1. I swear that particular account once had an avatar that looked like a gold coin of Chris Pratt’s character from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” It was weird.

    Also, the dividing lines of education and values cut through the WN movement just as strongly as through the normie population. I’m relieved to see most Pro-White types are social conservatives, and that they have the correct opinions on most issues, but yeah, the social liberals in Der Moobment are loud and vocal, and I’m thankful they are being shunned.

    The Chud will inherit the Earth.

    • Wait who is ‘shunning’ the social liberals? ‘The Movement?’ Would that be the ‘movement’ that is shunned by 99% of white Americans and really only exists on some fringe internet blogs?

      Are they really in a position to shun anyone? If no one wants to play with them anyway, saying ‘we shun you’ is just kind of sad, isn’t it?

      Maybe Spencer will get on MSNBC after all.

      People don’t want to admit it but Spencer was right when he finally admitted he was better off never getting involved with the like of ‘Azzmodov’ or whatever his name was. He was some loser convict after all.

      Since the Movement is really just Feds and Jew trolls it would be better if they all just shut up and go home and that has been true for over a decade now.

      Normies are always better off without movement types.

      • @Banned Hipster

        All you do is complain like a catty woman…it’s annoying. Instead of whining, let’s hear a solution for once.

        Normies are determined to drag people who recognize the problem down with them, straight to hell through their inaction. They are afraid to criticize the real enemies but suddenly act tough when it comes to Pro-Whites.

        • whoa I gave a solution. White people, normies, should stay far, far away from the Movement types, especially those laughably calling themselves ‘natsocs’ or whatever.

          As soon as whites push back against the Jews and Feds of the movement they can start winning battles. Pro-white is mainstream now, despite the natsoc’s efforts to derail pro-whites.

          • Yeah theres a lot of Jews and Feds surrounding us…they usually try to smear National Socialists as the real problem, like you.

            „Pro-white is mainstream now, despite the natsoc’s efforts to derail pro-whites.“

            What Pro-White is Mainstream? Where are the Whites able to openly advocate for their own exclusive territory without severe consequences? Do you think we are going to get our own seat at the table fair and square like the other races?

            Don’t even try to use people like Tucker Carlson as an example. Using Pro-White talking points means fuck all if you are still attending stuff like the Jewish “National Conservative” conference, Republicans have been saying things we like to keep us on the plantation since the days of Buckley and beyond.

            When Whites get radicalized National Socialism doesn’t seem so bad. GLR had thousands of normal Whites marching around with Swastika shirts in Chicago before his unfortunate death. William Pierces National Alliance openly praised Hitler and his struggle and had millions of supporters all over the country. You don’t know what you are talking about, and I stand by my statement that you sound like a catty woman on the rag with your stupid comments.

      • Have you not gotten the memo yet? If there’s a minimal market for White Nationalism writ large, then there’s effectively zero market for White Nationalism + 1967 San Francisco.

        Hipsters are universally anti-racist and anti-white. You are alienated among your own niche community of Whites, just like Spencer. Get the hell over it and grow up. White Nationalism is a Right Wing movement and always has been. There’s room for growth among normie Right Wingers. There’s zero room for growth among SWPL’s.

        • DP84

          If I had a dollar for every 4chan troll saying their ‘movement’ is going to somehow attract salt of the earth plumbers, the white working class, I’d be rich. You have to laugh.

          None of you people know any plumbers and no plumbers would take your 4chan ideology and anime seriously.

          You sound like SJW Democrats who always think they are going to lead the white working class.

          They don’t know any plumbers either.

          You don’t speak for anyone outside of 4chan. Your ‘movement’ is fake. You’re not in a ‘movement’ you’re an internet troll. Grow up.

          • 1. Its like Anglin said today, in the eternal war between 4Chan and Reddit, the 4Channers will always win. You, being a hipster, are by extension a Redditer, which means you will always lose to the 4Channers. Specifically, you will lose the battle for influence within the WN Movement.

