class” below them. These two parties care about different issues and come from radically different backgrounds.

As I looked back into the history of the MAGA voters in George W. Bush and Obama eras, I began to think of MAGA as being like an iceberg of DLWC voters that had broken away from the Democratic base during the Obama years and floated over and crashed into the Republican primaries when those voters backed Trump. This explained the unhinged rage at Trump. I speculated that the process wasn’t complete and that eventually the Democratic coalition would split down the middle because of the class divide.

Two years later, it is coming true. If you turn on CNN or MSNBC, the PMCs who run the Democratic Party (i.e., the DILEs or shitlib faction) are obsessed with 1/6 or climate change or gun control and abortion or “trans.” They have Ukraine flags in their Twitter profiles. Meanwhile, this is the reality for the DLWC wing of the party which is getting crushed by the increase in the price of everything under Joe Biden:

Those voters are melting away now under pressure at the margins.

The fault line was there five years ago:

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  1. IIRC Schumer explicitly said this at one point in response to a question from a journalist. Something along the lines of “we don’t need the working class because we’ll win the middle class suburbs instead.”

  2. HW

    Have you considered that some of this might even be intentional?

    I feel like our elites had sort of grown a little too comfy by the time Obama came along, doing the whole “resting on their laurels” thing. Believing in the “end of history” tripe.

    Then there was a backlash, because it turns out that normal people got fed up with their end of history nonsense and retaliated. (Ron Paul, then Trump, among a few other political movements).

    So, I have considered that this whole “great reset” thing, with all these bizarre economic maneuvers, and all these “you will own nothing and you’ll be happy eating bugs” extreme class-related current events, they may be an intentional pivot away from social politics to sort of refocus the hoi poloi on the old class conflicts of the late 19th and early 20th century.

    Moving back and forth between social and economic pressures to always keep the masses pointing fingers away from the real target. A game of whack a mole.

    Maybe it isn’t an organized thing, but more of a natural defense mechanism for the natural organic nature of top-down politics.

  3. The D-jerseys dumped the working class back in the 1970s and 1980s. The first sign of this shift was when the overwhelming D-jersey congress headed by Tip O’Neal passed Ronny the Raygun’s tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires – part of the “trickle-down” economic bullshit-theory. The ‘giant-sucking sound’ Ross Perot referred to started during the Reagan years. (((Wall Street))) gutted the manufacturing and industrial base during this pump-n-dump era, which featured corporate raiders like (((Carl Icahn))) and the Kang of junk-bonds (((Michael Milk’em))).

    All appeals by D-jerseys to the “little-guy” ever since have been bullshit of the same time the R-jerseys use upon the Evangelicals. Both parties solely serve the interests of the rentier class. The “split” is an imaginary one outside the rank and file of D-voters. Yes the rentier class and their PMC servitors will use ‘class warfare’ as a weapon to divide their potential enemies, as they use other issues to divide and conquer. They always have done so. As the very insightful article by Jung-Freud noted, the (((rentiers))) have long enjoyed whipping up whites to slaughter each other over such issues.

    • Right on! I remember when Reagan was the great white hope. I voted for him in 1980 at age 20, He really turned things around alright. I’m going to beat some folks to the punch. He was the “lesser evil”.

  4. I favor a tribal based system (not race based) under a monarch. Race based societies will still have hierarchies and will still have “niggers”. When everyone has the same skin color the social construct will shift to other factors for determining who is a nigger and who is not one. Racism and racial separatism doesn’t work because humans are TRIBAL NOT RACIAL, there is a difference. Most White people I know I don’t associate with for a variety of reasons. “Whiteness” is a shitty way to determine who your people are and who they aren’t. I determine by shared religion, ideology, interests, and values.

