Axios: House Passes Bill To Codify “Marriage Equality” Into Federal Law

UPDATE: The actual vote is here.

My congressman voted no.

47 House Republicans voted for this.


“Almost 50 House Republicans joined Democrats to pass legislation on Tuesday that would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and enshrine marriage equality into federal law.

Why it matters: The legislation, approved 267-157, is part of Democrats’ response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade last month and conservative Justice Clarence Thomas signaling rulings on marriage equality, LGBTQ+ rights and contraception could also be reconsidered.

47 Republicans voted for the legislation. …”

Frankly, I am surprised the majority of them didn’t vote for it.

The True Cons move here would have been to buckle and cower in fear of the media.

157 House Republicans VOTED AGAINST repealing the Defense of Marriage Act and codifying gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. Every single House Democrat voted for sodomy, gay marriage and interracial marriage and remained true to their brand of social liberalism.

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  1. As I have always said the only difference between D and R are the letters. It’s all about the votes. The Rs are now pan pandering to the LGBT community.

    • Watch for the Democrats to try to lower or abolish ‘age of consent’ laws. Watch for Republicans to do nothing in response. First they have to get past the SC repeal of Roe with new legislation. If they are successful it’s out with ‘age of consent’ laws nationwide, sooner or later.

      If the scumbags in Congress can force one abortion law on all 50 states like the SC did with Roe in 1973 then there is nothing to prevent them from imposing one nationwide ‘age of consent’ law on all 50 states. The Republicans will object, fundraise off of the uproar, then do nothing. If Congress fails to pass legislation codifying Roe then the “progressives” are stuck, no more of their so-called “progress”.

  2. NYT
    “U.S. officials warned that the threat of election interference from Russia persists, even as it wages war in Ukraine.”

    INCOMING ! Prepare for a barrage of FAKE news.

    • Apparently there is a shortage of paper ballots for in-person voting, at least that looks like the approach the scumbags will be taking to “fix” close elections in November. Mail in ballots, drop off boxes and other tricks will be used to push the “right” candidates across the finish line.

  3. In my country the union between two men or two women is called civil union and not marriage, because marriage is a sacrament that you can do only in the church and between a man and woman.

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