            2. I’m a believer in White Middle Class Chud Master Race. I dont idolize the White Working Class like Heimbach and Parrott (among many other such cases). If plumbers join, cool. If small business owners and petit bourgeois types join, much cooler.

            3. I visited Height Ashbury once, back in January 2018. The last thing I thought as I walked down the marijuana stenched streets and saw the graffiti on the walls and business names that started with “(blank) of the people was “you know? These people would make for good Pro-White advocates. Who needs conservative, Christian families when I can have these people?”

        • I actually live in the Bay Area, and can tell you there are many WNs who live in San Fransisco.

          I’m sorry you got kicked out of church because “racism is contrary to God’s plan” or something. But lashing out against “SWPLs in the movement” is not going to accomplish anything.

          • Uh huh. And how do Whites in San Francisco actually vote and behave compared to conservative White Christians? How do they feel on the actual issues? Does being “Pro-White” mean anything if you effectively agree with the entirety of the Social Liberal agenda, which is pro-miscegenation, pro immigration, and supports the deconstruction of the White family?

            I was brushing up on Theodore Adorno and Wilhelm Reich the other day, and…yeah, there’s no compatibility between White Nationalism and Social Liberalism. If SWPL’s felt under attack for being White, you’d have done something about it decades ago, before the predators took over. What you really want is to keep your abortions, gay sex, trannies and porn, without being preyed upon by retarded brown people. Its not gonna happen.

          • Many are cowards and crazies, I don’t deny that. But if conservative White Christians are so much better at voting and behaving, how come they’re led by the likes of David French and Russel Moore?

            “What you really want is to keep your abortions, gay sex, trannies and porn, without being preyed upon by retarded brown people.”

            Ban abortion and you’ll have lots more ‘tarded browns.

          • Russell Moore was literally ex-communicated from the SBC and from the Conservative Movement. No one who reads Breitbart or watched Tucker follows him.

            As for David French, he never recovered mentally from our own WN troll campaign against him back in 2016. He was writing articles for The Atlantic within a year and making appearances as the “token conservative” on MSNBC. He doesnt really identify as a conservative anymore.

            For whatever its worth, I acknowledge that White Christians were badly cucked in the past. But I agree with Hunter that there’s been a seashift in the last 2-5 years. I think we’re going to see Conservatism look and sound more like White Nationalism as time goes on, instead of the other way around.

    • I guess I’m a “social liberal” in that I don’t see how banning abortion and triggering an explosion in the population of black single mothers benefits white people.

      • @Iceage—–you do not know the predator, abortion and gay rights are just stepping stones, the goal the target is sex the youngins, you are cool with that as long as the Jew and Irish are fzxcking black infants and toddlers, right?

        • @RB

          The Irish I know are NOT doing what your fake brain tells you to lie about them, you are Satan the Accuser. So get lost you damnable liar before the “IRA” catches up with you and gives you what you deserve. You are the queer — too effeminate, scared and ashamed to tell us what your true nationality / race / ethnicity is. So, go look in the mirror. That’s where you will find the sexual deviant you claim to be chasing after — IT IS YOU!!!

          • @Banned For Life—it is the blood, incestuous Irish blood is the cause of Irish sexual deviancy and the Irish desire to get it on with children. God goes not like Irish breeding practices, if you got a problem with that take it up with him.

            So you think Uncle Ted is going to cop a plea? Why isn’t super Mick lawyer Karen Dunn taking Uncle Teds case, pro bono? Because It is easier for the Irish to attack the innocent than to defend the guilty?

          • What/who gave you the right to sit upon your self-appointed “throne” to judge all Celts and come to the conclusion that every one of them is a sexual deviant obviously like yourself since you are so close to sexual sin that you claim to know what they are thinking/scheming like yourself.

            You are so perverted / ashamed of your own nationality /race / ethnic group that you will not own up to who you really are. I am not even sure what/which gender you are.

          • @RB

            You are probably a godless troll from the SPLC trying to dilute the criticism against the Jews by condemning the Irish.