    • When you say ‘tribal’ that sounds like ‘racial’, tho your ‘shared religion, ideology, interests, and values’ notion sounds close to the ‘civnat’ ‘civic nationalist’ idea, which is not really workable. Race & ethnicity etc are not everything, for sure, but they are something big, and they don’t disappear

      A common thought question on 4chan /pol/ is – Would you rather live (a) around mostly fellow white European-heritage people who are diverse in ideology, religion politics etc OR (b) around fellow Christians and ‘ideology’ mates, who are largely African etc.

      Also, many non-whites often think much more racially … whites do too much projecting that ‘deep down they are just like us’. As Barack Obama said after his first trip to Europe, ‘it was nice but … all that culture just WASN’T MINE’

      The USA experience is living amidst many Latinos who are quite ‘adjacent’ to white culture, many Hispanics quite white themselves or very comfortable with white people, also having similar Christian roots etc, and the white-Latino bonds have a lot of potential for America’s future.

      But spending some time in Europe, where migrants are mostly Muslims or Africans, the differences are starker … relations may be friendly, but it remains clear people are just in different worlds.

      • @balticus, here are a few articles I recommend. Race is a social construct because who’s considered “White”, “Black”, and or “colored” has evolved over time. If “race” was a fixed category determined by genetics then it couldn’t change but it does, and has changed many times, and continues to change.

        What is the difference between race and ethnicity?

        Dalton Conley

        While race and ethnicity share an ideology of common ancestry, they differ in several ways. First of all, race is primarily unitary. You can only have one race, while you can claim multiple ethnic affiliations. You can identify ethnically as Irish and Polish, but you have to be essentially either black or white. The fundamental difference is that race is socially imposed and hierarchical. There is an inequality built into the system. Furthermore, you have no control over your race; it’s how you’re perceived by others. For example, I have a friend who was born in Korea to Korean parents, but as an infant, she was adopted by an Italian family in Italy. Ethnically, she feels Italian: she eats Italian food, she speaks Italian, she knows Italian history and culture. She knows nothing about Korean history and culture. But when she comes to the United States, she’s treated racially as Asian.

        John Cheng

        I think most people associate race with biology and ethnicity with culture. It’s important to stress the culture and language part of it. Ethnicity isn’t just a question of affiliation; it’s also a question of choice. It’s also a question of group membership. And it’s usually associated with a geographic region. It’s also often confused or conflated with nationality, but that’s not the same thing. Today people identify with ethnicity positively because they see themselves as being part of that group. People can’t just simply say, “Well, I want to become a member of that race.” You either are or are not a member of that race. Whereas, if you wanted to look at ethnicity based on culture, you could learn a language, you can learn customs – there are things that you can learn so that you could belong to that group.

        I think the most powerful argument about the differentiation between race and ethnicity is that race becomes institutionalized in a way that has profound social consequences on the members of different groups.

        David Freund

        I agree. The most important differences, at least in much of U.S. history, lie in the ways that dominant powerful institutions treat race versus ethnicity. So while one could argue that both ethnicity and race are socially constructed, their influence in terms of power and inequality is in the way that racial identities have been constructed historically. One could argue that they’re both illusory and imagined. But racial categories have had a much more concrete impact on peoples’ lives, because they’ve been used to discriminate and to distribute resources unequally and set up different standards for protection under law. Both public policy and private institutional and communal actions have created inequalities based on race. To be sure, groups defined as “ethnically” different have been discriminated against in the U.S. too, but not in ways that had nearly as dramatic an impact. Indeed, those “ethnic” groups that suffered from severe discrimination were usually labeled, at the time, as “racial” groups as well. Consider the history of discrimination against the Irish, Italians, and Jews, for example.

        People commonly make these distinctions between race and ethnicity as being biological, or cultural, or based on national origins and things like that. But it’s really important to remember two things. First, both ethnic and racial identities have changed a lot throughout history. And second, there’s very little evidence that people actually see great distinctions between race and ethnicity culturally, politically, and in daily life. In fact, there is a history of racial self-identification in this country that is very similar to that of ethnic self-identification.