    • He did. As Mark Brahmin’s sidekick he shares Mark’s dilettante anti-Christianism but then threw up a prominent Christian celebrity as his Twitter avatar. Then I guess he got mad that anons were making fun of him so he doxed himself with a timid crop of his face.

      I think we hit the bottom of the barrel awhile back with their consensus of transsexualism being “Aryan.” It is one thing to support wokeness as a way to radicalize whites, which undoubtedly has happened, but it is quite another to earnestly support shoving transsexualism onto children with the excuse of it being “eugenic.” It is a level of cope that shouldn’t be possible.

      Now here we are with the Real Nazis arguing for their own arrest and imprisonment. Maybe that is eugenic? It seems like a “Darwin award” type of situation.

      • I’d be more inclined to accept their argument of transsexualism being a form of eugenics – in this case, a bunch of mentally ill freaks mutilating their genitals and willfully consuming hormone blockers, thus erasing their awful genetics from the gene pool – if it weren’t for two other factors:

        1. Transssexuals and homos prey on children and try to get them to take hormone blockers or just straight up rape them. Its one thing for a mentally ill adult to erase himself/herself from the gene pool, its another thing to encourage a child to do it. Children are innocent victims here, not conscious agents.

        2. The entirety of Alt-MSNBC, and specifically, this Enpyreal guy, supported the Covid lockdowns and support Covid vaccination mandates, under the guise of “saving lives.” Covid was a cardiovascular disease that wiped out old people and fat people, which is objectively a eugenic process – far more so then a handful of mentally ill freaks chopping off their dicks.

        The fact that Alt-MSNBC didn’t support eugenics when it came to Covid but does when it comes to transsexualism proves that their real motive in both cases was Owning The Cons and Owning The Dissident Right.

        And here I always thought their critics of conservatism were designed to encourage conservatives to grow some balls and fight back against liberals. Turns out they are liberals themselves who just want to destroy conservatives altogether. They desperately want Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow to become racist, which is more delusional then anything concocted by Dinesh DeSouza.

  2. Gotta control that narrative


    “Nothing means what it used to mean. If you go by classical theory (classical meaning what was once considered as universally accepted), there is no left or right anymore. Macro and microeconomics no longer exist; not in the form they once held. Even what is happening, totalitarianism, would not be recognizable to its original shapers. It’s all chaos. Chaos being something far worse than it was once defined. The old narrative no longer exists; yet everyone still speaks in a dead language. Possibly because the world we once knew is also dead. We are operating (living and breathing) on habit and dependency. Everything is just a story we are telling each other, when the novel is dead, art is dead, fiction is dead because everything is a fiction today.”

  3. Need to take Apollo back from these libs. Cucks putting shame on the Trojan god of light and wisdom.

  4. Idriss is part of https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Soliya

    which includes the lead investor in Twitter. One of the advisors works for a Saudi prince and is linked by family to the SAAR network.

    SAAR is an early al-Qaeda financier. So the dipshits in the Pentagon are paying a known foreign disinfo ring, that is known al-Qaeda, to define what is and isn’t disinfo. And they know what they are doing, they were told, so they fired the people who told them so no one would complain as they kept doing it.

  5. Rather than banning “assault” rifles, the minimum age to purchase all guns should be 24 for men (lower for women), and you should have to get something similar to a concealed weapons permit with a 30 day waiting period. Universal background checks should be in place with medical history available for review (no sales to people on SSRIs). No private sales or gifts at all. Oh, and open carry in public should be banned.

    • Are you suggesting the minimum age for combat should be 24? The Right to Bear Arms is in the Constitution because the people have to be armed to ensure the security of a free state. The militia, which includes teenage boys, must be able to carry arms.

      Your idea is based on some notion that “the brain isn’t fully developed” or some other pseudo-psychological argument about “maturity” and “responsibility.” Every able-bodied male has the responsibility to protect the people from people like you, the people who go along and promote the gun control agenda. Public enemies.