        Italians, Jews, and Slavs were considered non-white in popular political discourse of the late 19th and early 20th century, and this discourse grew very influential in the anti-immigration movement, leading eventually, in the 1920s, to severe restrictions against entry of supposedly “non-white” groups to this country. This popular pseudo-science made it into the pages of the Saturday Evening Post and other magazines, supporting immigration restrictions against the “Alpine” and the “Mediterranean” races, described as the long-skulled, slow, peasant stock people of Central Europe, etc. Most of these immigrants were not running around in the 19th and early 20th century proudly announcing that they’re Italian Americans or Slavic Americans because at the time, it was often very dangerous and at least a disadvantage to be identified that way. I think we call these groups an ethnicity and not a race now, because those categories have actually changed. This is due in large part to a series of policy decisions that gave some groups certain advantages in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s, allowing them to be part of an ever-expanding “white” race. The political context and the power context changes. Ethnicity, like race, takes on different meanings.

        • Your BS again.

          Dalton Coney BS. She is culturally Italian, not ethnically Italian. She could identify as a potted plant for all I care, but that doesn’t make it so. Italians do not and will not consider her “ethnically Italian” no matter what she WANTS to believe. She may be an Italian citizen, but that doesn’t correlate with being of the Italian ethnicity because she is of the the wrong race to start with.

          John Cheng BS. You can not redefine ethnicity to make it interchangeable with culture. Ethnicity is a subdivision of race. Will you leftist clowns stop trying to redefine words? Ethnicity is not a choice and neither is race. Culture is a choice. language is a choice. GENETICS is not a choice. As a simplistic example Dogs would be a race and Labrador would be like an ethnicity. Think the Lab could pass as a Greyhound? Think not. Maybe if he identified with a cat he could suddenly purr. This kind of BS may work to propagandize school children but don’t try that idiocy around here. Anything that starts with sweeping statements like “ Most people believe” (or something similar) assumes facts not in evidence and is JUST AN OPINION.

          David Freud BS

          Genetics is now socially constructed. Tell that to people at Monsanto. If they had just convinced the wheat seeds to be pest resistant they could have saved millions! Millions I tell you! Call their CEO immediately with these money saving revelations! He’ll be your best bud forever and probably make you VP of Coffee making or some other highly valued position.

          @ orthodox slumlord I want to get a straight answer out of you for once. If you saw a genetic European and a genetic African you want me to believe that you couldn’t tell who was of European Or African decent? Is that what you’re trying to tell us?

          @everyone Is there a Bugster in the house? You could use this guy as a subject for a newbie. Anyone? Anyone? This guy is getting really tiring.

          • “Race” as commonly used today has zero biological basis, and is not rooted in genetics period.

          • Switch the populations of Haiti and Iceland on their islands. I can predict with 100 percent accuracy what will happen, and it has nothing to do with social constructs. Your bullshit doesn’t fly here.

          • “Race” as commonly used today has zero biological basis, and is not rooted in genetics period.”

            Tell that to a forensic pathologist. Think they just list the dead was of an unknown social construct? Think that’s how the cops look for criminal suspects? See your BS is just that. The real world doesn’t work that way. Only in your leftist bubble is race used like you claim.

            Just because you redefine words to fit your agenda does not make it reality. Claiming its “commonly used” doesn’t make it so either. Commonly used by who? Your leftist buddies at the communist hall meeting? This kind of idiocy is only something White leftists believe. POC are laughing at you and only go along to take advantage of your foolishness. Personally I couldn’t care less if you identified as a Flying Spaghetti Monster, but the problem is, your idiocy will get other European people killed.

            BTW, you never answered my question. Figures, so here it is again:

            @ orthodox slumlord I want to get a straight answer out of you for once. If you saw a genetic European and a genetic African you want me to believe that you couldn’t tell who was of European Or African decent? Is that what you’re trying to tell us?

            You’re probably incapable of answering that simple question without tripping over your ideology.

    • I’d much rather be a nigger in an all white society than one in this madness known as diversity.

  5. This is not intentional, this is forced. The Swamp cant` get rid from brats anymore. Anyone suggesting course change will be eaten alive. Your Dems are like queen Cersei with her Sparrows. Cersei also thought in the beginning that she can control brats .

  6. Those college “educated” voters are easily brainwashed and indoctrinated since that has been its purpose for a long time.

    • college “educated” in what, women’s afro studies? I’d like to see a breakdown by subject major and voting patterns.

      college “educated” is such a nebulous term. It could be skewed by, sociology, journalism, poli sci and such soft useless majors.

        • ” engineering majors are majority libtard.”

          Until they get a pink slip?
          I’ve seen that, a few times.

          • That’s a shame to hear, and is probably why we’re falling behind technologically. Used to be you actually had to design and make things that work. Then again I’m not surprised since a lot of engineers are rat bastard traitors like oh so many people nowadays.

            I remember quite vividly in the 90’s when so many engineers got laid off because our manufacturing went overseas. Some people with highly specialized training not easy to export did a dam happy dance on the smoldering careers of their fellow American engineers. They called the laid off engineers losers and assorted other BS. It used to be common courtesy to not kick a man when he’s down. I haven’t forgotten and haven’t forgiven. I hope fate was as kind to you as you were to your fellows.

  7. USA national politics has for a long time mirrored, UK, British/English politics.

    UK Prime minister Margarette Thatcher came to power shortly before Ronald Reagan did so in the USA. Both tapped in to frustrated (White) working class voters – Labor voters in the UK, Reagan Democrats in the NorthEast, Midwest, Dixie Democrats, Nixon’s Southern strategy.

    There were subtle and not so subtle racial appeals that UK Labor had abandoned the actual White British workers/laborers and had been taken over by Lib Leftist, Communist intellectuals, soft on crime, anti British history/heritage Liberals, Communists, disarmament types – lot of truth there but neither Thatcher or Reagan really stopped mass POC immigration, wasted the 1980s fighting our kinsmen the Russians/Soviets.

    I remember hearing old and really out of it President Reagan in his second senile term yelling at Russian/Soviet leader Michael Gorbachev.

    “Mr. Gorbechev – tear down that (Berlin) wall.”

    I’m screaming at the TV

    “No you Senile idiot Reagan get Russian leader Gorbachev to help us build the wall. BUILD THE WALL”

    Then I have to argue with my 25% Russian relatives to please, please stop hating on our Russian kinsmen and believing the idiot nonsense of Rambo III.

    Anyway, I starting to ramble.

    Yes, USA lags behind UK/English politics. Working class White British voters abandoned New Labor of Tony Blair and just Labor over their refusal to implement Brexit. Resistance to mass migrations, Muslim sexual grooming, rape gangs, London going to Londonstan was implicit in Brexit. But the landslide Conservative victory over Brexit didn’t “Conserve” anything that matter and UK Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson was AWOL on the Migrant invasions across the English Channel from France and just Black Africans and Pakistanis with TB, COVID, Ebola and now Monkey pox keep coming.

    So here in the USA the same thing is happening. Poor and working class White voters sense or just know they’ve been screwed over by Lib Democrats. But college educated suburban voters can’t stand the GOP Christian Religious Right or just don’t want to be in the same party, room with NASCAR fans, Bible thumpers hicks from the Sticks.

    Young college grads like to go to Washington, go to New York City – read the WaPost, NYTImes as in England these types all read the UK Guardian.


    Democracy sucks.

    But, we carry on. At least there are less patriotards getting all exited about endless Neo Conservative Jew wars, interventions, funding the Ukrainians against our kinsmen the Russians. The bad J Neo Con Wars still go on, but there is less White Southern, Midwestern Support for these wars. I haven’t heard or seen the worst pop, rock, country prostitutes for the Js pushing these wars haven’t heard or seen the likes of Ted Nugent, Toby Keith, Hank Williams Jr. Hank Jr is still pissed off he got thrown off the Monday Night Negro Felon League Football intro because he said something small and negative about Barack Obama.

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