      • Men in the military receive proper training and psychological screenings. Should we raise the minimum age for joining the military to 21? I’d be okay with that. Yes, the brain isn’t fully developed until around age 25. The vast majority of mass shootings are committed by men in their early twenties and younger. This is a fact. My solution does not prevent mature men from being allowed to carry arms. And should SHTF, guns would probably be distributed to young men anyway by the older adults. You have no solution for mass shootings beyond hoping someone is carrying and able to take out the shooter before any more than a few people get killed. And please don’t say the solution is for everyone to convert to Christianity. That’s pure fantasy.

  6. Is there a way to integrate Spencer into the Infowars lineup profitably so Alex can stop ranting about needing money?

    • I was never really a fan or follower of Jones, but I feel sorry for him now; his financial troubles are largely due to SLAPP suits by Sandy Hook parents — no matter what your take on SH is, no one should be sued for saying they think it was a false flag — the same is happening to James Fetzer (‘No One Died at Sandy Hook’) — Fetzer is appealing the judgement against him to SCOTUS — link

      One can see these SH lawsuits as similar to the Charlottesville lawfare — in the case of SH, the lead plaintiff is also a Jew (Lenny Pozner) — he’s gone way out of his way to get ‘Sandy Hook denier’ material purged from the internet.

  7. There is only one truth and the Jews do not want you to find it.

    Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.

  8. Richard Spencer invented a new political ideology.
    You could call it (white) national progressivism.
    It’s the synthesis of Adolf Hitler and Elizabeth Warren.

    • Hard to tell whether or not to take Spencer seriously — seems he was more or less LARPing before when he was in the Alt-Right, so maybe he’s also more or less LARPing now — who knows?

      This is why it’s better just to ignore him.

      • Nah. He’s always been a liberal, so in a real sense, his current progression into shitlibbery was inevitable. That said, it was accelerated by the $26 million Charlottesville verdict. He’s desperate to be accepted into mainstream liberal circles and become a panelist on MSNBC.

        Problem is, no one is buying it. The mainstream will forever see him as just another White Supremacist, with political views indistinguishable from the very right wingers he despises, such as David Duke and Kevin MacDonald (lol, he burned that bridge too the other day, after Dr. Mac spoke at his 2013 and 2015 conferences)

  9. This is their concept of liberal free society, censor people who disagree with them. If the issue is to stop and censor “disinformation” why we don’t stop all the LGBTQ propaganda who is anti-biological, anti-scientific and the only reasons behind it are the whims of people that are clearly mentally ill.

  10. I remember a ton of “disinformation” in the 90s before the internet. Just turn on the AM dial around midnight and there they all were, “Chemtrails,” Bigfoot, and flying saucers from outer space delivering anal probes to oddballs. We even got a whole series on Fox inspired by this phenomenon with the X files. They actually liked that stuff because it wasn’t political other than say some “nefarious forces” smoking cigarettes and killing JFK. Heck, even the JFK conspiracy movie from the 90s was homophobic and didn’t fully conform to modern sensibilities. Yes there’s a lot of crap on the internet, but information got better with its rise, not worse.

  11. Is she Jewish? She has that hostile look about her. Anyway, the Lunatic Left cannot get it through their minds that the first amendment is to protect unpopular speech as popular speech never has to worry about being prohibited. In the CCCP you could praise Stalin 24/7 and be rewarded. In America you can scream support for diversity-inclusion and equity (DIE) 24/7and be rewarded. But bring up race and it’s the gulag for you! Screw this fake a*s nation!

    • Actually, “she” looks like a guy in drag. In any case, the diversity propaganda goes back way further than most of you will believe. You start to notice it when you listen to Old Time Radio (OTR) from the ‘30s. It becomes pretty obvious by WW2 and now it’s literally beating us over the head. Personally abolitionists are the first diversity “movement” I can think of off the top my head.

  12. My take on “National Socialism” in the USA year 2022.

    Yes GL Rockwell was effective using the Swastica flag back in the mid 1960s. It was used to get “attention” and break the J media Black out. It sort of work, but it is street theater.

    The very effective German National Socialists were using flags, names, symbols very much “in time” that worked in 1920s, 30s Weimar Germany.

    They were competing for the hearts and minds of unemployed German workers with White racial German Communists, misled then and now by international Jewish Communists and Jewish finance.

    The term “The German National Socialist Workers Party” was designed very effectively to reach the hearts and minds of all German Nationalists except die in the world reactionaries, monarchists etc.

    When AH med with the private German owners of say Krupp Steel and they were arguing against socialism and arguing for private German enterprise, he assured them he was no Communist Socialist – he would led German private industry keep their private properties provided they treated German workers farly and didn’t do sh** like our Tyson Foods Woke Capital does like flooding Middle Tennessee with lowest wage Bantu Somalia workers.

    So what works now here in North American 2022? Don’t think it’s dressing up like 1930s German National Socialists any more than it would have worked for German Nationalists to dress up like French Napoleonic soldiers.

    I liked League of the South Dress and Flags – though they seemed to have been severely taken down by Charlottesville VA Unite the Right.

    One White group that is doing very well are the Amish – they don’t bother with fighting Reds/Antifa in the streets or bitch and moan about the J Hollywood pervert, anti White media. They don’t watch any media.

    Outside of Tucker Carlson – what’s to watch on any TV?

    • One White group that is doing very well are the Amish – they don’t bother with fighting Reds/Antifa in the streets or bitch and moan about the J Hollywood pervert, anti White media. They don’t watch any media.

      Outside of Tucker Carlson – what’s to watch on any TV?

      One of the best points I’ve seen made here. I’ll just add that the Amish are pacifists so when the Jews give orders for the bantu “soldiers” to go out and rape, loot and slaughter Amish there will be no resistance. Most whites seem to have adopted the worst course of all: bowing the knee in worship to the Synagogue of Satan and dindu thugs alike, while consuming mountains and oceans of the poison churned out by the Jew-owned lie machines so they end up with below-replacement birth rates. Their consumption of shit also ends up rendering them into de-facto pacifists even if they have a safe full of ARs and AKs.

    • If people would read about Weimar Germany, they would understand how the NSDAP came to power. The whole country was in constant chaos: Hyper inflation, huge unemployment, starvation, moral depravity and the Weimar governments kept collapsing so nothing could get done. Putsches became almost an everyday occurrence and Communists agitators were deliberately trying to destabilize everything.

      Add to that, Germany was forced to pay huge reparations for WWI, which were impossible to do under the above conditions. Then the French would use that as an excuse to re-occupy parts of Germany and siphon off what wealth they could. Germany had been partitioned with important economic areas split off under Allied control as well. Honestly, I don’t think Germany could have paid off the war reparations under ideal conditions.

      So basically, you have a party that promises to get people back to work, restore order, redress the Treaty of Versailles, return German territory and most importantly, give them back their dignity. Is it really hard to understand why they came to power? The surprising thing is, they actually delivered on most of their promises! That is how they stayed in power. Shocking concept by today’s standards. Then it all went to hell in a hand basket with WWII.

      This is why many people say National Socialism was a product of its time and place. Germany was basically one people and the country had gone to hell and the NSDAP knew how to harness German “people/culture” to fix things. However with mass immigration, which was done deliberately to stop something like this from ever happening again, it would be very difficult to recreate anything like the NSDAP anywhere in the west today. Appealing to 10 different disparate people/cultures sitting on your soil and getting them to pull together is almost impossible. This is why people call for separation or repatriation of these foreign peoples. Then Whites could once again call on their native people/culture(s) to fix their national problems. Vested monetary interests and (((hostile people))) will fight this every inch of the way.

      So “Jayne Ryan” asks what will work now in 2022? That is an extremely important question and needs serious discussion. The only thing I can offer is something obvious. It needs to be something that harnesses the people/culture of your country and “speaks” to the people . A British solution would thus be slightly different than a Swedish solution, but they’d probably be more similar than not. America the land of individualism? Was it always that way? If not could we rekindle the old American spirit? It’s probably all been discussed before. Perhaps we really need to go full Weimar again to get any traction.

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